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Alana Todd


B.S. Nutrition, Dietetics Option/B.S. Psychology

Oregon State University, Corvallis OR Anticipated June 2019

GPA: 3.66

Food Service Substitute | Corvallis School District; Corvallis, OR | Nov 2018 – Mar 2019 |
4-8 hrs/week

 Assist with food prep in the Central Kitchen for the Corvallis School District and catering,
serving multiple elementary, middle and high schools

Intern/Volunteer | Mamalani Body Care; Kailua, HI | July 2018 – September 2018 | 4


 Study laʻau lapaʻau, the cultural practice of holistic Hawaiian herbal healing
 Assist with producing, packaging, and selling products
 Manage booth at Made in Hawaiʻi Festival, involving education and sales of Hawaiian
herbal products

Volunteer | Spoonful of Paradise; Kailua, HI | July - September 2018 | 4 hrs/week

 Assisted with grocery shopping, food prep, and cooking meals designed to be organic
and healthy for clients
 Contributed to organization and layout of website, proofread, and insert relevant
information and testimonials

Intern | Kāhala Nui; Honolulu, HI | June – July 2018 | 37 hrs/week

 Shadowed registered dietitian and assisted with documenting periodical nutritional

assessments, calculating BMI, detecting significant weight change, and performing
nutrition related data entry. Observed professional healthcare team meetings with
 Gained experience in serving, preparing and portioning meals, mechanically modifying
food, and feeding mechanically modified foods to residents with eating disabilities
 Responsible for transporting and providing companionship to non-ambulatory residents.
Trained to transport residents in wheelchairs
 Assisted with answering phones, supervising daily senior activities, Human Resources
department projects, delivering mail, answering resident’s call lights, preparing snacks,
folding clothes, and light housekeeping

Marketing Assistant | Oregon State University Extended Campus; Corvallis, OR |November 2015
– Present | 18 hrs/week

 Transcribe and publish interviews and webinars

 Perform confidential data entry tasks
 Responsible for multiple office duties including printing, mailing, inventory, and handling
daily and as needed administrative tasks
 Assist with interpreting academic transcripts and calculating transfer credits
 Prepare and complete various projects for Ecampus marketing, events, and graduation

Student | Oregon State University Nutrition Study Abroad Program; Dominican Republic | August
– September 2017

 Gained knowledge, nutrition, and public health experience in a developing country

while aiming to improve nutritional knowledge and support for children and low-income
 Studied community nutrition and healthcare systems
 Performed dietary recalls and anthropometric assessments per protocol as a part of a
child nutrition study
 Offered aid and healthy eating education to low-income families and children

Intern | Hawai’i School Nutrition Association; Honolulu, HI | June –August 2016 | 10 hrs/week

 Studied public school nutrition association’s operations, focusing on the nutrition

decisions made for the students
 Created, ordered, and published a cookbook for the Hawaii SNA to support Hawai’i
Criteria included selecting healthier cultural recipes based on the new food pyramid,
emphasizing variety while consuming the recommended foods

Intern | Bishop & Co.; Honolulu, HI | June – September 2015, 2016 | 10 hrs/week

 Responsible for office tasks including filing, data entry, purging and managing client files,
and answering the phone

Sales Associate | Jeans Warehouse; Kaneohe, HI | June – September 2014, 2015 | 20 hrs/week

 Customer service and suggestive sales skills required

 Managed the register, tagging and censoring of inventory
 Responsible for cleaning and organizing clothes racks and shelving
 Assisted with set up of displays to market the inventory
 Provided fashion consulting to help customers select outfits and styles
Alana Todd

Volunteer Experience or Leadership

Volunteer | Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center; Corvallis, OR | March 2019 | 5 hrs

 Counseling patients, who are seeking risk assessment and lipid or glycemic panels drawn
 Observing professional cardiac healthcare staff counsel patients

Lūʻau Show Coordinator | Oregon State University; Corvallis, OR | July 2018 – April 2019 | 5 – 15

 Responsible for organizing lūʻau show, the largest student-run event on campus that
involves approximately 100 dancers and serves 1,200 guests
 Duties include recruiting and overseeing dance teachers, dancers, and volunteers,
organizing a theme, writing the script, reserving practice spaces and performance
venue, and scheduling
 Manages budget for costumes, instruments, equipment and décor
 Assists lūʻau coordinator with creating a Hawaiian dinner menu, food prep and cooking,
overseeing lūʻau committees, budgeting for committees, marketing, and donations

Volunteer | Live Well at Iwilei by Kāhala Nui; Honolulu, HI | July – September 2018 | 4 - 8

 Responsible for portioning and serving breakfast and lunch, preparing snacks, dining and
kitchen maintenance
 Depended on to provide companionship, develop relationships, and be of service to
adult day care members
 Assisted with, supervised, and managed adult day care activities

Lū’au Dance Instructor | Oregon State University; Corvallis, OR | January – April 2017, 2018, 2019
| 8 hrs/week

 Responsible for teaching hula and Tahitian dances performed at Oregon State
University’s Annual Lū’au
 Manage purchasing costumes, choreographing dance formations, and keeping track of
inventory of costumes and dancer attendance
 Communicate and support dancers based on their needs (learning techniques,
emotional health, schedule, academic performance)
 Performed hula and Tahitian dances

 Ability to work under pressure and high stress
 Meets deadlines
 Follows direction well
 Critical thinker
 Proficient in typing, computer programs, and technology
 Positive attitude
 Emotionally intelligent
 Quality producer
 Effective communicator
 Resourceful and organized