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I today, being a very small part of this big world witness lot of changes every single
day and accepting the change and bringing the change is what a Designer does!
Towards my journey of being a designer I come across a lot of usage of technology
and communication skills.

Technology has forever changed the world we live in. Technology being so advanced
in today’s world also has its impact on design industry and for that matter all other
fields. Technology has taken us from using pens and paper, where we are
limited to our skills of coordinati on, to working on computers to construct
intangible structures behind a screen that can come alive with the click of
a butt on. Technology seems to have made a huge impact on every aspect
of our lives, and the world of design could not escape technology’s magic,

Every one of us has a brain overfl owing with creati vity, but we all have
different modes of translati ng the creati vity within us to something
tangible that others can appreciate. Technology adds another outlet of
expressing one’s creati vity in design, through the computer. Technology
has made design more accessible to more people--and we get to taste the
benefi ts of this additi on.

It isn’t just physical objects that are in need of a design process. Now that
we spend more than an average of six hours daily online, technological
design is crucial in determining where we spend these hours of our day.
With over a billion websites on the world wide web, a design that is not
pleasing to the eye is not worth our ti me, just as an ugly piece of
furniture would have no place in our home.

Technology may be considered as an interface between individuals and the products

they create, but we have to determine whether the use of new systems effectively
enhance individuals' creative activities.

Design is communication.
Communication design has been inextricably linked with media technologies as
they have evolved throughout history and as they continue to do
so. Communication design has been inextricably linked with media technologies
as they have evolved throughout history and as they continue to do
so. Photography captured true representations of observable moments in time.
This technology was then adapted to capture and play back image sequences
giving us Film. This brings us to the great medium of the current generation, the
Internet. Together with technology the Internet has evolved over the years and
has absorbed all the above and become much more. We use it to communicate
with one another like never before. It has become our primary source of
information; it tells us where to go and how to get there, keeps us up to date
with global events, entertains us, answers our questions and enables us all to
become publishers.

Indian design industry had humble beginnings, but it is thriving recently. Being one of
the foremost countries to have adopted a National Design Policy, the design industry
in India is aiming at the skies. Moving ahead at a new pace, it is now well equipped
to contribute significantly in technology, business, communications, media &
entertainment, etc. Here we have numerous small and medium design companies
and high profiled organisations making the nation proud with their design creations.
Many world-class design companies have their Indian arm of operations. The innate
talent of the youth is a major factor that makes India special. These aspects have
enabled designers and companies to earn higher income in the recent years.
Definitely, design industry in India is all set to prosper! The potential of the design
industry is immense.
Networking will help you develop and improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest
trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors,
partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your
career development.

There are designers or design students who barely have time to do the things they
want to do. And by then, they are usually too tired to even think about them. But
what if I tell you there was a way to be able to do the things you want, and at the
same time, get your work done AND sleep?

Well duh, isn’t it NOT procrastinating?

It’s harder than that. Procrastination is a hard habit to break, and distractions are all
around us. How we feel overrides any goal making decision we decide to make. When
this continues to happen, it can cause negativity and stress which can continue to
perpetuate this vicious cycle. And for the people who say they work under pressure,
it’s simply a justification for putting off work.

This won’t bode well for you in anything you do, especially in design, where you have
intense timelines and a limited budget to work with.You can see how many hours a
week designer’s work, but that becomes more meaningful when paired with the type
of design work being done, and the level of enjoyment it fosters. The work doesn’t
control how you act, you do. By understanding the amount of time it takes for you to
get something done and when you need to get it done allows you to assess yourself
and how you work. Once you understand your workflow, the work you typically do in
3 hours can be done in 1 hour.