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Thought and Reality

Denoting and Refering Reference Names

They are
Any noun phrase Referring Constant Expressions which Description Casual
that identify Expressions Reference referent won't Theory Theory
some individual change across the
Object rage of utterances
Used to link expressions
and words or concepts
Type of category Non-referring Variable Expression can vary stipulate
but not a particular Expressions Reference according to context
but are divided into Indetify and Names are
Understand are inherted or
both independant borrowed
Referents Extensions on associating the
name with the
Representational right description
Referential Approach
an expression that Set of things that
was uttered in a can be the referent
particular context of an expression

Meaning Derives Meaning Derives

from Language from Language Being
Being Used in Reality a Reflection of our
Conceptual Structures
Two Ways of
Mental Representations

Linguistic Language of
Sense Concept
Relativity Thought

A noun is said Are lexicalized Means that

because it represents and have constant
something in utility
speakers' mind Although human being
Language conditions
speaks in different
are our conceptualization
languages, they have
of the world
the same cognitive
architecture and
Necessary and Children's Prototype Mental processes
Sufficient Concepts Theory

They tend to Is a model of

Nouns should have
Concepts seen as
a set of conditions
a structure

Underextend Overextend