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John Dale O.


BIT-ET 4-1


1. In this modern era, human behavior towards animals is getting worst. There are so many reports
and cases about animal cruelty in every part of the world. Most cases are beating animals to death
in order to gain benefits from them. Much worse is beating them just for fun. Some people uses
them for experimentations and a material for production to earn profit. People nowadays are
selfish and unaware of animal feelings. Compared to Nazi, Germany during World War II,
animals were protected by the laws and movements provided by the leaders during that period.
2. We cannot deny the fact that we can’t live a day without eating meats, sea foods or any animal
products. Animal suffered, still suffering and will suffers for us. In order to reduce their suffering,
we should minimize patronizing and eating animal products, meats and sea foods. Instead, we
should find an alternative or replacement food for those animal products, meats and sea foods.
We can also reduce the suffering of these animals by supporting the programs, laws, and
regulation that our government implemented and will going implement regarding this matter.
3. “The question is not, Can they reason? Nor, Can they talk? But, Can they suffer? Why should the
law refuse its protection to any sensitive being? The time will come when humanity will extend
its mantle over everything which breathes,”-Jeremy Bentham. This quotation by him, proves that
he’s not against eating meat. It only means that animal can suffer in exchange for the satisfaction
and happiness of the human beings. It is so unacceptable and immoral raising an animal just for
benefit of us. Our pleasure, pain for animals.
4. Veganism is a practice that excludes using and eating animal products or the animal itself. Even if
most of the people around the world became a vegan, it cannot resolve the fact that there are still
a lot of animals that will be killed. Leathers, blankets, and clothes is one of our primary needs and
it is one of the animal product. We cannot live without those things, we can’t protect ourselves
from different seasons. Those animal products can also be traded to other countries and again, we
get the benefits from those animals that are killed.
5. Humans are superior to animals but we cannot live without them. They are one of our primary
resources. Free range animals are those animals that can freely access outdoors. They can go in or
out in their barns and cages anytime they want. Besides from it is organic, it is healthier to eat
those animals because they didn’t live in a crowded barns and cages. They can freely move and
they cannot easily pass their diseases to others.
6. Farms should provide the primary needs of their live stocks like foods, water and shelter. They
should have enough supplies of it. They should provide a shelter with a proper ventilation. Not
too hot, not too cold. They should separate those sick livestock to the healthier ones. They should
also have animal medicines and medicinal tools, in case of emergency.
7. I disagree. All living or non-living things have the right to be in this planet. Animals were made
and meant to be here. That is the meaning of their lives. We cannot decide for their ending, we
should not kill them. We are not the Creators of them.
8. No. Just in the name of aesthetics? Animals will suffer? It is morally unacceptable. Their lives is
not worth it for making a person look beautiful. Animals have so many purposes. Not in this kind
of cosmetic industry.
9. It is unacceptable. Animals is not a material or a tool to use in any kind of experimentation. There
are so many resources that can be used for medicines, why do we need to use animals? We don’t
need to sacrifice an animal’s life where there is another way. There are so many plants out there
that can be an alternative for medicines. They just need to tests and analyze if it is effective or
10. I believe that humans is the highest form of animal. Our differences to other animals is that we
can talk and think. How can the word abuse became so right? Even if it is not a human or
whatever it is, no one should ever abuse or use animals in any kind wrong doings. No one should
sacrifice one’s life just for the benefit of the others. It is totally unfair. We can respect the each
other’s life by leaving them alone in a peaceful environment, without hurting them and giving
them their freedom.