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Alliance of Concerned Truck Owners & Organizations May 31, 2019 Rey Leonardo B, Guerrero ‘Commissioner Bureau of Customs Port Area, Manil Dear Commissioner Guerrero, We have gathered information that the Bureau of Customs (BOC), after a brief hiatus from implementing, is again geared towards activating the Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) # 05-2019 / Registration of Truckers with BOC, Our information, albeit unofficial, are so persistent that they are now sowing alarm and confusion among the port trucking sector. Please take note of the position paper we submitted to your office last February 19, 2019 regarding the very same issue. In that paper, we registered our strong opposition to the implementation of CMO # 05-2019 (copy attached herewith), citing among others: overregulation, redundant layers of regulation, unnecessary burden and cost by way of substantial charges and penalties to the sector, absence of public hearing and consultations. Also cited is the incongruity of said CMO vis-a-vis Republic Act No. 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Deliver Act of 2018. While we recognize and appreciate the best intentions of the BOC in its effort to achieve utmost efficiency in the operations of the Bureau, we maintain and stand by our.position that above- subject CMO will not serve the very purpose. For the second time, we appeal to your better understanding and appreciation to again put on hold the implementation of CMO-052019, as we await the chance to sit down with you and revisit and study the rudiments of said CMO. icky Papa Chairman Ce: District Collector Erastus Austria, MICT Truckers’ Center, MICT, North Harbor, Tondo, Manila @ Tel.No. 245-4101 Loc. 2339 E-mail address: