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February 27, 2019

Dear Hiring Committee Chairperson:

Please accept this recommendation on behalf of Christy Kuhl for school leadership roles in your district. I have
worked with Christy in my capacity as professor and advisor at Drake University and have found her to be one of the
most highly qualified, professional, and dedicated educators to have enrolled in our Education Leadership program
during my years on the faculty. She has an exemplary track record as a teacher-leader and instructional coach, and as
the coordinator (including fiscal responsibilities) for an International Baccalaureate Program. The descriptor
“lifelong learner,” tends to get thrown around with abandon these days, but I can attest that Christy is someone for
whom this term is absolutely valid. In addition, she is a progressive, resourceful, critical thinker and problem solver
with an authentic and substantiated belief in the power of education as a means to shape young people’s lives.

Among Christy’s many other strengths are her depth of knowledge in a range of learning areas, the high quality of her
systems-focused work in our program, and a capacity for sharing her knowledge and experience with academic peers
and professional colleagues alike. She is a skilled communicator (both written and verbal) and attentive listener who
is able to absorb and synthesize a wide variety of concepts and use this understanding to guide stakeholders to
solutions and consensus. I have no doubt whatsoever that Christy will use these leadership competencies effectively
to bring about much positive and meaningful change in the field.

Specifically, Christy has demonstrated the ability and desire to use data in determining areas of need—and the
professional research and literature to generate solutions—with regard to student learning. These tendencies, along
with the rest of her skill set, position her to enact a vision of innovation and excellence in school leadership through:
 Collaboration with a range of stakeholders to find additive, relevant and equitable instructional strategies.
 A foundation of excellence in teaching and creation/provision of professional development.
 Leadership of a Professional Learning Community model and guidance of an Instructional Leadership Team.
 Comprehensive employment of the systems thinking and continual improvement principles of Drake’s
Education Leadership program (as well as competency in the use of a range of quality tools to support this).

Finally, Christy is one of the more sincere, respectful, conscientious, and reflective aspiring leaders with whom I have
worked, as well as a model of professional ethics and integrity. She is measured and poised under pressure, which are
of course also key school leadership qualities. In sum, I believe Christy Kuhl will be an exceptional educational
leader, and I would recommend her without reservation. If I can elaborate, please contact me at (515) 271-2082.


Dr. Randal Peters

Associate Professor
Leadership and Counseling Department
Drake University School of Education

Drake University