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The problem that found in this journal is the high need demand of the Indonesian people

to own property at high prices. And the cause of the problem is a less notice of customer
relationships, so customer loyalty can decrease because there is no good customer relationship
program from the company. In addition, the targeted customer segmentation (which is used for
the acceleration of the project process and the company's cash flow guarantee) has also not been
determined and the marketing channels are not specific (by randomly targeting customers
depending on the target of PT Hasta Raya Utama) found in this journal.

PT Hasta Karya has not still implement the comprehensive business model. A great
business model depend on developing three qualities that help the business succeed : finding
high-value customers, offering significant value to customers and delivering significant margin.
PT Hasta Karya need to aimed a specific customer segment. A good customer segment should be
large enough to justify company’s efforts, it must suit with resources, objectives and policies of
the firm, it also had to be a high-value customers. High-value doesn’t mean rich customers, but
customers who are easy to locate, allow to charge a profitable price and can generate enough
business to meet firm’s sales and profit objectives. Besides, a firm should also has a specified
marketing channel, don’t use random channel to reach your customers. A firm should focus on
their marketing goals and make initial assumptions about which marketing channel that migh be
the right ones. We should mentally suit up as our buyer and map out the touch points in the
buyer’s path to purchase. What channel s are they using to find us? What triggered the need?
What is influencing and or interfering their decision to choose us? Lastly, we may start asking
our existing customer about what made them choose us.
The good business model also need to gave the customer a great value proposition and
customer relationship. Firm needs to understand their business well to define their value
proposition. A value proposition need to explain how the product solves customers’ problem,
delivers specific benefit and tell the ideal customer why they should buy from us and not from
the competitor. So, to define a grean value proposition, we need to understand our products well.
What we have, what we don’t have compared to competitor. Next is about customer relationship,
the crucial things to take notes about delivering a good customer relationship is to have a great
knowledge of the product, have empathy and focus on the customer. If we could apply that on
our customer relationship management, we could have a long and profitable relationship with our
Based on what explained above the customer segment of PT Hasta Raya Utama should be
retirees and evicted households that have enough funds to find a house in rural area, and
household that have not yet had a house, but have enough income to buy a house based in our
price. Along with that, we have to strengthen our value proposition – and in this case it should be
related to legality that is required by customers, and/or flexible payment methods, however this
kind of value proposition could easily be copied by our competitors, hence we have to portray it
in different way . We need to emphasize our utilization of multiple channel as well, in order to
allowing the brands to be more remembered, and to make sure that our customers understands
the message, i.e: arranging property exhibition in nationwide level, social media, and website PT
Hasta Raya Utama, as we see the problem in this company is lack of human resources, it can be
done by welcoming freelance marketing to deal with this activity. To guarantee continuity of a
business – it is important to keep the customer relationship by house guarantee every three
months. However, there are lots of customer that feel the guarantee is enough, moreover if those
customer buy the house in dry season, hat the condition has not been known in rainy season .
Hence we suggest to apply guarantee time extension . and keep innovating in every new project
– and take all inputs as a learning thus PT Hasta Raya Utama could keep growing. PT Hasta
Raya also needs to optimize their key resources, and do a more unique key activities (such as
buy an area and build a good infrastructure) so our key activities won’t easily be copied by our
competitors. And of course they need to find another super potential partner.