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Curriculum Vitae

Jason Schmitt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Communication, Media & Design
Box 5760, 8 Clarkson Avenue
Potsdam, New York 13699


Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY

2018 to present
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Communication, Media & Design

2016 to 2017
Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Media & Design

Courses Taught:
• COMM 427 Video Production II
• COMM 420 Automotive Journalism (independent study)
• COMM 397 Social Media Analysis and Application
• COMM 327 Video Production
• COMM 310 Mass Media & Society (Online with 200 students)
• COMM 245 Writing for Media
• COMM 219 Introduction to Social Media
• COMM 217 Introduction to Public Speaking

Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT

2013 to 2016
Associate Professor and Chair, Communication Studies

Co-Chair of Documentary Studies

2012 to 2013
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

Courses Taught:
• COM 4013 Senior Project: Integrated Media Campaign
• COM 4010 Media Practicum
• COM 3031 Oral History/Interviewing for Documentary Studies
• COM 3021 Video and Media Production
• COM 3020 Media Advocacy and Campaigns
• COM 3013 Online Behavior, Connected Life and Consumption
• COM 3007 Persuasion and Ethics in Media
• ENV 3000 Climate Change Block Course: Social Media Emphasis
• COM 2015 Social Media Analysis
• COM 2013 Writing for Media
• COM 2010 Group Communication and Leadership
• COM 1127 Speech Communication
• COM 1011 Introduction to Media and the Information Society

Oakland University, Rochester, MI:

Fall 2009 to Summer 2011

Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI:

Fall 2007 to Summer 2009

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI:

Fall 2007 to Fall 2009:


Doctor of Philosophy, 2008, Bowling Green State University

Emphasis: Media Studies and Online Journalism
Dissertation: “Like the Last 30 Years Never Happened:
Understanding Detroit Rock Music through Oral History”

Master of Arts, 2003, Eastern Michigan University

Emphasis: Computer Mediated Communication
Master’s Thesis: “Cell Phones and the Redistribution of Business”

Bachelor of Arts, 2000, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Emphasis: Communication

Academic Leadership

(2020) Secured new funding line for a two year visiting professor of Digital Arts & Sciences.
Working with the Dean of Arts & Sciences we created a new visiting professor position within
the Digital Arts & Sciences program housed within the Department of Communication, Media &

(2020) Led the complete renovation of a Digital Arts & Sciences Lab within the Center for
Excellence in Communication. From fundraising to negotiating with faculty on needs to
architect renderings to contractor bidding: I was charged from the Provost to facilitate the full
project scope. Working with a secured budget, the space had wall partitions removed as well as
major demolition, three glass doorways installed, new flooring, new lighting, and drywall
(2020) Led the creation of a Department of Communication, Media & Design Workload Policy.
Over the course of Fall 2019 our department working together created a document outlining
teaching load policies, research and creative output policies, and service workload policies as
well as a method for how these assessments will be distributed for yearly faculty annual review

(2019) Created COMM 310 Mass Media & Society for online Moodle dissemination
Created and taught the first undergraduate online course offering at Clarkson University.
COMM 310 which enrolled 185 undergraduate students for Fall 2019 and represented extremely
high student evaluations and satisfaction on quantitative and qualitative measures. Utilizing
documentary production techniques and automated quizzes and tests through the Moodle
platform, this course represents a new evolution of online curriculum techniques.

(2019) Orchestrated the hiring of two new professor positions within department. Created
budget, salary, and associated HR requirements for an Assistant professor of Public Relations
and an Assistant professor of Digital Arts & Design.

(2019) Secured departmental partnership with Canon U.S.A. Inc.

This partnership resulted in new 4k film gear donation (in addition to departmental discounted

(2019) Evolved our department name to Communication, Media & Design

Received unanimous support from my academic colleagues to evolve our department name to
Communication, Media & Design from our former Communication & Media direction. It was
our departmental consensus that this name better represented all the unique pedagogical strengths
in our curriculum. Received the support of the university President and Dean of Arts & Sciences
for this evolution and faculty senate approved.

(2019) Secured an additional Communication, Media & Design faculty line with the Elmer Gates
’50 Professor of Innovative Culture. Working with the Clarkson University President, I made a
detailed case for the Elmer Gates ’50 Professorship to be housed within the Department of
Communication, Media & Design.

(2019) Secured creation of 23’ x 8’ floor to ceiling Department of Communication, Media &
Design poster. I found this promotion material critical to better represent our new department
evolution to a design affinity in addition to communication and media pedagogy.

(2018) Created New Product Design minor. Working with colleagues in the Clarkson University
School of Business crafted, created and led through the Faculty Senate a new joint
Communication/Business minor entitled, “New Product Design Minor,” which merged UX
design, consumer behavior, market research information design and social media courses.

(2018 +) Appointed Chair of Communication, Media & Design at Clarkson University.

From this position, I report to the Dean of Arts & Sciences. I am charged with managing our
fiscal budgets, staffing, faculty appointments, full-time faculty lines, nine adjunct faculty lines,
accreditation, iterative assessment, and PR outreach as a department. Upon appointment, I led a
strategic rebranding of the department both in print (for tangible departmental publicity) and a
targeted social media campaign showcasing our curriculum, faculty, and strengths of the major.

(2017+) Leveraged the Communication, Media & Design Curriculum for multiple grant awards
and external recognition, Clarkson University. Working with four students from Clarkson
University, I accepted a $40,000 grant from Open Society Foundations for creation of an
academic-directed documentary on for-profit academic publishers. Upon completion of that
grant cycle and the film, I was awarded a secondary $20,000 grant (September 2018) for
promotion, dissemination, and travel to support the project. Currently, the film is screening at
360 universities around the globe, increasing the exposure and recognition of Clarkson
University as a brand and our specific program.

(2016-2017) Led the redesign of the Communication Studies curriculum, Clarkson University.
Working with a colleague, we gathered department views of assets of our curriculum from an
alumni survey, an internship survey and faculty views. From the input, as a department we
created four separate areas of emphasis within the Communication degree focusing on Web/UX
Design, PR/Leadership, Documentary Film Production, and Online Journalism/Digital Content
Creation. Increased the standard required course hours from 15 to 21 hours to provide greater
required skills for all majors. Increased the total COMM course hours from 36 to 42 hours
which allows more specialization to develop. Created a five-year plan to hire three full-time
faculty for further specialization. In the hiring interim, created a scaled back rollout of new
programs by diversifying faculty teaching and hiring local adjunct talent.

(2012-2016) Chair of Communication Studies: At Green Mountain College in Vermont, I

overhauled course offerings, lead and provided evaluation to three full-time faculty and 10
adjunct faculty, created/allocated budgets, and maintained a four year course rotation. Overall,
under my leadership, we witnessed a 400% increase in the number of majors from fall 2012 to
fall 2015.

(2013-2016) Co-Chair of Documentary Studies, Green Mountain College: Spearheaded from

concept through curriculum committee to launch. Created one-time equipment budget and
yearly maintenance budget. Staffed, guided and evaluated first run of courses. All courses in the
documentary program were fully enrolled and waitlisted during first year of offerings.

(2015-2016) Faculty Council Executive Board, Green Mountain College: Elected to three-year
term by college faculty to serve on the board with four other faculty that oversee the full
representation of the faculty; oversee and participate with the board of trustee meetings/retreats.

(2015-2016) Representative to Board of Trustees Committee (Institutional Advancement), Green

Mountain College: Elected to two-year term by college faculty to attend and represent the
college at Board of Trustee meetings regarding (a) development of new enrollment strategies and
(b) marketing objectives of the college.

(2014-2016) Chair of Green Mountain College website redesign committee: Appointed by

Provost. Charged with identifying and inviting presentations of key design firms, selecting and
implementing a working budget and relationship between the college and the design firm,
meeting scope, budget and deadline of deliverable website. Worked with Stride Creative
(Burlington, VT) daily from March 2014 until the new site rolled out August 20, 2015. The
project was delivered on-time, on-budget, and was met with praise from the wide college

(2013-2016) Enrollment Management Committee, Green Mountain College: Appointed by

President. In charge of case-by-case decisions for borderline college applicants—end decision
weighed test scores, personal narratives, fit into desired program, and college resources versus
student needs.

(2012-2016) Advisor for The Mountaineer: Green Mountain College’s student run newspaper. I
oversaw two work-study positions that help 15+ student journalists create the paper. I also
reviewed/edited all issues prior to release.

(2014) Blue Ribbon Task Force, Green Mountain College: Appointed by Provost to serve on a
committee of five faculty charged at assessing the college’s growth opportunities, creating a new
major, minor, and online graduate program. Working with my colleagues we launched two new
BA degrees and a new online MA curriculum.

(2013-2014) Created and implemented two online Master of Science in Environmental Studies
courses and staffed with highly qualified adjuncts, Green Mountain College. Created COM 6079
Online Content Creation where students learn the web publishing skills needed to curate online
content and publish original work. Created COM 6081 Media Advocacy where students develop
expertise in research, writing, editing, media production and strategic communication analysis in
a workshop orientated course.

(2012-2013) College wide re-branding of marketing material, Green Mountain College: Elected
by faculty to lead initiative to increase prospective student engagement. The Vice President of
Marketing and Enrollment and I worked with KOR Group (Boston) and Spectrum Education
Solutions for both a new marketing image/narrative for the college in tangible materials and for a
social media interface to create prospective student dialogue.

Media Industry Work

Documentary productions:
Versed in broadcast quality film production, including grant acquisition, project management,
employee management, travel logistics, international customs logistics (Carnets), Canon
C100mkii film sequence, video editing via Adobe Premiere, lighting setup, interview techniques,
media campaigns, social media targeted promotion and audio production. In addition to
independent productions, I also have worked with the following brand partners: Honda Power
Sports, Babolat Tennis Company, Orvis Clothing, LaCrosse Footwear, Hoyt Archery, Under
Armour, Field & Stream and Browning Trail Cameras.
Producer/Director for the grant funded documentary entitled, Paywall: The Business of

This film assesses the academic publishing climate in general and examines more specifically the
largest publisher, Elsevier, who creates a 35-40% profit
margin on their portfolio of scholarly journals. Looking
at alternatives such as open access (OA) and the
importance of access to scholarly research to further
global investment in solving the world’s most complex
problems, this film seeks to show the importance of
access to research and how that access is more
imperative than profits. My crew and I have traveled
45,000 miles and filmed over 70 leaders addressing
these important themes.

IMDb movie site listing:

Film website (CC BY 4.0):

Amazon Prime Video:

400 public screenings at universities and organizations throughout the globe:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Created and donated over 40 hours of oral history interview recordings (audio) and 14 hours of
video footage with focus toward the Detroit rock music scene. All the recordings are archived at
the facility in Cleveland, OH.
Interviewer/Field Producer for Louder Than Love: The Grande
Ballroom Story (2016 Emmy winner for best documentary/historical
The film has been to over 35 festivals from Detroit to LA and London
to Australia. Louder Than Love debuted to standing ovations during
the world premiere at the Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute
of Arts, followed by 35 different film festivals across the globe,
including sold out screenings at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and
Museum, Nashville Film Festival, CBGB / NYC Music & Film
festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest and Australia DocWeek. It screened at
the Traverse City Film Festival and was handpicked by Michael
Moore who described it as “an amazing look back at the talent and
creative culture produced in this state.” It also won “Best Doc” at the
Las Vegas International Film Festival.

Creator of (Fall 2010)

Online journalism/social media website featuring prominent business leader interviews (Dan
Gilbert, CEO of Quicken Loans, Alfred Taubman, philanthropist and mall developer) with 15
feature stories written by local leaders. Site focused on providing
college students in Michigan a voice and digital platform to
understand and express opinions relating to the Michigan 2010
gubernatorial race. had 3,000 students and
nearly 10,000 unique visitors interact with the website.

Atlantic Records, Promotion Manager (2001-2003)

Acted as direct contact between local radio/media and Atlantic Records. In charge of creating,
organizing and implementing publicity/promotion campaigns, overseeing employees and interns,
and maintaining rapport with regional radio program directors.

Warner/Elektra/Atlantic (WEA) MI (1999-2001)

Responsible for supervising employee productivity for outgoing promotional campaigns and

Sad Song Studio, Producer/Recording Engineer (1998-2000)

The studio consisted of a 48-track digital/analog recording/production house with NEVE
recording console recorded backing tracks to the Bon Jovi Crush album and many other regional
acts. Responsible for all aspects of music sound production, sound engineering, business

Invited Events
Keynote Speaker, VALE conference (consortium of 50 New Jersey college and university
libraries), Long Branch, NJ (January 2020)

Invited Speaker, New York Library Association Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY (November,

Invited Speaker, Illinois State University, Normal, IL (October 2019)

Keynote Speaker, National Cheng Kun University, Tainan City, Taiwan (September 2019)

Keynote Speaker, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei City, Taiwan (September 2019)

Invited Speaker, PanSci Academy, Taipei City (Zhongzheng), Taiwan (September 2019)

Invited Speaker, National Central Library, Taipei City, (September 2019)

Keynote Speaker, SUNY Fall Faculty Institute, SUNY Oneonta (September 2019)

Keynote Speaker, SUNY Librarian Association, Onondaga Community College (June 2019)

Keynote Speaker, University of British Columbia’s Diskuss Conference hosted by the Digital
Literacy Centre in collaboration with the Graduate Students of the Department of Language and
Literacy Education (May 2019)

Invited speaker, Northern New York Library Network. Talk was simulcast to five branch offices
throughout the state of New York. (March 2019)

Invited speaker and filmmaker, University of Côte d'Azur, Nice, France Q&A panel focused on
Open Access and Eurpoe’s Plan S Initiative with Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General of DG
Research and Innovation at the European Commission (February 2019)

Invited speaker and workshop leader on science advocacy, University of Central Florida—
Cognitive Sciences Laboratory (February 2019)

Invited speaker and filmmaker, Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education
(IGDORE) in Bali, Indonesia (February 2019)

Invited speaker, panelist and filmmaker, The British Library, London, UK. Screening and Q&A
panel with David Prosser, Executive Director, Research Libraries UK; Ross Mounce. Director of
Open Access Programmes at Arcadia Fund, and Jason Schmitt, Filmmaker, Associate Professor
and Chair of Communication & Media at Clarkson University (January 2019)

Invited speaker, panelist and filmmaker, University of Oxford: Kellogg College, Oxford, UK.
(January 2019)
Invited speaker, panelist and filmmaker, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Munich,
Germany. Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information, Munich, Germany. Q&A panel
moderated by Dr. Sabine Hoffmann, Institute for Medical Information Processing, Biometry and
Epidemiology with Prof. Jason Schmitt (Producer of the Paywall; Clarkson University, USA);
Prof. Michael Bosnjak (Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information, ZPID, Trier); Volker
Schallehn (Head of Open Access Publishing, University Library, LMU);Prof. Nikolaus Plesnila,
LMU Open Science Center; University Hospital of Munich (December 2018)

Invited speaker, panelist and filmmaker, Urania Berlin. Q&A panels and screenings with Jason
Schmitt, Producer and Director of the Film; Rafael Ball, Director of ETH-Library at ETH
Zurich; Steffi Pohl, Junior Professor of Methods and Evaluation/Quality Assurance, Freie
Universität Berlin; Lyubomir Penev, Managing Director and Founder of Pensoft Publishers; G.-
Jürgen Hogrefe, Publisher and CEO Hogrefe Publishing Group; Michael Bosnjak, ZPID Director
(December 2018)

Invited filmmaker and panelist, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Panel included:
Jason Schmitt, Director of Paywall, Chair of Communication & Media, Clarkson University;
Gerald Beasley, Carl A. Kroch University Librarian, Cornell; Jeremy Braddock, Associate
Professor, English, Co-chair, Cornell University Faculty Library Board; Paul Fleming, Professor,
Comparative Literature and German Studies; Taylor Family Director of the Society for the
Humanities, Co-chair, Cornell University Faculty Library Board; Max Zhang, Associate
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Member, Cornell University Faculty Library
Board (November 2018)

Keynote speaker, Boston University, Boston, MA. Provided a one hour talk on the state of Open
Access and ways forward for academic publications (November 2018)

Network TV interview, “The Danger of For-Profit Science” on The Young Turks—Rebel HQ

with Cenk Uygur: (November

Keynote speaker, Farmingdale State College’s “Celebration of Scholarship” conference. My

presentation was focused on scholarship, research and science in a digital age, Farmingdale State
College (October 2018)

Invited speaker, panelist and filmmaker, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Q&A panel
consists of Nathan Hall, Associate Professor, McGill University; Vincent Larivière, Canada
Research Chair on the Transformations of Scholarly Communication and Jason Schmitt
filmmaker, Associate Professor and Chair of Communication & Media at Clarkson University
(October 2018)

Invited speaker and filmmaker, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH(October 2018)

Invited speaker and filmmaker, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ (October 2018)

Invited speaker, panelist and filmmaker, United Nations Headquarters, New York City. Q&A
panel to commence after screening (October 2018)

Podcast guest, Team Human with Douglas Rushkoff, (October 2018)

Invited speaker and filmmaker, Bates College, Lewiston, ME (October 2018)

Invited speaker and filmmaker, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland (October 2018)

Invited speaker and filmmaker at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Q&A panel on
future of OA advocacy within Europe. Panel consists of Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General of
DG Research and Innovation at the European Commission and Jason Schmitt, Filmmaker,
Associate Professor and Chair of Communication & Media at Clarkson University (October

Invited speaker at Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, Washington,
DC (September 2018)

Invited panelist and filmmaker at MIT. Q&A panel on open access to scholarship follows
screening. Panel consists of: Joi Ito, Director the MIT Media Lab; Amy Brand, Director of MIT
Press; Peter Suber, Director of the Harvard Office of Scholarly Communication and Jason
Schmitt, Filmmaker, Chair of Communication & Media, Clarkson University; (September 2018)

Invited speaker, University of Connecticut-sponsored open access week presentation

(Introduction given by Provost Holly Jeffcoat). My discussion focused on current open access
scholarship and implications for the Global South. The talk included preview clips from my
upcoming documentary. (October 2017)

Invited speaker, Clarkson University SB113 Introduction to Entrepreneurship course. Talk on:
“Writing for Career Success.” (September 2017)

Invited filmmaker, Royal Society London. I was invited to film and interview scholars and staff
and shoot footage featuring the first academic research journal Philosophical Transactions of the
Royal Society of London from March 6, 1665. (August 2017)

Invited filmmaker, Springer Nature London Campus. Three hours of personal informational
sessions to learn all the assets that Springer Nature brings to scholarship. Also filmed interviews
with publishers of BioMed Central which is Springer Nature’s open access flagship journal.
(August 2017)

Invited participant, Society of Scholarly Publishing, Boston, MA. Invited to attend this
convention and interact with key stakeholders in the scholarly publishing industry. (May 2017)

Invited participant, Creative Commons Global Summit, Toronto, Canada. Invited by Ryan
Merkley, CEO of Creative Commons, to attend the summit and speak on the importance of open
access in scholarship with several leaders in the Creative Commons community. (May 2017)
Invited participant, Open Scholarship Institute, George Washington University, Washington, DC.
Invited to attend the Institute sessions around academic scholarship by Geneva Henry, Dean of
Libraries and Academic Innovation, George Washington University. (April 2017)

Invited media/reporter, Collision Technology Conference, New Orleans, LA. Reported on

startup companies operating within the higher education marketplace.(April 2016)

Invited media/reporter, Arizona State University/Global Silicon Valley Education Summit, San
Diego, CA. Interviewed leaders responsible for the massive open online course sector
growth.(April 2016)

Invited Speaker: Music Copyright and Ownership in the Digital Era/Invited Judge: Startup Pitch,
Collision Conference, New Orleans, LA.(April 2016)

Invited Judge: Startup Pitch Judge: charged with selecting a top startup to receive Venture
Capital Funding, Collision Technology Conference, Las Vegas, NV. (April 2015)

Invited Lecture, “Successful Scaling of the Startup,” Collision Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
(April 2015)

Invited On-Air Guest, WBAL 1090AM Maryland’s News Now, on air guest talking about digital
privacy. (November 2013)

Invited Lecture, Pearson Publishing “Social Media in Education” delivered to 25 academic field
specific editors. (March 2013)


Open Society Foundation Grant (2018+)

Received a $20,000 grant for promotion and travel to support my film.

Received $4,500 USD grant from National Cheng Kung University, Tainan City, Taiwan for a
four university speaking tour in Taiwan (2019)

Arcadia Foundation (2018-2019)

Received a £5,000 grant for reserving the British Library in London for a screening and
session on the state of Open Access within the UK.

Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (2018)

Received a £4,500 grant for travel and costs associated with my lectures and screenings
in both Berlin and Munich Germany.

Erasmus University in Rotterdam Netherlands (2018)

Received a £4,000 grant for travel and costs associated with my lecture and screenings in

Open Society Foundations Grant (2017-2018)

Received a $40,000 grant to produce/direct a documentary on scholarly publishing.

Individual travel grants from institutions (ranging from $500-$3,500) (2017+)

Received smaller grants for travel, costs and payment from institutions and conferences
for screenings, Q&A panels from MIT, United Nations,5th Global Congress on Intellectual
Property and the Public Interest (Washington. DC), Cornell University, Dartmouth College,
Princeton University, Boston University, McGill University, University of Guelph, Bates
College, University of Connecticut, etc. (on-going)

Routledge Publishing Research Grant (2017)

Received $5,000 grant to conduct research into new technologies that add to the
communication and media teaching environment.

Green Mountain College Service Learning Grant (2013)

Received $1,850 grant to incorporate and service learning components into the broad
college curriculum.

The Global Popular Music Business – National Historical Perspectives. Joint Conference hosted
by: Business History Unit, London School of Economics Institute for Capitalising on Creativity,
University of St Andrews (2011)
Recipient of London School of Economics grant ($5,000) to research and present
findings at the University of St. Andrews.

Research and Publications


Schmitt, J. (in-process for 2021) DOT EDU:

Why Online Education Will Be America’s
Next Great Export (And how we can get
[The Atlantic licensed the rights to publish the
preface prior to publication.]

Koch, A. & Schmitt, J. (2018) Purposeful

Communication in a Digital Age (2nd ed.),
Routledge, New York: NY.
Koch, A. & Schmitt, J. (2018) Speaking With a
Purpose (10th ed.), Routledge, New York: NY.

Koch, A. & Schmitt, J. (2014) Speaking With a

Purpose (9th ed.). Pearson, Boston: MA.


Schmitt, J. (2019, March) “Paywalls Block Scientific Progress. Research Should Be Open to
Everyone.” The Guardian

Schmitt, J. (2018, October) “For-Profit Publishing, Plan S, and Pulling the Band-Aid Right Off.”
Eurodoc: The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers

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to the Bank.” BoingBoing

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Schmitt, J. (2016, October) “Why Hundreds Of Asian Students Are Flocking To This Boutique
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Schmitt, J. (2014, October) “Communication Studies Rise to Relevance,” The Huffington Post
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Harvey, K. (2014) The Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics. SAGE Reference, Thousand
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utopia-downloading_b_2365490.html (this piece was solicited by TED and syndicated on

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Schmitt, J. (2010, June) “Gluten Free Made Me Smarter,” The Huffington Post

Schmitt, J. (2010, May) “Download Illegally, It’s the right thing to do,” The Huffington Post
[this piece was also featured on the front page of Google News]

Online Content

(2019) Five of my photos were featured in a National Geographic piece, “This man will eat only
what he can grow or forage—Here’s why.”

(2015) Led my students to create a sharable segment detailing a new wearable technology
innovation by Babolat Tennis. The video was shared through Babolat Tennis and various tennis
sites globally:

(2015) Produced/directed three minute online video for Field & Stream:

(2014) Produced/directed 122-minute DVD entitled, “Beginners Guide to Archery For Women,”
distributed through F&W Media:

(2014) Directed/filmed two video segments for Destination Whitetail (viewership of 40,000,000
households) on locavore eating which aired as the fourth episode of Fall 2014 on Outdoor
Channel, NBC/Sports, Pursuit

(2014) Produced, edited and directed “5 Best Archery Tips for Beginners” (115,000+ views):

Press coverage

“Paywall: The Business of Scholarship Movie Review” in Nurse Author & Editor (2019,

“Unsustainable scholarship: How private companies control research in higher education” in The
Daily Tarheel UNC-Chapel Hill (2019, September)

“Still causing disruption: “Paywall: The Business of Scholarship” one year later” Clarkson
University press release (2019, September)
“Opening up Access to Research, A Film Review of Paywall: The Business of Scholarship,” in
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Interviewed for “Why Researchers Sometimes Publish Their Papers In Fake Scientific Journals,”
in (2017, December)

My class and I were the focus of our work with the Social Media Campaign #LetsCUgive,
helping to raise $135,000 in 2016 and $141,000 in 2017 for Clarkson Athletics in “When Your
Campus is Your Client,” for Clarkson Magazine (2017, December)

Interview for WWNY-TV 7 on net neutrality and the importance for New York residents (2017,

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Social Media Marketing with Hootsuite (2014, January) back cover reviewer, PACKT

Opinion/commentary (2013, November) “The Spying State” reaction to my NSA Slate piece
Rutland Herald
Interviews I conducted for Paywall: The Business of Scholarship:

John R. Adler, MD, Professor of Neurosurgery, Stanford University, Founder & CEO of Cureus
Rick Anderson, Associate Dean for Collections & Scholarly Communication, Univ. of Utah
Helena R. Asamoah-Hassan, PhD, Executive Director, African Library Association
Nilam Ashra-McGrath, Communicable Diseases Health Service Delivery, University of Leeds
Kim Barrett, Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Physiology
Lars Bjørnshauge, Managing Director, DOAJ
Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries, MIT
Amy Brand, Director, MIT Press
Erin Braswell, Developer, Center for Open Science
Amy Buckland, Head of Research and Scholarship, University of Guelph
Rachel Burley, Publishing Director, BioMedCentral/ Springer Nature
Tom Callaway, University Outreach Lead, Red Hat
Michael W. Carroll, Professor of Law, American University
Leslie Chan, Professor, University of Toronto Scarborough
Aria Chernik, Director, OSPRI (Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation), Duke Univ.
Amanda Coolidge, Senior Manager, Open Education, BC Campus
Karla Cosgriff, Director of Development, The Electrochemical Society
Darius Cuplinskas, Director of Open Society Information Program
Alexandria Denis, Research Coordinator, Center for Open Science
Alexandra Elbakyan, Creator of Sci-Hub
David Evans, Executive Director, Science Teachers Association
Martin Eve, Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of
Betsy Ferronato, Operations, Center for Open Science
Sam Gershman, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Harvard University
Paul Ginsparg, Professor, Cornell University, Creator of
Cable Green, Director of Open Education, Creative Commons
Mark Hahnel, CEO, Figshare
Susan Haigh, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Research Libraries
Nathan Hall, Professor, McGill University / Creator: @ShitAcademicsSay
Heather Joseph, Executive Director, SPARC
Mostafa Azad Kamal, Professor, School of Business, Bangladesh Open University
Martin R. Kalfatovic, Associate Director, Digital Programs & Initiatives, Smithsonian Libraries
Roshan Kumar Karn, Medical Doctor, Nepal
Vincent Larivière PhD, Canada Research Chair on the Transformations of Scholarly
Stuart Lawson, PhD Candidate researching politics of open access research, Birkbeck, University
of London
Catriona J. MacCallum, Director of Open Science, Hindawi Limited
Hugh McGuire, Founder PressBooks and
Ryan Merkley, CEO, Creative Commons
Alison Mudditt, CEO, PLOS
Laura Mullen, Science Librarian, Rutgers University
Kamran Naim, PhD Candidate, Stanford University
Andy Nobes, Programme Officer Research Development and Support, INASP, AuthorAID
Brian Nosek, Director, Center for Open Science, Professor at University of Virginia
Ahmed Ogunlaja, Medical Doctor, Nigeria
Jake Orlowitz, Head of the Wikipedia Library
Paul Peters, CEO, Hindawi
Richard Price, Founder,
David Prosser, Executive Director, Research Libraries UK
Scott Plutchak, Director of Digital Data Curation Strategies at The University of Alabama
Louise Page, Publisher of PLOS
Johan Rooryck, Editor-in-Chief of Glossa, Professor of Linguistics, Leiden University
Sara Rouhi, Director of Business Development, Altmetric
Arturo Sanchez Pineda, Experiment Manager of ATLAS OpenData project, CERN
Will Schweitzer, Product Development Director, AAAS
Stuart Shieber, Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University
Nick Shockey, Director of Programs & Engagement, SPARC
Maria Juliana Soto, Public Leader of Creative Commons, Colombia
Jeff Spies, Co-Founder and CTO, Center for Open Science
Jason Steinhauer, Director, Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest
Peter Suber, Director, Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication
Jason Surma, Recruiter and Operations, Center for Open Science
Stuart Taylor, Publishing Director, The Royal Society
VitekTracz, Founder of BioMed Central, CEO of F1000 Group
Charles Watkinson, Director, University of Michigan Press
John Wilbanks, Chief Commons Officer, Sage Bionetworks
Richard Wilder, General Counsel, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Interviews for DOT EDU: Why Online Education Will Be America’s Next Great Export:

Shayla Adams, CEO Remix Education

John Aldrich, VP of Military, Veterans and Community Outreach, American University
Anant Agarwal, CEO, edX, Professor at MIT
Michael Bleyhl, Director, Adaptive Solutions, Elsevier eSolutions
Wallace Boston, President, American University
Michael Burgevin, Director of Computer Science, Republic Schools
Lynn Colgin, VP of Business Development, Proctor
Gunnar Counselman, CEO, Fidelis Education
Carol D’Amico, SVP, USA Funds (higher education)
Piere Duboc, CEO,
Mallory Dyer, Professor of Math, App Developer of
RajagopalEchambadi, Senior Associate Dean, iMBA (University of Illinois)
Mark Fazoli, Dean of Online Education, Green Mountain College
Ian Forshew, COO,
Julia Freeland Fisher, Researcher at Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
Anshum Gupta, Vice President, Strategy, Elsevier
Mads Holmen, CEO,
Don Kassner, CEO
Steve Hodownes, CEO Orbis ED former CEO Southern New Hampshire University
Michael Horn, Co-creator of Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
Bill Kara, CEO,
Tam Le, Stay-at-home mother in Da Nang, Vietnam taking UofPeople college courses
Jim Leslie, CEO,
Pham Thi Ly, Returning student in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with UofPeople
Robert Marticello, California Bankruptcy Attorney specializing in higher education
Mark Milliron, Chief Learning Officer (co-founder), Civitas Learning
Tyler Muse, CEO,
Lou Pugliese, Managing Director Action Lab at ASU, former CEO of Blackboard
Brian Nosek, Director of Center for Open Science
James Oliver, Director, VRA/HCI Iowa State University
Philip Regier, Dean, EdPlus, Arizona State University
Shai Reshef, President, University of the People (tuition-free university)
Craig Dane Roberts, Director of Learning Innovations and Global Program, Duke
Nikhil Sinha, Chief Business Officer, Coursera
Bill Sledzik, Full Professor, Kent State University (100% online job responsibilities)
Burck Smith, CEO
Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group
Jim Sweizer, VP of Military Programs, American University
Pham Minh Tuan, CEO, TOPICA Edtech Group
William Ward, (Dr4ward) tech savvy social media instructor for
Leslie Werner, Marketing Director, AdvancePath Academics
Saijing Zheng, Research Scientist, Microsoft
Todd Zipper, CEO,

Interviews I conducted around music, culture and technology:

Eric Babolat, CEO of Babolat Tennis (largest tennis manufacturer)

Allen Bargfrede, Music attorney, Berklee College of Music Professor
Clyde Blair, Pendragon Lightshow (Grande Ballroom)
Dawn Braithwaite, Professor/Chair of COM Studies University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Chris Brogan, Author of Social Media 101, 2.0 business consultant
John Bohannon, Contributor to Science and Wired Magazine
Roger Brown, President, Berklee College of Music
Susan Brown, Executive editor and publisher for Music Confidential
Del Bryant, President, BMI
David Carson, Author of Grit, Noise and Revolution
Geoff Cottrill, CMO, Converse Shoes
Ron Cooke, Musician for Detroit Wheels
Alice Cooper, Rock musician
Roger Daltrey, The Who
Leah DeMilio,
Jim Diamond, Music producer (most notably for The White Stripes)
Jim Eno, Musician (Spoon) and producer
Martin Eve, Author, Creator of Open Library for the Humanities
Lisa Falzone, CEO Revel Systems
Dan Fagan, Author of Toms River (2014 Pulitzer Prize winner)
Mark Farner, Rock musician, Grand Funk Railroad
Geoffrey Fieger, Attorney with knowledge of Detroit culture
Julia Freeland Fisher, Director, Education, Clayton Christensen Institute
Ben Folds, Musician
Neil Gaiman, Author, won Newbery and Carnegie Medal
Russ Gibb, Owner of historic rock music venue: The Grande Ballroom
Dan Gilbert, Owner of Quicken Loans and Cleveland Cavaliers
David Given, Lead attorney on the Rick James class action lawsuit
Ray Goodman, SRC guitarist
Gary Grimshaw, Music poster artist
Emily Haines, Musician, lead singer of Metric
Amy Heidemann, Musician, lead singer of Karmin (Epic Records)
Ken Hertz, Senior Partner, Hertz and Lichtenstein LLP
Chad Hines, Pendragon Lightshow (Grande Ballroom)
Ruth Hoffman, Grande Ballroom patron
Neil Jacobosen, SVP, A&R Interscope Records
Jeff Jampol, Manager of the estate of Rick James
Andrea Johnson, Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music
Chris Kaskie, President, Pitchfork
Wayne Kramer, Guitarist for The MC5
Damian Kulash, Musician for Ok Go
Vikram Kumar, CEO of the company created by Kim Dotcom
Alan Lastufka, Author of Youtube: An Insider’s Guide
Bob Lefsetz, Author, media futurist, music analyst
Lemmy, Motorhead
Jim Lucchese, CEO, Echonest
Carl Lundgren, Poster artist
Cecily Mak, Vice President and General Counsel, Rhapsody Music
Joel Martin, Manager of F.B.T. Production/Eminem
Robert McChesney, Professor of Communication at University of Illinois
Erin McKeown, Artist, Harvard’s Berkman Center Fellow
Dave Miller, Grande Ballroom MC/director
Mike Mills, R.E.M.
Scott Morgan, The Rationals
Vickie Nauman, Vice President, 7digital
Ted Nugent, Rock musician
Eve Mayer, CEO, Social Media Delivered
Harvey Ovshinsky, 5th Estate founder, Michigan film initiative activist
Trevor Parry-Giles, Director of Academic Affairs at National Communication Assoc.
Amanda Palmer, Musician
Adam Parness, Director of Music Licensing, Rhapsody Music
Mary Beth Peters, former Register of Copyrights
Milana Rabkin, United Talent Agency, Los Angeles
Kid Rock, Rock musician
Henry Rollins, Rock musician/spoken word presenter
Mitch Ryder, Rock musician
Dan Schawbel, Author of Me 2.0, personal branding practitioner
John Sinclair, Cultural leader/visionary
Slash, Guitarist for Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver
Paul Springer, SVP Rhapsody Music
Rob Stone, President, Fader Media
David Sundahl, Researcher, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
Alfred Taubman, Real estate mogul, philanthropist, Motown Motion Pictures
Dennis “Machine Gun” Thompson, The MC5
Kristin Thomson, Consultant, Future of Music Coalition
Baratunde Thurston, NYT bestselling author of How To Be Black
Robert Townsend, Director of Academy of Arts and Sciences (Washington Office)
Don Was, Music producer/musician worked with Rolling Stones
Tom Weschler, CREEM photographer
Otis Williams, The Temptations
Mary Wilson, The Supremes
Tom Wilson, President, Ilitch Holdings, formerly President of Detroit Pistons
Tom Wright, Professional photographer/manager for The Who

Master’s Theses Directed

“Developing a Public Awareness Campaign for the Conservation and Protection of the St. Johns
River” Laura LaBella. Masters of Science Environmental Studies (2015)

“Million Solar Stars” (additional reader: Dr. Jane Goodall) David Adam Hall. Masters of
Science Environmental Studies (2014)

“What Chicago Gave Me: Growing Food and Community In A Midwestern Metropolis,” Brekke
Bounds. Masters of Science in Sustainable Food Systems (2014)

“Seed2Table Network Construction and Implementation,” Shep Ogden. Masters of Science in

Sustainable Food Systems (2013)

Guest lecturers in my courses:

(2019) Craig Cannon, Marketing Director of YCombinator (Silicon Valley startup incubator)

(2017) Woodshed Agency (Shawn Neal & Jeff Wenzel) focused on crowdfunding tactics

(2016) Damian Kulash, musician/artist with band OKGO

(2016) David Meerman Scott, speaker/author of New Rules of Marketing & PR

(2015) Baratunde Thurston, NYT Bestselling Author, Fast Company columnist, Comedian

(2015) Bob Lefsetz, Media analyst, critic, author of Lefsetz Letters

(2015) Eve Mayer, CEO, Social Media Delivered, author, Forbes columnist

(2015) Amanda Palmer, musician/author Kickstarter funding leader

(2015) Milana Rabkin, Talent Agent, United Talent Agency (UTA)-Los Angeles

(2014) Dan Fagin, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Tom’s River: A Story of Salvation

(2014) Chris Hermans, Executive Producer of Destination Whitetail

(2013) Vikram Kumar, CEO MEGA.COM a company created by the infamous Kim DotCom

(2013) Dan Schawbel, Millennial branding expert, author, Forbes columnist

(2013) Paul Springer, SVP, Rhapsody Music (

(2012) Alan Lastufka, author, record label owner

(2012) Chris Brogan, Social media expert/author/consultant

Service to the Profession

University Service

Committee Chair, Arts & Sciences Award Review Committee (2020)

Presentation to Clarkson University Board of Trustees entitled, “Uncovering the Profiteers of

Academic Publishing” (2019)

Chair of the hiring committee for Clarkson University Assistant Professor of Public Relations

Created a Clarkson University focused white paper for the Dean of Arts & Sciences and Dean of
the School of Business entitled, “A Multifaceted Case for Clarkson University’s Adoption of a
Salesforce Social Studio Command Center.” Further, I negotiated with Salesforce a strong
educational discount and utility of the platform for pedagogical use, marketing outreach, and
alumni relations utility (2018)

Faculty representative on the hiring committee for Clarkson University’s job search for a UX
Designer (2018)
Elected by Dean of Arts & Sciences to serve on Clarkson University’s Digital Marketing
Committee (2017)

Created co-minor with the School of Business entitled New Product Design and Marketing

Elected by Dean to Bachelor of Professional Studies creation committee (2017)

Elected to the Website Advisory Committee (2017)

Brought the Detroit-based crowdfunding and social media marketing group Woodshed Agency
to Clarkson University for a November Ignite Talk on how to effectively campaign for
crowdfunding support. (2017)

Invited as faculty committee member for two digital marketing specialist hires by Clarkson
University. Working with Kelly Chezum, VP of External Relations, Melissa Lindell, Director of
Media Relations. (2017)

Invited by Provost to participate in Clarkson University’s Ignite Center (innovation hub) creation
process. Responsible for working with Dean Dayle Smith, Dean William Jemison, Director Erin
Draper, and Professor Daved Barry in adding content and context on startup company culture,
the new technology industry culture, liberal arts role in new technology thinking, social media
command center utility, and Communication &Media’s role in aiding the creation and evolution
of the center. (2017)

Evaluation committee for School of Business Marketing Candidate faculty hire. (2017)

Consulted with Ed Sirianno, President, Creative Communication Associates, discussing Clarkson

University content strategy for future incoming freshman students. (2017)

Event presenter: Clarkson University’s Cold Out Gold Out Leadership Expo “The Keys to Good
Communication and Leadership.” (2017)

Led my social media course curriculum to provide content (12 sharable videos, Facebook content
and tweets) for Clarkson University’s athletic program fundraiser #letsCUgive which raised
$145,000 for Clarkson Athletics. (2017)

Led my social media course curriculum to provide content (13sharable videos, Facebook content
and tweets) for Clarkson University’s athletic program fundraiser #letsCUgive. The fundraiser
stats: 3391 Donors (678% of the 500 donor goal): $135,360.00 total donated with a break
down: 19% Alumni, 14% Parents, 15% Students,33% Friends, 3% Faculty. (2016)

Faculty Council Executive Board, Green Mountain College. (2015-2016) * elected by faculty

Chair, Website Redesign Committee, Green Mountain College. (2015-2016) * elected by provost
Representative to Board of Trustees Committee on institutional advancement, Green Mountain
College. (2015-2016)* elected by faculty

Enrollment Management Committee, Green Mountain College. (2014-2016)* elected by


Blue Ribbon Task Force for college major creation, Green Mountain College. (2013-2014)
*elected by provost

Search Committee: Dean of Admissions, Green Mountain College. (2013-2014) *elected by


Website restructuring, (working with KOR and Spectrum for branding, layout, and media
directions) Green Mountain College. (2012-2014) *elected by vice president of enrollment

New England Association of Schools and Colleges[NEASC] section reviewer. (2013-2014)

Departmental Service

Presented to 45 high school students from Plattsburgh, NY talking about careers and directions
within Communication, Media & Design as well as Digital Arts & Science. (2019)

Worked with the University Marketing Department to create and install a 23’ x 8’ long (floor to
ceiling) poster showcasing Communication & Media Design courses, students and professors for
our departmental promotion. (2019)

Crafted a continual assessment tool where my colleagues in Communication & Media receive a
short assessment of student and peer evaluations for the course curriculum and briefly articulate
changes in the pedagogy for future courses. On first employment this seemed useful for
academic growth and also as a tool for continued self-reflection and assessment for future
accreditation measures. (2018)

Led the University Admissions program (14 admissions counselors and director) in a strategic
rebrand of our department focused on new course clusters, role of department in the broader Arts
& Sciences curriculum, job market outlooks, and current department grants overview. This
session is highlighted by a new dialogue on our department and relevance given to all
prospective students and families, Clarkson University. (2018)

Orchestrated assistant professor three-year review toward a tenure case (2018)

Led strength, weakness, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis for full Communication &
Media Design faculty to garner collective viewpoints on pedagogical and curricular pathways.
Created Facebook targeted regional advertising agenda to promote our new website structure for
perspective students, Clarkson University. (2017-2018)

Rebranded and restructured department website for more focus on perspective students, Clarkson
University. (2016-2017)

Restructured required courses and developed competency areas within the Communication
degree to highlight student gained expertise, Clarkson University. (2016-2017)

Professional Certifications/Training

Quality Matters (QM) Rubric two-day workshop for online pedagogical success and metrics of
online education evaluation. (2020)

University of Buffalo Academic Leadership Academy three-day retreat, Beaver Hollow

Conference Center, Buffalo, NY. Emphasis on Academic Leadership and the Role of the
Department Chair (2018)

Architecture and Pedagogy Workshop by David Ribble of Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
and Verna Case of Davidson College, Davidson, NC, based on the Learning Spaces
Collaboratory document, “A Guide: Planning for Assessing 21st Century Spaces for 21st
Century Learners” (2018)

HootSuite University Certified Professional (2012-2018)

Salesforce Marketing Cloud—Radian6 training (2013-2014)

Understanding Oral History Research, two-day intensive workshop led by oral historian Charles
T. Morrissey, Oral History Association, Pittsburgh, PA. (2008)

Promoting Academic Integrity Using Safe Assignment, Certified Faculty User, Wayne State
University (2008)

Service Learning Instructor Certificate, Ohio Office of Service Learning Initiatives (2006)