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Personal Insight Question: Timed Writing

Directions: ​In the space below write a response to the following question. Your response has
a ​max of 350 words​. Try to use as many of these words without going over. Plan and spend
your time wisely. Prewrite before writing and then save time to edit and revise.

“Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational

opportunity or worked to overcome an educational barrier you have

Things to consider:​ Feel free to speak about ​either​ an opportunity ​or a

​ barrier. It’s okay if you’ve
experienced one and not the other.

Educational Opportunities: What programs or additional classes have better prepared you for
college? How did you find out about these programs or classes? How did you take what you
learned and apply it to your schoolwork or other aspects of your life?

Educational Barriers: Have you faced any barriers or challenges related to school and/or your
schoolwork? How did you overcome or strive to overcome them? What are three personal
characteristics or skills you had to call on to overcome this challenge?

An educational opportunity I have taken is AVID which is a class where

we prepare ourselves for college and basically know what to expect when
doing the process of applying for colleges and applying for scholarships. I
first started taking AVID in middle school and I was introduced to AVID
from my sister who is currently in college. When I was younger, I knew I
wanted to go to college and that it was going to be difficult so hearing
about AVID and taking it was the best decision I made. In this class, I am
able to take opportunities not many others students take, like having
tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday. This class also helped me build up
many good habits that I know I will use in the future in college, like taking
good Cornell notes, always being organised, and time management. In
addition, I also took this class because they have field trips to different
college campuses and we get class tours around the campus. Not only
am I able to have fun on the trip but I get to see how colleges are and can
start making decisions on where I would like to go and get my degree at. I
really appreciate this AVID program because I was able to learn more
about myself and my interests in many things. In this program, we are a
bunch of students with the same goals and we are all very supportive and
that is what every high school student needs when times are getting
difficult in school. We are always worrying about our grades, social life,
and future but being in AVID helps me stay productive and not get off
track so I don't get stressed out like others. In conclusion, I hope I take
what I learn from this program to college and get my degree without any