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It is true that physical environment affects our culture, and culture not only means festivals or

traditions,but also aspects like clothing, food culture, symbols or items that develops in a country,
relationships and many other.


Food culture impacted by climatic change and area type

When we talk about culture,taking into consideration 'food' is a must.Every space quality of the
world has its own food variety.Like, at beaches,one will find mostly sea food, Island nations has
fish in their cuisine, countries having warmer climate focus on fresh vegetables and fruits in the
diet, countries with colder climate have fish or fatty meat or root vegetables like potatoes.Also,
people living at hot places eat a lot of spicy food because it helps them to perspire by raising their
body temperature and creating overall cooling effect to bear extreme temperature.

Clothing Style/culture determined by Environment

Factor: Type of clothing even depends on the type of environment one is living in.Like, places
where winters are common,people mostly wear woolen clothes,and where there are summers
,people prefer to wear half-sleeves clothes or cotton clothes.Eg:In Jammu and kashmir
(India),people wear poots and pherans with headgear,Mughal type Turbans, Taranga Belt of
Pashmina and colored scarf,to provide themselves warmth; and In Goa(India),people rarely wear
these warm clothes.

Environment shape architecture

Environment shape the architecture too.From the location that is chosen to built like settlements are
mainly constructed close to water source or near other type of valuable resources, to the material
people choose to build those architectures like wood,brick,all depends on environment.Th style of
architecture/building is also dictated by environment like in a desert, one wants something to be
made of a light stone that can reflect sunlight and that is open to air ,so as to prevent heat.In high
grounds,for military advantage,castles,fortresses are made.In Hong Kong,buildings are tall but
narrower because of less land availability.

Environment determines our way of living

In Nordic countries,because of lack of sunlight in the winter months,there is a high trigger of

depression and lethargy, seasonal affective disorder it is being called.But,on the other hand,in a
warm climate closer to the equator daily life is impacted in a different way like people spend more
time outdoors because of better weather; they have outdoor restaurants, cinemas and markets, and
kids play outside more often due to sunny weather.

Symbol and item of values are even dependent on environment

Like where people thought the god lived,the animal which people think has significance and hold
strength , flowers which stands for beauty or pride and many other factors,are judged by
environment .Eg: It is mount Olympus, for ancient greece, where they thought the gods lived; it is
mount Fuji,for Japan. It can be an eagle, a lion,a cow,a deer that hold significance.It can be roses,
lilies, lotus,sunflowers that hold pride.