There are lots of ready made Cannabis is a nitrogen lover and nutrients on the market some whilst in its growing stage it will aimed at cannabis some not. In need a feed with extra nitrogen. the end there's not much When flowering starts it will difference between any of them. require extra phosphorus and As long as the nutrients are potassium instead. This is why a complete and given in the correct lot of cannabis nutrients come in dosage results should be good. two or even three part formulas. To easily control the rate and amount of food a plant receives use bland nutrient free mediums, with or without standard potting compost mixed in. Then add a soluble complete feed to the plants water in the recommended amounts. If a plant looks under fed check the p.h. of the medium and water before adding more nutrients. If your growing in soil make sure your not over watering and suffocating the plants roots. Soil should be allowed to dry a little between watering. Some nutrient ratios:




Canna grow Dyna grow

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Canna bloom




6 12 Dyna bloom 3 To be sure your cannabis reaches One of the simplest methods of Sometimes large colas are damp its full potential you should make drying is to hang plants from a in the middle whilst brittle dry on sure that you dry it properly. string, this allows air circulation the outside. Place these buds in Chemical changes occur during and keeps the buds from plastic bags over night to even drying that will increase the touching anything. Sticky t.h.c. out the moisture content. Dried active ingredients. Bad drying Nutrients have an N.P.K. ratio on Mixing laden glands are easily dislodged cannabis should use firm, springy organic nutrients takes Whatever nutrient you be you however will decrease the active so avoid too Getting a with and should feeding at the packet. This shows the time and knowledge.much contactshould always stop not crumble when ingredients. your plants. amount of Nitrogen(N), good safe balanced mix for plants least 10handled. days before harvest. Phosphorus(P) and Potassium(K) grown in the ground can take Only give the plant p.h. balanced the nutrient contains as a months. Start planning now if water from then on. Doing this Ideally the drying area should be percentage. A complete fertiliser you want to grow organic and will help When your nutrients has dried to "flush" the cannabis out (low an acceptable better will alsoaround room temperature remember that you may still contain all the other the plant and produce level it can be 70`s)and in darkness. stored in dark, air buds. nutrients and minerals a plant As about to feed with a nutrient need tasting and better burning tight 75% of the weight of fresh cut containers. Many people freeze needs for good growth. solution as well. cannabis is water ventilation and their cannabis or keep it in the air circulation are also important refrigerator, this helps prolong to avoid any problems with the freshness the same way it mould. does with other herbs. Mould can turn a plant to black The first 3 or 4 days are the sludge over night. Make sure you most crucial. Cannabis dried any open up big colas to check for quicker than this will often be grey moulds. Any plants found to harsh, brittle and of inferior be going mouldy should be quality to the same bud dried a separated from the rest, trimmed bit more slowly. After 3 or 4 days of the mould and quick dried. you can speed up the drying if you really need to. Curing is a longer more drawn out drying period. The chemical changes that occur during drying are allowed to continue further so that the taste, strength and appearance of the cannabis is altered even more.

Marijuana Drying

What do I need to start cloning? To begin cloning you will need a mother plant. A mother plant is the plant all of the cuttings will be taken from. It should exhibit qualities such as fast growth, high potency and mould and pest resistance. The mother should be kept in vegetative growth all the time under a MH

This is the first sign that the roots will appear shortly. Other things that will be needed are small plate). Taking clones is almost the same as pruning so when you prune instead of throwing away the cuttings they can be made into clones. If you want sinsemilla buds make sure you only have pure females. hermaphrodite. Remember to spray the plants the day after foliar feeding with water to clean the leaves of any un-absorbed nutrients. or hermaphrodite plants. Male Unless you have plans to breed or to produce lots of seeds always separate male and female plants as soon as their sex becomes apparent. Fill the tray with water (boiled for 20 minutes) mixed with liquid rooting hormone. Rooting the cuttings Now that the cuttings are floating in the rooting tray the water needs to be changed every other day. Just siphon it out and replace it quickly with new hormone treated water. Poke a hole in the middle just big enough for the stem to fit through. A separate closet or basement is good. Usually though it takes a change in light cycle to trigger the plants into full reproductive mode. Lighting The amount of light that cannabis receives determines the quantity and quality of the blooms. Taking the cuttings Once the cloning area is set up the clones can be taken from the mother plant. to induce male flowering. After about 10 days in the rooting tray the stem bottom will start to come out slightly. This will expose more stem surface to the water and make it easier for the cutting to absorb nutrients. but they can be other colours. Remember one or two male plants can turn a whole crop to seed. This will leave about 7 inches from the tops of the cuttings to the lights. The size of the pump depends on the size of the tray. Bring the cutting to the rooting tray and get out the Styrofoam plates. The cutting can be secured in place with some sticky tack (looks like gum). Look near the leaf joins on your plants to see them emerging. The cutting should be about 6 to 8 inches tall. Hermaphrodites are plants that are part male part female. Now submerge the bottom of the the cutting and make another cut diagonally. a shallow tray that will hold about three inches of water. Make an anti-siphon loop in the hose to the pump to prevent water from getting into it if the power should go out. Install the aquarium air pump to oxygenate the water. An aquarium air pump.light. Light will be provided by fluorescents hung seven inches above the plant tops. All combinations work OK but its best to use sodium bulbs in . Indica varieties can through bad treatment or if plant can then be a "mother" for sometimes take less. blocking nutrient intake. whenever you wish. Set-up First set the tray in a separate area from all the other plants. There should be three or four sets of leaves remaining on the cutting. This more. Early male flowers look a bit like small bunches of mini green bananas. Early female flowers look like little furry hairs. However some places on earth just don`t get enough. Soon the tiny immature roots will be visible and when they reach about one inch in length they can be planted in the soil and will grow as an exact copy of the mother plant Male or Female? Female Clusters of flowers known as buds or colas only occur on female. Foliar spray with a chemical fertilizer that is high in P at 1/4 strength every three days. Ruderalis chemicals are applied to the plant you to take cuttings from varieties can flower whatever. Next hang the fluorescents about 12 inches from the top of the tray. Be careful never to drain all the water out. The first cut should be made with sharp scissors or a razor blade sterilized with rubbing alcohol. This can happen you can place it in constant light Sativa varieties sometimes need if the plant is stressed to much to stop it from flowering. If the stem bottoms are exposed a bubble will developed inside the stem and the clone will die. usually white. rooting hormone and high P fertilizer. Next trim off the bottom leaves with a sharp razor blade. Most varieties of cannabis require Even pure female plants have the Once you have a good female 12 hours of darkness per day to potential to turn male or plant that you would like to keep induce their flowering cycles. The photo period is the Sunshine is more intense than any artificial light and is free. High intensity lights also come with different shades. Cannabis Plant Plants in constant light can sometimes start to show some pre flowers after only a few weeks of growth. This cut must be made under water to prevent a bubble forming in the stem.

get a paper towel. cover when they sprout. A root that curls too early can increase the chances of the plant becoming a male. balanced water. Distance Calculator Fluorescent light is fine for the growing stage but flowering plants really need more intense HID light. Soak it in warm distilled water. or are lucky. hormones like Gibrellic acid to You can put the seeds between turn part of a female plant male. but be Pollen collected from the male careful to plant them as gently as part is used to produce seeds possible as soon as they begin to that contain no male genetics. Try pots of perlite or produced by using stress or straight into cubes of rockwool. Unless you have Sow them 1 to 2 cm below the seeds at around 70 degrees using extensive plant breeding surface and water gently with a propagator or heating mat. Metal halides are ready to produce seed. Cannabis usually supplement sunshine on dull days Plan on giving 30 to 60 watts of needs 12 hours of dark each day with electric lights hung in the light for each square foot of to flower. The method I am about to show you is one which is simple and can work well. You don`t have to use seed Female only marijuana seeds are compost. An important part of marijuana cultivation is germinating your seeds properly. Use deep pots that allow plenty of room under the seed so the emerging root can grow straight down. red spectrum of light and are good for flowering. Outdoors the seasons control the The most efficient types of photoperiod. Only females produce clumps of flowers known as buds. growing space. then ring out all the excess water that you can. Lay the seeds spaced out on one half of the paper towel. facilities. Place a bowl upside down over the setup to maintain moisture and reduce light. Seeds from a batch of good cannabis will not necessarily produce good plants. you can start flowering whenever Sodium lights are strong in the you wish. established seed bank. Darkness makes the plants produce flowering hormones and regular undisturbed darkness will make them stop growing and start flowering. Marijuana Seeds info Getting the best marijuana seeds Germinate your marijuana seeds Warmth means faster is the only reliable way to get the in pots of moist seed compost. the best p. sprout. two wet paper towels. If fluorescents are your only choice choose alternate rows of "Cool White" and "Warm White" bulbs and place them only a few cm`s away from your plants. If you don`t know both parents of the seed.number of light hours verses dark Greenhouse growers can horizontal shades for flowering. Cover the Don`t worry if you can`t heat thing to do is buy some seeds pots with clingfilm or place in a them they should still sprout but that have been produced by an lidded propagator. germination. Seeds can be kept for many years but they become less viable as time goes by. Indoors strong in the blue spectrum of you control the photoperiod so light and are good for growth. Lights get hot and can burn plants that get too near. However the closer the light to the plants the more intense light they receive. In general keep 400 w lights 30 to 45 cm above plants and 1000 w lights 45 to 75 cm above plants. Store them in a cool dry airtight container for up to two years. Soak the seeds in the same distilled water for a half hour. Area Calculator Under continuous light cannabis will grow but will not flower and produce buds. Once planted keep best plants. . Place the seeds / paper towel on a plate. greenhouse. There are several different methods to seed germination. or any of it`s history don`t rely on it producing buds as good as the bud it came from. For longer storage dry them well seal them in a container and put them in the freezer. First. Fold the paper towel over the seeds. Hence female only seeds. hours in 1 day.h. As the summer lighting are sodium or metal comes to an end and the nights halide high intensity discharge become longer cannabis flowers (HID) lamps. Remove any it might take a week or two.

but never completely dry. Warning Never touch the seeds with your hands after you begin germinating. and it usually works. . Wait till roots start to appear through the bottom. at least 1/2 meter (1 1/2 feet). like what you would with cloning. In approximately 2 days you should see a crack. This part is important especially if you just shelled out on seeds. always use tweezers. Keep damp (important). Plant them. Warning Once germination is complete.5cm squared. they are a bit bigger than 1 inch 2. We always use fluros but other lights can be used not too near. always remember to place the seeds sprout down. Your germination stage is then complete. not flooded. leave it wet. You push the seed in. wet it.A better way is to use grow plugs.

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