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CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT IDENT. CLEARED ARREST REPORT 435108. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, ilnols 60653, __ARREST REPORTING _ cae: Ina: vos: RO# scrasi00 EVENT: soaz000059 ‘Tamer OSUNDAIRO, Abimbola J Wale ae Res: 4138N Ashland Avo Beat: 1912 Black Chicago, O6tS ‘6 00 fare 5 bs Brown Eyes ArtsMovles Black Hair Pa ell Shot Hal Sie Hy AGE:25 years acum Complexion 2 poa:tineis 2 on EE aRMED WITH Unarmed E anus Beast baie a Fepay DOTSTOS RR Completed? No [Total No Avrosied:? Co-Arests Assoc Canes | location: 10000 W Ohare St Beat 165% 19758424 Chicago, IL 60666 ependent. iren?No DCFS Ward ? No S 0958 Airport Transportation System (As) Pers Gniaren? er N ra B etuing racy Dt 02 Male Lockon J FResisted Arest? No | | | Victim Pa Otfense As Cred 7201L.CS 5.012.05-6 sett o AGG BATTERY/PUBLIC PLACE 2 Class 2 Type F < = é NO NARCOTICS RECOVERED RECOVERED NARCOTICS |B NoWARRANT IDENTIFIED \ l Print Ganerated By: MARLAN, Arron 20FEB 20190311 ‘bvaausi# a> Chicago Police Department - ARREST Report cae: OSUNDAIRO, Abimbola ARREST REPORTING VICTIMAND COMPLAINANT a Male Injured? No Deceased?No = Beat1834 Bice 8 108] [962 Hospitalized? Yes a Jagesse yeas Nortvestrn Merorsl t Treated and Released? Yes $ 2 print Geert 8: NARLAK, As Poyeael? aores20608:1 errant nus fan o_o OSUNDAIRO. Abimbola’ Chicago Police Department - ARREST Report ARREST REPORTING Injuries: Laceration Print Gonamted By: ALAN, Ane Page sol? 20 FEB 201903:11 powware nu Cex tocttnay