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​ ​ Hatachi Uzumaki

537 Johnson Rd​ Los Angeles, CA 90001

P ​(213) 974-3211​*​ F ​(213) 974-6572



Los Angeles, CA May 6,2019​- E ​ ver since Dan watched cooking shows, his dream was to run a
restaurant. He always watched masterchef. Instead of a dream became real. The hardworking
owner is proud to announce his restaurant called Hatachi Uzumaki.

My name is Daniel Wagner and welcome to The Asian-style restaurant , which is located at 537
Johnson Rd on the north side. The date of our release is May 6, 2019. Which is located
California Los Angeles.

The Business began when Dan found friends to help him with it. He is 21 years old and ready to
serve you. We will open at 12:00 and the first 100 people get 50% off their order!! For more
information or any questions you can call or email us ​​ and call us
(213) 974-3211