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Progress Review Meeting of Group-1 held on 26.02.


1. Sh. Navin Goyal 2. Sh. D. Mohanty

3. Md. Salik 3. Sh. Sandeep Kumar Das

The followings have been decided in the meeting.

S. Job Date Responsibility Status

1. Visit to Bangalore and End of next week DM Under
Trivendrum for the lot 6 and lot 3 process
packages along with respective
Engineer in the coming week
2. Alignment report of lot 6 to be Next week DM
deposited ASP end date
3. Balance activities of the projects 28.02.2019 DM/ CEO Under
related to Shree Info, Dhananjay, process
Mishra, Medhaj to be
enumerated. A letter for the
same to be sent to the respective
agencies in consultation with CEO
4. Mr. Piyush Jain to be posted to 05.03.2019 DM Under
Bangalore for coordination for process
Tirupati, Karnataka and Kerala
5. Letter to be written to PD for 01.03.2019 DM Under
CALA appointments in lot 6 job process
6. C.V. approval of Mr. D. Mohanty 02.01.2019 CEO Under
for lot 6 through BD Division. C.V. process
to be given by Mr. Navin Goyal by
Mr. Mohanty in soft
7. Balance survey work in Tirupati is 02.02.2019 DM Under
already awarded, the job should process
start ASAP
9. Tirupati DPR for package 3 to be 28.02.2019 Salik+DM Under
deposited ASAP process
10. Tirupati package 4 FFR+ schedules 04.03.2019 Salik+DM Under
to be deposited ASAP process
11. Bore hole data for P-129 to be 27.02.2019 Salik Under
provided by Mr. Salik process
12. Letters for P-129 on overall status 02.03.2019 DM Under
to be written to NHAI and draft process
for the same to be made ready
13. EOT and variation statements, Daily Basis Mr. D. Mohanty Under
already submitted need to be process
pursued by all means and
statement in this regard shall be
sent to CEO
14. Work program for all the projects 01.03.2019 Mr. D. Mohanty Under
shall be discussed with CEO in process
coming two days’ time.
15. All out efforts shall be made to 05.03.2019 Mr. D. Mohanty Under
get the payment for Balangir & process
Tirupati jobs since no payment
has been received in the group
from last 6 months.

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