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Technical Datasheet


TERRAWET Primer G 9/733 inline -060

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Product description
Water-based primer for the later UV inline Wet-in-wet
coating. The primer must be fully covered with
UV varnish. It provides a high crackling tolerance
and has a very low draw back effect. Substrate
Coated board
Coated paper

Gloss Legislation assessment

In principal the product can be used as
Scuff resistance directed and with a complete dyring for
Crackling tolerance the coating of foodstuff packagings for
the indirect contact to the filling good.
Foaming tolerance For information about the food
legislation assessment about this
product (e. g. demands on the Nestlé
Two-sided coating “Guidance Note on Packaging Inks”
and the Swiss Ordinance (SR
Wet block resistance 817.023.21 - ordinance of the Swiss
UV varnishing Confederation on materials & articles
in contact with food)) we ask you to
contact our department for quality,
Material characteristics environment and product safety.
Viscosity: 60 sec. (20°C, DIN 4 mm T: +49 (0) 5132 5009-140
cup) mail to: QUM.ACTEGA.Terra

Special properties
Very low draw back effect
Proves in practice to be suitable as
adhesion promoter between substrate
and a later UV coating. Processing recommendations
In case of an insufficient drying of the
printing ink, a fault in form of a printing
Application (End Uses) ink film splitting cannot be excluded at
Folded boxes (Other non-food, Food the later refinement processes.
indirect, Dry foodstuff packagings,
Personal Care, Pharma) The coating is suitable for wrapping in
foils XS and MS (no acrylic coated
Publications (Dust jackets) foil).
Stir well before use!
Mechanical stirring is recommended.

Processes Using non-absorbent substrates and /

Sheet-fed offset, coating unit or slowly absorbent printing inks, we
Sheet-fed offset, double coating recommend to plan for
Industriestraße 12, 31275 Lehrte, Germany
Tel +49 51 32 50 09-0, Fax +49 51 32 50 09-1 45,

Technical Datasheet


TERRAWET Primer G 9/733 inline -060

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the corresponding drying times. viscosity. We recommend to check the

Resistance against alkali, alcohol and viscosity and adjust - if necessary -
solvents should be given according to with water.
DIN ISO 2836, formerly DIN 16524, in Shelf-life 12 months
order to exclude a change of colour. Avoid mixing with other coatings or
washing water.
Please use printing inks/foil inks Protect from frost, heat and sun
suitable for coating. exposure.
There must be a sufficient hardening Applies to closed original containers at
of the overall system substrate-printing 5°C up to 30°C.
ink-coating before further processing
which shoud be checked in the
Recommended pile temperature: not › Disclaimer
35°C We reserve the right to change
We recommend to apply the UV product characteristics due to
varnish as overlapping on the primer. technical progress, amendment of
applicable law and mandatory
For the further processing of the production-related needs.
sheets under mechanical load and/or If an application is intended to be
the influence of humidity, a sufficient made under different conditions than
high basic consistency of the substrate those specified in this sheet, we only
is required. assume liability after having examined
The UV varnish must be applied the respective different conditions.
overlapping on the primer. The primer
should not be uncoated on the surface This data sheet does not claim to be
and is not suitable for an UV spot complete.
coating. All information are technical quality
Recommended coating application: 4 - descriptions, advisory and due to the
6 g/m²/wet wide range of materials, production
The full profile of characteristics of the conditions, operations and processes
coating film is available after complete they do not release from own tests
drying. and examinations under customer-
We recommend to omit adhesive specific circumstances.
All information provided on this
product (in this sheet or elsewhere)
are made to the best of our
Cleaning instructions knowledge.
Please clean machines and tools
immediately with water. Dried coating
residues can be removed with
TERRAWET Clean Cleaning Agent G

Storage instructions
Storage may cause a change in