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CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT CASE SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT 3510 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, inns 60853 [METHODICAU CODE DETECTIVE SUP. APPROVAL COMPLETE Orginal Oferse Gasateston TOR Come To Oferee Gosatete Fe Casofonor UR Som BATTERY / Ag: Hands/Fist/Feet No/Minor 0440 [BATTERY / Ago: Hands/FistFeet No/Minor 0440 Injury Injury Adare of Oxeurence ~ BealcOoca | Nootvaims NeofOtenone,__|_hectaresa,__,__ SRR 341 E LOWER NORTH WATER ST 1834 1 2 ° eaten ee Temecem,_, [Seman Fae Crne Street 304 No Sate of ae Tinos _|oae ROAR Tighaeen | Gea eat, Deas tae '28-JAN-2019 02:00 1923R|20-JAN-20190242 NO NO NO | Sorte | Pinay Domahe Aares cae JO CONNELL, Edward 20549 © CONNELL, Edward 20869 MURRAY, Kimberly 20808 Sasson ae Rod Zones 6 iAN-201S 12168 28-JAN DOS 1208 FEL THIS IS A FIELD INVESTIGATION METHODI/CAU CODE REPORT VICTIM(S): TYPE: Individual Male / Black / 36 Years pos: RES: DESCRIPTION: 6'00,170,Brown Hair, Short Hair Style, Brown Eyes, Light Brown ‘SOBRIETY: OTHER COMMUNICATION! Cellular Complexion Sober a SUSPECT(S) Unknown RELATIONSHIP OF VICTIM TO OFFENDER: UNK. Male DESCRIPTION: WEARING: = No Relationship 510-601, 170, Hat - Black Mask Covering Facial Features Other RELATIONSHIP OF VICTIM TO OFFENDER: VICTIM INJURIES = No Relationship o6LeeLor Printed on; 27-MAR-2019 06:40 Page 1 of Printed By: EDWARDS, Peter LOCATION OF INCIDENT: DATE & TIME OF INCIDENT: METHOD CODE(S): CAU CODE(S): OTHER PROPERTY INV dt: RECOVERED: INV#: JC133190 DETECTIVE SUP. APPROVAL COMPLETI Type Weapon Us Bruised HandiFeet/TeethiEtc, EXTENT: Minor Injured by Offender CFD RESPONDING UNIT: 341 E Lower North Water St Chicago IL 304 - Street 29-JAN-2019 02:00 Dna Dna 14363588 PROPERTY TYPE: CLOTHES/FURS. Soaked In Unknown Chemical Substance Owner: PossessoRUsER: QUANTITY: 2 14363589 PROPERTY TYPE: OTHER ‘White Rope OWNER: Unk Possessonvser: QUANTITY: 1 ‘ERSONNEL Assisting Detective/Youth Inv. \SSIGNED: VOGENTHALER, Michael W #20390 THEIS, Michael J #21217 Detectivefinvestigator Reporting CECCHIN, Vincent G #20091 MURRAY, Kimberly D +# 20808 BAIG, Muhammad O #14926 BEAT: 1823R )THER INDIVIDUALS eae (Person Reporting VOLVED: Offense) Male Black /60 Years 008: E1959 DESCRIPTION: 6(01,200,Black Hair, Short Hair Style, Brown Eyes, Medium Complexion “ ee >rinted on: 27-MAR-2019 06:40 Page: 20f3 Printed By: EDWARDS, Peter PERSON REPORTING OFFENSE INJURIES CRIME CODE ‘SUMMARY: IUCR ASSOCIATIONS: INCIDENT NOTIFICATION: INCIDENT NOTIFICATION: INCIDENT NOTIFICATION: REPORT DISTRIBUTIONS: INVESTIGATION JC133190 DETECTIVE SUP. APPROVAL COMPLETE OTHER COMMUNICATIONS: Cellular Phone: DLN/ID: ECA CFD RESPONDING UNIT: 0440 - Battery - Agg: Hands/Fist/Feet No/Minor Injury 0440 - Battery - Agg: Hands/FisUFest No/Minor Injury [aie eas (itm) - (supe im Seana} ( Suspect ) ee (ven (supe) [a (Person Reporting rane ( Suspect ) NOTIFICATION DATE & TIME: 01/29/2019:044500 REQUEST TYPE: Notification PERSON NAME: Goldie STAR#: 10478 NOTIFICATION DATE & TIME: 01/29/2019:042000 REQUEST TYPE: Notification PERSON NAME: NOTIFICATION DATE & TIME: 01/29/2018:060500 REQUEST TYPE: Notification PERSON NAME: Rocco STAR#: 15049 No Distribution This is a Method/CAU code Supplementary Report. Printed on: 27-MAR-2019 06:40 Page: 3 of3 Printed By: EDWARDS, Peter