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June, 2019 —- Celebrating 116 Years of Faithful Service — 1903 - 2019


Officers From the Grand Knight’s Desk
S/K Fr. William Winters, Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the
OFM, Cap. past or present are certain to miss the future. -
Grand Knight John F. Kennedy
S/K John E. Terlecki Brothers,
Deputy Grand Knight June! It‘s hard to believe that the Columbian year of 2018/2019 is rapidly
S/K Joe Sheldrick coming to a close, but yet it is. These past twelve months have just flown by but not
Chancellor without significant accomplishments. We together have continued to advance our core
S/K James Kaan tenets of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. I guess I could sit and come up
with a long list of events and causes we have supported but I think that would be a little
Financial Secretary pretentious. I also believe that we as a fraternal Catholic organization have only done
S/K Robert Elliott PGK FDD our jobs. We together supported our Parishes, Priests, Seminarians, and many
charitable organizations throughout our local community and beyond.
Warden As a council we have been very fortunate to have members who have stepped
Keith Mandart up to the plate with their time and talent. These brothers each brought their skills to the
forefront and helped lead and guide us though the past year. I am always mindful of the
S/K Denis Boyce
many pitfalls and challenges we faced and together we made our way forward.
It also goes without saying that all is not a bed of roses. We have and continue
Recorder to have problems in recruiting new members which is the life blood of any
S/K Kevin Drawbridge organization. Going forward this is an area we need to focus on. In other areas such as
fundraising we need to expand our programs, support those that are in place and create
Advocate new and interesting programs not only for income but to make it more attractive for
S/K Michael Boehm new member‘s to join our ranks.
PGK FDD FCOB In closing it has been my honor to have served as your Grand Knight and I will
be forever grateful for the opportunity that you have given me. I won‘t be going away
Inside Guard
as I have been selected to run as a three year Trustee and if elected I will be proud to
S/K Tom Liguori
serve our council in that capacity.
Outside Guard While we should always keep the health and well-being of our brothers and
S/K Richard Costa sisters in mind, let us all make an effort to call a fellow member we haven‘t seen or
heard from for a while or pay them visit. It will make a difference to them and yourself
Outside Guard as well.
In closing my twelfth and final memo from the Grand Knights desk, as always,
First Year Trustee it is my continued hope that we reach out to the parishes we support and provide the
services and people whenever and wherever we are needed.
Second Year Trustee
S/K John Orlando PGK Vivat Jesus!
Third Year Trustee GK, SK John E. Terlecki
Richard J. Basak

All material in this document was approved by GK John Terlecki for publication. Copyright 2019, Patchogue Council #725

Council Roster as of Dates To Remember Upcoming Events

May 1, 2019 Information on pages 6, 9 and 11
Associate: 252 June 3rd——–Business Meeting, 8pm
Insurance: 126 June 3rd, March for Life
Inactive: 25 June 10th——–Monseigneur Corp. July 2nd, Tuesday, 6:30 pm Fourth of July
Total: 403 Meeting, 7:30pm float build
Honorary: 16 June 17th——Social Meeting, July 4th, Thursday, 10:30am, Parade
Honorary Life: 103 June 24th——Officers Meeting, 7:30pm
Disability: 14 August 26th, Charity Golf Tournament

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Please don‘t forget that our Council is on our SUMMER
SCHEDULE in July, August and September. We only meet
on the THIRD MONDAY of the Month.
Our Meeting schedule for the summer is as follows:
July 15th - August 19th - September 16th
All Meetings begin at 8 pm. sharp. Summer Meeting Attire for
Officers is dark pants and a Council polo shirt.

Summer attire for Council Members at Council meetings for all others should be respectful. No
cut-off shorts, no cut off or sleeveless shirts please. Thank you.

The Monseigneur Corp. still meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30 pm as always.
Thank you.

Family Director
SK James Ryan / 631-278-9429 /

May our Council Prayers be on behalf of the following:

Pray for Brothers Jim Addie, Sammy Garafola, Rudy Carrabus and his wife Vicki, Jim Craig‘s daughter Airen,
Bill Mones‘ wife Virginia, PGK Willie Marciano and his wife Jean, Eddie O‘Reilly, Gerry Restifo, Ernie Maller,
Andrew Carollo, Ralph DePinto, Frank Cooper‘s wife Virginia, Phil Sgro, Keith Mandart, Robert Naurek, Rich
Basak, Rich Costa‘s Mother, Tony Russo, Santo Liguori, Tony Baffo, Al Freytag, Robert Rizzo, Roy Schiebel‘s
wife and Joe Fontana‘s girlfriend Grace Bessieres.

Below are our recent notifications:

· We were sorry to hear about Brother Kevin Drawbridge‘s recent medical challenges. May he get better and we
pray for improved health.
· May we pray for an end to the social and religious violence in the United States and around the World.
· May we pray for safety in all our places of worship.
· May we pray for our Ushers that in many parishes have responsibilities of safety and observance for potential
harm to the faithful.
· May we give thanks for all of those that give their time and talents to our parishes.
· May we pray for our children as they start towards the end of their school year. May they have safe, fun things
to do over the summer.
· May we pray for the new graduates that their future looks bright, they follow their passions and have support of
family and friends.
· May we give thanks for the new slate of Council Officers that have offered themselves for election. We pray
for their wisdom of leadership, care in charity and inclusion of fraternity.

We ask also that you pray for all our Brother Knights who are in need and for their families; those we know
about, and the many that we do not know about.

Happy Birthday to All Members in the Month of June

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Did you Know?

―Ushers are doing more than greeting, gathering collection and handing out the Bulletin‖
By: SK James Ryan, Family Director

Are you a current Usher? Maybe not. Therefore, I believe it is important for all Brothers to be aware of
additional responsibilities that are in place in many parishes.

Considering the increase of violence within the workplace, schools and the ever increase in places of worship,
volunteers are charged with duties of safety. What does this mean?
Ushers are not only our greeters, collection gatherers and handing out bulletins. Among other items not
mentioned of responsibility, many are the eyes and ears for safety during Mass. Many parishes have taken council
from consultants on matters related to ‗active shooter‘ situations.

There are procedures written and in place at many parishes for the Ushers with roles and responsibilities in these

Ushers are watching for anyone before, during and after Mass that may be acting suspicious on the parish
grounds. We are stepping out during Mass to make observations of parking lots and the parameter of the church.

So, I am asking all Brother Knights at all parishes to also help the Ushers with making observations. I do not care
how involved you are in the Council or how old you are. If you can see, hear and speak then you can help. I
know that you want to enjoy the Mass, but also help Ushers with knowing what is going on around you at
church. It is our duty as Knights!

Faith Reflection
By SK James Ryan, Family Director

Emblem of the Order…..What does it stand for?

The Emblem of the Order dates to 1883 when it was designed by James T. Mullen as Supreme
Knight. The shield is symbolic of a medieval Knight. The four corners represent an artistic
cross of that of Christ for redemption made for mankind. This is Catholic spirit of the Order.

The three symbols in the middle were chosen with specific intentions. In the middle is the ‗faces‘ which is Roman
representing authority. This is necessary in any tightly bonded organization. The anchor is a Mariner symbol of
Columbus, patron of the Order. Lastly, the short sword was the weapon of the Knight when engaged on an errand
of mercy.

The colors around the shield and in the foreground of the Cross represents the colors of our Country. Red is the
symbol of stout-hearted courage of pulsing activity and a full measure of devotion. Blue is a symbol of hope. The
calm tranquility under God and the confidence in the protection of our Country. White is the symbol of the
nobility of purpose and purity of aim.

There is another symbol among the colors Red, White and Blue. This is the ecclesiastical symbolism in which red
becomes of the drips of Christ‘s redemptive blood shed upon Calvary and of the martyr‘s bloodshed in defense of
the faith. Red is then symbol of faith, a belief in Christ in the redemption and in the knowledge of the Love of
Jesus Christ. White is the color of the Eucharistic host, pledge of God‘s Eucharistic presence among men; the
infinite love God has for man and everyone. White is the symbol of Christ like Charity. Blue is the color of our
lady‘s mantle in which she wraps her beloved son through whom the salvation to a sinful world. Blue is the
symbol of hope.

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Congratulations to all of the newly elected Officers of the Shea assembly. The
entire slate of Officers was elected as Nominated. The next Fourth Degree
Meeting will be held on June 26th at Council 1992 Joan of Arc, located at
Infant Jesus Church in Port Jefferson. Meeting starts at 8 pm

The Next Chapter meeting will be on June 21st at Patchogue Council. It will be
election night.
On May 16th , under the direction of Chairman Bill Murphy, the Chapter
hosted the Marian Prayer Hour at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. A Very special
thanks to Fr. Henry, who led us in the program and the Mt. Carmel Music
Ministry, who did an outstanding job as always. And on May 19th the Chapter
also participated in the NYS Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Shrine in Eastport. We were joined by
our SD Ken Latham and members of the State Family.

Financial Secretary
Congratulations and welcome to our newest transfer in members Michael R. Goberdhan and
Anthony M. Monaco.
I am happy to report that our records and forms are currently all up to date. Please update your
information as needed. If you have changed your mailing address and have not been receiving the
Columbia magazine and membership bills please contact me. Membership cards are mailed as
dues come in.
As of May 1, 2019 we have 252 associate; 126 insurance; 25 inactive members for a total of 403 members. The council
is in good standing with Supreme and New York State.

Membership bills are in the process of being mailed out, please make payment promptly to Patchogue K of C 725.

Robert W. Elliott, FS
151 Springdale Drive, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

District Deputy Report

First I would like to express my condolences to GK Gene Johann and his family on the
passing of his mother.
Thank you to all who came down for the Marion Hour of Prayer. We gathered to pray for persecuted
Christians. Christians that die for their faith. We must pray for them daily and thank God for our freedoms that we have and
so many take for granted.
We went on the annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Island Shrine on May 19th. It was a beautiful day for mass on the
Rock. Thank you to all my Brothers that came down.
Congratulations and welcome to the Knights of Columbus to 6 Brothers that made their 1st Degree on May 21st.
Thank you for being a Knight and God Bless,

Page 4
Chapter Chairman Bob Elliott, Prayer Hour
Fr. Henry leads us in the Marian Prayer Hour
Chairman Bill Murphy and Fr. Henry with the
Marion Prayer Hour Icon

Grand Knight John Terlecki presents a Members of Patchogue Council and their wives
gift to Fr. Roy at Our Lady of the Island at the NYS Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Island
on the May 19th NYS Pilgrimage. Shrine on May 19th.

The NYS Convection was

held on May 2nd, 3rd &
4th at the Villa Roma
Resort in Callicoon N.Y.
Patchogue Council was
represented by our DD
& PGK Bill Fontaine &
PGK, FDD Mike Boehm,
both seen here
accepting the Award for
Second Most C & B sales
in the State from our SD
Ken Latham. The big News out of the weekend is that we have a new SD Elect, Brother Walter "Wally" Wych,
pictured above, and our New State Advocate is our own Brother from Suffolk County Norm Wagner.

Page 5
On Monday May 27th, our Council Marched
in the Annual Patchogue Memorial Day
Parade. Thanks to all the Brothers who
came out and marched with us, and to the
Brothers who put together our Council
Float, and to Brother Lou Minardi for the
loan of the trailer and truck. Following the

Parade, we gathered near the American Legion Hall and cooked

and handed out hot dogs and cold drinks to the Community.
Special thanks to Phil Graniello , Paul Chalupa, Joe Brandi and Bill
Wallace among others for all their hard work, and to Anna
Graniello for helping to sell Charity Drive Books!

We will be meeting at the Council Hall on

Tuesday evening July 2nd at 6:30 pm to build
our Fourth of July Float. Bring
your staple guns and ideas!!

The Annual Patchogue Fourth of

July Parade will be Thursday,
July Fourth at 10:30 am.
Our Council will be marching, as
always, with our Float. All
Council Members and
Columbiette Members are
encouraged to join us.

We will meet near the corner of

West Main Street and West Ave. (near the Court House) at 10 am.

The Parade moves East on Main St. towards Rt. 112. We hope to see you there!!

Page 6
Congratulations to D.G.K. Joe Sheldrick and his daughter
Sarah on her Graduation from the University of Albany!
From singing in the Church Choir to helping out around
the Council, Sarah has always shown herself to be a
lovely young lady and a person of great character.

Good luck to you in the future Sarah, the world is

at your fingertips!!

Congratulations to our Brother Knight George Congratulations to Brother Knight Mike Moloney
DeLucia on Graduating from Stony Brook and his wife Gina as their son Michael Moloney is
University on May 24th 2019. now a Cortland graduate! From the little boy
Congratulations also to the Proud Mother and graduating from kindergarten to high school to the
Father Marie and James! You did a great Job!! college graduate ready to face the future and make a
The world is yours Geo, go get it!! difference! Good Luck Mike!!

All Articles for the July Patchogian

must be submitted by
June 20th

Order Now!!
If you are in need of Council Apparel, now is a good time to order them. See
Brother Knight Keith Mandart or call him at 516-480-2076 for tee-shirts, polo
shirts and hats!! We have jackets available too. Order them now for Marching
in the Parades and Council Events!!

Page 7

INVALUABLE TO the Christian life is a warm and loving devotion to Mary, the
Mother of God. I was blessed to grow up in a home where the rosary was
prayed daily, even on the busiest and most difficult days. There was always a
statue of the Blessed Mother in our home and other reminders of Mary’s love
for us, her children. At school, May processions culminated in the crowning of a
statue as we all sang to Our Lady.
In time, I got into the habit of praying a daily rosary, and as I meditated on the
life of Jesus through the eyes of Mary, my vocation came into sharper focus. In
my final years at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Md., I often went to
the beautiful grotto up the mountain, a national shrine dedicated to Our Lady of
Lourdes. In the quiet of that grotto, my love for Mary deepened as I prepared to
serve the Church as a priest.
But it was not until I visited Lourdes, France, for the first time in the 1980s, that I
Our Supreme Chaplin Bishop Lori
was overwhelmed with the healing power of the Blessed Mother’s intercession.
In that holy place, where Mary revealed herself to St. Bernadette as the Immaculate Conception, I experienced a
wonderful healing, cleansing and renewal of body, mind and spirit. Over the years, I have returned to Lourdes
many times, often with pilgrims, many of whom suffer from serious illnesses. I visit with them before they go in-
to the baths and, when feasible, pray with them after they emerge. The purifying love and powerful intercession
of Mary is palpable in those encounters.
My love for the Blessed Mother likewise intensified when I visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico
City for the first time in 1990 and looked upon her miraculous image. The experience filled me with joy and
opened my eyes to Mary’s role in the evangelization of the world.
Inspired by these experiences, Marian devotion has become an essential part of my life. Like every good Knight
of Columbus, I carry a rosary in my pocket. My father’s own K of C rosary also remains in the little chapel in my
residence. When the house is quiet at night, I often slip into the chapel and pray with my dad’s rosary. As I do so,
I think about all the people I met during the day and the many people who asked me to pray for them. As the day
comes to a close, nothing is more consoling than to spend a little time in conversation with Mary.
I also look upon a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother that I received from Cardinal James Hickey, my mentor
and friend, when I became a bishop many years ago. When I look upon that image, I never fail to pray for the
cardinal, whose example and memory continue to influence my life so deeply.
During the month of May, we honor Mary in a special way, and on June 10, the Monday after Pentecost, we will
celebrate her as the Mother of the Church. Her virginity symbolizes the truth and purity of the Church’s teaching
and the sacrifice that the Church daily offers. Her motherhood symbolizes the maternal care that the Church
gives to us, her children, reborn by water and the Holy Spirit. This love reaches us through many channels, not
the least of which are the Church’s ministries of healing and charity. And when members of the Knights of Co-
lumbus live the principle of charity, we help extend the loving care of the Church to the poor and the vulnerable.
These days, though, it is the Church — sinful in her members — that needs healing. Sins against young people
and the failure of Church leaders to respond continue to haunt and hobble the Body of Christ. Many practical
steps still need to be taken to ensure that bishops and other leaders are held accountable for their actions. But
those steps alone, important as they are, won’t fully heal the Church’s wounds. For that, we must turn our gaze
toward Mary, asking her prayers that the Church might be purified, cleansed, healed and renewed.

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June 16th

March for Life NY

Mon., June 3- Albany, NY

11:00 AM - Opening Prayer at

Children’s Memorial
Empire State Plaza
11:30 AM -March to the State
Capitol Bldg.
12:30 PM - Rally NYS Capitol Bldg.
For more info contact
Pastor Joni

March for Life NY Bus

Mon., June 3
The LICL will sponsor a bus to Albany. Pick up as follows:
4:45 AM - St. Joseph's in Ronkonkoma
5:30 AM - LIE Exit 49 Park & Ride
6:00 AM - New Hyde Park (Notre Dame Church)
6:15 AM - Union Tpke. & 216th St. Bayside
(American Martyrs)
The bus will leave Albany at 2:00 PM with arrival home expected between 5-6:00 PM. A free-will donation will
be accepted to help defray the cost. To reserve a seat call 631-243-1435

Our WEBSITE has been undergoing some MAJOR CONSTRUCTION.

Take a few minutes to check it out at
Our new Webmaster Kevin Drawbridge has been working hard to update
and improve the website.

Use it to print the newsletter, get forms, and all kinds of cool stuff.
Let him know how you like it and make some suggestions on what you
would like to see on the website going forward.

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Congratulations to Patchogue 725’s own Joe Brandi (PMHS
Class of 1966) on being selected for the Patchogue Medford
Hall of Fame! Joe was a multi-sport athlete at PMHS who
went on to become a highly accomplished high school
teacher and coach, and a prolific community volunteer and
leader in his lifelong hometown of Patchogue. Brandi not only
captained and earned MVP honors on many of his PMHS
teams in football, soccer, basketball and baseball; he was also an extremely
popular and excellent student and active leader. Over a span of 33 years, he
accomplished unprecedented successes for many of that district’s teams. His freshman boys’ soccer teams
achieved a spectacular 20-year run of 13 undefeated seasons and six with only a single loss. In 1976 he
started the first girls’ track and field team and went on to win 15 league or conference championships. In
1992 he took over a boys’ varsity soccer team that had won only a single championship since 1967 and in his
first year led the team to the county playoffs. Within two years the team developed into one of the top
squads in Suffolk, wining several league championships. During the many years that Brandi worked in the
Connetquot schools he also served the Patchogue-Medford community in many ways. We all know about
Joe’s hard work and dedication to our Council and all his hard work as President of the Monseigneur Corp.
Again, congratulations Joe, you deserve it!!

Council Elections will be held at the First Business Meeting in June. Any Third Degree Member in Good Standing is
Eligible to run from the floor if he so desires.

The Nomination Committee Recommends these Third Degree Members for The following Office:

Kevin Hanley—Outside Guard

Dan Mones—Inside Guard
Joe Fontana—Recording Secretary
Bill Gonzalez—Treasurer
Richard Costa —Warden
Kevin Drawbridge —Chancellor
James Kaan —Deputy Grand Knight
Mike Boehm PGK —Grand Knight
Vincent Lettieri PGK —Advocate
John Terlecki PGK —Three Year Trustee
Pat Molluso – One Year Trustee
Delegates to the State – GK Elect Bob Elliott GK Alternate
PGK Delegate Bill Fontaine PGK Alternate Vincent Lettieri
Delegates to the Chapter – The Four Elected Chair Officers, Bob Elliott and Bill Fontaine

Recommended by the Nominating Committee:

Robert Elliott / William Fontaine/ Frank Cooper/ John Praino /John Orlando /Harry Sweeny

We have an opening of the position of One Year Trustee for the remaining Columbian Year. This election will take place at the May Business
Meeting. Pat Molluso has been asked to take this spot and has agreed, however any Third Degree Member can run from the floor.

The Monseigneur Corporation Election will be held on Monday June 17th

Corporation Nominees for Office for the Term 2019-2020 are as Follows:

President - Joe Brandi

Vice President - Vincent Lettieri PGK
Recording Secretary – Bill Gonzalez
Treasurer - Frank Cooper PGK

Members at Large:
Rich Basak
Frank Bosco
Bob Elliott PGK
Phil Graniello
Duane Shpak
Pat Molluso
Paul Chalupa

Again any Third Degree Member in Good Standing may run from the Floor.

Page 10
Upcoming Events

Page 11

My Dear Sister Columbiettes and Brother Knights,

Our final meeting of the 2018-2019 Columbiette Season is June 19. I would like to thank everyone for their support of my Officers and
myself. We will be installing our elected officers at this meeting and have a small end of season party. I hope to see you all there and
please bring a donation for the St. Liberata basket we will auction off in September. The slate of officers to be installed are:
President Elizabeth Weeks
Vice President Marsha Laakmann
Past President Geraldine Restifo
Secretary Maria Arcuri
Treasurer Anne Boyce
Financial Secretary Elaine Addie
Sentinel Marie Goehringer
Our delegates to State are Elizabeth Weeks and Geraldine Restifo.
Alternate State Delegates are Elaine Addie and Ronny Pliszak.
Delegates to Chapter are Elizabeth Weeks, Geraldine Restifo, Elaine Addie and Ronny Pliszak.
Alternates to Chapter are Grace McGloine and Arlene Russo.
Please keep our sister Columbiettes and Brother Knights who are ill or going through difficult times in your prayers especially, Elaine Addie, Terry Bobe,
Michele McGill, Maryanne Friend, Grace Bessieres and Grace McGloine.

Happy Birthday to the June babies.

May the peace of our Lord be with you always,
Betty Weeks, President

Nettie Knitters
We are still here!!!!!! We meet on Tuesday‘s at 1pm. Why not come on down and see if you would be
interested. See ya there, The Netties

Knights of Columbus Senior Club

Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the K of C Hall.
1 pm to 3 pm

WE RE BACK !!!!!!!
FIRST TRIP—Resorts World Catskill Casino (what else), June 18, 2019, Tuesday, $70.00. Money back and credit toward lunch. New Casino,
this will be our first time. Wouldn’t it be nice to break the bank.
July 9, 2019, Block Island, Lunch at National Hotel. Peaceful cruise to block island, Wednesday lunch and hot spots. $189.00. Perfect for a
day away.
September 18, 2019, Wednesday. Listen to The Capri’s in the new Entertainment arena. Bus, Credit for slots and Lunch with a plus,
listening to the Capri’s A blast from the past. $102.00.
Our Social Chairperson is back and will be working on plenty more trips and luncheons.
If interested Contact Ronny Pliszak, 631-289-5758
So for now we gave you a slight taste of the trips to come and we’re working on more.
God Bless
The Seniors of Patchogue Council, Chuck Gerlach (The Best president there is)

Chuck Gerlach, President,

VP, Pat Molluso——Treasurer, Theresa Baker——Secretary, Elaine Addie, (631) 475-5722
Communications Chairperson Dorothy Zeo, 475-8508——Entertainment Chairpersons, Ronny Pliszak 289-5758
and Elaine Addie 475-5722.

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