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A student has great responsibilities which sometime
makes their routine monotonous. And then new year
arrives and gives them an opportunity to kill their mo-
notony and reshape into creativity. It is a great time
to spend with family and friends and to make new
bonds. It gives us an opportunity to forget past and
start afresh with new vigour. Those who take the op-
portunity transform themselves and those who miss
it, stay the same. This new year exploit your creativi-
ties, go on a holiday, refresh your life and comeback
to thrive for success. And make the most important
resolution of our life, to be a better human being.

Editorial Team
Teachers Students
Sapna Charha Kashish Dhingra
Naina Nagpal
Gagan Madaan
Shruti Uppal
From The PrinciPal’s Desk

New Year isn't just a change of calendar, but a the rise

of new hopes and the onset of a new era for those who
wish to exploit their potential. Making a resolution is a
common habit among people but keeping that is a rare
one. The students must take up the prospect of new
year to introspect their mistakes and reform
themselves. Promise yourself to eat healthy, respect
people, stand against injustice and to build a
marvelous character. And be among the rare ones who
retain their promises and bring great life altering con-
sequences. Make this new year a memorable one that
you would cherish ever after.
Annual Exhibition
19 January 2019 was a day of galore, lighting
and fanfare as Modern Public
School, organized an exhibitition: Sankalp Se
Siddhi depicting a kaleidoscopic history of
India from the ancient past to the present
day. The exhibits encapsulated India’s
progression in accordance with the 17
Sustainable Goals set by the United Nations.
The school celebrated 70th Republic Day of India with
patriotic fervor and zest and chose this momentous day to
host the Annual Prize Distribution ceremony to recognize
and honour the efforts of the diligent students of the
school. The event was cherished by the benign presence of
revered Chief Guest Dr. D. D. Chaturvedi , Associate
Professor , Department of Economics at Sri Guru Govind
Singh College of Commerce, Our honourable, Madam
Principal, Ms. Alka Kapur , ,Honourable Director Ac-
ademics , Ms. Geeta Sehgal and Vice Principal , Ms. Mena
Hindi Recitation Competition Class II

To spread the fragrance of poetry among the children,

an interclass Hindi Recitation Competition for the
students of class II was organized on 6 February
The participants got an opportunity to exhibit their
talent and confidence. They recited different poems
on Swachhta with great zeal and enthusiasm. They
were applauded for their confident stage performance.
Modern Public School believes in the virtue of sharing,
be it the sharing of resources or ideas. Treading the
same path, Modernites shared their teaching-learning
methodology with eminent Japanese delegates from
Japan Travel Bureau who visited the school premises
to witness the functioning of the school on February 9,
2019.The prominent visitors Mr. Ken Nakano, experi-
enced Coordinator JTB International Education and
Exchange, Mr. Hajime Kurihara, Coordinator JTB GMS,
Mr. Satoru Shigyo, Executive Coordinator, JTB India,
Ms. Yoko Torii Senior Manager- Education JTB India
and Ms. Hanana Ota were given a hospitable tour of
the school which included the observation of 3D Lab,
ATL Lab, School Arena and classrooms
The UK delegates Mr. Kishan Devani, Treasurers Envoy for the
Liberal Democratic Party and Mr. Meet Kotadia visited the
school with an aim to foster best International Educational
Practices and to deliver multifaceted approaches to learning.
They were accorded a warm welcome. The guests observed the
school setup and experienced the Indian Education system.
Role Play Competition Class

Keeping this in mind, a Role Play Competition was organised for the students
of class II on 27 February 2019. Students came dressed up as known freedom
fighters and enthusiastically enacted the roles. All the actors for the role play put up
their best show. The judges were highly impressed with the act, idea formulation and
act execution by the students. It was a great learning experience for the students.
Quality Circle Class III

Fostering gratitude in our young learners for what they have is a real
education. The students of class 3 left no stone unturned to instill the
same among their fellow mates through a Quality Circle Presentation
on the topic Our Helpers on 14 March 2019 where they highlighted the
thankless job of sweepers, sewage cleaners, domestic helpers etc.
Through meticulous efforts they emphasized on the reformation of
menial attitude towards these helpers. The event proved to be a success
as the presenters left the spectators empathetic towards these
indispensable members of our society.
Magic show for class VI

A magic show was organized for class VI in collaboration with

Newspaper in Education, to mark the beginning of a new session.
The resource person, Mr Aman showcased mind boggling tricks.
The children left the premises ecstatic and with a glow in their
eyes. The magician left everyone spellbound with his magic
Introduction Activity for
Class II

With the beginning of the new session, its

Important to introduce ourselves...
introduce ourselves.

An introduction activity on the theme "Meet me" was organized for

the students of Class II on 5 April 2019. Students came with a
small placard and introduced themselves. Their confidence and
smartness added to the presentation. Teachers were highly
impressed with their act, idea formulation and beautiful placards
made by them.
World Health Day celebration

Being healthy and fit is not a trend. Instead, its a lifestyle.

World Health Day is celebrated world wide on 7 April. To apprise the

students with the significance of maintaining good health, a special
assembly was conducted on 08.04.2019 (Monday). The students had an
Informative session by Ms. Ritu Kapoor, faculty member wherein they were
highly impressed with the thought that Health is not valued till sickness
comes. They were also given a few tips to maintain good health and to stay
fit. It was indeed a need of hour to improve present stressful lifestyle.

An Orientation programme was organized for the parents of new

Pre School students of the session 2019-2020 on 27.03.2019
(Wednesday). The programme commenced with a melodious
welcome song which emphasized the pressing need to instill
good mannerism among the young lot. The composition crit-
icizing the constant use of mobile phone became the star at-
traction of the show. To lure the tiny tots, a farm demonstrating
the habitat of creatures like horse, cow, buffalo, hen, duck, parrot
and many more was created.
Modernites felicitated with the
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

It is a matter of pride to announce that 9

students were the proud recipients of Sil-
ver Level Award and 20 students were
awarded with Bronze Level Award under
International Award for Young People
Program in the session 2018-19. This fe-
licitation by the Duke of Edinburgh is the
result of the Modernites’ diligence, de-
termination and discipline in all their en-
deavours that have brought difference to
their lives.
Madam Principal, Ms. Alka Kapur was felici-
tated with Life Empowerment Award by Ex-
pressions India on 21 February 2019 at the Na-
tional Science Centre, Pragati Maidan, New
Delhi. This honour was given to Madam for her
outstanding leadership and her consistent en-
deavours to bring reforms in the field of edu-
cation. She was awarded with the commemo-
rative Citation of Honour for the school.
Modern Public School was awarded with Leader in Creating
Green Campus Award 2018-19 at Education Conclave and
School Leadership Awards on 4 March 2019 at The Park, Con-
naught Place, Delhi organised by The EduAdvice, an online news
portal that caters to the educational needs of the society
and act as a Think Tank for the revolutionary ideas across the
world. The award was given by the Chief Guest Mr. Anurag Tripa-
thi, Secretary CBSE. The assemblage at the conclave consisted of
the eminent educationists and institutions across the nation.

Kudos to the MPS Team!

Another moment to swell in pride has dawned in.
The athletic champions of MPS have brought
laurels for the school to bask in. They have been
awarded with an attractive cash prize of Rs. 29
lakhs (Rs. 29, 00, 000) by Directorate of
education, Delhi Sports Branch.
Kudos to the young Athletes for their splendid
victory in the Play and Progress Scheme , Yearly
scholarship Scheme , InterZonal Athletic meet ,
Summer Athletic meet, Reliance foundation
Meet and other Competitions.