(Letter from Anne Shirley, B.A., Principal of Summerside High School, to Gilbert Blythe, medical student at Redmond ollege, !ingsport."

"Windy Poplars, "Spook's Lane, "S'side, P. E. I., "Monday, September 12th. "DE !ES"# "Isn't that an address$ Did yo% e&er hear anythin' so deli(io%s) Windy Poplars is the name o* my ne+ home and I lo&e it. I also lo&e Spook's Lane, +hi(h has no le'al e,isten(e. It sho%ld be "rent Street b%t it is ne&er (alled "rent Street e,(ept on the rare o((asions +hen it is mentioned in the #ee$ly ourier . . . and then people look at ea(h other and say, 'Where on earth is that)' Spook's Lane it is . . . altho%'h *or +hat reason I (annot tell yo%. I ha&e already asked !ebe((a De+ abo%t it, b%t all she (an say is that it has al+ays been Spook's Lane and there +as some old yarn years a'o o* its bein' ha%nted. -%t she has ne&er seen anythin' +orse.lookin' than hersel* in it. "/o+e&er, I m%stn't 'et ahead o* my story. 0o% don't kno+ !ebe((a De+ yet. -%t yo% +ill, oh, yes, yo% +ill. I *oresee that !ebe((a De+ +ill *i'%re lar'ely in my *%t%re (orresponden(e. "It's d%sk, dearest. 1In passin', isn't 'd%sk' a lo&ely +ord) I like it better than t+ili'ht. It so%nds so &el&ety and shado+y and . . . and . . . dus$y." In dayli'ht I belon' to the +orld . . . in the ni'ht to sleep and eternity. -%t in the d%sk I'm *ree *rom both and belon' only to mysel* . . . and you. So I'm 'oin' to keep this ho%r sa(red to +ritin' to yo%. "ho%'h this +on't be a lo&e.letter. I ha&e a s(rat(hy pen and I (an't +rite lo&e.letters +ith a s(rat(hy pen . . . or a sharp pen . . . or a st%b pen. So yo%'ll only 'et that kind o* letter *rom me +hen I ha&e e,a(tly the ri'ht kind o* pen. Mean+hile, I'll tell yo% abo%t my ne+ domi(ile and its inhabitants. 2ilbert, they're s%(h dears. "I (ame %p yesterday to look *or a boardin'.ho%se. Mrs. !a(hel Lynde (ame +ith me, ostensibly to do some shoppin' b%t really, I kno+, to (hoose a boardin'.ho%se *or me. In spite o* my rts (o%rse and my -. ., Mrs. Lynde still thinks I am an ine,perien(ed yo%n' thin' +ho m%st be '%ided and dire(ted and o&erseen. "We (ame by train and oh, 2ilbert, I had the *%nniest ad&ent%re. 0o% kno+ I'&e al+ays been one to +hom ad&ent%res (ame %nso%'ht. I 3%st seem to attra(t them, as it +ere. "It happened 3%st as the train +as (omin' to a stop at the station. I 'ot %p and, stoopin' to pi(k %p Mrs. Lynde's s%it(ase 1she +as plannin' to spend S%nday +ith a *riend in S%mmerside4, I leaned my kn%(kles hea&ily on +hat I tho%'ht +as the shiny arm o* a seat. In a se(ond I re(ei&ed a &iolent (ra(k a(ross them that nearly made me ho+l. 2ilbert, +hat I had taken *or the arm o* a seat +as a man's bald head. /e +as 'larin' *ier(ely at me and had e&idently 3%st +aked %p. I apolo'i5ed ab3e(tly and 'ot o** the train as 6%i(kly as

possible. "he last I sa+ o* him he +as still 'larin'. Mrs. Lynde +as horri*ied and my kn%(kles are sore yet$ "I did not e,pe(t to ha&e m%(h tro%ble in *indin' a boardin'.ho%se, *or a (ertain Mrs. "om Prin'le has been boardin' the &ario%s prin(ipals o* the /i'h S(hool *or the last *i*teen years. -%t, *or some %nkno+n reason, she has 'ro+n s%ddenly tired o* 'bein' bothered' and +o%ldn't take me. Se&eral other desirable pla(es had some polite e,(%se. Se&eral other pla(es %eren&t desirable. We +andered abo%t the to+n the +hole a*ternoon and 'ot hot and tired and bl%e and heada(hy . . . at least ' did. I +as ready to 'i&e %p in despair . . . and then, Spook's Lane 3%st happened$ "We had dropped in to see Mrs. -raddo(k, an old (rony o* Mrs. Lynde's. nd Mrs. -raddo(k said she tho%'ht 'the +ido+s' mi'ht take me in. "'I'&e heard they +ant a boarder to pay !ebe((a De+'s +a'es. "hey (an't a**ord to keep !ebe((a any lon'er %nless a little e,tra money (omes in. nd i* !ebe((a 'oes, %ho is to milk that old red (o+)' "Mrs. -raddo(k *i,ed me +ith a stern eye as i* she tho%'ht ' o%'ht to milk the red (o+ b%t +o%ldn't belie&e me on oath i* I (laimed I (o%ld. "'What +ido+s are yo% talkin' abo%t)' demanded Mrs. Lynde. "'Why, %nt 7ate and %nt 8hatty,' said Mrs. -raddo(k, as i* e&erybody, e&en an i'norant -. ., o%'ht to kno+ that. ' %nt 7ate is Mrs. masa Ma(8omber 1she's the 8aptain's +ido+4 and %nt 8hatty is Mrs. Lin(oln Ma(Lean, 3%st a plain +ido+. -%t e&ery one (alls them "a%nt." "hey li&e at the end o* Spook's Lane.' "Spook's Lane$ "hat settled it. I kne+ I 3%st had to board +ith the +ido+s. "'Let's 'o and see them at on(e,' I implored Mrs. Lynde. It seemed to me i* +e lost a moment Spook's Lane +o%ld &anish ba(k into *airyland. "'0o% (an see them, b%t it'll be !ebe((a +ho'll really de(ide +hether they'll take yo% or not. !ebe((a De+ r%les the roost at Windy Poplars, I (an tell yo%." "Windy Poplars$ It (o%ldn't be tr%e . . . no it (o%ldn't. I m%st be dreamin'. nd Mrs. !a(hel Lynde +as a(t%ally sayin' it +as a *%nny name *or a pla(e. "'9h, 8aptain Ma(8omber (alled it that. It +as his ho%se, yo% kno+. /e planted all the poplars ro%nd it and +as mi'hty pro%d o* it, tho%'h he +as seldom home and ne&er stayed lon'. %nt 7ate %sed to say that +as in(on&enient, b%t +e ne&er 'ot it *i'%red o%t +hether she meant his stayin' s%(h a little time or his (omin' ba(k at all. Well, Miss Shirley, I hope yo%'ll 'et there. !ebe((a De+'s a 'ood (ook and a 'eni%s +ith (old potatoes. I* she takes a notion to yo% yo%'ll be in (lo&er. I* she doesn't . . . +ell, she +on't, that's all. I hear there's a ne+ banker in to+n lookin' *or a boardin'.ho%se and she may pre*er him. It's kind o* *%nny Mrs. "om Prin'le +o%ldn't take yo%. S%mmerside is *%ll o* Prin'les and hal* Prin'les. "hey're (alled ""he !oyal :amily" and yo%'ll ha&e to 'et on their 'ood side, Miss Shirley, or yo%'ll ne&er 'et alon' in S%mmerside /i'h. "hey'&e al+ays r%led the roost hereabo%ts . . . there's a street (alled a*ter old 8aptain braham Prin'le. "here's a re'%lar (lan o* them, b%t the t+o old ladies at Mapleh%rst boss the tribe. I did hear they +ere do+n on yo%.' "'Why sho%ld they be)' I e,(laimed. 'I'm a total stran'er to them.' "'Well, a third (o%sin o* theirs applied *or the Prin(ipalship and they all think he sho%ld ha&e 'ot it. When yo%r appli(ation +as a((epted the +hole kit and boodle o* them thre+

"hey'll be as smooth as (ream to yo% b%t they'll +ork a'ainst yo% e&ery time. yo% +on't mind eatin' +ith !ebe((a De+. I* it +as :riday %nt 8hatty +o%ldn't e&en (onsider takin' yo%. 9n one side there are no ho%ses at all and the land slopes do+n to the harbor. a lo+ stone +all di&idin' it *rom the street. "ry the side door. . "I *ell in lo&e +ith it at on(e.plore yo%r belon'in's +hen yo%'re o%t. She doesn't (ome to the table +hen there's (ompany . nd +hate&er yo% do. b%t she +on't tell on yo%. b%t she *ollo+ed %s do+n the +alk. . poor thin'. -raddo(k that I'd lo&e eatin' +ith !ebe((a De+ and dra''ed Mrs. She's a *ar. 'loomy mansion o* stone.o** (o%sin o* the 8aptain's. +ith aspen poplars 'ro+in' at inter&als alon' it. I must 'et ahead o* the banker.' "I promised I +o%ldn't praise the (at and +e a(t%ally 'ot a+ay.+indo+s.' "I ass%red the an. "'"his is the spot *or me . . She +as &ery pretty in her day. . didn't like hers.+indo+ on either side. +ill yo%) She isn't a ser(ant. people are like that.'ro+n street on the *ront and a real (o%ntry road. . I mean . bea%ti*%l +ith tree shado+s. Lynde looked as i* she didn't 6%ite tr%st * their heads and ho+led. nothin' more to be said o* it. &ery 'reen . I may des(ribe it to yo% as a +hite *rame ho%se .' "I ass%red Mrs. b%t i* yo% +ere boardin' there she +o%ldn't (onsider yo% (ompany.t one is a bi'. on the other side. 0o% see. 0o%'d think %nt 7ate +o%ld be the s%perstitio%s one. yo% kno+. . ri'ht on the (orner. 9n the other side there are only three. nd the third and last is Windy Poplars. "hey only %se it *or somethin' real important. . Well. Windy Poplars is like that. . b%t all this (an't (on&ey its (harm to yo%. In short.pot on the +indo+. . "hey keep the key %nder the *lo+er. "'7ate and 8hatty +on't e. +o%ldn't yo%) Sailors are kind o* like that. . . It's l%(ky this is Sat%rday. She's so sensiti&e. "Mrs. -raddo(k that %nt 8hatty's *eelin's +o%ld be sa(red to me. it is a ho%se +ith a deli'ht*%l personality and has somethin' o* the *la&or o* 2reen 2ables abo%t it. Lynde a+ay. b%t she thinks people hold it a'ainst her. nd I +o%ldn't 'o to the *ront door i* I +as yo%.' I said rapt%ro%sly. . Small +onder$ Lin(oln Ma(Lean +as an old (rank . !ebe((a De+ may. +ith the 'rass. b%t %nt 8hatty didn't . It is a &ery short side street. I don't think it's been opened sin(e masa's *%neral. . she hasn't )uite as m%(h money as %nt 7ate . &ery +hite . . I hope yo%'ll make 'ood 3%st to spite them. -%t it's %nt 8hatty .sill. o* (o%rse. so i* nobody's home 3%st %nlo(k the door and 'o in and +ait. I* the +ido+s take yo%. "Mrs.drop *or it. "he *irst one is 3%st a ho%se . and a bi' 'arden at the ba(k +here *lo+ers and &e'etables are deli'ht*%lly 3%mbled %p to'ether . . . poor thin'. I mean. . . We ha&e to take them as +e *ind them. I'm not +antin' to dis(o%ra'e yo% b%t *ore+arned is *orearmed. it's been *oreordained.trimmed red bri(k. be(a%se !ebe((a De+ doesn't like him. an iron railin' aro%nd the *lat top and so many spr%(es and *irs (ro+din' abo%t it that yo% (an hardly see the ho%se. +ill yo%) /er *eelin's are so easily h%rt. -raddo(k *ollo+ed %s to the door. she kno+s her pla(e then . . "' nd don't h%rt %nt 8hatty's *eelin's. . "hey're &ery (ons(ientio%s. . . . don't praise the (at. . .io%s Mrs. imposin'. Erelon' +e *o%nd o%rsel&es in Spook's Lane. her o+n h%sband. and *ar a+ay a bl%e hill makes a bea%ti*%l ba(k. . tho%'h %nt 7ate hasn't any too m%(h either. 0o% kno+ there are ho%ses +hi(h impress themsel&es %pon yo% at *irst si'ht *or some reason yo% (an hardly de*ine. leadin' o%t to open (o%ntry. It m%st be *ri'ht*%lly dark inside. +ith a mansard roo* +arty +ith dormer. . "he ne. . nd then %nt 7ate liked her h%sband real +ell . . yo% kno+. . altho%'h her h%sband +as a (arpenter. +ith a 'to+er' in the (orner and a dormer. +ith 'reen sh%tters . .

. *riendly atmosphere abo%t it that I liked.and. 9ne mos6%ito (an keep me 'a+aker' than a bad (ons(ien(e. ""he side door +as open so it +as e&ident somebody +as at home and +e didn't ha&e to look %nder the *lo+er. "!ebe((a De+ is 'aro%nd *orty' and i* a tomato had bla(k hair ra(in' a+ay *rom its *orehead. a bit (l%ttered %p +ith antima(assars b%t +ith a 6%iet. it +o%ld look e. . 9h. Lynde 'reatly. "<%st as +e entered the 'ate o* the 'arden o* Windy Poplars I noti(ed a little (l%mp o* (lo&er ri'ht by the path. as i* there +ere at least a do5en Mrs. +ere three *o%r. We kne+ it +as !ebe((a De+ be(a%se it (o%ldn't ha&e been any one else in the +hole +ide +orld. aptain Ma(8omber)' she said reb%kin'ly. "here +as a *%ll. arms and le's and ne(k and nose . a tiny nose +ith a knobby end and a slit o* a mo%th. E&ery bit o* *%rnit%re had its o+n parti(%lar pla(e +hi(h it had o((%pied *or years. nd +e +ere *orth+ith %shered into the parlor and le*t there. b%t she tho%'ht it 'a&e the room 'a na%ti(al air.pot. /o+ that *%rnit%re shone$ =o bo%'ht polish e&er prod%(ed that mirror. %nt 7ate +as tall and thin and 'ray. "'I hope yo% +on't be pestered +ith mos6%itoes. E&erythin' abo%t her is a little too short . 2ilbert) "here. do%ble.' 9* (o%rse they +eren't all in bloom at this season. It +as really only hal* a door.t a bri(k +all all o&er'ro+n +ith . She (o%ldn't ima'ine ho+ it e&er 'ot into the bottle . *lat sandstones s%nk at inter&als in the ''inia (reeper. +ell. "I +as 'lad +e didn't ha&e to 'o in by the *ront door. "here +as a rose plot in a *ar (orner and bet+een Windy Poplars and the 'loomy ho%se ne. Some imp%lse led me to stoop do+n and look at it. +as m%(h more *riendly and in&itin'. Lynde looked b%t all she said +as.' "Mrs. nd I *elt s%re the banker hadn't an earthly (han(e.' "'"he +ido+s' (ame in. "'0es. &ine ran ri'ht a(ross it. . *lo+ered 'lass. *or its top hal* is merely an open oblon' thro%'h +hi(h +e (o%ld (at(h a 'limpse o* a 3%n'ly 'arden on the other side. "'0o% mean Mrs. I detest mos6%itoes. "'I don't mind that. little t+inklin' bla(k eyes. +ith an ar(hed trellis abo&e a *aded 'reen door in the middle o* it.' she said d%bio%sly.ri''ed ship in a bottle on the mantelpie(e +hi(h interested Mrs. so it +as plain it hadn't been opened *or some time.lilies and s+eet. "he path +as ed'ed by &ery prim.William and so%thern+ood and bride's bo%6%et and red. .lea*ed (lo&ers$ "alk abo%t omens$ E&en the Prin'les (an't (ontend a'ainst that.+ood a**air. look at that lo&ely bir(h and maple 'ro&e a(ross the road. It +ill be 'ood e. b%t yo% (o%ld see they had bloomed at the proper time and done it +ell.' I said meekly. +hi(h +e rea(hed by a darlin' path o* thin. a bi'. Lynde (alls 'pinies. 'rained.a(tly like her. It +as rather a ni(e little room. nd she (o%ldn't ha&e had any other name."'It'll be a lon' +alk to s(hool.' "I hoped so.+hite daisies and +hat Mrs. . I liked them at on(e. It looked so *orbiddin' . "-%t +e didn't see her smile 3%st then. It is lon' eno%'h to rea(h *rom ear to ear. *lanked by panels o* red. .like 'loss.ordered beds o* ribbon 'rass and bleedin'.er(ise. Ma(8ombers in the ho%se. . Wo%ld yo% belie&e it. "he little 'reen side door. ri'ht be*ore my eyes. Ma(8omber.heart and ti'er. . We kno(ked and !ebe((a De+ (ame to the door.lea&ed. She looked &ery 'rim +hen I asked i* I (o%ld see Mrs. and a . I kne+ it +as !ebe((a De+'s elbo+ 'rease. too. It doesn't seem to belon' to the ho%se at all. e&erythin' b%t her smile.

so*t and bi' and bro+n. It +as rather small .(ept her eyes.' said %nt 8hatty. I kne+ the +hole thin' +as settled b%t %nt 8hatty said I m%st 'o %p and see i* I +as s%ited +ith my room. b%t.' said %nt 7ate.little a%stere . . -raddo(k's +arnin'. b%rn %s in o%r beds. ""here +as a dear little (orner (%pboard +ith shel&es trimmed +ith +hite s(alloped paper and bo%6%ets painted on its door.a(tly# and %nt 8hatty +as short and thin and 'ray. . I am a*raid. I* yo% m%st take a boarder. . . "'It +o%ld be too m%(h tro%ble *or yo%. "hey (all her !ebe((a +hen they speak to her. "'We +ill 'i&e yo% the to+er room. tho%'h the +ido+s do it.' persisted %nt 8hatty. I don't think +e (an take her. 'irl +o%ld be better than a boy any time. the &ery name. . -%t o* (o%rse it's yo%r ho%se. It had t+o +indo+s. . it is so hi'h that I ha&e to (limb into it by a *%nny little mo&able set o* steps +hi(h in daytime are sto+ed a+ay %nder it. "'We are rather old to ha&e yo%n' people (omin' and 'oin'. "'!ebe((a. "here +as a ro%nd bl%e (%shion on the +indo+. as /omer +as so *ond o* remarkin'. .pipe hole *or a sto&e in +inter and a m%(h ni(er &ie+. a bi' *l%**y Maltese. a dormer one lookin' +est and a 'able one lookin' north.landin'. . nd. b%t not nearly as small as that dread*%l hall bedroom I had my *irst year at !edmond. . We as(ended to it by a little *li'ht o* (orner steps leadin' %p *rom the stair. . It's not 6%ite as lar'e as the spare room.' It pro&ed to be the dearest pla(e. . I i'nored him. I *elt as i* +e +ere li&in' in that old son' +e %sed to sin' in &onlea S(hool abo%t the maiden +ho 'd+elt in a hi'h to+er beside a 'ray sea. +ho. 'Miss Shirley +ishes to board here.' "'Why not)' said !ebe((a De+. It seems 8aptain Ma(8omber bo%'ht the +hole (ontraption in some '*orei'n' pla(e and bro%'ht it home.' "She said and &anished . . rememberin' Mrs. I sho%ld ha&e liked to stroke him. It's impossible . and in the (orner *ormed by the to+er another three.sided +indo+ +ith (asements openin' o%t+ard and shel&es %nderneath *or my books. my ad&i(e +o%ld be to take her. . 0o% can&t separate those names. I don't kno+ ho+ they mana'e it. . 0o% (an see the old 'ra&eyard *rom it. 2ilbert.' thrilled me. . Marilla's type e. . "'I'm +ell %sed to tro%ble. "'>ndo%btedly. "he (at (ame in +ith her . "he *loor +as (o&ered +ith ro%nd. She may ha&e been &ery pretty on(e b%t nothin' is no+ le*t o* her bea%ty e.' said !ebe((a De+.*i&e and I still ha&e the %se o* my *a(%lties.' "I kne+ I +o%ld lo&e the room . "!ebe((a 'a5ed at me +itho%t the 'limmer o* a smile.' retorted !ebe((a De+. 'I'm only *orty. . . +ith a +hite breast and a +hite ( . . nd ' think it +o%ld be ni(e to ha&e a yo%n' person sleepin' in the ho%se. the bi' bed had a (anopy top and a '+ild. He&d be smokin' day and ni'ht .'oose' 6%ilt and looked so per*e(tly smooth and le&el that it seemed a shame to spoil it by sleepin' in it. 2ilbert. dear. "'Speak *or yo%rsel*. b%t it has a sto&e.' said %nt 7ate.plained my errand and the +ido+s looked at ea(h other.' said %nt 8hatty. "!ebe((a De+ +as a((ordin'ly s%mmoned *rom the kit(hen. "'We m%st (ons%lt !ebe((a De+. braided r%'s. does not +aste +ords. I ha&e dis(o&ered. and a little +ist*%l. "I e. *hey are lo&ely . 'to+er room.

-%t I kno+ I'll like it here. . ""he +hole pla(e +as en'oldened by the li'ht that (ame thro%'h the (orn. . as i* ea(h and e&ery +ind had a messa'e *or me. that's +hat. "hey'll +ail and si'h and (roon aro%nd my to+er . 0o% kno+ I'&e al+ays been a tree +orshiper. It had a little brass. the (rimson +inds o* a%t%mn . misty shores. "'I e. Some &alleys are lo&able . and a *e+ *%nny ad&ent%res to brin' la%'hter in o%r old a'e. .handled dra+er *%ll o* to+els and on a shel* o&er it a +hite (hina lady sat. . . :rom my +est +indo+ I (an see all o&er the harbor to distant. I +onder +here it is . yo% (an't tell +hy. . . . the 'reen +inds o* sprin' .' "I (ame %p today. I'm namin' it Storm 7in' . nne. Shall I lo&e it best by moonli'ht or da+n) "hat home o* the *%t%re +here +e +ill ha&e lo&e and *riendship and +ork . and !ebe((a De+ +ill ne&er kno+ +hy my bed +asn't slept in that ni'ht. Someho+. nd it likes me. it seemed s%(h a happy room. . nd there +as a s+eet +ashstand +ith t+o shel&es . . this pla(e +here I am to li&e *or at least a year. "I hope +hen +e *ind o%r 'ho%se o* dreams. "I (an be so alone %p here +hen I +ant to be. "-eyond the 'ro&e and the 'ra&eyard is a lo&able &alley +ith the 'lossy red ribbon o* a road +indin' thro%'h it and +hite ho%ses dotted alon' it. . and the +ild +inds o* all seasons . . . I *elt as i* I +ere the ri(hest 'irl in the +orld. 'stormy +ind *%l*illin' his +ord. mo%rnin' her ra&ished pines.(olored (%rtains and there +as the rarest tapestry on the +hite+ashed +alls +here the shado+ patterns o* the aspens o%tside *ell . the r%lin' passion.e'' bl%e and the %nder one *or a soap dish and hot +ater pit( I'll *ind some thin's a bit (rampin' a*ter the *reedom o* Patty's Pla(e. 2ilbert. 9ld a'e$ 8an %e e&er be old. . ba' and ba''a'e. 0o% kno+ it's lo&ely to be alone on(e in a +hile. When +e st%died "ennyson in o%r En'lish (o%rse at !edmond I +as al+ays sorro+*%lly at one +ith poor Enone. ":rom the le*t +indo+ in the to+er I (an see the roo*s o* the to+n . . :or the ilk o* Pye are *o%nd e&ery+here.' /o+ I'&e al+ays thrilled to that -ible &erse . 2ilbert) It seems impossible. . +hi(h is s%rro%nded by a ro+ o* dark *ir trees and rea(hed by a +indin'. .boats I lo&e and the ships o%t+ard bo%nd '*or ports %nkno+n' . I al+ays kno+ +hether a ho%se likes me or not. I'&e al+ays en&ied the boy +ho *le+ +ith the north +ind in that lo&ely old story o* 2eor'e Ma(Donald's. that %nkno+n ho%se. . that there +ill be +inds aro%nd it. . . e&en the old 'ra&eyard. makin' it look like a *at bl%e do%'hn%t. ':reedom$ Don't talk like a 0ankee.' said Mrs. . +ith the dear little sail. Some ni'ht.' dearest. . the min%te a &a(ation (omes I'm part o* it a'ain as i* I had ne&er been a+ay. .' I said. et(. . the +hite +inds o* +inter . . li&in' tapestry. . . "he +inds +ill be my *riends. nd beyond it a'ain is my bl%e hill. nd perhaps my enemies. *as(inatin' phrase$ S%(h 's(ope *or ima'ination' in it$ :rom the north +indo+ I (an see into the 'ro&e o* bir(h and maple a(ross the road. People are li&in' in those ho%ses +ho +ill be my *riends. tho%'h I don't kno+ them yet. and my heart is torn o&er lea&in' it.a (%shion +ith a b%tton deep in the (enter. al+ays (han'in' and 6%i&erin'. =o matter ho+ o*ten and lon' I'm a+ay *rom it. 3%st to tease her. . . I'll open my to+er (asement and 3%st step into the arms o* the +ind . Lynde sni**ed. ""he &ie+s *rom my +indo+s are lo&ely . dyke. the top one 3%st bi' eno%'h *or a basin and 3%' o* robin's. "':reedom$' Mrs. "'0o%'ll be sa*e there. . as +e +ent a+ay. . the bl%e +inds o* s%mmer . . Lynde. . 9* (o%rse I hated to lea&e 2reen 2ables. . .bordered lane. <%st to look at them 'i&es yo% pleas%re. +ith pink shoes and 'ilt sash and a red (hina rose in her 'olden (hina hair.

tryin' my hardest to lea&e o** the De+ b%t not s%((eedin'. "Mrs. not burst into tears. 'and she hates D%sty espe(ially. 0o%'d better not do it any more. 8harlotte. "'!ebe((a De+ has al+ays hated (ats.(at +ith 'olden eyes. b%t I ain't been (alled Miss De+ *or so lon' it 'a&e me 6%ite a t%rn. (lean his hairs o** the parlor arm. -raddo(k +as 6%ite ri'ht in sayin' %nt 8hatty +as sensiti&e. "he tears +elled %p in her bi' bro+n eyes and brimmed o&er. 'ho+ +e mana'e !ebe((a De+. I . +ith its poor little bones almost sti(kin' thro%'h its skin. "'What's the matter no+. She 3%st o&er*lo+ed. De+. . it +as only my +hene&er he has sneaked in and h%nt him %p i* he is o%t late at ni'ht. dear. 'Isn't that yo%r name)' "'Well. "I'&e been here only *or hal* a day. -%t she ne&er had to do it a'ain. b%t !ebe((a De+ has ne&er really *or'i&en %s. . ""he (at is a lo&ely bi' "ommy.(hair seat +ith an old tooth.' %nt 8hatty looked (a%tio%sly aro%nd at the door bet+een the dinin'. "hat is entirely too e.%nder all kinds o* names.time. !ebe((a De+ (an take a hint. 8ampbell's do' . We sho%ld ha&e re*%sed to take it in. be(a%se that is his name. . I hope yo%'ll like %s all. %nts 7ate and 8hatty (all him D%sty Miller. on(e. . I dis(o&ered that at s%pper. . I'm so 'lad +e ha&e yo%.' I said. I pray hea&en there are no mathemati(al 'eni%ses amon' the Prin'les. I don't kno+ i* yo%'&e noti(ed . "'I be' yo%r pardon. %nt 7ate had said somethin' abo%t '8hatty's si. Miss Shirley. bro%'ht him here t+o years a'o in his mo%th. 9ld Mrs. I s%ppose he tho%'ht it +as no %se to take him to Mrs. .*i*th birthday. an ele'ant (oat o* d%sty Maltese and irreproa(hable linen. "'It . .plosi&e a term *or her per*orman(e.' "'I'll remember. and I %nderstand the Prin'les are to be re(koned +ith. . I *eel s%re yo%'ll be a &ery ni(e person to (ook *or. "'We didn't +ant to take the banker .' %nt 8hatty tells me. "'Miss What)' 6%oth she. . S%(h a poor miserable little kitten. . S%mmerside and !ebe((a De+ may think she r%les the roost b%t the +ido+s kno+ di**erently. . -%t +e pretended +e did and !ebe((a De+ simply +o%ldn't hear o* it. !ebe((a De+ has some &ery *ine 6%alities. all +et and (old. and it +as bea%ti*%l to behold. . S(hool be'ins tomorro+. no. I shall ha&e to tea(h 'eometry$ S%rely that (an't be any +orse than learnin' birthday. We +ere not diplomati( that time. . b%t I *eel as i* I had kno+n the +ido+s and !ebe((a De+ all my li*e. . So 7ate and I adopted it. 8ampbell. .' "I had noti(ed it . . . . e**ortlessly and silently. I (alled !ebe((a De+ 'Miss De+' . .' said %nt and kit(hen .ty. "'De+. and all +as s%nshine a'ain. "hey'&e asked me to (all them 'a%nt' already and I'&e asked them to (all me nne. heart o* stone (o%ldn't ha&e re*%sed it shelter. . . a yo%n' man +o%ld ha&e been so %nsettlin' and +e +o%ld ha&e had to +orry so m%(h i* he didn't 'o to (h%r(h re'%larly. . it is. me not bein' %sed to it. and !ebe((a De+ (alls him "hat 8at be(a%se she resents him and resents the *a(t that she has to 'i&e him a s6%are in(h o* li&er e&ery mornin' and e&enin'. "!ebe((a De+" . . 8hatty)' asked %nt 7ate rather do%rly. She +as not so tidy +hen she (ame *i*teen years a'o as she is no+. ri'ht a(ross the parlor mirror to sho+ the d%st. .' I said meekly. 9n(e 7ate had to +rite her name . . she kept a do' then . !ebe((a . .' said %nt 7ate .' /appenin' to 'lan(e at %nt 8hatty I sa+ that she had .

b%t I'&e ne&er been o** P. I'&e al+ays lo&ed the ni'ht and I'll like lyin' a+ake and thinkin' o&er e&erythin' in li*e. "Do yo% kno+ +here I 'o to read yo%r letters) (ross the road into the 'ro&e. -%t I +anted to tell yo% e&erythin'. She +as a*raid she mi'ht r%n into him in her ni'ht'o+n.t door ." "September 2?th. "I don't e. ":ondestly yo%rs. . dearest. I'&e o*ten +ondered +hy thin's sho%ld be arran'ed so . . ""hey keep a (o+ +hi(h is past%red at Mr. . me lo&in' to talk and +ith nothin' to talk abo%t and 7ate +ith e&erythin' and hatin' to talk. I +on't in*li(t s%(h a lon' one on yo% a''ht. she didn't say all this +itho%t a break. she +as all o&er the +orld +ith masa Ma(8omber in her yo%n' days. . I think that is +hy she didn't +ant the banker. *or *ar %p the harbor the moon is 'sinkin' into shado+. "here is a little dell there +here the s%n dapples the *erns. Lynde +ill ha&e both ears open. 2ood. Espe(ially to come. b%t they +ere o* no importan(e. ""his is a mer(iless letter.' It is *or 'little Eli5abeth. I +ish I had the s%b3e(ts *or (on&ersation she has. -%t I s%ppose Pro&iden(e kno+s best. I hope yo% +on't mind 7ate not talkin' m%(h. "here is any amo%nt o* (ream and e&ery mornin' and e&enin' I %nderstand !ebe((a De+ passes a 'lass o* ne+ milk thro%'h the openin' in the +all 'ate to Mrs. 9ne (an al+ays +ork o%t little problems like that. so that yo% (o%ld pi(t%re my ne+ s%rro%ndin's *or yo%rsel*. . *rom one +ho is no+ and e&er +ill be. Mrs. . or +ho little Eli5abeth is. . present and to (ome. Don't be alarmed i* yo% hear !ebe((a pro+lin' a 'ood deal in the ni'ht. 8ampbell is the inhabitant and o+ner o* the *ortress ne. I ha&e yet to dis(o&er. She is al+ays hearin' noises and 'ettin' %p to in&esti'ate them. brook meanders thro%'h it@ there is a . .land. . . . 7ate does not appro&e o* ni'ht air b%t she kno+s boarders m%st ha&e pri&ile'es. and he and Dora +ill (ro+d aro%nd Marilla +hile she opens it and Mrs. don't yo% think) Where there is a +ill there is al+ays a +ay. She and I sleep to'ether and +e ha&e arran'ed it so that one ni'ht the +indo+ is sh%t *or her and the ne.tracts from (arious letters from the same to the same. I ne&er do sleep my *irst ni'ht in a stran'e bed and this is the &ery stran'est bed I'&e e&er seen. 9+ . -%t I +on't mind. +hi(h is (alled "he E&er'reens. past.' I m%st +rite a letter to Marilla yet.' +ho m%st ha&e it %nder do(tor's orders. It has (ome to an end to sleep toni'ht . . It's 3%st her +ay. Who the Woman is. . 2ilbert. nd she m%st ha&e so many thin's to talk o* . 0o% may ha&e the +indo+ open at ni'ht. dear.hope yo%'ll *ind yo%r room (om*ortable. <ames /amilton's %p the road and !ebe((a De+ 'oes there to milk her." 2 (+.' " ltho%'h %nt 8hatty is a talker all ri'ht. Island. . E.t it is open *or me.o**i(e. It +ill rea(h 2reen 2ables the day a*ter tomorro+ and Da&y +ill brin' it home *rom the post. 8ampbell's 'Woman. I inter3e(ted remarks at s%itable inter&als. .+$ "hat has made me homesi(k. + . " ==E S/I!LE0.

as. <en's (o%sin. She has brains. . a &ery dream o* dreams .'reen. . o* the s%mmer a*ternoon.a(tly ho+ I'm 'oin' to sol&e it in spite o* my l%(ky (lo&ers. . those +ho are Prin'les and those +ho aren't. . . . "My room is *%ll o* Prin'les and a 'ood many st%dents +ho bear another name ha&e Prin'le blood in them. . . . '0o% (antankero%s. +hom I *o%nd mysel* likin'. She does perpetrate some am%sin' ho+lers . -raddo(k says. . Last ni'ht I +as at <ames Prin'le's . +hen I ha&e a dream o* a (ertain kind . . . /e looks like a (olle'e pro*essor b%t is in reality st%pid and i'norant. . /a&e yo% e&er noti(ed ho+ many di**erent silen(es there are. <en. +oe is me$ "here is a (ertain spar$le in e&erythin' she says or does and she has a sense o* h%moro%s sit%ations +hi(h +o%ld be a bond o* kinship bet+een %s i* she hadn't started o%t by hatin' me. be(a%se it is the proper thin' to in&ite a ne+ tea(her to s%pper and the Prin'les are not 'oin' to omit the re6%ired 'est%res. the little +ret(h$ . . . ""he Prin'les are a kind o* (lan +ho keeps tabs on ea(h other and *i'ht a 'ood bit amon' themsel&es b%t stand sho%lder to sho%lder in re'ard to any o%tsider.leader o* them seems to be <en Prin'le. . (an +rite (ompositions that are *o%rth (o%sins to literat%re and is 6%ite brilliant in mathemati(s . "he S%mmerside /i'h had al+ays re6%ired a *irm hand . b%t so *ar I ha&en't been able to (at(h her o%t in it. nd as yet I don't see e.eyed bantlin' +ho looks as Bec$y Sharp m%st ha&e looked at *o%rteen. airiest o* the sisters and the (roonin' brook. "S(hool has been 'keepin'' *or t+o +eeks no+ and I'&e 'ot thin's pretty +ell or'ani5ed. s Mrs. an e. . -raddo(k +as ri'ht . in her parents' presen(e. +hen she said today in history (lass that the Indians tho%'ht 8hamplain and his men +ere 'ods or 'somethin' inh%man. I ha&e (ome to the (on(l%sion that there are 3%st t+o kinds o* people in S%mmerside . and apparently st%pid. 'a *a%lt +hi(h time +ill (%re all too soon. .' he said sorro+*%lly. is the bea%ty o* the s(hool . So I +as as smooth and (reamy as any Prin'le o* them all (o%ld ha&e been and (ontented mysel* +ith lookin' limpidly at him and sayin' inside o* mysel*. lready I ha&e been in&ited to t+o Prin'le homes *or s%pper . . . "he rin'. -%t Mrs. male pre*erred. . I belie&e she is deliberately or'ani5in' a s%btle (ampai'n o* ins%bordination and disrespe(t. (rimson. +as a model o* de(or%m. . . E&ery time she said 'Miss Shirley' she (ontri&ed to make it so%nd like an . . /e +as a*raid I +as a leetle too yo%n' . . I shall please my *an(y +ith the belie* that it (ame *rom my se(ret dell o* bir(hes and +as born o* some mysti( %nion bet+een the slenderest. . a 'reen. *ter this. o* the shore .t+isted mossy tree. "Myra Prin''ht' o* S%mmerside. a 'olden.' tappin' the table(loth +ith a *in'er the nail o* +hi(h +as not impe((able and o((asionally doin' dread*%l thin's to 'rammar. I didn't say anythin' be(a%se i* I had said anythin' I mi'ht ha&e said too m%(h. .perien(ed tea(her. /e talked a 'reat deal abo%t 'discipline. I lo&e to sit there and listen to the silen(e o* the 'ro&e. *or instan(e. I'm s%re i* I +ere totally blind and insensiti&e to heat and (old I (o%ld easily tell 3%st +here I +as by the 6%ality o* the silen(e abo%t me. -%t tho%'h her +ords +ere polite her tone +as insolent. and as slippery. o* the meado+s . pre3%di(ed old (reat%re$' "<en m%st ha&e 'ot her brains *rom her mother . too . s it is. . . . the *ather o* the a*oresaid <en. +ith +hi(h I am 'oin' to *ind it hard to (ope. o* the ni'ht . and the most deli'ht*%l ro+ o* yo%n' sister bir(hes. . . they are as smooth as (ream . . . .tr%nk on +hi(h I sit. I *ear it +ill be a lon' time be*ore <en and I (an la%'h together o&er anythin'. . . . . 2ilbert) "he silen(e o* the +oods . She has a kna(k o* makin' irresistibly (omi( *a(es and +hen I hear a smothered ripple o* la%'hter r%nnin' o&er the room behind my ba(k I kno+ per*e(tly +ell +hat has (a%sed it. .&eined dream .' "So(ially the Prin'les are +hat !ebe((a De+ (alls 'the e. ll di**erent be(a%se all the %ndertones that thread them are di**erent. the Prin'les are my problem.

Stephen thinks I made dam Prin'le's nose bleed in (lass today by reason o* +hi(h he had to 'o home. +hile yo%'re replyin'. ambitio%s. +e'll see. '=obody kno+s +hat I'&e 'one thro%'h on a((o%nt o* "hat 8at. . . be(a%se. . 0o% (an't reason +ith pre3%di(e. I am (ertain. and then i'nore me *ore&er a*ter+ards. Le+is llen is payin' *or his board by doin' house%or$ at his boardin'. stentorian tones that she really (an be heard all o&er the to+n on a still ni'ht sho%tin' *or 'P%ss . . "here sho%ldn't . "Mrs. miles in and si. i* I (an't +in the Prin'les I +on't ha&e m%(h (han(e o* helpin' anybody. !ebe((a says it is be(a%se he is ne&er allo+ed to stay o%t a*ter dark. b%t he is de(idedly a +eird (reat%re at ni'ht. too. "he battle is on b%t is not yet either +on or lost. "-%t I lo&e Windy Poplars.+orkin' ones +ho are really interested in 'ettin' an ed%(ation. nd e&ery time she looked at my hair I *elt that it +as 3%st plain (arroty red. . . -ell ne(er 'a&e her home +ork. "I liked the Morton Prin'les m%(h better . "!ebe((a De+ says that all the Prin'les +ill in&ite me to s%pper. +o%ld e&er admit it +as a%b%rn. . . It isn't pleasant to think that the *amilies o* hal* my p%pils hate me. . . e. o((asionally (o(kin' a 'olden eye o&er his sho%lder at me to see ho+ I'm takin' it. he is b%sy thinkin' o%t his ne. P>SS$' "he +ido+s +o%ld ha&e a (onniption i* D%sty Miller +asn't in +hen they +ent to bed. (om*ortable. polite. I (an't bear to ha&e people not likin' me. I *eel rather %nhappy o&er it all. . to'ether +ith a pa(k o* (ards *or solitaire and anythin' else she doesn't +ant %nt 7ate to see. It is the in-ustice that stin's me. Millie is a deli(ate (hild and m%st not be o&er+orked. I'm still 3%st as I %sed to be in my (hildhood . I'm (ertain <en Prin'le +o%ld noti(e it and a +hisper +ill 'o aro%nd the (lan abo%t it. She has a 'hidy. . . puss . Millie has too m%(h home +ork . e&en D%sty Miller likes me. ""he +ido+s are 'oin' to +ear +ell. . a ni(e. She has shared the se(ret +ith me. i* I try$ "I do not do%bt Mrs. . miles o%t e&ery day. Still. . +rote me a letter yesterday . nd *or no *a%lt o* my o+n. /e says somethin' to yo% and then. E&ery day I like them better. " part *rom the Prin'les I like my p%pils &ery m%(h. She hates to stand in the ba(k yard and (all him. %nt 7ate doesn't belie&e in readin' no&els.matter. She says the nei'hbors +ill all be la%'hin' at her. -ell %nderstood her so +ell$ Mrs. s they are the 'e. meditati&e animal .li'ht. hard. Mr. . I stron'ly s%spe(t. =o Prin'le. .(ept the old ladies at Mapleh%rst. . the Wido+ Prin'le .& !ebe((a has ass%red me.t remark. She is a sensiti&e (hild that m%st be understood.ins%lt. am I to mind the Prin'les) ""he tro%ble is . . . Stephen is s%re I +ill. . "here's pl%(k *or yo%$ I* I (an help a 'irl like that. nobody. . poisono%s letter. . . Stephen Prin'le . nd I +oke %p last ni'ht and (o%ldn't 'o to sleep a'ain be(a%se I remembered an i I hadn't dotted in a 6%estion I +rote on the board.ho%se and isn't a bit ashamed o* it.hole' +here she keeps them . . I don't pet him m%(h +hen !ebe((a De+ is aro%nd be(a%se it really does irritate her. b%t in*orms me that she does not propose to (ensor my readin'. . S%mmerside abo%nds in +ido+s . "here are some (le&er. it's a home$ nd they like me . It isn't a boardin'ho%se . It is in a (hair seat +hi(h nobody b%t %nt 8hatty kno+s is more than a (hair seat. .' this may mean that so(ially I may be banned in S%mmerside. %nt 8hatty lo&es no&els. . Well. tho%'h he sometimes disappro&es o* me and sho+s it by deliberately sittin' +ith his ba(k t%rned to+ards me. She (alls in s%(h *ier(e. . . "here 'o more itali(s$ -%t a *e+ itali(s really do relie&e yo%r *eelin's. nd Sophy Sin(lair rides bareba(k on her *ather's old 'ray mare si. Mr. -y day he is a homely. she +ants me to aid and abet her in the a*oresaid sm%''lin'. . tho%'h Morton Prin'le ne&er really listens to anythin' yo% say. she sm%''les them in *rom the to+n library .

"hey are both a horror to her orthodo. . little Eli5abeth 2rayson. ""he +hole three are &ery m%(h interested in my (ir(let o* pearls . "he story 'oes that he '(o%ldn't bear the si'ht o* her' be(a%se she had (ost her mother's li*e. "ho%'h to be s%re. 8ampbell nor the Woman e&er opens her lips abo%t him. thank yo%. a '0ankee.holes at Windy Poplars. !a(hel Lynde +o%ld say. .' "I ha&e *o%nd o%t a little abo%t o%r nei'hbors at "he E&er'reens. She died +hen Eli5abeth +as born and as Pier(e 2rayson had to lea&e meri(a at on(e to take (har'e o* a bran(h o* his *irm's b%siness in Paris. I am s%re she +o%ld make short +ork o* a no&el or a pa(k o* (ards i* she *o%nd them.pendit%re. *ar too old *or ei'ht years. I %sed to slip do+n to the kit(hen to do it a*ter 7ate had 'one to sleep b%t I +as al+ays a*raid o* !ebe((a De+ (omin' do+n. . I ha&en't seen her b%t *rom +hat I (an 'ather she is a &ery 'rim old lady. .& nd she +on't let D%sty Miller sleep on it lest I 'et hairs on my s(hool skirt and 'i&e the Prin'les somethin' to talk abo%t. . . "'She isn't like other (hildren . and has s+orn me to se(re(y be(a%se she doesn't +ant %nt 7ate to kno+ it. "s%ppose 3%st as yo% +ere ready to 'et into bed yo% *elt yo%r ankle nipped. h%sh" all the time. "he only thin's !ebe((a e&er reads.'randda%'hter. "'She +o%ld think it ridi(%lo%s &anity in a +oman o* my a'e. Her parents bein' dead. +ho is dead. I* she makes a spe(k o* noise they nearly pass o%t. She has ears like a (at's e&en +hen she is asleep. %nt 7ate sho+ed me her en'a'ement rin' 1she (an't +ear it be(a%se it has 'ro+n too small4 set +ith t%r6%oises. Mrs. "-%t she's really an old d%(k. Miss Shirley. apart *rom her -ible. oh. We'll keep it *or you. 8ampbell 1+ho +as a Prin'le$4 is ei'hty. her h%sband tho%'ht it 'an %nne(essary e. a short (%t thro%'h the ba(k yards .' she says sorro+*%lly +hen either o* the +ido+s protests. and +hat it si'ni*ies. She has prod%(ed *rom some+here a (om*ortable old +in' (hair o* *aded bro(ade that 3%st *its my kinks and says. Eli5abeth . +ho bro%'ht her %p also .ion. /er mother. I tell yo% that . !ebe((a De+ +on't let them be mysterio%s. is ei'ht years old and 'oes to the p%bli( s(hool by 'the ba(k +ay' . Mrs. . . +ho is 'enerally re*erred to as 'Mrs. She is al+ays (leanin' them o%t *ero(io%sly. li&in' +ith her. -%t poor %nt 8hatty o+ned to me +ith tears in her eyes that she had ne&er had an en'a'ement rin' . "his o* (o%rse may be sheer 'ossip be(a%se neither Mrs. 8ampbell. +as a 'randda%'hter o* Mrs. She has a maid./ =o +onder she's a*raid to 'o to bed in the dark. It's "h%sh. 'i&in' her *a(e a bath in b%ttermilk. . the baby +as sent home to old Mrs. . *or I ne&er sa+ a ho%se +ith so many mysterio%s (%pboards. are the so(iety (ol%mns o* the Montreal Guardian. and boss her +ithin an in(h o* her li*e.' she said +ist*%lly. . ' ho%se (an't keep itsel* (lean. and has ne&er taken any noti(e o* her. She married a (ertain Pier(e 2rayson. . 8ampbell's Woman. I* I (o%ld 3%st slip in here e&ery ni'ht and do it . nd I am s%re !ebe((a De+ thinks that no 8hristian +oman sho%ld try to be bea%ti*%l. 8ampbell. . on +hom I ha&e ne&er laid eyes in spite o* my t+o +eeks' so3o%rn . "'<%st *an(y soakin' in a 'olden batht%b. almost as an(ient and 'rim as hersel*. 8ampbell says there are to be no (o+ards in her ho%se. so%l. nd they make her do it.' She +as in my room at the time. . ." she se5 to me one day. 'oin' or (omin'. Martha Monkman.' as Mrs.really be any need *or hidy. so I ne&er en(o%nter her. . She lo&es to pore o&er the ho%ses and *%rnit%re and doin's o* millionaires. my dear. "he thin's that she says sometimes$ "!ebe((a. "!ebe((a De+ says they are *ar too stri(t +ith little Eli5abeth and she hasn't m%(h o* a time o* it +ith them. . "hey +at(h her like t+o (ats +at(hin' a mo%se. . She does it e&ery ni'ht to preser&e her (omple. '"his is your (hair.' nd she has her 'reat. !ebe((a De+ says (ards are the de&il's books and no&els e&en +orse.

. %nt 7ate says she is +ell looked a*ter *rom a physi(al point o* &ie+ . I hate to admit it b%t . ""he spirit mo&es me to %tter a *e+ yo+ls re'ardin' the Prin'les. . I think I'm 'lad yo%'re not the 'rand*ather . I (o%ldn't help en3oyin' mysel* in spite o* my Prin'le +orries. on the +hole. stub nor rusty. 2ilbert. "I'm 'oin' home ne.h%shed to death. . I held a series o* ima'inary (on&ersations +ith ima'inary (omrades and tho%'ht o%t so many epi'rams that I +as a'reeably s%rprised at mysel*. nd +hat is to be done abo%t it)' "What. . I really had to 'o some+here *or it +as 3%st a tri*le dismal at Windy Poplars. 2ilbert . "9(tober 1Ath. blent +ith the deli'ht*%l odor o* ne+ly plo+ed *ields. +ith . %nt 8hatty +as (ryin' in the sittin'. "Spook's Lane. . "/9=9!ED =D !ESPE8"ED SI!#. "-%t think o* 2reen 2ables no+. . "S'side. I +as alone b%t not lonely. . the Lake o* Shinin' Waters +ith a bl%e mist on it . . . . the *erns 'olden bro+n in the /a%nted Wood . there are times +hen I stron'ly s%spe(t that I lo&e yo%$" "Windy be(a%se her *eelin's had been h%rt and %nt 7ate +as (ryin' in her bedroom be(a%se it +as the anni&ersary o* 8aptain masa's death and !ebe((a De+ +as (ryin' in the kit(hen *or no reason that I (o%ld dis(o&er. together . It's +onder*%l to think +e're yo%n' and ha&e o%r +hole li&es be*ore %s . indeed) "I *eel that I'd like to see her.. She seems to me a bit patheti(. lea&in' her to her en3oyment. So I *olded my tent and stole a+ay. . . . '%ess +hom) "Do yo% kno+. the maples a(ross the brook be'innin' to t%rn s(arlet . and the s%nset shado+s in Lo&er's Lane. Last ni'ht I had s%(h a lo&ely +alk +ith mysel*." "I'm sittin' on the +indo+ seat in the to+er lookin' o%t into the trees +a&in' a'ainst an amber sky and beyond them to the harbor. -%t +hen I tried ta(t*%lly to *ind o%t +hat +as +ron' she pettishly +anted to kno+ i* a body (o%ldn't en3oy a (ry +hen she *elt like it. darlin' spot. '"hey *eed and dress her +ell' . "I +ent o%t and do+n the harbor road. . . ""hat is ho+ a lo&e letter o* %nt 8hatty's 'randmother be'an.t :riday e&enin' to spend t+o bea%ti*%l days in &onlea. I'&e ne&er seen !ebe((a De+ (ry be*ore. I (an ne&er *or'et +hat my o+n li*e +as be*ore I (ame to 2reen 2ables.(hild is bein' h%sh. et(. . Anne&s pen being e(idently neither sharp. b%t a (hild (an't li&e by bread alone. . I *ind it in my heart to +ish I +ere there no+ +ith .') -%t. . +hat %nt 7ate really said +as. . . 9(tobery smell in the air. or 'rand*ather. "here +as s%(h a ni(e *rosty. . isn't it)" (Se(eral pages omitted. "he only dra+ba(k +ill be that e&erybody I see +ill ask me ho+ I like tea(hin' in S%mmerside. . Isn't it deli(io%s) What a thrill o* s%periority it m%st ha&e 'i&en the 'rand*ather$ Wo%ldn't yo% really pre*er it to '2ilbert darlin'. I +alked on and on %ntil t+ili'ht had deepened into a moonlit a%t%mn ni'ht.

. I kno+ all the p%pils +ho are not Prin'les like me b%t the Prin'le &ir%s o* disobedien(e is %nderminin' the morale o* the +hole room. -%t e&ery Prin'le in the s(hool s(reamed +ith la%'hter o&er my *a(e. polite. no discipline +hate&er. =o +onder they are (alled the !oyal :amily. <en +ent o** tri%mphantly and I reali5ed . :rank Prin'le 'ot %p a tea in aid o* a (h%r(h pro3e(t 1!ebe((a De+ in*orms me that the ladies are 'oin' to 'b%ild' the ne+ spire$4. "hat +o%ld lea&e s%(h a skeleton that the (hoir simply (o%ldn't (arry on. <en amon' the rest. o%t o* +hi(h popped an arti*i(ial snake +hen I opened it. .thin's are not 'oin' any too +ell in S%mmerside /i'h. al+ays +ith some per*e(tly +ater. .ti'ht e. ""+o e&enin's a'o I kept <en in a*ter s(hool to do some +ork she had deliberately le*t %ndone. I am a((%sed o* 'markin' do+n' /attie Prin'le's e. ""he +orst thin' to date +as the (ari(at%re o* mysel* I *o%nd on the bla(kboard one mornin' . ":or one thin'. S%mmerside seems to be %nder the Prin'le th%mb. as yo% kno+. hal* o* them are Prin'les. "en min%tes later the (arria'e *rom Mapleh%rst dre+ %p be*ore the s(hool ho%se and Miss Ellen +as at the door . I *o%nd a peeled onion in the po(ket o* my (oat +hen I p%t it on today. . nd +hen Mrs. . +as h%mpba(ked and my mo%th +as the mo%th o* a &ine'ary spinster +ho had been tea(hin' a s(hool *%ll o* Prin'les *or thirty years.(%se. My nose . lookin' as i* she had 3%st stepped o%t o* an 1BCA band. . 9ne mornin' I *o%nd my desk t%rned inside o%t and %pside do+n. =obody kne+ +ho did it. . I +as the only 'irl in the Presbyterian (h%r(h +ho +as not asked to take a table. When the other tea(hers send theirs %p to me to be 'dis(iplined' . I +asn't in&ited to li(e Prin'le's +alkin' party last :riday. I ha&e heard that the minister's +i*e.4 "<ames Prin'le is sayin'. -%t it +as me. "<en Prin'le (omes late *or s(hool hal* the time. . ho+ I hate that +ord$ . .like nose. +ith ele'ant bla(k la(e mitts and a *ine ha+k.' I (o%ldn't help it. "here is no do%bt that a (abal has been or'ani5ed a'ainst me.' "I am be'innin' to en(o%nter the Prin'le anta'onism in other 6%arters.' 1Well. s+eetly smilin' old lady. .amination papers 3%st be(a%se she is a Prin'le. Isn't it 6%eer that the thin's +e +rithe o&er at ni'ht are seldom +i(ked thin's) <%st h%miliatin' ones. " ll sorts o* thin's are bein' said. nd there is no %se in appealin' to the parents. "9* (o%rse I'm not the only one o* the tea(hers +ho has tro%ble +ith p%pils. So(ially as +ell as ed%(ationally. I s%ppose I did look +ildly startled. o* (o%rse. done in +hite (halk +ith scarlet hair. deli&ered politely. E&erybody denied doin' it. She +as so sorry b%t (o%ld she ha&e <en) She +as 'oin' to &isit *riends in Lo+&ale and had promised to take <en. She passes notes in (lass %nder my &ery nose. It %as done +ell. b%t I kne+ <en +as the only p%pil in the room +ho (o%ld dra+ like that. I sho%ld lo&e to lo(k that 'irl %p on bread and +ater %ntil she learned ho+ to beha&e hersel*. "hey are s%a&e. I am said to 'la%'h +hen the (hildren make mistakes. I +oke %p at three o'(lo(k that ni'ht and +rithed o&er the re(olle(tion. s%''ested askin' me to sin' in the (hoir and +as in*ormed that all the Prin'les +o%ld drop o%t o* it i* she did. e&asi&e. +ith an insolent tilt to her mo%th.' nd a report is bein' (ir(%lated that I am a '*o%ndlin'. a bea%ti*%lly dressed. +ho is a ne+(omer in S%mmerside. . . home +ork is ne&er done by any o* the Prin'les or hal* Prin'les. nd no one (o%ld or +o%ld tell +ho le*t on it another day the bo. . . has al+ays been my one pride and 3oy . I did la%'h +hen :red Prin'le de*ined a (ent%rion as 'a man +ho had li&ed a h%ndred years. -%t there is ne&er any (omplaint made abo%t them. +hi( '"here is no discipline in the s(hool . .

/is brother Myrom +asn't 6%ite so *ine. nd %nt 7ate said that i* !ebe((a De+ +o%ld al+ays let the (at o%t +hen he meo+ed there +o%ld be no dan'er o* his misbeha&in'. this is the last stra+. '-%t there ain't anythin' the matter +ith her pride.' said !ebe((a De+. "In my pessimisti( moods I think the Prin'les are a (ompo%nd o* Sloanes and Pyes. D%sty Miller had 'misbeha&ed a'ain' and !ebe((a De+ told %nt 7ate she +o%ld really ha&e to do somethin' abo%t "hat 8at. "'Well. . I don't blame <en *or either the book or the letter. "he maddenin' thin' is that I (o%ld easily make <en do it mysel* i* her +hole (lan +eren't ba(kin' her %p in her de&iltry. Miss Shirley . It's an old En'lish *amily re(ipe. I (o%ld e&en like Miss Ellen. "hey're so e. a *rank. I *o%nd o%t +hy !ebe((a De+ (ried.a*resh the *or(es arrayed a'ainst me.S. 0o% sho%ld hear them talk abo%t their an(estors. " ==E S/I!LE0.' si'hed %nt 8hatty. "hat +as ho+ %nt 8hatty's 'randmother si'ned her lo&e letters. Someho+. Well. !ebe((a De+ is *%rio%s and I sh%dder to think +hat she +o%ld do to the Prin'les i* she had them in her po+er.' says !ebe((a De+ +ith a sni**. or thinks she is. Imp as she is. keep yo%r (hin %p. It seems there had been a domesti( (on&%lsion. =ero's +ish isn't to be . . tears$ ""he Prin'le sit%ation 'ro+s a little more a(%te e&ery +eek. their old *ather." "0o%r obedient ser&ant. loyal set. ." "9(tober 1Dth. When they make %p their mind abo%t anythin' or anybody they'&e ne&er been kno+n to (han'e it. b%t yo% don't hear the Prin'les talkin' m%(h abo%t him." (*%o pages omitted. Somethin' &ery impertinent +as +ritten a(ross one o* my books yesterday and /omer Prin'le t%rned handsprin's all the +ay do+n the aisle +hen lea&in' s(hool. So !ebe((a De+ has 'one %p to Mr. %as a *ine old *ello+. "We heard today that there had been a b%r'lary at the other end o* the to+n last ni'ht.(l%si&e abo%t their re(ipes.' "'I +ish I (o%ld 'et Miss Ellen's re(ipe *or po%nd (ake. She +ill tie him on the ba(k &eranda and she ad&ises me to lo(k %p my en'a'ement rin'$ "-y the +ay. 8aptain braham Prin'le. . "hey are. Miss Sarah has not le*t Mapleh%rst *or ten years. /amilton's to see i* she (an borro+ a do'.strin'. ho%se +as entered and some money and a do5en sil&er spoons stolen. ll the Prin'les are pro%d b%t those t+o old 'irls pass e&erythin'. 'She's promised it to me time and a'ain b%t it ne&er (omes. 3olly. I *eel that I (o%ld like them i* they +ere not my enemies.' "In +ild *antasti( dreams I see mysel* (ompellin' Miss Ellen to hand that re(ipe o&er to %nt 8hatty on bended knee and make <en mind her p's and )'s. /e +as +earin' her to a *iddle. -%t keep yo%r (hin %p. "8onse6%ently. It +as the third time in a year and she kne+ he did it on p%rpose. "'"oo deli(ate . there are thin's she +o%ldn't stoop to. *or the most part. -%t I'm desprit a*raid yo%'re 'oin' to ha&e a hard time +ith them all. I'&e ne&er seen Miss Sarah. I 'ot an anonymo%s letter re(ently *%ll o* nasty inn%endoes. lso. "P. -%t I kno+ they're not.

tho%'h she looks thirty. nd doesn't +orry o&er it$ She doesn't seem to ha&e any *riends or relations and boards in a 'loomy. espe(ially +hen I am (onsiderably her 3%nior. . . . almost a man's &oi(e . . . . "here are t+o. *or there are times +hen I *eel mysel* that I (o%ld (heer*%lly hand any and all o* the Prin'les a poisoned philter o* -or'ia bre+in'. -%t I'm a*raid I'm 'oin' to ha&e a hard time likin' 7atherine -rooke. his 'rand*ather '+as Isle o* Skye' . So they ha&e 'i&en it %p be(a%se. . She is a 'ood tea(her . nd her (lothes al+ays look as i* she'd slept in them. 9* 2eor'e I ha&e little to say. espe(ially Prin'les. She dresses &ery do+dily. . She is dark and s+arthy. /e is a shy. 'ood. . +hen she is too sallo+ *or 'reens and 'rays. deli(io%s /i'hland a((ent s%''esti&e o* lo+ shielin's and misty islands .*i&e.ei'ht. as %nt 7ate says. +ith a sli'ht. I +ish I (o%ld +ork it on the Prin'les.(%t mo%th. "She isn't pretty b%t she mi'ht make more o* hersel*. b%t +ill not do either. . -%t I really sho%ldn't like to 'o&ern by *ear as she does. . . +ith ma'ni*i(ent bla(k hair al+ays dra''ed ba(k *rom her hi'h *orehead and (oiled in a (l%msy knot at the base o* her ne(k. . . E&ery time I speak to her she makes me *eel I'&e said the +ron' thin'. /er eyes don't mat(h her hair. E&ery time I pass her on the stairs I *eel that she is thinkin' horrid thin's abo%t me. she al+ays has a (hip on her sho%lder. nd I (an't do . b%t she is not pop%lar +ith any one. "!ebe((a De+ says that no one (an make *riends +ith her. b%t she ne&er (ame.nat%red lad o* t+enty. I ha&e been told she (herished hopes o* promotion to the Prin(ipalship and I s%ppose she resents my 'ettin' it.' ""here are r%mors that she is &ery (le&er and (an sin' and re(ite . -%t she dresses terribly.i(e. "7atherine has a deep throaty &oi(e . "'<%st 'ro+led. tho%'h I kno+ she +o%ld resent my pity *%rio%sly. . a bit o* a martinet . . . . . "7atherine is a 'irl o*. . I kno+ she does it p%rposely and I *eel miserably (ertain that she e. She has ears she needn't be ashamed to sho+ and the most bea%ti*%l hands I'&e e&er seen.%lts in my di**i(%lties and +o%ld be 'lad to see me +orsted. li'ht amber %nder her bla(k bro+s. the . abo%t t+enty. . 'there are limits. the dear so%ls are al+ays doin' that *or lonely people. "/er manner is &ery repellent . and it does so%nd like a 'ro+l +hen she isn't in 'ood h%mor. lean *i'%re e&en taller and leaner. . I +ant my p%pils to lo&e me.lookin' ho%se on 'r%bby little "emple Street. D%ll dark 'reens and drab 'rays. I am told that her +ay o* raisin' her thi(k bla(k eyebro+s and dra+lin' at them red%(es them to a p%lp. lso.' said !ebe((a De+. yo% kno+ . and does &ery +ell +ith the Preps.prin(ipal. "he +ido+s ha&e in&ited her se&eral times to S%nday s%pper .' a la !ebe((a De+ .(ompared to it. I really don't blame her. I think. as !ebe((a De+ +o%ld say.' She is &ery sar(asti( and her p%pils dread her bitin' remarks. and al+ays ha&e the most deli(io%s (hi(ken salad *or them . "'We tho%'ht she re*%sed &ery %n'ra(io%sly. . . . . she has a +ell. Seems to ha&e a positi&e 'eni%s *or 'ettin' the (olors and lines she sho%ld not +ear. and stripes +hi(h make her tall. "I don't think I'&e told yo% m%(h abo%t the other tea(hers. 7atherine -rooke o* the <%nior !oom. . . ne&er 'oes o%t so(ially and is said to be 'mean. 'elo(%te. %nt 8hatty on(e asked her to re(ite at a (h%r(h s%pper. "In spite o* the *a(t that she has apparently no tro%ble in makin' them toe the line she is (onstantly sendin' some o* them %p to me . and 2eor'e Ma(7ay o* the Prep. So *ar as I kno+ him I like him. nd yet I'm &ery sorry *or her . bein' a (lear.' said %nt 7ate.

' "She made no response. "'=ot toni'ht. +hat +ith 7atherine's anta'onism and the Prin'le attit%de. Elsie and -etty and -ess and Elisa and Lisbeth and -eth . .t note she sent %p +as si'ned '8atherine -rooke'$ "I snee5ed all the +ay home. /er eyes. "I really +o%ld 'i&e %p tryin' to be *riends +ith her i* I hadn't a 6%eer. 7atherine is so m%(h more all%rin' than 8atherine.' and 'a&e me the impression o* a (hild +ho +as more or less %nderno%rished . "-e(a%se I'&e 'ot a(6%ainted +ith little Eli5abeth. . 9ne day. . 'Perhaps yo% think you are abo&e r%les. ' nd +hat is to be the pill in all this 3am)' "-%t the thin' that annoyed me most . b%t in so%l. she said. She had +hat !ebe((a De+ (alls 'a deli(ate air. are lar'e and 'olden.anythin' to help her be(a%se she doesn't +ant to be helped.' she ans+ered 'ra&ely.' 9n(e. "'I'm 'lad yo% spell yo%r name +ith a 7. She is really hate*%l to me. pale. and *ell in +a&es on her sho%lders. . and 7atherine said (%ttin'ly.' "'Who (o%ld)' I said. +hen I +as s%''estin' some (han'es +hi(h I tho%'ht +o%ld be *or the 'ood o* the s(hool. +hen +e three tea(hers +ere all in the sta** room. I did somethin' +hi(h. "'/o+ &ery ni(e to ha&e a name yo% (an (han'e so easily and still *eel it's yo%r o+n. b%t not Li55ie. . &ery +ise and &ery deli'ht*%l. and little Eli5abeth. "'I (an make so many names o%t o* it. Miss Shirley) 2randmother and the Woman do. '"his is my ni'ht *or bein' -etty be(a%se I lo&e e&erythin' in the +orld toni'ht. I don't kno+ 3%st +hat I'd do i* it +asn't *or dear !ebe((a De+ and yo%r letters . %na((o%ntable *eelin' that %nder all her br%skness and aloo*ness she is a(t%ally star&ed *or (ompanionship. +hen I said some ni(e thin's abo%t her +ork and methods. ..ha5el. 'olden and +ist*%l. trans'ressed one o* the %n+ritten la+s o* the s(hool. " lto'ether. not in body. "Little Eli5abeth made sa%(er eyes at me o&er the rim o* her 'lass. +ell. 'I'm not interested in *airy tales. her head 3%st (omin' abo&e the solid part o* the door. she said +ith a s(orn*%l smile. "'Do yo% think it silly o* me.pression o* a prin(ess o* el*. Miss Shirley. I ne&er (an *eel like Li55ie. ""hree ni'hts a'o I took the 'lass o* milk to the +all door and little Eli5abeth hersel* +as there to 'et it instead o* the Woman. . "' nd this is Eli5abeth)' I said. . I thrilled to it at on(e. I +as Eli5abeth last ni'ht and tomorro+ ni'ht I'll prob'ly be -eth.' t another time.' ""here +as the to%(h o* the kindred spirit *or yo%. nd she is a darlin'.' "'=ot silly at all . . I *elt that I +as bein' .'old hair +as parted in the middle. sleeked plainly do+n o&er her head +ith a (ir(%lar (omb.' "Little Eli5abeth nodded. . 3%st as 7 is e&er so m%(h 'ypsier a letter than sm%' 8. b%t the ne. /er sil& it seems. one day +hen I happened to pi(k %p a book o* hers in the sta** room and 'lan(ed at the *lylea* I said. so that her *a(e +as *ramed in the i&y. She +ore a pale bl%e 'in'ham dress and the e. She is small.' I said. It all depends on ho+ I *eel. lookin' at me thro%'h the a%t%mn t+ili'ht. More o* a moonbeam than a s%nbeam.

"'=o.' "We stood there and talked +hile Eli5abeth sipped her milk daintily and she told me all abo%t "omorro+. that leads. Eli5abeth *eels s%re there is an Island o* /appiness some+here +here all the ships that ne&er (ome ba(k are an(hored.' she said. be(a%se the Woman told me that she kne+ a (hild on(e that died in her sleep a*ter bein' impert'nent." se5 I.+ei'hed in some se(ret spirit%al balan(e and presently I reali5ed thank*%lly that I had not been *o%nd +antin'. She +as lookin' (lean thro%'h me at somethin' she sa+ in that "omorro+ o* hers. . Perhaps the Island o* /appiness is there. nd the Woman hates them. so yo% don't kno+ ho+ s+eet they are. yo%'ll t%rn into eyes i* yo% look like that. 'I +ill ha&e a million do's and *orty. to the end o* the +orld.maiden ran.' "' re yo% sorry she didn't (ome toni'ht)' I la%'hed." se5 she. and she +ill *ind it +hen "omorro+ (omes. and little Eli5abeth does not ask *a&ors o* people she does not like. so Eli5abeth thinks. . I'&e been +antin' to 'et '6%ainted +ith yo% b%t I +as a*raid it mi'htn't happen be*ore "omorro+ (omes. "'She's a *an(i*%l little (reat%re. . "b%t they +ill be ni(e *riendly lions. "he Woman had told her that "omorro+ ne&er (omes. "D%sty Miller +as r%bbin' a'ainst my le's. 2ilbert. tho%'h I think Eli5abeth *eels that is too 'ood to happen e&en in "omorro+. 0o% are &ery a'ree'ble. +onder*%l thin's. as i* she kne+ I +o%ld be sho(ked b%t tell the tr%th she m%st. nd I (o%ldn't sleep. . smilin'. . "'I like kittens better than babies." I +as sent to bed +itho%t s%pper . It %ill (ome sometime.' said Eli5abeth. I told 2randmother that +hen she +o%ldn't let me ha&e a kitten. "'I s%ppose yo%'&e ne&er had m%(h to do +ith babies. that +anderin'. . :or little Eli5abeth asked a *a&or o* me . !ebe((a De+)" "I ne&er met any so I (an't tell yo%. .*i&e (ats. ""here +ill be any amo%nt o* lions in "omorro+. '9ne day she said to me. no@ 2randmother doesn't like (ats. . .' "When Eli5abeth had *inished her milk there (ame a sharp tappin' at some %nseen +indo+ behind the spr%(es. b%t Eli5abeth kno+s better. I li*ted him and little Eli5abeth p%t o%t a tiny hand and stroked his head deli'htedly. +ith nobody +at(hin' her . She may e&en ha&e a day to do e. =ot "oday b%t "omorro+. "'Wo%ld yo% mind li*tin' %p the (at and lettin' me pat him)' she asked shyly. her 'olden head 'limmerin' alon' the dark spr%(e aisle %ntil she &anished. . "he Woman is o%t toni'ht. and she +as an'ry and said.a(tly as she likes in. it someho+ had the 6%ality o* an ad&ent%re. "I'm thinkin' deep tho%'hts. nd then thin's +ill happen . lookin' at me +ith an odd little air o* de*ian(e.' said !ebe((a De+ +hen I told her o* my ad&ent%re . "'9h. " re yo% s(ared o* lions. "Little Eli5abeth shook her head. so that is +hy I (o%ld (ome *or the milk. . really. too.' I said. My el*." se5 I. Miss Shirley. Miss Shirley. t+istin' road like a ni(e red snake. '/a&e yo% a kitten o* yo%r o+n)' "Eli5abeth shook her head. I think +e had been +at(hed all the time." . Miss Impert'nen(e. Some bea%ti*%l mornin' she +ill 3%st +ake %p and *ind it is "omorro+." "8hild. "' nd +hen "omorro+ (omes. "I'm not '(%stomed to be spoken to like that. b%t I didn't mean to be impert'nent. . !ebe((a De+. 9r she may *ind o%t +hat is at the end o* the harbor road . I lo&e (omin' *or the milk be(a%se !ebe((a De+ is s%(h an a'ree'ble person.

+hite. in the or(hard and billo+s o* so%thern+ood abo%t the *ront steps. "P. she had ne&er belie&ed they +o%ld take any noti(e o* me. the Go and As$ Her.(laimed. bi' (on(h shells and a 6%ilt on the spare. Little Eli5abeth is doin' too m%(h listenin' to lost +hispers. ""hey ha&e stately mirrors o&er the old.' ordered !ebe((a De+. a hair. that I'm (ertain o*$' she e. a 'lass (ase +ith +a.+reath (ontainin' the hair o* e&ery kno+n Prin'le. "Spook's Lane. !ebe((a De+ +as really e. "0o%r tenderest. "2IL-E!" DE !#. e. More o* %nt 8hatty's 'randmother$" 3 "Windy Poplars. "hey ha&e another an(estor +ho *o%'ht at the battle o* Minden and his s+ord is han'in' on the parlor +all beside 8aptain braham's portrait.(l%si&e ho%se +hi(h dra+s its trees aro%nd it and +on't asso(iate +ith (ommon ho%ses. I (o%ld lo&e them i* they'd let me. *lo+ers in it. It looks d%ll and 'loomy e&en no+ +hen the +orld is a riot o* a%t%mn (olor. "I really had some s%(h *eelin' in my o+n mind. It has a bi'. +hi(h +as bro%'ht o%t *rom the old (o%ntry o&er a h%ndred years a'o by the *irst emi'ratin' Prin'le. ""he ladies o* Mapleh%rst are positi&ely deli'ht*%l in their o+n +ay. I *eel that she hasn't learned ho+.. nd she +as 6%ite s%re it +as not o%t o* *riendliness. "I think one o* my missions in S%mmerside +ill be to tea(h her ho+ to la%'h. " ==E S/I!LE0. Mapleh%rst is a pro%d.' "I remembered Eli5abeth had ne&er la%'hed on(e d%rin' o%r talk. 8aptain braham +as their *ather and they are e&idently tremendo%sly pro%d o* him. *l%ted mantels.she bed 6%ilted in in*initesimal *ans. most *aith*%l *riend. "'-e s%re yo% p%t on yo%r best.(ited . It's &ery be(omin'. "he tro%ble +ith that (hild is she doesn't la%'h eno%'h. . "What do yo% think) I'&e been to s%pper at Mapleh%rst$ "Miss Ellen hersel* +rote the in&itation. "So I p%t on my pretty (ream (hallis dress +ith the p%rple &iolets in it and did my hair the ne+ +ay +ith the dip in the *orehead. pi(t%res *%ll o* the bea%ty o* the ships o* lon' a'o. "'"hey ha&e some sinister moti&e. bla(k. "he 'reat ho%se is so still and lonely and la%'hterless. "9(tober 2Dth. .S. "S'side. . 2ilbert. +ooden +oman o** the bo+ o* old 8aptain braham's *amo%s ship.

nd +hen he t%rned %p in the mornin' . Miss Ellen sho+ed me millions . 2ilbert. Miss Sarah. nd no+ it has nothin' b%t the memories by +hi(h they li&e . I *elt 3%st like a poor *ly (a%'ht on *ly. bi' tortoise. I'd like somethin' like it in o%r ho%se o* dreams. somethin' 8aptain braham had bro%'ht home *rom '*orei'n parts. "he *irst mornin' I +oke %p in Windy Poplars I *or'ot all abo%t the steps and made a blithe mornin'. hate. -%t Miss Sarah pretended to be a little dea* +hene&er I spoke to her and I tho%'ht e&ery mo%th*%l +o%ld (hoke me. blottin' o%t the red road that little Eli5abeth +ants to e. as !ebe((a De+ +o%ld say. 6%ite as aloo* and aristo(rati( as themsel&es.sprin' o%t o* bed.plore. .+hite sails.the Go and As$ Her. "Miss Ellen did most o* the talkin'. ""he &ery shado+s +ere elo6%ent and traditional. died there . more or less . D%sty Miller stayed o%t all ni'ht. . lo&e. . and (limbin' do+n them. * (at (ame in. . ."We sat in the parlor on maho'any Sheraton (hairs. . . sad. *as(inatin'.shaped (rease in the (enter. .pe(t she had pre&io%sly apolo'i5ed to the (at in the kit(hen. .. kno+n sleep. ll my (o%ra'e oo5ed o%t o* me. 3oy. b%t I +as bla(k and bl%e *or a +eek. L%(kily I didn't break any bones.%ltantly. a tiny thin' in a bla(k silk dress and star(hed petti(oat. 2ilbert. en(hanted pla(e. many o* them da'%erreotypes in leather (ases. -%t +hat a tri%mphant. " nd yet I (o%ldn't help *eelin' a little sorry *or the old ladies as I looked aro%nd their ho%se. -%t I belie&e I rather like s%perstitio%s people. -%t I e.stripe +allpaper. What +o%ld +e *ind to talk abo%t) "We had a (atastrophe here t+o ni'hts a'o. . I ha&en't a (han(e a'ainst a (lan like that. 3%mped on my knee and +as at on(e +hisked o%t to the kit(hen by Miss Ellen. She apolo'i5ed to me. . . She is s%re it *oretells a death in the ho%sehold. I'&e ne&er told any one this. b%t it's too *%nny to keep any lon'er. . I (an ne&er. Weeds and lea&es are b%rnin' in all the to+n 'ardens and the (ombination o* smoke and *o' is makin' Spook's Lane an eerie. . ne&er (on6%er or +in the !oyal :amily. '"hat 8at has ne&er had a 'ood *i'ht in his li*e be*ore. dan(ed to her pipin'. +ith sno+. We +ere +aited on by a maid. Marble. s%(h a lookin' (at$ 9ne eye +as (losed (ompletely and there +as a l%mp as bi' as an e'' on his 3a+. the dishes and 'lass+are thin.+hite hair and eyes as bla(k as her dress. s%spended *rom the (eilin'. despair. all 'lass and din'le. Wo%ldn't it be a rather drab +orld i* e&erybody +as +ise and sensible . I (ame do+n like a tho%sand o* bri(k. . the linen bea%ti*%l. I (an see mysel* resi'nin' at =e+ 0ear's. "hey lend (olor to li*e. /ea&y bro(ade (%rtains at the +indo+s.paper.%lted there . in(l%din' Miss Ellen hersel*. " %nt 8hatty is m%(h %pset be(a%se +hen she %n*olded (lean sheets *or my bed today she *o%nd a diamond. 2ilbert. %nrepentant look he had in his one 'ood eye$ "he +ido+s +ere horri*ied b%t !ebe((a De+ said e.' I'&e 'ro+n %sed to (limbin' a *li'ht o* steps into bed . and good. that e&ery Prin'le o* the (lan. people had been born there . ro%nd mirror +ith a (lo(k in the (enter . .' It +as +onder*%l. "We had a deli(io%s s%pper. e. 'entle. n enormo%s (handelier. . . 'I ha&e sleep *or yo%. "he +ater +as (old. . lo&ely. It is 'ro+in' late and my bed says. nd I'll bet the other (at looks *ar +orse than he does$' " *o' is (reepin' %p the harbor toni'ht. nd yet I 'ot the impression. &eined hands *olded on her lap amid *ine la(e r%**les. in spite o* !ebe((a De+'s stentorian sho%ts o* 'P%ss' in the ba(k yard. hope. 9h. looked almost too *ra'ile to talk.dan'les. thin. . .topped tables. %nt 7ate is &ery m%(h dis'%sted +ith s%(h s%perstition. o* Prin'le photo'raphs. . It +as h%n' +ith sil&er. /is *%r +as sti** +ith m%d and one pa+ +as bitten thro%'h. It had on(e li(ed . . one bearin' a bea%ti*%l model o* a ship +ith (rimson h%ll and sno+. oh. and their pride in them.

'b%t he mi'htn't mind +ritin' to me. Miss Shirley. Eli5abeth sips the 'lass o* milk as slo+ly as possible in order to spin o%r (on&ersation o%t. "'"he Woman said I +as bi' eno%'h to sleep +itho%t a li'ht. . -%t I (an't hate !ebe((a De+ in spite o* her habit o* %sin' my pen to (opy re(ipes +hen I'm in s(hool. . are yo%.4 ' nd it m%st be tr%e or he +o%ld (ome to see me sometimes.' 1 l+ays +hen Eli5abeth says 'the Woman.ery rarely she is Eli5abeth and then she has the *a(e o* one +ho listens to *airy m%si( and kno+s +hat roses and (lo&ers talk abo%t.' "'"he Woman said there +as i* I +ent any+here alone or talked to stran'e persons. and I lo&e her.' "She +as -eth that ni'ht . "S'side. Miss Shirley)' "'=o. I don't belie&e that. 2ilbert . She (omes e&ery e&enin' *or her milk be(a%se the Woman is laid %p +ith +hat !ebe((a De+ (alls 'bro+nkites.' I al+ays *ind her at the +all 'ate. l+ays. 9* (o%rse. I +onder +hat the man (an be thinkin' o*. her bi' eyes *%ll o* t+ili'ht.' "'Who told yo% he (o%ldn't bear the si'ht o* yo%)' I asked indi'nantly. "'0o% kno+. (omes the tap. be(a%se the ni'ht is so bi' and a+*%l. Eli5abeth. She's the 6%aintest thin'. "hin's %hisper so to ea(h other at ni'ht. We talk +ith the 'ate.' all an'les and (orners. he (o%ldn't bear the si'ht o* me. "Spook's Lane. darlin'. +aitin' *or me.nib.' I (an see her like a 'reat bi' *orbiddin' 'W. . -%t yo%'re not a stran'e person. Miss Shirley. It in*%riates me to kno+ that those t+o terrible old +omen make her 'o to bed in the dark. . +hen the last drop is drained. "he Woman told me it +o%ld pi(k my eyes o%t i* I (ried. it is only +hen she is -eth that she +ill talk o* her *ather. "=o&ember 1Ath. . +hi(h has ne&er been opened *or years. b%t is s(ared to. When she is -etty she makes *a(es at her 'randmother and the Woman behind their ba(ks@ b%t +hen she t%rns into Elsie she is sorry *or it and thinks she o%'ht to (on*ess. -%t I *eel so small.' I said. b%t still I'm s(ared." 4 "Windy Poplars. Miss Shirley. . "I ha&e *o%nd that one o* the thin's that is 'oin' to happen in "omorro+ is that she +ill 'et a letter *rom her *ather."Little Eli5abeth and I are &ery 'ood *riends by no+. We'&e al+ays kno+n ea(h other in "omorro+. She's been doin' it a'ain and as a res%lt yo% +on't 'et a lon' or a . bet+een %s. not e&en o* bein' kidnaped$' "'-%t there is no dan'er o* yo%r bein' kidnaped. She had ne&er 'ot one. as sensiti&e as one o* the lea&es o* the +indy poplars. .' she told me. "DE !ES"# "It %sed to be that the person I hated most in the +orld +as the person +ho spoiled my pen. nd there is a st%**ed (ro+ in my room and I am a*raid o* it. -%t in "omorro+ I'll ne&er be s(ared o* anythin' . "'"he Woman.tap on the +indo+.

nd !ebe((a De+ is so (ross abo%t it that I'd hate to be D%sty Miller.' "0o% sho%ld ha&e seen !ebe((a De+'s *a(e +hen I arri&ed home *rom the /amiltons' bearin' a 'lass 3ar t+o. -%t +hen yo% *ill it +ith hard+ood sti(ks it blooms rosy red and thro+s a +onder*%l heat and yo% (an't think ho+ (o5y it is. and I in(a%tio%sly ra&ed abo%t it. I *or'i&e the entire Prin'le (lan.4 ""he last (ri(ket son' has been s%n'. . all the ho+lers don't ori'inate +ith the Prin'les. both in to+n and (o%ntry." So she did and here it is and yo% (an take home +hat's le*t. . "he last 'olden lea* +ill be blo+n *rom the aspens toni'ht.' said Mrs. It 'ot br%ited abo%t that I +as &ery *ond o* P. I don't kno+ +hi(h . . . It is the tiniest o* sto&es . P. 2ilbert darlin'. "I'm ha&in' Miss Shirley to s%pper this +eek and she's terrible partial to p%nkin preser&es. .io%sly. . +ith my *eet on its tiny hearth. is at the /ardy Prin'les' dan(e. P. or hope. P.' -%t alas. -lake :enton de*ined an alli'ator re(ently as 'a lar'e kind o* inse(t. . ladlin' me o%t a 'enero%s dish*%l. nd last +eek she in(l%ded ''allo+s tree' 6%ite serio%sly in a list o* trees$ -%t.lo&in' letter this time.'lass bo+l *%ll o* P. to be 3%st. *or s%pper. I am so si(k o* p%mpkin preser&es$ =e&er. "E&ery one else in S'side . tryin' to pro&e in an e. nd oh. s(ribblin' to yo% on my knee. there be(a%se none o* the /amiltons liked it. "'0o% +on't p%t this in a story. . /amilton's and !ebe((a De+ ass%red me that I +o%ldn't ha&e to eat P. I'm sittin' be*ore it no+. ' +as not in&ited. "I think I'&e been in&ited to s%pper e&ery+here by no+ . . !ebe((a De+ has done the standard roses %p in stra+ and potato ba's. . She +ants me to '+rite %p the Prin'les and blister them. and in the t+ili'ht they look e.$ =obody likes it here so +e b%ried it darkly at dead o* ni'ht in the 'arden. E&er sin(e !ebe((a De+ dis(o&ered that I do an o((asional bit o* *i(tion *or the ma'a5ines she has li&ed in the *ear . "he e&enin's are so (hilly no+ that I ha&e a small (h%bby.' S%(h are the hi'h li'hts o* a tea(her's li*e$ "It *eels like sno+ toni'ht. . P. it's the Prin'les that are doin' the blisterin' and bet+een them and my +ork in s(hool I ha&e s(ant time *or +ritin' *i(tion. "he *irst time I had it I lo&ed it . " lmost e&ery+here I'&e 'one *or the last month I'&e had P. I mean to the homes o* all my p%pils. Last ni'ht I +as 'oin' to Mr. there on the sideboard +as the ine&itable (%t. -%t +hen +e sat do+n to s%pper. "he +ind is blo+in' 'in t%rret and tree' and makin' my (o5y room seem e&en (o5ier. -%t +hen I think o* /ardy's da%'hter Myra. . . so +hen I +as to my (o%sin's in Lo+&ale last S%nday I se5 to her. oblon' +ood. +ill yo%)' she asked an. . .ba(k old men leanin' on sta**s. 1-elo&edest. ne&er let %s ha&e p%mpkin preser&es in o%r ho%se o* dreams. more or less . that I'll p%t e&erythin' that happens at Windy Poplars into a story.thirds *%ll o* P. it +as so 'olden that I *elt I +as eatin' preser&ed s%nshine .amination paper that the angels at the base o* an isos(eles trian'le are e6%al. P.sto&e in my room. . I +ish yo%'d lend me a 3ar *or her. /amilton. ""here are only +ithered lea&es and *rosted stems in the 'arden no+. . "'I hadn't any p%nkin preser&es o* my o+n. 'b%t I heard yo% +as terrible partial to it. I like an e&enin' +hen it *eels like sno+. bea%ti*%l and brainless. It looks 3%st like a pert little bla(k do' on its *o%r bandy iron le's. . "here's nothin' that +oman (an't do@ and she al+ays has a *ire li'hted *or me in it +hen I (ome home *rom s(hool. !ebe((a De+ p%t it %p . . I (o%ld pi(k it %p in my hands. and people had it on p%rpose *or me. I *or'i&e her the pen *or it.a(tly like a 'ro%p o* h%mped.

I read it *o%r times o&er to 'et e&ery bit o* its sa&or . I'm 'lad it's only *i&e +eeks to 8hristmas holidays. one so pointed that it +as impossible to i'nore it. ."I 'ot a post. "It's not my *a%lt. -%t yo%r bi' *at letter +as the p%rple 'i*t the day 'a&e me. . I'm be'innin' to ha&e my s%spi(ions abo%t that *riend o* hers. . she had asked the Seniors to +rite a (omposition on ""he Most Important /appenin's o* the Week." nne *elt that it +o%ld be positi&ely en(o%ra'in' to see ho+ many Prin'les +ere +here they (o%ldn't annoy anybody any more. -%t at least they had not 'ot the better o* her in the matter o* the play. 9ne day. "he s(hool board +o%ld ba(k the Prin'les %p and she +o%ld be 'i&en her (hoi(e bet+een lettin' <en (ome ba(k or bein' asked to resi'n. Still. She +as *eelin' *or the time so dispirited and hopeless that she tho%'ht a 'ra&eyard +o%ld be a (omparati&ely (heer*%l pla(e. the little imp %as (le&er . nne had sent her home. "Who could s%((eed a'ainst s%(h a phalan. aren't satisfactory. . It +as open +ar*are no+ bet+een her and the Prin'les. . silky thin paper +ith dim (herry blossoms on it like 'hosts. like a do' polishin' o** a plate$ *hat (ertainly isn't a romanti( simile. sittin' at her to+er +indo+ one late =o&ember e&enin'. . She *elt &ery bitter. pre*errin' the bir(h and maple 'ro&e or the harbor road *or her e&enin' rambles. and had inserted in it a sly ins%lt to her tea(her . .%ltation$ E&en the sympathy o* *riends +o%ld be an an'%ish. So nne betook hersel* to the 'ra&eyard instead. -%t there is al+ays a =o&ember spa(e a*ter the lea&es ha&e *allen +hen she *elt it +as almost inde(ent to intr%de on the +oods . letters. nd poor nne had no do%bt on +hose banner &i(tory +o%ld per(h. In re'ard to the Prin'les nne *elt that she +as at the end o* her tether. . and s%(h ta(ti(s)" -%t to 'o home to 2reen 2ables de*eated$ "o end%re Mrs. Lynde's indi'nation and the Pyes' e. . a +eek pre&io%sly. keepin' it %p in pre*eren(e to the ne+ 'ra&eyard %ntil "no more o* them (o%ld be s6%ee5ed in. nne la%'hed a little +i(kedly and her eyes *illed +ith mis(hie&o%s deli'ht o&er the memory." 5 nne." <en Prin'le had +ritten a brilliant one . looked o%t on a t+ili'ht +orld and s%ddenly tho%'ht she +o%ld like a +alk to the old 'ra&eyard. "he s%btle (ampai'n o* ins%bordination and disrespe(t +hi(h <en Prin'le had or'ani5ed had at last (ome to a head. *or their 'lory terrestrial had departed and their 'lory (elestial o* spirit and p%rity and +hiteness had not yet (ome %pon them." she tho%'ht miserably. She had ne&er &isited it yet. "he *at +as *airly in the *ire. "hey had b%ried there *or 'enerations. e&en the ni(est. .(ard *rom Da&y today +ith ten kisses (rossed on it and a letter *rom Pris(illa +ritten on some paper that 'a *riend o* hers in <apan' sent her . . She had done her best and she kne+ she (o%ld ha&e s%((eeded i* she had had e&en a *i'htin' (han(e. +ith her pen at her lip and dreams in her eyes. I +ant to see you. -esides. tellin' her that she +o%ld ha&e to apolo'i5e be*ore she +o%ld be allo+ed to (ome ba(k. it +as *%ll o* Prin'les. b%t it's the one that 3%st popped into my head. nd +ith her S%mmerside *ail%re br%ited abroad she +o%ld ne&er be able to 'et another s(hool. . More and more the +hole sit%ation +as (omin' to seem like a ni'htmare. . so !ebe((a De+ said.

. E&erybody (on(erned +as &ery sorry. "hey had a lot o* *%n to'ether. I ne&er +ill belie&e she had anythin' to do +ith m%rderin' Darnley. Sophy. -%t +e'll say nothin' abo%t it to any one. 9n(e or t+i(e. soon a*ter the pra(ti(es had be'%n. nd o* (o%rse I ha&en't had any e. 9ne a*ternoon. b%yin' some 'ood en'ra&in's *or the rooms. to be E%een Mary. It +ill be 'ood trainin' *or yo%. :riday mornin' <en +as not in s(hool@ and in the a*ternoon her mother sent +ord that <en +as ill +ith a &ery sore throat . She +ent home to Windy Poplars +ith nne e&ery a*ternoon +hen s(hool (ame o%t and rehearsed it in the to+er. . the band +as hired. .She had or'ani5ed a /i'h S(hool Dramati( 8l%b and dire(ted it in a little play h%rriedly 'otten %p to pro&ide some *%nds *or one o* her pet s(hemes . "he play +as to be p%t on the last :riday in =o&ember in the to+n hall@ it +as +idely ad&ertised and the reser&ed seats +ere sold to the last one. . "he dress rehearsal +as a s%((ess." nne +as not so s%re o* this. She (o%ld not deny that <en +as &ery 'ood in the part. b%t it +as o%t o* the 6%estion that she sho%ld take part in the play that ni'ht. "I did so +ant to be in the play . and nne had yielded. it +ill be 3%st as +ell to ha&e an %nderst%dy in (ase <en sho%ldn't al+ays be able to 'o. "=o one +ho has the ne(essary personality. it +as 7atherine +ho had insisted on ha&in' <en Prin'le take the part o* Mary E%een o* S(ots.t day. ""here's no one else in the s(hool +ho (an play it. nd. She (o%ld not '%ess 3%st +hat it meant. . nne *o%nd Sophy Sin(lair in tears in a (orner o* the 'irls' (oatroom. <en +as really e. *or 7atherine +as e&en more br%sk and sar(asti( than %s%al. . she s%rprised a (ertain look o* sly tri%mph on <en's *a(e that p%55led her. they +ere a*raid it +as tonsillitis. nne did not meddle +ith her b%t le*t her to 7atherine's (oa(hin'. t *irst she had blinked her ha5el eyes &i'oro%sly and denied it . "I'&e ne&er had a (han(e . her &ery name 3%st thrills me to my *in'er tips. <en seemed to be so interested in her part that she beha&ed hersel* as *ar as the play +as (on(erned. I'm not 'oin' to be asso(iated +ith anythin' that is not s%((ess*%l. . . "hey pra(ti(ed *o%r e&enin's a +eek and on the s%r*a(e thin's +ent alon' &ery smoothly. nne and 7atherine spent t+o e&enin's de(oratin' the hall. *or Sophy +as *%ll o* 6%iet &i&a(ity.perien(e. I'&e al+ays lo&ed E%een Mary . and a noted soprano +as (omin' %p *rom 8harlotteto+n to sin' bet+een the a(ts. She rather tho%'ht that Sophy Sin(lair. "We don't +ant absol%te 'reenhorns in this. She had a nat%ral *lair *or a(tin' and she apparently thre+ hersel* into it +holeheartedly. *ather +o%ldn't let me 3oin the (l%b be(a%se there are d%es to pay and e&ery (ent (o%nts so m%(h." she sobbed." 7atherine had said disa'reeably. . +ho +as tall and had ha5el eyes and ri(h (hestn%t hair. I don't belie&e . Worse still. She seldom let a pra(ti(e pass +itho%t some (orrosi&e remark and she o&er+orked her eyebro+s. dra+n to'ether *or on(e in their (ommon dismay. . She (o%ld not help re'rettin' it many times. +o%ld make a *ar better E%een Mary than <en. ." Sophy had the part memori5ed by the ne. and (oa(h yo% in it. . 7atherine and nne stared at ea(h other. as +e plan to 'i&e the play in other pla(es i* it 'oes +ell here. tho%'h. . It +o%ld ha&e been +onder*%l to *an(y I +as she *or a little +hile$" *ter+ards nne (on(l%ded that it +as her '%ardian an'el +ho prompted her reply. then broke do+n." she said impatiently. .(ellent and the +hole (ast played %p to her. -%t Sophy +as not e&en a member o* the (l%b and had ne&er taken part in a play. "I'll +rite the part o%t *or yo%. . She had made hersel* ask 7atherine -rooke to help her be(a%se 7atherine al+ays seemed so le*t o%t o* e&erythin'.

."We'll ha&e to p%t it o**. -%t she (o%ld not es(ape +hen Miss .and *rom then on she +as one o* the p%pils +ho "(o%nted" in S%mmerside /i'h. as !ebe((a De+ said *eelin'ly.alentine.. nd the e&ent%al res%lt +as the ins%lt in the (omposition on Important /appenin's. Miss . that she had taken the *irst step that ni'ht on a path+ay that +as to lead to the stars. dark ser'e dresses. her thin deli(ate mo%th.%ppan(e. ." "he play +as p%t on that ni'ht be*ore a pa(ked a%dien(e. i* yo% *eel that +ay abo%t it$" said 7atherine +ith a nasty shr%'." said nne. %as Mary.r%tted lane bet+een hi'h. nne Shirley.(ept that one m%st be &ery (are*%l ne&er to hint that she "se+ed *or a li&in'.s6%are ro+ o* tall. deli'hted Sophy played Mary .alentine. +hether any o* the other Prin'les +ere a party to it or not. e. . mossy stone dykes. 3%st inside the 'ate. +as s%rro%nded by a *o%r. pointed lombardies. +ith her lon' deli(ate nose. She +as "the" lo(al dressmaker and +hat she didn't kno+ abo%t to *ind any one there and +as a little taken aba(k +hen she met Miss . thanks be. +ith hal* its tombstones leanin' at a dr%nken slant. not <en. +ho had ne&er seen Sophy in anythin' b%t her plain. yo% made it and ha&e it. read the odd old epitaphs and p%55le o%t the names o* *or'otten lo&ers %nder the li(hens that +ere 'ro+in' o&er them. do+dy. So it +as no 'reat mental strain to be ni(e to her. Slim. I al+ays say yo% ha&e to kno+ the ins and o%ts o* the (orpses to . o* (o%rse." "Sophy Sin(lair (an play the part as +ell as <en. . her slopin' deli(ate sho%lders and her 'eneral air o* in&in(ible lady. I al+ays tho%'ht it +as *oolish to try to 'et %p a play this time o* the year. shapeless (oat and shabby hats. +as not +orth takin' into a((o%nt. 're+ alon' it at inter&als. <en had 'ot her (ome.alentine +as said to be &ery sensiti&e on that point. 9n(e +e're into De(ember there's so m%(h 'oin' on." said 7atherine slo+ly. -%t nobody kne+ or dreamed. "+enty years later Sophy Sin(lair +as to be one o* the leadin' a(tresses in meri(a. b%t she kne+ as +ell as she had e&er kno+n anythin' in her li*e that <en Prin'le +as in no more dan'er o* tonsillitis than she +as. "I'm 'lad I happened to be here this e&enin'. "-%t +hat do yo% intend to do) 2et some one to read the part) "hat +o%ld r%in it . Well. . "he (ost%me +ill *it her and. stared at her in ama5ement. It +as insisted on the spot that she be(ome a permanent member o* the Dramati( 8l%b. nne +ent do+n to the old 'ra&eyard alon' a deep." Miss ..alentine had not a drop o* Prin'le blood in her and one o* nne's *a&orite p%pils +as her nephe+. She kne+ Miss . loo$ed Mary in her &el&et robes and r%** and 3e+els. Mary is the +hole play. nne had not e. Mrs. (omin' o%t darkly a'ainst the amethyst o* the *ar hills@ b%t the old 'ra&eyard. somber *ir trees. . Sophy hersel* least o* all. <ames Prin'le took a tale home to her da%'hter <en +hi(h +o%ld ha&e t%rned that damsel's eyes 'reen i* they had not been already so. nne had +anted to +ander abo%t by hersel*.alentine slipped an arm thro%'h hers and pro(eeded to do the honors o* the 'ra&eyard.likeness. St%dents o* S%mmerside /i'h. to r%in the play be(a%se she. +here there +ere e&idently as many 8o%rtaloes b%ried as Prin'les." said Miss . as did e&eryone in S%mmerside. It +as a deliberate de&i(e. *rom +hi(h =o&ember +inds had not yet stripped all the lea&es. had sponsored it. :or on(e. li&in' or dead. as <en Prin'le (o%ld ne&er ha&e been . "I (an tell yo% all abo%t e&erybody b%ried here. nne hersel* paid the membership *ee.alentine 8o%rtaloe." "We are not 'oin' to postpone it. tasseled +ith *rosted *erns. " nd that means *ail%re. She +as not 'oin' to say it to 7atherine -rooke. -%t probably no pla%dits e&er so%nded so s+eet in her ears as the +ild appla%se amid +hi(h the (%rtain *ell that ni'ht in S%mmerside to+n hall. "9h. her eyes as 'reen as <en's o+n.

b%t a Di'by.*ind a 'ra&eyard real en3oyable. .' /e took si. . I'm 'oin' to die toni'ht at ten min%tes past ele&en b%t that's no reason +hy +e sho%ldn't ha&e a real 'ood 'ossip *or the last. "he 8o%rtaloes are b%ried in this (orner." said Miss . I'&e heard he made *o%rteen h%ndred in the (o%rse o* his li*e. +e'&e had a terrible lot o* *%nerals in o%r *amily.alentine 3ealo%sly." "My poor yo%n' sister /arriet lies here. I ne&er m%(h +anted to be married b%t I think it +o%ld ha&e been ni(e to be en'a'ed. not b%ried here . . my dear$ /e married 2eor'ina "roop. . "My 2reat. . and he +asn't re(on(iled to dyin'. "My (o%sin Dora is b%ried here. o&er in that (orner %nder the s%ma(s . %nt 8e(ilia. . her to say somethin'. It +o%ld be a pity to let them 'o to +aste. "he last time I e&er sa+ her she said to me. . She had three darlin' little (hildren. Di(k and /arry is bein' b%ried in the ne+. mebbe.'rand*ather +o%ld be (hoked +ith spinnin'. . . I did *eel a little re'ret*%l o&er re*%sin' him . '"heir +orks do *ollo+ them. She +as en'a'ed +hen she di**erent kinds o* medi(ine b%t in spite o* that he lin'ered *or a 'ood +hile. 'Sit do+n. I like a +alk here better than in the ne+.t. 9h. nne mi'ht not ha&e remarked so de(idedly. ":rank Di'by ." lookin' at a 'ra&estone adorned +ith a sk%ll and (ross. . Most o* %s died o* a (o%'h.'rand*ather 8o%rtaloe is b%ried here. "here's a (abba'e rose planted at the *oot o* e&ery 'ra&e and. . abo%t the (olor o* yo%rs . +anted me.bones as i* she 6%estioned the 'ood taste o* that also. . "hey tell me yo%'re en'a'ed. . b%t a 8o%rtaloe (o%ldn't marry e(erybody. It rea(hed to her knees. Miss Shirley)" /ad any one b%t a Prin'le said it. I'&e had some (han(es o* (o%rse . +as the more interestin' to talk to. "his is my %nt -essie's 'ra&e. .'reat.3ar. . She had three h%sbands b%t they all died &ery rapidly. Poor Dora didn't seem to ha&e any l%(k pi(kin' a healthy man. not so red perhaps. I s%ppose so. (o%ld she)" It did not seem likely she (o%ld. . is that she did die that ni'ht at ten min%tes past ele&en. sit do+n.'reat.ty. She al+ays +ent to (h%r(h a little late to sho+ o** her (lothes. "We're (ery (ons%mpti&e. Miss Shirley) =ot peppermints ." said nne. . "She had ma'ni*i(ent hair . my dear. . ll >n(le Da&id 8o%rtaloe's *amily are here. . My. 8an yo% tell me ho+ she kne+ it)" nne (o%ldn't. . "I (ertainly do not. Miss Shirley." "I s%ppose e&ery old *amily has. Dora told him he +as 'oin' to a better +orld.' says poor -en.' and old Myrom Prin'le said in that (ase the road to hea&en behind my 'reat. 'Mebbe. she +as *ond o* (lothes.' "he stran'e thin'. perhaps I +as too *astidio%s . . She +as b%ried in s%(h a pretty bl%e dress . don't yo% think)" "I . . I made it *or her to +ear to a +eddin' b%t in the end she +ore it to her o+n *%neral. /e (ame o%t in 1F?A and he made spinnin'. She +as a saint i* e&er there +as one./ si'hed Miss . "Don't tell me any *amily has e&er had as many as o%rs. "hey %sed to sit in *ront o* me at (h%r(h and I al+ays 'a&e them (andy. . . don't yo% think) -%t the poor thin's don't like . My.+heels *or a li&in'. be(a%se Miss .alentine. -%t there's no do%bt her sister. don't they bloom$ I (ome here e&ery s%mmer and 'ather them *or my rose. Do yo% think it +ron' to 'i&e (hildren (andy in (h%r(h. . Do yo% think s%(h a remark +as in 'ood taste. /er last one +as -en3amin -annin' . It's only the old *amilies that are b%ried here b%t e&ery "om. .+heels. that +o%ld be all ri'ht . . 'b%t I'm sorter %sed to the imper*e(tions o* this one. When he died the minister prea(hed *rom the te. .alentine e&idently e. there's somethin' religious abo%t peppermints. b%ried in Lo+&ale beside his *irst +i*e .

I o*ten +onder i* she's in hea&en or not.alentine pressed her arm sympatheti(ally. she al+ays hated her sister. I +as at their 'olden +eddin'. -%t they han' to'ether so and Miss Sarah did +ant that (o%sin o* theirs to 'et the s(hool.traordinary ins(ription$ /ad she no other name)" "I* she had." said Miss .(ept *or that one thin'. 9n(e he kind o* s%spe(ted she'd p%t arseni( in his porrid'e.alentine.&/ read nne in ama5ement. "his is Mrs.alentine's reminis(en(es be(ame a bit spi(ier. I think it +o%ld be (haritable to belie&e that he +as mistaken abo%t . la(e and *lo+ers . +hat he did on(e +hen she bo%'ht a hat he didn't like)" "I (an't ima'ine. =athan al+ays belie&ed his +i*e +as tryin' to poison him b%t he didn't seem to mind. She +as a *aith*%l. It's 3%st the old Satan that's 'ot into them. /e +ent o%t and *ed it to a pi'. it isn't. . Prin'le./ "'Sa(red to the memory o* 0iss !insey. ""he =athan Prin'les are here.them. "What an e." When the 8o%rtaloe's plots +ere e. Still.s(ore and ten be(a%se that is the -ible limit. ." said Miss .like. She 'a&e her name as Miss 7insey and e&erybody (alled her that." "-%t +hy)" 'asped a rather sho(ked nne. 9* (o%rse I didn't see him eat it. Mary nn. Se&enty to a day +hen she died. Do yo% kno+. Don't yo% 'i&e in to them no matter +hat they do. nd she +as a +oman +ho al+ays kept her +ord." "/e et it. So they p%t that on her stone . . She died s%ddenly and then it +as dis(o&ered that nobody kne+ her *irst name and she had no relations that anybody (o%ld *ind. .ha%sted Miss ." said nne bitterly. Do yo% s%ppose it +as)" "I'd belie&e anythin' o* a Prin'le. . . . no *eathers." "Sometimes I think it is. "=o. "She (ame *rom =o&a S(otia and +orked *or the 2eor'e Prin'les *or *orty years. Miss . my dear . People do say s%(h *%nny thin's. nd there are plenty o* people +o%ld like to see yo% 'et the better o* them. .(itin'. . It did not make so m%(h di**eren(e i* yo% +eren't a 8o%rtaloe. It's terrible the +ay they're treatin' yo%. "9ld Mrs. the 2eor'e Prin'les b%ried her &ery ni(ely and paid *or the mon%ment. my dear.+orkin' (reat%re b%t i* yo%'d e&er seen her yo%'d ha&e tho%'ht she +as born Miss 7insey. . "he <ames Morleys are here. I %nderstand he had 'na+in' pains in his stoma(h *or 6%ite a time. -%t he said maybe it +as only a (oin(iden(e and any+ay he (o%ldn't be s%re it +as the same pi'. . :olks say she +o%ld ha&e tho%'ht it +ron' to die a day older than three. hard. b%t I'&e al+ays been ass%red the story +as tr%e. !%ssell Prin'le is here. /e said it made li*e kind o* e. . and their (hildren all home and them smilin' . -%t S%mmerside isn't all Prin'le. it m%st ha&e been rather indi'estible. +ho had died a *e+ months be*ore. .alentine solemnly. "he pi' died three +eeks a*ter+ards. "9* (o%rse it +as only a small hat . . don't they) I'&e heard that dyin' +as the only thin' she e&er dared do +itho%t askin' her h%sband. 'I* Mary nn is in hea&en I +on't stay there. <anetta -ird. nobody e&er kne+ it. . . Miss Shirley. indeed I do. Dan Prin'le . In the end she died be*ore him and he said she'd al+ays been a real 'ood +i*e to him e.' says she. 'i*ts and spee(hes and *lo+ers . "I *eel *or yo% . S%(h a to." said nne +ith a r%e*%l smile. She +as born a Prin'le and married her (o%sin !%ssell. "Well.

alentine's tales." t the 'ra&eyard 'ate nne t%rned and looked ba(k. my dear. Sarah or no Sarah. /o+ terrible . /e +as al+ays s%spe(ted o* bein' the reason +hy nnetta 7ennedy dro+ned hersel*. b%t I ne&er (o%ld brin' mysel* to eat one. +hen the mo%se dropped o%t o* the *lo+ers on Meta Prin'le's hat +hen she bo+ed in prayer. to%(hin' a 'ra&estone here and there. "he Ma("abbs +ere all handsome b%t yo% (o%ld ne&er belie&e a +ord they said. I o*ten +onder ho+ they mana'e to lie here so pea(eably side by side. pea(e*%l h%sh lay o&er the +indless land. almost all their married li*e in *a(t. "/o+ %'ly$" said nne (andidly. s(raps o* the epitaph. /e had to +heel Peter Ma("abb do+n Main Street on(e. in a +heelbarro+. When he t%rned %p ali&e the *amily took the stone do+n. I* he +as li&in' they +o%ldn't be perse(%tin' yo% the +ay they are. . . ll S%mmerside t%rned o%t to see it . . stran'e. "here %sed to be a stone here *or his >n(le Sam%el. is 8aptain braham Prin'le's mon%ment. Sam%el %sed it *or a bakin'. It seemed to me that la%'h o* his couldn&t die. . *or an ele(tion bet. /e al+ays made yo% la%'h. "alk abo%t a marble slab *or mi. . Sometimes I think. Milly Prin'le is here. my dear. Lon' *in'ers o* moonli'ht +ere be'innin' to pier(e the darklin' *irs. I don't +onder Sarah and Ellen are pro%d o* him. nonsense$ "he Prin'les +ere 'ettin' on her ner&es. I'm pe(%liar that +ay. . b%t it spoiled the sermon *or me. "hey had *or years and years .and bo+in' and 3%st hatin' ea(h other as hard as they (o%ld. . she said. I think it 'i&es 6%ite a to%(h o* ele'an(e to the 'ra&eyard. 8aptain braham +as a &ery *ine old man.*ooted as a *airy. . and hatin' ea(h other thro%'h it all$ 0et they m%st ha&e lo&ed to be'in +ith. "he Ma("abb (hildren +ere al+ays brin'in' (ookies to s(hool +ith raised letters and *i'%res on them . +ho +as reported dro+ned at sea *i*ty years a'o. E&ery one kne+ it. "9h. "/andsome <ohn Ma("abb is b%ried here. . -%t I s%ppose a 8hristian sho%ldn't be harborin' s%(h tho%'hts. She +as so pretty and as li'ht. "hat is s%pposed to be 2abriel blo+in' his tr%mpet. . *his. o* (o%rse. /erb sat behind me and s%(h a sho%t as he 'a&e. I +as &ery *ond o* Milly.board. o* (o%rse. e. . It is a 'reat pity he is dead. People +ho (o%ldn't see the mo%se tho%'ht he'd 'one (ra5y. sittin' opposite ea(h other at table . *hey nearly died o* shame.(ept the Prin'les. "his is /erb Prin'le's 'ra&e. +earin' a bonnet. . I* he +as ali&e he'd stand %p *or yo%. /e la%'hed ri'ht o%t in (h%r(h on(e . I p%lled my skirts ti'ht abo%t my ankles and held them there till (h%r(h +as o%t. !eally. . I didn't kno+ +here the mo%se had 'one. and makin' stran'e shado+s amon' them. /arley Prin'le is here. do yo% think so)" Miss ." "/atin' ea(h other)" "-itterly. "It +as tho%'ht &ery handsome +hen it +as ere(ted. It (ost nine h%ndred dollars." It dominated the +hole 'ra&eyard. /e +as one o* the 3olly Prin'les. 'oin' to (h%r(h +ith their babies to be (hristened . . ." 'ain nne shi&ered. "he man they bo%'ht it *rom +o%ldn't take it ba(k so Mrs. .alentine seemed rather sho(ked. "hey 6%arreled on the +ay home *rom (h%r(h a*ter the +eddin'. e&en i* she +as a Prin'le. . "hey 'a&e them a+ay real '' on$ "hat old tombstone +as 3%st *ine. -%t the 'ra&eyard +asn't a sad pla(e a*ter all. tho%'h I think they (arry it a bit too *ar. Was it possible she and 2ilbert (o%ld e&er . the people in it seemed ali&e a*ter Miss . :o%r re(edin' plat*orms o* stone *ormed a s6%are pedestal on +hi(h rose a h%'e pillar o* marble topped +ith a ridi(%lo%s draped %rn beneath +hi(h a *at (her%b +as blo+in' a horn. on ni'hts like this she m%st slip o%t o* her 'ra&e and dan(e like she %sed to do. . ' didn't *eel m%(h like la%'hin'. . lyin' do+n beside ea(h other at ni'ht . Mr.

I +onder they let her. . .er(ise poppin' %p in (lass that I (an't do. to speak ill o* the dead)" +hispered Miss . Miss Shirley. espe(ially sin(e old Mrs. 2ilbert. . . . ." promised nne. . . "Eli5abeth still (omes *or the milk. Miss 8o%rtaloe's stories +ere so *%nny. and I think death +o%ld sho+ it to them. dearest. "I think '+end yo%r +ay' is a lo&ely phrase and I +ork it in +hene&er I (an. "Do yo% think it is really +ron' ." said Miss . . . . 6 "I +ended my +ay to the 'ra&eyard this e&enin'. . as yo% lo&e me and the (at tribe. "he only thin' that ha%nts me is that tale o* the t+o +ho li&ed to'ether *i*ty years and hated ea(h other all that time. . Miss Shirley. nd +hat +o%ld the Prin'les say then. . +ill yo%)" "0o% may be s%re I +on't. . ill. rather %n*air . Somebody has said that 'hate is only lo&e that has missed its +ay. ." +rote nne to 2ilbert a*ter she 'ot home. . 2eometry e. and she said +ist*%lly. Miss ha&e taken the pla(e o* +hat !ebe((a (alls my 'literary e**orts. "0o% +on't p%t the thin's I'&e told yo% in yo%r stories.alentine an. . . they do dress her ni(ely . She asked me not to tell 8hatty ." and Miss . then . . mo%se ran o&er !ebe((a De+'s *oot in the pantry the other day and she . b%t it sometimes seems so slo+ in (omin'. pray *or a poor broken. -%t yo% didn't say anythin' &ery dread*%l o* anybody. . tho%'h the Woman is pretty +ell o&er her bron(hitis. .' I am s%re that Woman +o%ld pre&ent Eli5abeth *rom sin'in' on any day i* she (o%ld$ "Eli5abeth had on a ne+ dress that ni'ht. .a(tly either. "Last ni'ht +hen I +ent do+n late *or a drink o* +ater I *o%nd %nt 7ate b%ttermilkin' her *a(e in the she +as -etty that ni'ht I think . . 3%st as I really lo&ed yo% all those years I tho%'ht I hated yo% . "9nly .io%sly. It so%nds *%nny to say I en3oyed my stroll in the 'ra&eyard b%t I really did. . 'I tho%'ht I looked a little bit pretty +hen I p%t it on toni'ht. I promised I +o%ldn't. a dark +ine (olor . "I don't s%ppose it's e. or dan'ero%s . Last Sat%rday ni'ht Eli5abeth . . . 8omedy and tra'edy are so mi.%sed "homas (at. I'm 'lad ' *o%nd o%t in li*e. oh. .ed %p in li*e. I +ish +e (o%ld h%rry time a bit." "I told yo% =athan Prin'le tho%'ht his +i*e +as tryin' to poison him . ran in sin'in' +hen she le*t me and I distin(tly heard the Woman say to her at the por(h door. I m%st +ork o%t some 'eometri(al e." said nne. as they +ent do+n the lane. she +o%ld think it so silly. ." "-%t yo% 'i&e her the bene*it o* the do%bt ."I'&e heard yo% +rite.' I *eel s%re that %nder the hatred they really lo&ed ea(h other . . 'It's too near the Sabbath *or yo% to be sin'in' that son'.hearted.alentine +ent her +ay reass%red. dead ones. . and I +ished *ather (o%ld see me.' "he spe(ter that ha%nts my daily path no+ is the dread o* an e. I (an't belie&e they really did.alentine a bit an.' "=o+. 8ampbell is a Prin'le. . nd I ha&e *o%nd o%t there are some de(ent Prin'les . like hittin' those +ho (an't de*end themsel&es. 9* (o%rse he +ill see me in "omorro+ . +hat +o%ld the Prin'les say then$ "Mean+hile.

*or I (a%'ht her at it . ambitio%s boy and nne *elt a spe(ial interest in him. . "hen she tho%'ht o* the battered old seaman's (hest she had seen in the ba(k o* the hall %pstairs and re(alled Mrs. /is %n(le and a%nt +ere a rather odd and %n(o%th pair.spelled. "his is the last stra+. . b%t all she *o%nd +as an old yello+ed diary or "lo'" +hi(h ndy -ry(e seemed to ha&e kept all thro%'h his years at sea. o* (o%rse. "he diary +as *%ll o* ill. .(ept in the pleas%re it 'a&e Wil*red. ll I +ant is *or yo% to keep yo%r eyes open +hen yo% are &isitin' ro%nd in other people's homes and i* yo% *ind or hear o* any old diaries or maps or anythin' like that. . I +ant to 'et thin's like that *or my book as +ell as statisti(s and 'enealo'i(al tables. -%t his admiration had not. "-%t I (an't ask them. espe(ially in one +ild enterprise o* beatin' ro%nd the /orn." D%n(an sent +ord ba(k that she (o%ld "root" in it all she liked and i* she *o%nd any "do(kymints" she (o%ld ha&e them. Wil*red -ry(e's home +as in Lo+&ale. e. it seemed. '"hat 8at does nothin' b%t eat and sleep and let mi(e o&err%n e&erythin'. It (o%ld not be said that she en3oyed her &isit o&erm%(h. -ry(e i* they had any s%(h old re(ords. s%nny De(ember day nne +ent o%t to Lo+&ale to attend a t%rkey s%pper." said nne. or (o%ld *ind. ndy +as learned in sea lore and had 'one on many &oya'es +ith 8aptain braham Prin'le. and at *irst nne +ondered ho+ she +as 'oin' to p%t in the day. 0o%'&e no idea +hat interestin' thin's I'&e *o%nd in old diaries . Wil*red +as a*raid that he +o%ld not be able to 'o ba(k a*ter =e+ 0ear." nne asked Mrs. I'm not e. "there's old >n(le ndy's (hist %p there. "here mi'ht be somethin' in it. . little bits o* real li*e that make the old pioneers li&e a'ain. try to 'et the loan o* them *or me.tended to braham's . +ith sho+ers o* sno+. Stanton's re6%est. assists him none too 'ently +ith her *oot +hen she lets him o%t. Mrs." 7 9ne :riday e&enin'. ""he Prin'les. Mrs. %n'rammati(al trib%tes to the 8aptain's (o%ra'e and reso%r(e*%lness. . and he had asked her shyly i* she +o%ld 'o o%t +ith him a*ter s(hool. She *elt tired and sleepy a*ter the late ho%rs o* the t%rkey s%pper@ Wil*red had to help thrash@ and there +as not e&en a book in si' nne a'reed." /' (an't ask them either. . e. hopin' that she mi'ht be able to in*l%en(e the %n(le to let Wil*red keep on 'oin' to /i'h S(hool. +hom he e&idently admired immensely. 0o% kno+ the Prin'les and Stantons ha&e ne&er been *riends. +here he li&ed +ith an %n(le.' So she (hi&ies him *rom pillar to post. /e +as a (le&er." she told nne. -ry(e shook her head. I'll 'o o%t and ask D%n(an i* ye kin root in it. I kno+. . ha&e lots that I (o%ld' yo% to. . nne be'%iled the stormy *orenoon a+ay by readin' it +ith interest and am%sement.has *%med e&er sin(e. 'o to the t%rkey s%pper in the (h%r(h and spend Sat%rday at his home. /e %sed to sail +ith old 8aptain braham Prin'le. Stanton +as +ritin' a history o* Prin(e 8o%nty and had asked nne i* she kne+ o*. "=ot as I kno+s on. Sat%rday mornin' +as +indy and dark. "9h. %n*ort%nately. at the end o* a mild. nne a((ordin'ly rooted.. any old diaries or do(%ments that mi'ht be help*%l." bri'htenin' %p . /e'd been meanin' to b%rn the h%ll (ontents any+ay and take the (hest *or a tool. . In (o%rse . ro%ts him o** his *a&orite (%shion and .

Miss Shirley. nne had talked D%n(an -ry(e into lettin' Wil*red *inish o%t his year in /i'h S(hool. both o* them *eelin' happy. "hen she *ell into a re&erie.haired +omen (o%ld al+ays do +hat they liked +ith me.' -%t I don't think it +as yo%r hair. . '!ed. Why sho%ld she try to please them or (ater to their abs%rd pride. . " ==E S/I!LE0. nne +ent to sleep *or keeps. "here +as nothin' in the book that (o%ld be o* any %se to Mrs. +ho had shot himsel*. Stanton. She +o%ldn't be petty. nd I +o%ldn't be a bit s%rprised i* they sent it ha%'htily ba(k to me." "Myrom is home. altho%'h it is so bea%ti*%l. "DE ! MISS P!I=2LE# "I +onder i* yo% +o%ld be interested in this old diary. Seemed to think it a 'ood 3oke. Mr. In the end they et %p <onas Selkirk. . b%t +o%ldn't Miss Sarah and Miss Ellen be interested in it sin(e it (ontained so m%(h abo%t their adored old *ather) S%ppose she sent it to them) D%n(an -ry(e had said she (o%ld do as she liked +ith it. /e said to me o%t in the barn." . +ho +as also a (aptain b%t o* a di**erent ship. only their pride in their *ather. "hey and their (lan had beaten her." said Wil*red. /a&in' settled this. nne had a horror o* bein' petty ." ""hat's a horribly sti** note. +hi(h +as 'reat eno%'h no+ +itho%t any more *ood) "hey had set themsel&es to dri&e her o%t o* the s(hool and they +ere s%((eedin'. . +hi(h seemed all the more horri*yin' *or ndy's %nimpassioned statement o* the 'rim *a(ts. . ""hen I'll mana'e E%een's *or a year and a*ter that tea(h and ed%(ate mysel*. indeed$ t *o%r she +as in the s+ithers a'ain. Myrom told me this himsel*. Monday mornin' she +rapped %p the old diary (are*%lly and sent it to Miss Sarah +ith a little note./ t t+o o'(lo(k that ni'ht nne +oke %p and de(ided that she +o%ld send ndy -ry(e's diary to Mapleh%rst. "hey li&ed on him till the 0ary G. =o. like the Pyes. you. she +o%ldn't. =early star&ed. nd they had so little to make li*e +arm . t three she +oke a'ain and de(ided she +o%ldn't." tho%'ht nne. *ter all. /is +i*e made him mad and he %p and thro+ed a 'lass o* +ater in her *a(e. :inally she determined she +o%ld send it to them. /is ship +as b%rned and they took to the boats. Miss Shirley) >n(le +o%ldn't ha&e listened to any one else. b%t I don't think it +o%ld be o* any %se to her and I tho%'ht yo% mi'ht like to ha&e it. "0o%rs sin(erely. It +as 3%st . thinkin' ho+ lo&ely it +as to +ake %p in the ni'ht and hear the *irst sno+storm o* the +inter aro%nd yo%r to+er and then sn%''le do+n in yo%r blankets and dri*t into dreamland a'ain. "b%t I (an't +rite nat%rally to them. pi(ked them Myrom. -ry(e 'a&e it to me *or Mrs. "/o+ (an I e&er repay yo%. b%t he likes yo%. +ho is +ritin' a history o* the (o%nty." nne shi&ered o&er this last entry. Wil*red took her ba(k to Windy Poplars that e&enin'. . Stanton. ">p to Myrom Prin'le's toni'ht. she had a bit o* likin' *or the old ladies. Miss Sarah pretendin' to be dea*.

In the *ine bl%e o* the early +inter e&enin' !ebe((a De+ 'ot the sho(k o* her li*e. "he Mapleh%rst (arria'e dro&e alon' Spook's Lane, o&er the po+dery sno+, and stopped at the *ront 'ate. Miss Ellen 'ot o%t o* it and then . . . to e&ery one's ama5ement . . . Miss Sarah, +ho had not le*t Mapleh%rst *or ten years. ""hey're (omin' to the *ront door," 'asped !ebe((a De+, pani(.stri(ken. "Where else +o%ld a Prin'le (ome to)" asked %nt 7ate. "9* (o%rse . . . o* (o%rse . . . b%t it sti(ks," said !ebe((a tra'i(ally. "It does sti(k . . . yo% kno+ it does. nd it hasn't been opened sin(e +e ho%se.(leaned last sprin'. "his is the last stra+." "he *ront door did sti(k . . . b%t !ebe((a De+ +ren(hed it open +ith desperate &iolen(e and sho+ed the Mapleh%rst ladies into the parlor. ""hank hea&en, +e'&e had a *ire in it today," she tho%'ht, "and all I hope is "hat 8at hasn't haired %p the so*a. I* Sarah Prin'le 'ot (at hairs on her dress in o%r parlor . . ." !ebe((a De+ dared not ima'ine the (onse6%en(es. She (alled nne *rom the to+er room, Miss Sarah ha&in' asked i* Miss Shirley +ere in, and then betook hersel* to the kit(hen, hal* mad +ith (%riosity as to +hat on earth +as brin'in' the old Prin'le 'irls to see Miss Shirley. "I* there's any more perse(%tion in the +ind . . ." said !ebe((a De+ darkly. nne hersel* des(ended +ith (onsiderable trepidation. /ad they (ome to ret%rn the diary +ith i(y s(orn) It +as little, +rinkled, in*le,ible Miss Sarah +ho rose and spoke +itho%t preamble +hen nne entered the room. "We ha&e (ome to (apit%late," she said bitterly. "We (an do nothin' else . . . o* (o%rse yo% kne+ that +hen yo% *o%nd that s(andalo%s entry abo%t poor >n(le Myrom. It +asn't tr%e . . . it couldn&t be tr%e. >n(le Myrom +as 3%st takin' a rise o%t o* ndy -ry(e . . . ndy +as so (red%lo%s. -%t e&erybody o%tside o* o%r *amily +ill be 'lad to belie&e it. 0o% kne+ it +o%ld make %s all a la%'hin' sto(k . . . and +orse. 9h, yo% are &ery (le&er. We admit that. <en +ill apolo'i5e and beha&e hersel* in *%t%re . . . I, Sarah Prin'le, ass%re yo% o* that. I* yo% +ill only promise not to tell Mrs. Stanton . . . not to tell any one . . . +e +ill do anythin' . . . anything./ Miss Sarah +r%n' her *ine la(e handker(hie* in her little bl%e.&eined hands. She +as literally tremblin'. nne stared in ama5ement . . . and horror. "he poor old darlin's$ "hey tho%'ht she had been threatenin' them$ "9h, yo%'&e mis%nderstood me dread*%lly," she e,(laimed, takin' Miss Sarah's poor, piteo%s hands. "I . . . I ne&er dreamed yo% +o%ld think I +as tryin' to . . . oh, it +as 3%st be(a%se I tho%'ht yo% +o%ld like to ha&e all those interestin' details abo%t yo%r splendid *ather. I ne&er dreamed o* sho+in' or tellin' that other little item to any one. I didn't think it +as o* the least importan(e. nd I ne&er +ill." "here +as a moment's silen(e. "hen Miss Sarah *reed her hands 'ently, p%t her handker(hie* to her eyes and sat do+n, +ith a *aint bl%sh on her *ine +rinkled *a(e. "We . . . +e ha(e mis%nderstood yo%, my dear. nd +e'&e . . . +e'&e been abominable to yo%. Will yo% *or'i&e %s)"

/al* an ho%r later . . . a hal* ho%r +hi(h nearly +as the death o* !ebe((a De+ . . . the Misses Prin'le +ent a+ay. It had been a hal* ho%r o* *riendly (hat and dis(%ssion abo%t the non.(omb%stible items o* ndy's diary. t the *ront door Miss Sarah . . . +ho had not had the least tro%ble +ith her hearin' d%rin' the inter&ie+ . . . t%rned ba(k *or a moment and took a bit o* paper, (o&ered +ith &ery *ine, sharp +ritin', *rom her reti(%le. "I had almost *or'otten . . . +e promised Mrs. Ma(Lean o%r re(ipe *or po%nd (ake some time a'o. Perhaps yo% +on't mind handin' it to her) nd tell her the s+eatin' pro(ess is &ery important . . . 6%ite indispensable, indeed. Ellen, yo%r bonnet is sli'htly o&er one ear. 0o% had better ad3%st it be*ore +e lea&e. We . . . +e +ere some+hat a'itated +hile dressin'." nne told the +ido+s and !ebe((a De+ that she had 'i&en ndy -ry(e's old diary to the ladies o* Mapleh%rst and that they had (ome to thank her *or it. With this e,planation they had to be (ontented, altho%'h !ebe((a De+ al+ays *elt that there +as more behind it than that . . . m%(h more. 2ratit%de *or an old *aded, toba((o.stained diary +o%ld ne&er ha&e bro%'ht Sarah Prin'le to the *ront door o* Windy Poplars. Miss Shirley +as deep . . . &ery deep$ "I'm 'oin' to open that *ront door on(e a day a*ter this," &o+ed !ebe((a. "<%st to keep it in pra(ti(e. I all b%t +ent o&er *lat +hen it did 'i&e +ay. Well, +e'&e 'ot the re(ipe *or the po%nd (ake any+ay. ", e''s$ I* yo%'d dispose o* "hat 8at and let me keep hens +e mi'ht be able to a**ord it on(e a year." Where%pon !ebe((a De+ mar(hed to the kit(hen and 'ot s6%are +ith *ate by 'i&in' "hat 8at milk +hen she kne+ he +anted li&er. "he Shirley.Prin'le *e%d +as o&er. =obody o%tside o* the Prin'les e&er kne+ +hy, b%t S%mmerside people %nderstood that Miss Shirley, sin'le.handed, had, in some mysterio%s +ay, ro%ted the +hole (lan, +ho ate o%t o* her hand *rom then on. <en (ame ba(k to s(hool the ne,t day and apolo'i5ed meekly to nne be*ore the +hole room. She +as a model p%pil therea*ter and e&ery Prin'le st%dent *ollo+ed her lead. s *or the ad%lt Prin'les, their anta'onism &anished like mist be*ore the s%n. "here +ere no more (omplaints re'ardin' "discipline" or home +ork. =o more o* the *ine, s%btle sn%bs (hara(teristi( o* the ilk. "hey *airly *ell o&er one another tryin' to be ni(e to nne. =o dan(e or skatin' party +as (omplete +itho%t her. :or, altho%'h the *atal diary had been (ommitted to the *lames by Miss Sarah hersel*, memory +as memory and Miss Shirley had a tale to tell i* she (hose to tell it. It +o%ld ne&er do to ha&e that nosey Mrs. Stanton kno+ that 8aptain Myrom Prin'le had been a (annibal$

(+,tract from letter to Gilbert" "I am in my to+er and !ebe((a De+ is (arolin' ould ' but climb. in the kit(hen. Whi(h reminds me that the minister's +i*e has asked me to sin' in the (hoir$ 9* (o%rse the Prin'les ha&e told her to do it. I may do it on the S%ndays I don't spend at 2reen 2ables. "he Prin'les ha&e held o%t the ri'ht hand o* *ello+ship +ith a &en'ean(e . . . a((epted me lo(k, sto(k and barrel. What a (lan$

"I'&e been to three Prin'le parties. I set nothin' do+n in mali(e b%t I think all the Prin'le 'irls are imitatin' my style o* hair.dressin'. Well, 'imitation is the sin(erest *lattery.' nd, 2ilbert, I'm really likin' them . . . as I al+ays kne+ I +o%ld i* they +o%ld 'i&e me a (han(e. I'm e&en be'innin' to s%spe(t that sooner or later I'll *ind mysel* likin' <en. She (an be (harmin' +hen she +ants to be and it is &ery e&ident she +ants to be. "Last ni'ht I bearded the lion in his den . . . in other +ords, I +ent boldly %p the *ront steps o* "he E&er'reens to the s6%are por(h +ith the *o%r +hite+ashed iron %rns in its (orners, and ran' the bell. When Miss Monkman (ame to the door I asked her i* she +o%ld lend little Eli5abeth to me *or a +alk. I e,pe(ted a re*%sal, b%t a*ter the Woman had 'one in and (on*erred +ith Mrs. 8ampbell, she (ame ba(k and said do%rly that Eli5abeth (o%ld 'o b%t, please, I +asn't to keep her o%t late. I +onder i* e&en Mrs. 8ampbell has 'ot her orders *rom Miss Sarah. "Eli5abeth (ame dan(in' do+n the dark stair+ay, lookin' like a pi,y in a red (oat and little 'reen (ap, and almost spee(hless *or 3oy. "'I *eel all s6%irmy and e,(ited, Miss Shirley,' she +hispered as soon as +e 'ot a+ay. 'I'm -etty . . . I'm al+ays -etty +hen I *eel like that.' "We +ent as *ar do+n the !oad that Leads to the End o* the World as +e dared and then ba(k. "oni'ht the harbor, lyin' dark %nder a (rimson s%nset, seemed *%ll o* impli(ations o* '*airylands *orlorn' and mysterio%s isles in %n(harted seas. I thrilled to it and so did the mite I held by the hand. "'I* +e ran hard, Miss Shirley, (o%ld +e 'et into the s%nset)' she +anted to kno+. I remembered Pa%l and his *an(ies abo%t the 's%nset land.' "'We m%st +ait *or "omorro+ be*ore +e (an do that,' I said. 'Look, Eli5abeth, at that 'olden island o* (lo%d 3%st o&er the harbor mo%th. Let's pretend that's yo%r island o* /appiness.' "'"here is an island do+n there some+here,' said Eli5abeth dreamily. 'Its name is :lyin' 8lo%d. Isn't that a lo&ely name . . . a name 3%st o%t o* "omorro+) I (an see it *rom the 'arret +indo+s. It belon's to a 'entleman *rom -oston and he has a s%mmer home there. -%t I pretend it's mine.' " t the door I stooped and kissed Eli5abeth's (heek be*ore she +ent in. I shall ne&er *or'et her eyes. 2ilbert, that (hild is 3%st star&ed *or lo&e. ""oni'ht, +hen she (ame o&er *or her milk, I sa+ that she had been (ryin'. "'"hey . . . they made me +ash yo%r kiss o**, Miss Shirley,' she sobbed. 'I didn't +ant e&er to +ash my *a(e a'ain. I (o%ed I +o%ldn't. -e(a%se, yo% see, I didn't +ant to +ash yo%r kiss o**. I 'ot a+ay to s(hool this mornin' +itho%t doin' it, b%t toni'ht the Woman 3%st took me and scrubbed it o**.' "I kept a strai'ht *a(e. "'0o% (o%ldn't 'o thro%'h li*e +itho%t +ashin' yo%r *a(e o((asionally, darlin'. -%t ne&er mind abo%t the kiss. I'll kiss yo% e&ery ni'ht +hen yo% (ome *or the milk and then it +on't matter i* it is +ashed o** the ne,t mornin'.' "'0o% are the only person +ho lo&es me in the +orld,' said Eli5abeth. 'When yo% talk to me I smell &iolets.' "Was anybody e&er paid a prettier (ompliment) -%t I (o%ldn't 6%ite let the *irst senten(e pass.

It is 'a dreamin' to+n. she hates me. 'ood$ "So is Miss Sarah's po%nd (ake. -%t it appeared that she had tro%bles o* her o+n. . 0o%r 'randmother and Miss Monkman are both old people and old people are easily dist%rbed and +orried. /e is the ne+ /ead o* the Modern Lan'%a'es Department at !edmond and dread*%lly . "hi(k stars are lo+ o&er it all. darlin'. . or are there not. "hat is +hy +e +ant yo% espe(ially. so that none o* the S%mmerside 'irls *eared her as a possible ri&al. pl%mp little (reat%re. I (an re(ommend it. /ere and there a li'ht is 'leamin' in 'able and dormer. +as po%rin' o%t her +oes to nne. "hey (lin' to the old +ay. I (an ne&er be (ertain. /ere and there is a s%''estion o* 'ray. Li*e is 'ood .' Isn't that a lo&ely phrase) 0o% remember . . "hen she said deliberately# "'2randmother and the Woman are 3%st t+o old tyrants and +hen "omorro+ (omes I'm 'oin' to es(ape them *ore&er. . *riendly at last sin(e the Prin'les are my *riends. "I (an see o&er S%mmerside *rom the le*t +indo+ in the to+er. and there +as somethin' abo%t her that made yo% *eel it +as sa*e to tell her se(rets. (hildren +ere bro%'ht %p m%(h more stri(tly than they are no+. *ter all. I hope Martha Monkman sa+ it *rom the kit(hen +indo+. de*eated and dis(redited. +hen they +ere yo%n'. . .'host smoke. I really s%spe(t Eli5abeth said it 3%st to make a sensation."'0o%r 'randmother lo&es yo%. Lenno. nne +as be'innin' to *ind hersel* the re(ipient o* (on*iden(es on all sides. . +hi(h simply means that she +rapped it in se&eral thi(knesses o* bro+n paper and se&eral more to+els and le*t it *or three days. "ri. .t e&enin'. . "1 re there. 8arter is (omin' to dinner tomorro+ ni'ht.' "'0o%'re 3%st a +ee bit *oolish. and did not look as i* li*e +ei'hed too hea&ily on her t+enty years. "ri. "aylor +as (%rled %p in the to+er one ni'ht in :ebr%ary. I merely la%'hed and kissed bla(k (at. t+o '('s' in re(ommend') In spite o* the *a(t that I am a -. . . . '2alahad thro%'h dreamin' to+ns did 'o') "I *eel so happy. . I +on't ha&e to 'o home to 2reen 2ables at 8hristmas. +hile little *l%rries o* sno+ hissed a'ainst the +indo+s and that abs%rdly tiny sto&e p%rred like a red. <%st no+ it is a h%ddle o* *riendly +hite roo*s . She +as kno+n to be en'a'ed. She +as a 3olly. . +ith t+inklin' bro+n eyes and rosy (heeks. Eli5abeth. 9* (o%rse yo% annoy them sometimes.' "I think she e. !ebe((a De+ made one and 's+eated' it a((ordin' to dire(tions . had (ome %p to ask nne to dinner the ne.' "-%t I *elt I +as not (on&in(in' Eli5abeth. She looked (are*%lly ba(k at the ho%se to see i* the door +as sh%t. . "Dr. . o* (o%rse . .pe(ted I'd die o* horror. :an(y i* the Prin'les had dis(o&ered that be*ore I *o%nd ndy's diary$4" 9 "ri. 2ilbert. nd .' "'She doesn't . . they don&t lo&e her and she kno+s it.

b%t doesn't +ant to do anythin' rash or thro+ his +onder*%l sel* a+ay. /er ne+ dress is bl%e. "-%t. It +o%ldn't be so bad. i* it +as only +hen +e are alone. . b%t she's so shy and timid she (an't e&en make %se o* +hat brains she has +hen Dr." "Doesn't he like Dr. 8arter +ill (on(l%de he (an't marry into s%(h a *amily. 8arter)" "9h. . nne." "Wo%ldn't it be better *or her to +ear somethin' else)" "She hasn't anythin' else *it to +ear at a (ompany dinner e. and +hat +ill Lenno. yo% kno+ . /e's a+*%lly *astidio%s. . i* it (omes to that.plain a+ay Papa's ins%ltin' silen(es. . Esme and I are simply tired o* tryin' to e. be(a%se Lenno. . b%t he's *ond o* Esme. one o* Papa's s%lky *its isn't any tri*le. 0o%rs may re(on(ile him to hers. She's so terribly in lo&e +ith him. 8arter is &ery *ond o* Esme . 8arter is aro%nd. 0o% 3%st (an't ima'ine +hat +e'&e 'one thro%'h as a *amily. . yo% kno+. be(a%se she'll 3%st die i* he doesn't.(le&er. . says he's 'ot s+elled head . Esme says that. he does. . 2randmother "aylor +as a Prin'le. I'&e heard that he told his (o%sin a man (o%ldn't be too (are*%l +hat kind o* *amily he married into. Esme had p%t it in the +ron' dra+er. . and +e ha&e a 'ood maid and I'&e bribed Prin'le +ith hal* my +eek's allo+an(e to beha&e himsel*. /e's 3%st at the point +here he mi'ht be t%rned either +ay by a tri*le. -%t it's 3%st as apt to be +here +e ha&e ( I'm not terribly str%(k on him *or a brother. . yo% (an hear him roarin' three blo(ks a+ay . When he 'oes into a temper he blo+s o** . dole*%lly. . I don't see +hy it sho%ldn't . /e thinks it +o%ld be a +onder*%l mat(h *or Esme. . . Wo%ld he (ome o&er to the Island to &isit his (o%sin ri'ht in the middle o* the term i* he didn't intend to) I hope he +ill *or Esme's sake. a*ter all. 8arter en'a'ed)" "=ot yet" . that's better than (o%sin !i(hard "aylor. nothing has any in*l%en(e o&er him +hile it lasts. "/e +as *ri'ht*%lly %pset toni'ht be(a%se he (o%ldn't *ind his ne+ *lannel ni'htshirt. . she's hopin' he means to ask her this time. . "hey rattle %s and +e're terri*ied to open o%r mo%ths. She's 3%st si(k +ith *ear that he +on't ha&e 'ot o&er the ni'htshirt be*ore tomorro+ ni'ht .la+. Esme is the s+eetest thin' and she's really (le&er." said "ri. Mamma is the most +onder*%l (ook . nor Prin'le either. -%t :ather 3%st s%lks and 'lo+ers. . likes bl%e. I* only Papa +on't ha&e a s%lky *it on$" "/a&e yo% any reason to *ear it)" asked nne. so +e +ant somebody +ith brains to talk to him. yo% kno+. t least. and then he's like a lamb and brin's e&ery one a ne+ dress *or a pea(e. . 8arter either .o**erin'. she thinks he'll ne&er ask her to marry him. '&m &ery *ond o* <ohnny . . +ho is al+ays sayin' sar(asti( thin's at the table and ins%ltin' his +i*e@ b%t it seems to me nothing (o%ld be +orse than those a+*%l silen(es o* Papa's. It's piti*%l. . and she's desperately a*raid he +on't appro&e o* us. . I think. . 9* (o%rse he doesn't like Dr. /e ne&er 'oes into ra'es. >n(le 2eor'e's *amily don't mind his ra'es. "0o% ne&er (an tell +hen he'll take one. s *or Esme . Esme says. . o* (o%rse. -%t bet+een yo% and me and the bed. . he'll dis'ra(e %s all and Dr. I* he's not. think) nd she +ants yo% to +ear yo%r bl%e dress.(ept the 'reen poplin :ather . . that Lenno. -%t +hen :ather has one o* his spells on. 0o% kno+ I ha&en't any to boast o*. . nne. thinks she +o%ld make a '&ery s%itable +i*e' *or him . b%t be*ore I'd dissol&e into s%(h a li6%id state *or him$" " re Esme and Dr. -%t Papa hates it. So yo% (an't ima'ine ho+ she's hopin' e&erythin' +ill 'o +ell at the dinner tomorro+ ni'ht. "hat's the Prin'le *or yo%. E&ery one in S%mmerside kne+ abo%t 8yr%s "aylor's s%lky *its. I* he doesn't. /e may be o&er it by tomorro+ ni'ht or he may not. si'ni*i(antly. that is +hat Esme says and I'm a*raid she may be ri'ht. oh. . like >n(le 2eor'e. nne. and +on't say a +ord to anybody at meal times. nd. nne.

. +e'&e 'ot a ban'. ." "/e +as &ery ni(e the ni'ht I had dinner +ith yo% last month. +hat) nne darlin'. "Perhaps I kno+ him better than yo% do. Mamma and Esme are nat%rally timid +ith e&ery one. and Mamma +ill +orry so . "hat's one o* the reasons +hy +e +ant yo% so m%(h. b%t I +ant to +ait %ntil Esme's a**air is settled. Mamma +anted pie be(a%se she says e&ery man in the +orld b%t Papa likes pie *or dessert better than anythin' else . . -%t +hen he has a really bad *it o* s%lks on he seems to hate e&erythin' and e&erybody. +hen so m%(h depends on it. . . . nne darlin'. ." . I'&e told yo% he paraly5es %s. +hat a (ompany dinner is like at o%r pla(e +hen Papa is s%lkin'. remember I'm not a -. .(%stard dessert. +ho kne+ all abo%t "ri." ""hen +hy don't the rest o* yo% 3%st 'o on and talk as i* nothin' +as the matter)" "We can&t . . 'roaned. . Papa *or'ets that he +as poorer than <ohnny +hen he started o%t in the hard+are b%siness. It may ha&e a 'ood in*l%en(e on him." "9h. . . I'll ne&er *or'i&e Papa i* he a(ts %p tomorro+ ni'ht +hen so m%(h is at stake." stran'er (o%ld &ery +ell see "I %nderstand that nothin' (an ind%(e Papa to speak i* he has made %p his mind not to . nyho+.'a&e her at 8hristmas. We're all s%(h (o+ards be*ore Papa. b%t yo% (an't think o* anythin' as a+*%l as Esme in 'reen. "I belie&e i* yo%'d 3%st 'et %p eno%'h sp%nk to tell him and end%re his res%ltin' s%lks yo%'d *ind he'd (ome ro%nd to it bea%ti*%lly and yo%'d be sa&ed months o* an'%ish. I'm more than 'lad <ohnny isn't so '*astidio%s. Papa is really 3%st like Lon'*ello+'s little 'irl ." "0o% don't kno+ Papa." poor "ri. I don't kno+ ho+ he does it b%t he does. e&en Pro*essors o* Modern Lan'%a'es. /e can be &ery a'reeable +hen he +ants to be ." "I only meant that yo%'re too (lose to him to %nderstand him.' I'&e seen him the li*e o* the party. 9ran'e (%stard is Papa's *a&orite dessert. It's the silen(e that shatters %s. he likes yo%. so it +o%ld ne&er do to take a (han(e on it tomorro+ ni'ht. and +e 3%st *eel paraly5ed. I only +ent thro%'h the /i'h. . I'd ha&e lo&ed to 'o to (olle'e. /e prides himsel* on that. It's a lo&ely dress in itsel* . . b%t Prin'le and I ha&e lots o* 'in'er. she (an't bear :ather's s%lky *its. -%t Papa doesn't. 0o%'&e lost yo%r perspe(ti&e. "=o. I s%ppose I'll 3%st ha&e to elope +ith him some day and Papa +ill ne&er *or'i&e me. I kno+ Papa +on't speak to any o* %s *or +eeks a*ter I tell him. b%t +e ha&en't. nd Lenno. . &ery 'ood and +hen he's bad he's horrid. . 9* (o%rse. I don't belie&e +e'd mind so m%(h ho+ (ranky he +as i* he +o%ld only talk. +ith an ele'ant oran'e. :ather likes %s to ha&e pretty dresses . I kno+ he'll make a *ri'ht*%l s(ene. .%p dinner planned. him more (learly . "I (an't s%mmon %p the (o%ra'e. s *or poor <ohnny and me. darkly. . b%t Papa doesn't belie&e in the /i'her Ed%(ation o* +omen. 0o% (an't ima'ine. nne." "Lost my . It's only Papa +ho (an (o+ %s.'s lo&e a**air. . nothing. 8arter's (o%sin told Esme he +o%ld ne&er marry a deli(ate person.'" "/a&e yo% told yo%r *ather abo%t yo%r en'a'ement to <ohnny yet)" asked nne. . 9* (o%rse he'll ha&e to be told soon . Sometimes I think i* +e had any one to ba(k %s %p ." said "ri. . Prin'le says it makes her look as i* she +as in the last sta'es o* (ons%mption. as I'&e said. Papa has al+ays been so do+n on <ohnny be(a%se he's poor. 0o%'ll *ind it o%t *or yo%rsel* tomorro+ ni'ht i* he hasn't 'ot o&er the ni'htshirt. '+hen he's 'ood he's &ery. . . . . %nderstand him better. -%t i* he only beha&es tomorro+ ni'ht I'll *or'i&e him *or e&erythin'. We're not ne'le(tin' anything that may please him.

trim maid sho+ed her %p to the '%est room b%t as nne +ent %p the stairs she (a%'ht si'ht o* Mrs. Miss Shirley. Mamma tho%'ht +e o%'ht to ha&e 7atherine -rooke too. and 3%st +alked her o%t o* her room and lo(ked the door. . I hope old 8yr%s +ill be de(ent. nd no+ I s%ppose I m%st +arm "hat 8at's milk." nne dre+ +hat +as somethin' like a breath o* relie* +hen "ri. Papa doesn't like (%rls that are not nat%ral . I don't blame him *or that. She e.' as he p%t it. "ri. had 'one. (reepin' into the room and +hisperin' ner&o%sly. She did hammer thin's into my head . "ri. (are+orn. and *layed the *lesh o** my bones +ith sar(asm as +ell. 9h. . "2oin' to the "aylors *or dinner. . Pampered animal$" 10 When nne arri&ed at the 8yr%s "aylor ho%se the ne. "9h. nne. "his +as (on*irmed by a distressed "ri. Ph.. do I kno+ it) I +as in her (lass. o* (o%rse. . o* that I *eel (ertain. . b%t S%mmerside (o%ld spare 7atherine -rooke .(%se in him$ nd poor <ohnny hardly darin' to (ome to the ho%se no+ be(a%se Papa is so r%de to him. =ot that it matters abo%t me . 8yr%s "aylor s(%ttlin' *rom the dinin'." "9h. -%t /%'h Prin'le beat him at a 'ame o* (he(kers this a*ternoon and Papa (an't bear to lose a (he(ker 'ame. .room to the kit(hen and Mrs. "he poor darlin' +as only +onderin' i* he looked ni(e eno%'h to please Lenno."Let's hope *or the best. nd look at me. she took s%(h tro%ble +ith them . 8yr%s +as +ipin' tears a+ay *rom her pale. he en-oys his s%lks." "I'm tryin' to. b%t still rather s+eet *a(e. +ell. /e *o%nd Esme 'admirin' hersel* in the mirror.t e&enin' she *elt the (hill in the atmosphere as soon as she entered the door. nd I kno+ it +ill help to ha&e yo% there. I tell yo%. . . and slipped do+n to (oa.D. . b%t I kne+ it +o%ldn't ha&e a 'ood e**e(t on Papa. I* that +as all +e had to e. . nd it had to happen today. /e seemed pretty amiable this mornin' and o%r hopes rose. are yo%) Well. I ha&en't any %se *or her mysel*." "Sorry *or her$ -%t it's all her o+n *a%lt she isn't liked. It +as all too (lear that 8yr%s had not yet "'ot o&er" the ni'htshirt. . Papa thre+ o%t the *lo+ers Mamma p%t on the dinin'. .room table and she *eels it so . .. only it 3%st sho+s yo%. it takes all kinds o* people to make a +orld . a sna(k o%t o* !ebe((a De+. nne. /e hasn't had s%(h a bad spell sin(e he . 'l%m old (at$" "She's an e.(%sed it in Papa be(a%se he is a man. . and I look like a *ri'ht. . dear. I don't see ho+ yo% (an be as ni(e to her as yo% are. . I didn't dare (%rl my hair . She hadn't e&en a (han(e to p%t her pearl strin' on. I* his *amily +eren't all so a*raid o* him in his s%lky *its he +o%ldn't ind%l'e in them so o*ten. nd the +ay she dresses$ Papa (an't bear to see a +oman badly dressed. . . /e hates her.(ellent tea(her. . 8arter. he's in a dread*%l h%mor. and he +o%ldn't let her p%t on her 'arnet earrin's. /e says he has no %se *or do+ds and he's s%re 2od hasn't either. I slip o%t on *ine ni'hts and +e +alk ro%nd and ro%nd the s6%are and 'et hal* *ro5en." "I'm sorry *or her. I m%st say. Mamma +o%ld be horri*ied i* she kne+ I told yo% that.

had the air o* a terri*ied s(hool. 8arter. looked like a tied do'. looked ill at ease. "imid Mrs. pale *or'et. and she +as so *ond o* it. in a 'ray silk dress. +ho +as %ndeniably handsome and distin'%ished. +ho (ertainly had ne&er *o%nd hersel* at a loss *or somethin' to say. m%rm%red almost ina%dibly. She (o%ldn't eat any o* it a*ter that . . She didn't belie&e it +o%ld h%rt her.not eyes .*ashioned &ase on the table in the (orner . (o%ld talk. stand him in a (orner .lookin'. thin's it +o%ld be impossible to %tter alo%d. . the e**e(t one s%lky. . (heer*%l %r(hin o* *o%rteen. b%t only the most idioti( thin's (ame into her head . brilliant dark eyes and sil&er. I* yo% don't. she. b%t +hom nne. . +as so m%(h paler than %s%al that she looked as i* she +ere 'oin' to *aint. 9h. nd there +as no do%bt that he +as really 6%ite happy in the kno+led'e that he had made e&erybody at his table horribly %n(om*ortable. Why didn't Lenno.(ept 8yr%s 3%mped. nne (o%ldn't ha&e belie&ed it possible. an ornate thin' (o&ered +ith +reaths o* roses and lea&es +hi(h it +as most di**i(%lt to d%st b%t +hi(h m%st be kept imma(%lately (lean. be(a%se it had been his mother's. and "ri. bl%shin' beet. b%t nne *o%nd hersel* *or on(e in her li*e +ith absol%tely nothin' to say.rimmed 'lasses. . and nne. +ith ro%nd eyes and 'lasses and hair so *air it looked almost +hite. . . +hen he pre*erred m%lberry. "ri. i* he +on't. "hey +ere all 'athered aro%nd the table . hideo%s. Esme. a &ery pretty and +ell appointed table in spite o* the missin' *lo+ers. nne. rap his kn%(kles . had a *a(e that +as 'rayer than her dress. Prin'le. the bea%ty o* the *amily . in spite o* his spiky 'ray hair and tr%(%lent m%sta(he. E&erybody e. 8yr%s. She *elt instin(ti&ely that nothin' in the +orld +o%ld p%nish him so m%(h as to be tri(ked into speakin' +hen he +as determined not to. 8yr%s. . +ith a 'lare that reminded her o* her +eak stoma(h. +hen she took a helpin' o* horseradish sa%(e. -%t then ne&er had she *o%nd hersel* in s%(h a sit%ation as presently (on*ronted her. nne tho%'ht she +o%ld do it *earlessly i* she really belie&ed that it +o%ld make 8yr%s e. ":or +hat +e are abo%t to re(ei&e the Lord make %s tr%ly thank* old. "he meal pro(eeded in a 'hastly silen(e. 8arter talk) I* he +o%ld. pale pink lips. Dr.plode into &o(al an' implored nne +ith her eyes to talk. What on earth +as 'oin' on in his mind) Wo%ld he 3%mp i* any one st%(k a pin in him) nne +anted to slap him .(ame home *rom the +est last sprin' and *o%nd Mamma had p%t red (%rtains in the sittin'. nne. too. S%ppose she 'ot %p and deliberately smashed that h%'e. be(a%se their ner&es +ere like+ise keyed %p to the hi'hest pit(h. 8yr%s. nne kne+ that the +hole *amily hated it. it +ill be too dread*%l. and perhaps "ri. 8yr%s 'lared at Esme o%t o* his b%l'in' bl%e eyes in a kind o* enra'ed stillness. "hen he 'lared at e&erybody and *ro5e them into d%mbness. pale 'old hair. had tho%'ht a rather pompo%s yo%n' bore. . treat him like the spoiled (hild he really +as. . . . 8yr%s +o%ld not say 'ra(e. -%t *or that matter she (o%ldn't eat anythin'. . . a &ery pale bea%ty. . st%bborn man had on yo%. in the days o* his ssistant Pro*essorship at !edmond. . ordinarily a *at. do talk as hard as yo% (an at dinner. /e 'lared at poor Mrs. . E&idently he *elt that somethin' +as +ron' some+here ." "I'll do my best. broken by spasmodi( spee(hes abo%t the +eather *rom "ri.'irl. "hey only pretended. . ." "he meal started badly by ner&o%s Esme droppin' her *ork on the *loor. She *elt desperately that she must talk. Mrs. a reasonable (on(l%sion +hen yo%r host simply stalks to the head o* the table and drops into his (hair +itho%t a +ord to yo% or anybody. room. and Prin'le +o%ld es(ape *rom the spell that bo%nd them and some kind o* (on&ersation . Was e&eryone be+it(hed) It +as (%rio%s. . bo&e all she +anted to make him spea$. nor (o%ld Esme. +ith (risp dark hair. b%t 8yr%s "aylor +o%ld not hear o* ha&in' it banished to the atti(." promised nne.

/e merely 'lared at her. . She started the pi(kles . "Will yo% please start the pi(kles. . o* a man +ho makes his *amily li&e on *r%it and e''s . the moment be*ore nne had h%rled her rhetori(al 6%estion. " nd him only si. I* Dr. Dr.. seen Esme *%rti&ely +ipe a+ay a tear that had es(aped *rom one o* her despairin' bl%e eyes. 8arter. 8arter a(ross the table. "o* a man +ho re*%ses to let his +i*e ha&e a do')" "When she +o%ld so lo&e to ha&e one. =e&er. "What +o%ld yo% think o* a man. She had. 3%st *or a *ad)" "Does yo%r *ather . a &ol(ano o* s%ppressed impishness. Miss Shirley)" said Mrs. )" "What +o%ld yo% think o* a man +ho +o%ld (%t %p a silk dress o* his +i*e's 3%st be(a%se the +ay it +as made didn't s%it him)" said "ri. it mi'ht loosen his ton'%e. Perhaps he tho%'ht it +as really the best thin' to do . and somethin' else." said Prin'le. .pe(ted or hoped. "What +o%ld yo% think. Lenno. +as s%ddenly possessed +ith a b%rnin' desire to 'et s6%are +ith her br%tal *ather.. years. as lon' as they mi'ht li&e. nne's spee(h 'a&e her a +eird inspiration. "ri. "ri. 8arter be+ilderedly. ..ty. 8arter 'ot the impression that his host +as dea* instead o* in a to+erin' ra'e o* silen(e. . and said 'ently. she had not said 8yr%s "aylor %as dea*." said "ri." si'hed "ri.'reen eyes 'limmerin' limpidly.. s *or 8yr%s "aylor. (learly and distin(tly. She (o%ld not tell pre(isely +hat she e. "What +o%ld yo% think o* a h%sband +ho bit his +i*e +hen she p%t %p (%rtains he didn't like . Dr. 8yr%s *or'et the dread*%l 6%arter o* an ho%r that *ollo+ed. and Prin'le that she had ne&er dreamed o*. deliberately bit her)" demanded "ri. -%t he simply sat there and ate. nothin' b%t . her 'reat. +as in a silent ra'e hersel*. . Esme or Mrs. . 8arter +o%ld ne&er ask Esme to marry him no+ . "Perhaps yo% +o%ld be s%rprised to hear. . ha&in' thro+n her bomb. . . +o%ld nne. . -%t he remained silent. that Mr. "What +o%ld yo% think. . "S%(h an a**li(tion *or poor papa. . . )" be'an Dr. . perhaps he +as a*raid o* sayin' somethin' that +o%ld still *%rther enra'e the e&idently already enra'ed parent o* his lady. i* she had hoped to make him speak she had *ailed. +ho +as be'innin' to en3oy himsel* h%'ely. ""ill the blood (ame. 'ray. 8arter. blinked his +hite eyelashes *or a da5ed moment and then promptly *ollo+ed her lead. "+ho +o%ld 'i&e his +i*e a pair o* 'oloshes *or a 8hristmas present ." (ontin%ed Prin'le. "It's s%(h a treat to ha&e a de(ent meal. E&erythin' +as hopeless . . . and Prin'le. it didn't matter any more +hat any one said or did. ." said Prin'le. nothin' b%t *r%it and e''s . Witho%t lettin' hersel* stop to think she bent *or+ard. . . . addressin' Dr. still in silen(e." "+o little +hite dents appeared at the (orners o* 8yr%s "aylor's nostrils +hen he heard his a'e ad&an(ed si.+o%ld be possible." added Prin'le solemnly. Somethin' +i(ked stirred in nne. "aylor *aintly. -%t nne's remark had an e**e(t on "ri. She had not told a *alsehood .ei'ht. . "Do yo% mean to say yo%r *ather . "aylor +ent dea* &ery s%ddenly last +eek)" nne sat ba(k.

She had ne&er meant thin's to 'o as *ar as this. 8arter *or information. his only a%nt . he made the lo&eliest (enterpie(e *or the parlor table last +inter +hen he +as laid %p +ith l%mba'o. Perhaps a*ter all he +as not pompo%s. be(a%se he (o%ldn't bear to think o* them star&in' to death)" stran'e silen(e des(ended on the room. 8arter 'lan(ed apprehensi&ely at 8yr%s "aylor. "I 3%st asked those 6%estions o* Dr. *eelin' it her +i*ely d%ty to ba(k %p Esme's %ne. -%t she +as *eelin' positi&ely a'hast. 8yr%s +as (ryin' openly and Esme +as 6%ite (alm +ith despair. She +as *indin' o%t that it is m%(h easier to start thin's than *inish them. "What +o%ld yo% think o* a man +ho belie&ed the earth +as *lat)" asked Prin'le." "What +o%ld yo% think o* a man +ho +o%ld +rite do+n in his diary e&ery day +hat he had *or dinner)" asked "ri. . sayin') Who +o%ld ha&e tho%'ht she (o%ld be s%(h a demon) "/a&e yo% e&er +ondered. "What. 8arter. " nd he (an (ro(het so bea%ti*%lly . in o&eralls)" asked Prin'le." kept on "ri. . . :or on(e in her li*e she +as st%n' into sayin' a really (le&er thin'. . /is &oi(e so%nded as i* he +o%ld like to la%'h. only yo%n' and shy and o&erserio%s. It (han'ed his *a(e +onder*%lly *or the better." . "What +o%ld yo% think o* a man +ho let his a%nt . 'o to the poorho%se)" asked "ri. . Still. She t%rned and looked s6%arely at Dr.. "hen he seemed to remember (om*ortin'ly that his host +as dea*. 8arter +ith another smile." admitted Dr. . his ro%nd eyes ro%nder still +ith pretended inno(en( de*ense o* her *ather. i* it isn't per*e(tly done. "hey had not said that their *ather did a sin'le one o* these thin's. "S%mmerside hasn't 'ot o&er that si'ht yet.. . b%t no +ords (ame. .o* pi(kin' %p the roast. "ri. . and h%rlin' it at the maid)" Dr. "+o%ld yo% think o* a man +ho spent a +hole day h%ntin' *or the kittens o* a poor (at +ho had been shot. nne (o%ld *an(y Prin'le sayin'. =othin' mattered any more." said Dr. . tremor seemed to pass o&er his r%bi(%nd *a(e./ "What +o%ld yo% think. ho+ a+*%l it m%st be to li&e +ith a man +ho thinks nothin' .t) Mrs. and Prin'le looked s%ddenly ashamed o* themsel&es. What %as "ri. nd then Mrs. "o* a man +ho opens and reads his +i*e's letters)" "What +o%ld yo% think o* a man +ho +o%ld 'o to a *%neral . 8yr%s piped %p. " nd past%red his (o+ in the 'ra&eyard)" said Prin'le. 8arter. 8arter. +hom she had lost *ore&er. "ri. What %ould they think o* ne. tho%'ht nne ." she asked 6%ietly. nne re*le(ted that she had ne&er seen him smile be*ore. she +as s%re his m%sta(hes +ere a little less de*iant. Dr. as i* he *eared 8yr%s mi'ht thro+ the skeletons o* the (hi(kens at somebody..a(tly +arm the heart.a pair o* 'oloshes)" "2oloshes don't e. . and Prin'le +ere bein' diaboli(ally (le&er. .. nne tho%'ht 8yr%s %ould speak then. nothing. his *ather's *%neral . . /is eyes met nne's and he smiled. ""he 'reat Pepys did that. .

"/e 3%st snorted and said it +as abo%t time <ohnny (ame to the point a*ter han'in' aro%nd *or t+o years and keepin' e&ery one else a+ay. +hen)" "=e&er. I admit I deser&ed all I 'ot e." +ept Mrs.E&ery one has some limit o* end%ran(e and 8yr%s "aylor had rea(hed his. my 'irl. . "hose dimples +orked a mira(le +ith his +hole e. am I. . Dr.ty. 8yr%s brokenly.(ept that (ra(k o* yo%rs abo%t (ro(hetin'. I think he *elt he (o%ldn't 'o into another spell o* s%lks so soon a*ter the last one. nd yo% kno+. +oman. Esme. 8yr%s. sheepishly. ne&er. "Was he &ery dread*%l. I ne&er e&en thought o* +antin' a do'. Poppa. 8yr%s. I kno+ yo%'re all 'lad the darn thin' is smashed . the best. . "9h.ploded at last. (ame do+n a *e+ e&enin's later it +as to tell nne that she had at last s(raped %p eno%'h (o%ra'e to tell her *ather abo%t <ohnny." (ried "ri. /is (heeks a(t%ally dimpled." said nne. bet+een s%lks Papa really is an old d%(k. =one o* yo% said anythin'$ 1ou didn't say I +as si. . ." nne (o%ld ne&er ha&e belie&ed that an e&enin' +hi(h be'an so terribly (o%ld end %p so pleasantly. Miss Shirley) I'm dea*)" "She didn't say yo% +ere. nne. "0o%'&e al+ays been a 'ood pro&ider . 8arter.pression. Papa. "he table +ent o&er and the &ase broke in the traditional tho%sand pie(es. Poppa." admitted " happened. +oman$ Is one (ontemptible doily 'oin' to blast a man's rep%tation *ore&er) I +as so bad +ith that blamed l%mba'o I didn't kno+ +hat I +as doin'. 6%ite in . . . then$" 8yr%s thre+ a tri%mphant 'lan(e aro%nd the room. . did yo%) 1ou didn't say I +o%ldn't let yo%r mother ha&e a do'$ 2ood Lord. Poppa. " nd I ne&er +anted a do'.t+o. =obody (o%ld ha&e been more 'enial or better (ompany than 8yr%s# and there +as e&idently no a*termath o* re(konin'. oh.ty. his b%shy +hite eyebro+s *airly bristlin' +ith +rath. Poppa. that's mine. stop (ryin'.ei'ht +hen I'm only si. /e 'a&e his (hair s%(h a *%rio%s ba(k+ard p%sh that it shot instantly a(ross the polished *loor and str%(k the table on +hi(h the &ase stood." "I think he is a 'reat deal better *ather to yo% than yo% deser&e. and brin' on the p%ddin'. +ho +as ne&er a*raid o* her *ather +hen his temper +as &o(al. ne&er. /e bro%'ht his (hair ba(k to the table and sat do+n. S%ddenly the %ne. yo% (an ha&e *orty tho%sand do's i* yo% +ant to and yo% kno+ it$ When did I e&er deny yo% anythin' yo% +anted . 8yr%s (h%(kled. "I'&e 'ot a &ery bad habit o* s%lkin'. 8ome. *or +hen "ri. ." "Didn't yo% tell me yo% %anted 'oloshes last 8hristmas)" "0es. nd I'm dea*. E&ery one has some bad habit . . stood %p and e. "ell Ma''ie to (ome and (lear %p that mess . he +asn't dread*%l at all." "Well. I +on't *or'et that yo% +ere the only one +ho stood %p *or me. "ri. . yes@ o* (o%rse I did.)" "/e . no." "When did I open yo%r letters) When ha&e I e&er kept a diary) diary$ When did I e&er +ear o&eralls to anybody's *%neral) When did I past%re a (o+ in the 'ra&eyard) What a%nt o* mine is in the poorho%se) Did I e&er thro+ a roast at anybody) Did I e&er make yo% li&e on *r%it and e''s)" "=e&er. (ome. "he only one. Momma. nd my *eet ha&e been so ni(e and +arm all +inter. .. /is eyes en(o%ntered nne's. she didn't say it." sobbed Mrs. "I don't (ro(het.

Well. ." 11 (+. 9nly +hen +e (ome ba(k *rom o%r t+ili'ht trysts +ith e&enin' +inds does she ha&e a lo&ely rose (olor in her little (heeks. Sin(e my o+n little roman(e is in *lo+er I am all the more interested in other people's. are both happy. and 'olden s%nli'ht on &onlea meado+s . ." "Well. .alentine 8o%rtaloe says she isn't at all s%rprised I ha&e +on the Prin'les o&er. . "I really don't kno+ +hat 'ot into me. . and a *e+ more +eeks then till s%mmer . it ne&er seems 6%ite the same +hen it (omes ba(k to me . . . b%t my o+n +ee bit o* kno+led'e abo%t 8aptain Myrom balan(es that. and you. /amilton's barn. 2ilbert. 'Will I ha&e a lo&ely (reamy skin like yo%rs +hen I 'ro+ %p. ll's +ell that ends +ell . and a '%l* that +ill be sil&er at da+n and sapphire at noon and (rimson at s%nset . It does seem old no+. . . .s(hool pri5e years a'o. It's too m%(h like pi(kin' %p a li'htnin' *lash by the tail. only it isn't a (on&ent .!ebe((a De+'s manner. persists in thinkin' I +as the means o* brin'in' it abo%t and perhaps I did take a hand. . . ashamed to admit I hate to 'et o%t o* bed on *rosty mornin's and shrink *rom a &isit to the dentist$ "Well.. +ho kno+s b%t that it +as) "<en Prin'le and I +alked part o* the +ay home *rom s(hool yesterday and talked o* 'ships and shoes and sealin' +a. . . b%t I lo&e :o. . .tract from letter to Gilbert t%o %ee$s later. . -%t I'm be'innin' to think. yo% kno+. llan 'a&e it to me *or a S%nday. "It's still :ebr%ary and 'on the (on&ent roo* the sno+s are sparklin' to the moon' .(itement o* it. I hear Miss .& "Little Eli5abeth and I ha&e no end o* plans *or sprin'. We a&oid that s%b3e(t. be(a%se I ha&e 's%(h a +ay +ith me'@ and the minister's +i*e thinks it is an ans+er to the prayer she p%t %p." said "ri.' . I hate to lend a book I lo(e . I lent <en my :o. She is so s+eet +hen she bl%shes. nice interest. Lenno. . I take her milk e&ery e&enin' and on(e in so lon' she is allo+ed to 'o *or a +alk +ith me. We ha&e dis(o&ered that o%r birthdays are on the same day and Eli5abeth *l%shed 'di&inest rosy red' +ith the e. . 9n(e she asked me 'ra&ely. b%t I don't think I'll e&er try an e. -%t other *olks are still +onderin'. We are s%(h 'ood *riends. "ri. . I'm 'lad Esme and "ri. 8arter is anno%n(ed. . and holidays . and perhaps *rom her *riends$ /er pli'ht e&idently appealed to his sense o* (hi&alry. . . I don't like readin' abo%t martyrs be(a%se they al+ays make me *eel petty and ashamed . yo% kno+ yo% started it. -y all I (an 'ather *rom &ario%s bits o* lo(al 'ossip I think he de(ided that *atal :riday ni'ht that he +anted to prote(t her. =ot (%rio%s or mali(io%s b%t 3%st 'lad there's s%(h a lot o* happiness spread abo%t. <en kno+s I don't kno+ too m%(h abo%t 'eometry. . and sa&e her *rom her *ather and her *amily .e's Boo$ of 0artyrs. . 9rdinarily she is *ar too pale and doesn't 'et any pinker be(a%se o* the ne+ milk. "0o% +ere simply o%tra'eo%s at that dinner.periment like that a'ain. "ri. I'&e almost *or'otten it. It m%st ha&e been a han'o&er *rom my old detestation o* anythin' sa&orin' o* Prin'leism." "Esme "aylor's en'a'ement to Dr. 3%st the roo* o* Mr. and thank 'oodness I'll ne&er ha&e to d%st that &ase a'ain. .e's 0artyrs only be(a%se dear Mrs. . '9nly a *e+ more +eeks till sprin' . " nd 'ood old Prin'le helped a bit. o* almost e&erythin' b%t 'eometry. and 2reen 2ables .. . .

"'I did not mean to be sar(asti(. .' I said reproa(h*%lly.time. "'What is it like to be bea%ti*%l. (omparati&ely. I +as$ "-%t I hadn't *inished +ith Eli5abeth. 1-y the +ay. Last ni'ht +e lo(ated the ho%se o* the Wit(h o* the Sno+ and dre+ a triple hill. . 2ilbert. "'-%t yo% are bea%ti*%l. home time. "'0o% do too m%(h listenin'.' she e. that I had a 'lo&ely (reamy skin') I* it did. . be(a%se it is so ni(e to *ind it@ some time.time .' 9ne e&enin' +hen I +as a+ay !ebe((a De+ took the milk to her and *o%nd her already at the 'ate. too@ mo%ntain time . b%t lost time. 'ood. be(a%se that also is too sad . . . e&ery day +e think o* somethin' more to 'o in it. . . lo(ated east o* "oday and +est o* 0esterday .plained. !ebe((a. behind it. "'I +as listening. 2ilbert. sir. yo% are. "Eli5abeth smiled. .time@ 8hristmas. lookin' at the sky so intently that she ne&er heard !ebe((a's 1anythin' b%t4 *airy *oot*alls. pointin' to the di**erent 'times. "'I'&e o*ten +ondered. 'oin'. so +e (ame %p to my room and dre+ a map o* *airyland. . +hi(h is one o* the most bea%ti*%l phrases in the +orld.' said !ebe((a disappro&in'ly.time or s(hool. and +e ha&e no end o* 'times' in *airyland. . .moon time. no phoneti( spellin' *or me$ '2nome' is *ar eerier and *airy. I +onder i* I b%ttermilked my nose i* it +o%ld banish those se&en *re(kles. "'Look in the sideboard 'lass. She thinks I en(o%ra'e her in bein' '*an(i*%l. .t time . . . I *eel s%re. I +ant some +ild (herry trees near o%r ho%se o* dreams. .(olored &oile.time@ no only time. "he n%mber o* se(rets I ha&e to keep at Windy Poplars is a'in' me be*ore my time. 1-y the +ay. . Eli5abeth sat on my bl%e do%'hn%t (%shion to make her hi'her. She has bo%nd me o&er to keep it se(ret *rom the +ido+s be(a%se they +o%ld think it too *ri&olo%s *or her a'e.past kissin'.' said I. Miss Shirley)' asked !ebe((a De+ 'ra&ely the other day . hal*. "'I ne&er tho%'ht yo% (o%ld be sar(asti(. 1!ebe((a De+ didn't %se those +ords b%t I kno+ . slo+ time.'4 "9%r map isn't (ompleted yet .time. i* I p%t b%ttermilk on my *a(e e&ery ni'ht)' -%ttermilk seems to be the pre*erred (osmeti( in Spook's Lane. 'ood time.' said !ebe((a De+. lon' time. a%sterely. ne+.Miss'ht time. 0o% are bea%ti*%l . . . (o&ered (ompletely +ith +ild (herry trees in bloom. . short time. *ast time. +e (o%ldn't 'o *or a +alk. pointin'. and time immemorial . no. ne. "!ebe((a De+. 9ne stormy e&enin' +hen the +ind +as ho+lin' alon' Spook's Lane.' said !ebe((a De+.' "Well. +hen I +as +earin' my ne+ bis(%it. . yo% ne&er told me so.4 9* (o%rse +e ha&e a "omorro+ on the map .er than 'nome. I ha&e dis(o&ered that !ebe((a De+ %ses it. nd ha&e yo% reali5ed to the *%ll that I am '(omparati&ely bea%ti*%l') -e(a%se I ha&e dis(o&ered that I am. be(a%se that has s%(h a *as(inatin' so%nd@ ni'ht. not too old and silly *or *airyland. be(a%se i* there is an old time there o%'ht to be a yo%n' time. b%t no bed. Miss Shirley. .' "'9h$ 8omparati&ely$' said I. . and looked like a serio%s little 'nome as she bent o&er the map.' I kno+ !ebe((a De+ thinks I'm 6%ite (hildish. be(a%se that is too sad a time *or *airyland@ old time. . don't let's e&er 'ro+ too old and +ise . remotely. b%t no last time. -y the +ay. yo%n' time . Sprin'. nd +e ha&e (%nnin' little red arro+s e&ery+here.time and day. oh. is not 6%ite (ertain that I am an in*l%en(e *or 'ood in Eli5abeth's li*e. !ebe((a. did it e&er o((%r to yo%. -%t. . '8ompared to me.

"P. "P. .' she says. the little la%'hin' brooks. don't kno+ it.e. .' she said. i* yo% kne+ +hat I hear sometimes. 'I (an't think +hy yo% ha&e s%(h a hankerin' a*ter that %n(han(y pla(e. .ery nne. E&en the most %nlo&ely streets are trans*i'%red by arms o* bloom rea(hin' o&er old board *en(es and a ribbon o* dandelions in the 'rass that borders the side+alks.ams in 7in'sport.' I had a really lo&ely pro+l abo%t the 'ra&eyard the other ni'ht. 'ilt. the sleek and sa%(y robins hoppin' de*ian(e to D%sty Miller in the ba(k yard.S. the m%rm%r o* the sea in yo%r ears . .2. +here all sorts o* *lo+ers planted at the heads o* the 'ra&es are b%ddin' into lea* and bloom. .heeled shoes. =D. ne&er shall I *or'et 8yr%s "aylor's *a(e +hen his +i*e a((%sed him o* (ro(hetin'. . "Spook's Lane. . . "May GAth. 8arter . . E&en the (hina lady on my shel* is a+are o* it and I kno+ i* I (o%ld only +ake %p s%ddenly eno%'h some ni'ht I'd (at(h her dan(in' a pas seul in her pink. nd .DE !# "It's sprin'$ "Perhaps yo%. .4 "'0o% +o%ld be s%rprised. and I lo&e yo% be(a%se yo% ha&en't 'ot sti(ky. "<%st another month and I'll be home *or &a(ation$ I keep thinkin' o* the old or(hard at 2reen 2ables +ith its trees no+ in *%ll sno+ . !ebe((a."/E=. a s%mmer a*ternoon in Lo&er's Lane . and you2 . . ne&er. "DE !ES". .S. e&en the old 'ra&eyard itsel*. the (reeper han'in' 'reenly do+n o&er the hal*. the bl%e ha5es on the Storm 7in'. the maples in the 'ro&e +hen I 'o to read yo%r letters. the old brid'e o&er the Lake o* Shinin' Waters .est ==E. -%t I shall al+ays like him be(a%se he h%nted *or those kittens.1. "-%t Eli5abeth is al+ays to%(hed +ith *aery and +hat (an be done abo%t it) "0o%r . . . =e&er. . as i* to say.door to +hi(h little Eli5abeth (omes *or milk. . -%t I am a+are o* it *rom the (ro+n o* my head to the tips o* my toes.M9!E. the *ir trees preenin' in ne+ tassel tips aro%nd the old 'ra&eyard . I lo&e yo% *or 3%st bein' 2ilbert$" 12 "Windy Poplars. I ha&e p%t in a ne+ pen. nd I like Esme *or standin' %p *or her *ather %nder the s%pposed +re(k o* all her hopes. in a +ay that made !ebe((a De+'s *lesh (reep on her bones .a(tly ho+ Eli5abeth smiled. 'E&en here li*e is tri%mphant o&er death. /er 'ra&e looked so inno(ent +ith its ne+ 'rass and its <%ne lilies that I (on(l%ded she had been entirely mali'ned. or so she a&ers.4 I roamed o&er it in the s(ented 'reen (at's li'ht and +ondered i* =athan Prin'le's +i*e really had tried to poison him. . "E&erythin' is (allin' 'sprin'' to me . the &ery best reason o* all . nd I lo&e yo% be(a%se yo% aren't pompo%s like Dr. the +hite (herry trees alon' Spook's Lane. . .o%t ears like <ohnny. . %p to yo%r eyes in a +elter o* e. S%mmerside is a+are o* it. 1I'm s%re !ebe((a De+ thinks my taste in +alks *ri'ht*%lly morbid.

nd yet Pa%line has told me that her mother 'thinks 6%ite hi'hly' o* me and is m%(h ni(er to her +hen I am aro%nd. It al+ays *ills me +ith helpless ra'e to sit there and hear her makin' poor Pa%line the tar'et *or her sar(asm. .3e+ in to+n. . "Pa%line dares not do anything +itho%t askin' her mother. tho%'h it +ill mean 'i&in' %p my ne. Mrs. . +ho is *orty. She keeps the ho%se and +aits on her mother hand and *oot. +ater bottle *or her . all her brothers and sisters bein' married and all o* them determined not to ha&e Mrs. (*%o pages omitted. +hile she may not ha&e the %se o* her le's. and +hen I look at her I *ind mysel* +onderin' +hat +o%ld happen to her *a(e i* she did smile. I'm 'oin' to 'i&e her a day.t +eek.bro+n hair that is still 'lossy and pretty. . nd.(hair. Pa%line (an't e&en ha&e a room to hersel*. Pa%line has +orn the same hat *or *o%r years. She has to sleep in the same room +ith her mother and be %p almost e&ery ho%r o* the ni'ht r%bbin' Mrs. 2ibson does her sleepin' in the a*ternoons and spends her ni'hts de&isin' tasks *or Pa%line. . ((ordin'ly I looked them %p and ha&e been lookin' them %p +eekly e&er sin(e be(a%se Pa%line seems to en3oy my &isits and I'm so sorry *or her. She 3%st lo&es (h%r(h +ork and +o%ld be per*e(tly happy attendin' Ladies' ids and Missionary So(ieties. *a+n. not so m%(h as a pair o* sto(kin's. *or old Mrs." "I +as aro%nd at the 2ibsons' this e&enin' *or a (all. doniram 2ibson is ei'hty and spends her days in a +heel. . ""oni'ht +hen I +ent in I (o%ld see that Pa%line had been (ryin'. not l%ke+arm$ . 2ibson did not lon' . hot. "0et nothin' has e&er made Pa%line bitter.end at 2reen 2ables. "-%t at last I ha&e a (han(e to 'i&e Pa%line somethin' and I'm 'oin' to do it. e&en to 'o to (h%r(h on S%ndays. "Mrs. Mrs. She is simply a sla&e to her mother . She (an't e&en b%y her o+n (lothes . 2ibson hates him and (omplains o* his brin'in' bones in b%t she ne&er a(t%ally says he m%st 'o. not to speak o* e. -%t she (an hardly e&er 'et a+ay *rom the ho%se. 2ibson's ba(k or 'i&in' her a pill or 'ettin' a hot. "hey are 6%ite (om*ortably o** and i* it +ere not *or her mother Pa%line (o%ld ha&e a &ery pleasant easy li*e. and so . and then only be(a%se there +as a b%r'lary some+here in to+n and Mrs.%ltin' pro%dly in bein' the possessor o* the *inest +anderin'. . Pa%line ne&er dares to let her mother see ho+ m%(h she lo&es the do'. 2ibson (an't bear any noise in the ho%se or a breath o* *resh air. . . It is said she ne&er smiled in her li*e. *or her o+n sel*ish reason. or (han'in' her pillo+s or seein' +hat that mysterio%s noise is in the ba(k yard. . doniram in their homes. Pa%line. She is a little pale."I ha&e 3%st the ri'ht kind o* pen toni'ht. She is s+eet and %nsel*ish and patient and I am 'lad she has a do' to lo&e. E&erythin' has to be sent %p *or Mrs. 2ilbert. 2ibson tho%'ht it +o%ld be a prote(tion. . Mrs. . there is (ertainly nothin' the matter +ith her ton'%e. "he only thin' she has e&er had her o+n +ay abo%t is keepin' that do' . . I'&e ne&er (a%'ht her at it. 2ibson +ill probably li&e to be a h%ndred. I (an't see any +ay o* es(ape *or her. +ho is a terrible old +oman. "hey mo&ed to S%mmerside *i*teen years a'o. . plannin' *or (h%r(h s%ppers and Wel(ome so(ials.eyed thin' +ith 'olden. "Mrs. I* this be so I shi&er to think +hat she m%st be +hen I am not aro%nd. 2ibson's appro&al@ e&erythin' has to be +orn %ntil it has been t%rned t+i(e. Marilla asked me some time a'o to look them %p be(a%se she on(e kne+ them +hen they li&ed in White Sands. . is the yo%n'est o* the *amily.*i&e. any+ay.

lea&e me in do%bt +hy. "'Pa%line +ants to 'o and lea&e me, Miss Shirley,' she said. '=i(e, 'rate*%l da%'hter I'&e 'ot, ha&en't I)' "'9nly *or a day, Ma,' said Pa%line, s+allo+in' a sob and tryin' to smile. "'9nly *or a day,' says she$ 'Well, you kno+ +hat my days are like, Miss Shirley . . . e&ery one kno+s +hat my days are like. -%t yo% don't kno+ . . . yet . . . Miss Shirley, and I hope yo% ne&er +ill, ho+ lon' a day (an be +hen yo% are s%**erin'.' "I kne+ Mrs. 2ibson didn't s%**er at all no+, so I didn't try to be sympatheti(. "'I'd 'et some one to stay +ith yo%, o* (o%rse, Ma,' said Pa%line. '0o% see,' she e,plained to me, 'my (o%sin Lo%isa is 'oin' to (elebrate her sil&er +eddin' at White Sands ne,t Sat%rday +eek and she +ants me to 'o. I +as her bridesmaid +hen she +as married to Ma%ri(e /ilton. I %ould like to 'o so m%(h i* Ma +o%ld 'i&e her (onsent.' "'I* I m%st die alone I m%st,' said Mrs. 2ibson. 'I lea&e it to yo%r (ons(ien(e, Pa%line.' "I kne+ Pa%line's battle +as lost the moment Mrs. 2ibson le*t it to her (ons(ien(e. Mrs. 2ibson has 'ot her +ay all her li*e by lea&in' thin's to people's (ons(ien(es. I'&e heard that years a'o somebody +anted to marry Pa%line and Mrs. 2ibson pre&ented it by lea&in' it to her (ons(ien(e. "Pa%line +iped her eyes, s%mmoned %p a piteo%s smile and pi(ked %p a dress she +as makin' o&er . . . a hideo%s 'reen and bla(k plaid. "'=o+ don't s%lk, Pa%line,' said Mrs. 2ibson. 'I (an't abide people +ho s%lk. nd mind yo% p%t a (ollar on that dress. Wo%ld yo% belie&e it, Miss Shirley, she a(t%ally +anted to make the dress +itho%t a (ollar) She'd +ear a dress, that one, i* I'd let her.' "I looked at poor Pa%line +ith her slender little throat . . . +hi(h is rather pl%mp and pretty yet . . . en(losed in a hi'h, sti**.boned net (ollar. "'8ollarless dresses are (omin' in,' I said. "'8ollarless dresses,' said Mrs. 2ibson, 'are inde(ent.' "1Item#..I +as +earin' a (ollarless dress.4 "'Moreo&er,' +ent on Mrs. 2ibson, as i* it +ere all o* a pie(e. 'I ne&er liked Ma%ri(e /ilton. /is mother +as a 8ro(kett. /e ne&er had any sense o* de(or%m . . . al+ays kissin' his +i*e in the most %ns%itable pla(es$' "1 re yo% s%re yo% kiss me in s%itable pla(es, 2ilbert) I'm a*raid Mrs. 2ibson +o%ld think the nape o* the ne(k, *or instan(e, most %ns%itable.4 "'-%t, Ma, yo% kno+ that +as the day she nearly es(aped bein' trampled by /ar&ey Wither's horse r%nnin' am%(k on the (h%r(h 'reen. It +as only nat%ral Ma%ri(e sho%ld *eel a little e,(ited.' "'Pa%line, please don't (ontradi(t me. I still think the (h%r(h steps +ere an %ns%itable pla(e *or any one to be kissed. -%t o* (o%rse my opinions don't matter to any one any lon'er. 9* (o%rse e&ery one +ishes I +as dead. Well, there'll be room *or me in the 'ra&e. I kno+ +hat a b%rden I am to yo%. I mi'ht as +ell die. =obody +ants me.' "'Don't say that, Ma,' be''ed Pa%line. "'I %ill say it. /ere yo% are, determined to 'o to that sil&er +eddin' altho%'h yo% kno+ I'm

not +illin'.' "'Ma dear. I'm not 'oin' . . . I'd ne&er think o* 'oin' i* yo% +eren't +illin'. Don't e,(ite yo%rsel* so. . . .' "'9h, I (an't e&en ha&e a little e,(itement, (an't I, to bri'hten my d%ll li*e) S%rely yo%'re not 'oin' so soon, Miss Shirley)' "I *elt that i* I stayed any lon'er I'd either 'o (ra5y or slap Mrs. 2ibson's n%t.(ra(ker *a(e. So I said I had e,am papers to (orre(t. "' h +ell, I s%ppose t+o old +omen like %s are &ery poor (ompany *or a yo%n' 'irl,' si'hed Mrs. 2ibson. 'Pa%line isn't &ery (heer*%l . . . are yo%, Pa%line) =ot &ery (heer*%l. I don't +onder Miss Shirley doesn't +ant to stay lon'.' "Pa%line (ame o%t to the por(h +ith me. "he moon +as shinin' do+n on her little 'arden and sparklin' on the harbor. so*t, deli'ht*%l +ind +as talkin' to a +hite apple tree. It +as sprin' . . . sprin' . . . sprin'$ E&en Mrs. 2ibson (an't stop pl%m trees *rom bloomin'. nd Pa%line's so*t ' eyes +ere *%ll o* tears. "'I %ould like to 'o to Lo%ie's +eddin' so m%(h,' she said, +ith a lon' si'h o* despairin' resi'nation. "'0o% are 'oin',' I said. "'9h, no, dear, I (an't 'o. Poor Ma +ill ne&er (onsent. I'll 3%st p%t it o%t o* my mind. Isn't the moon bea%ti*%l toni'ht)' she added, in a lo%d, (heer*%l tone. "'I'&e ne&er heard o* any 'ood that (ame *rom moon 'a5in',' (alled o%t Mrs. 2ibson *rom the sittin'.room. 'Stop (hirr%pin' there, Pa%line, and (ome in and 'et my red bedroom slippers +ith the *%r ro%nd the tops *or me. "hese shoes pin(h my *eet somethin' terrible. -%t nobody (ares ho+ I s%**er.' "I *elt that ' didn't (are ho+ m%(h she s%**ered. Poor darlin' Pa%line$ -%t a day o** is (ertainly (omin' to Pa%line and she is 'oin' to ha&e her sil&er +eddin'. I, nne Shirley, ha&e spoken it. "I told !ebe((a De+ and the +ido+s all abo%t it +hen I (ame home and +e had s%(h *%n, thinkin' %p all the lo&ely, ins%ltin' thin's I mi'ht ha&e said to Mrs. 2ibson. %nt 7ate does not think I +ill s%((eed in 'ettin' Mrs. 2ibson to let Pa%line 'o b%t !ebe((a De+ has *aith in me. ' nyho+, i* you (an't, nobody (an,' she said. "I +as at s%pper re(ently +ith Mrs. "om Prin'le +ho +o%ldn't take me to board. 1!ebe((a says I am the best payin' boarder she e&er heard o* be(a%se I am in&ited o%t to s%pper so o*ten.4 I'm &ery 'lad she didn't. She's ni(e and p%rry and her pies praise her in the 'ates, b%t her home isn't Windy Poplars and she doesn't li&e in Spook's Lane and she isn't %nt 7ate and %nt 8hatty and !ebe((a De+. I lo&e them all three and I'm 'oin' to board here ne,t year and the year a*ter. My (hair is al+ays (alled 'Miss Shirley's (hair' and %nt 8hatty tells me that +hen I'm not here !ebe((a De+ sets my pla(e at the table 3%st the same, so it +on't seem so lonesome.' Sometimes %nt 8hatty's *eelin's ha&e (ompli(ated matters a bit b%t she says she %nderstands me no+ and kno+s I +o%ld ne&er h%rt her intentionally. "Little Eli5abeth and I 'o o%t *or a +alk t+i(e a +eek no+. Mrs. 8ampbell has a'reed to that, b%t it m%st not be o*tener and ne(er on S%ndays. "hin's are better *or little Eli5abeth in sprin'. Some s%nshine 'ets into e&en that 'rim old ho%se and o%t+ardly it is e&en bea%ti*%l be(a%se o* the dan(in' shado+s o* tree tops. Still, Eli5abeth likes to es(ape *rom

it +hene&er she (an. 9n(e in a +hile +e 'o so that Eli5abeth (an see the li'hted shop +indo+s. -%t mostly +e 'o as *ar as +e dare do+n the !oad that Leads to the End o* the World, ro%ndin' e&ery (orner ad&ent%ro%sly and e,pe(tantly, as i* +e +ere 'oin' to *ind "omorro+ behind it, +hile all the little 'reen e&enin' hills neatly nestle to'ether in the distan(e. 9ne o* the thin's Eli5abeth is 'oin' to do in "omorro+ is ''o to Philadelphia and see the an'el in the (h%r(h.' I ha&en't told her . . . I ne&er +ill tell her . . . that the Philadelphia St. <ohn +as +ritin' abo%t +as not Phila., Pa. We lose o%r ill%sions soon eno%'h. nd anyho+, i* +e could 'et into "omorro+, +ho kno+s +hat +e mi'ht *ind there) n'els e&ery+here, perhaps. "Sometimes +e +at(h the ships (omin' %p the harbor be*ore a *air +ind, o&er a 'listenin' path+ay, thro%'h the transparent sprin' air, and Eli5abeth +onders i* her *ather may be on board one o* them. She (lin's to the hope that he may (ome some day. I (an't ima'ine +hy he doesn't. I'm s%re he +o%ld i* he kne+ +hat a darlin' little da%'hter he has here lon'in' *or him. I s%ppose he ne&er reali5es she is 6%ite a 'irl no+ . . . . I s%ppose he still thinks o* her as the little baby +ho (ost his +i*e her li*e. "I'll soon ha&e *inished my *irst year in S%mmerside /i'h. "he *irst term +as a ni'htmare, b%t the last t+o ha&e been &ery pleasant. "he Prin'les are delightful people. /o+ (o%ld I e&er ha&e (ompared them to the Pyes) Sid Prin'le bro%'ht me a b%n(h o* trilli%ms today. <en is 'oin' to lead her (lass and Miss Ellen is reported to ha&e said that I am the only tea(her +ho e&er really understood the (hild$ "he only *ly in my ointment is 7atherine -rooke, +ho (ontin%es %n*riendly and distant. I'm 'oin' to 'i&e %p tryin' to be *riends +ith her. *ter all, as !ebe((a De+ says, there are limits. "9h, I nearly *or'ot to tell yo%. . . . Sally =elson has asked me to be one o* her bridesmaids. She is 'oin' to be married the last o* <%ne at -onny&ie+, Dr. =elson's s%mmer home do+n at the 3%mpin'.o** pla(e. She is marryin' 2ordon /ill. "hen =ora =elson +ill be the only one o* Dr. =elson's si, 'irls le*t %nmarried. <im Wil(o, has been 'oin' +ith her *or years . . . 'o** and on' as !ebe((a De+ says . . . b%t it ne&er seems to (ome to anythin' and nobody thinks it +ill no+. I'm &ery *ond o* Sally, b%t I'&e ne&er made m%(h head+ay 'ettin' a(6%ainted +ith =ora. She's a 'ood deal older than I am, o* (o%rse, and rather reser&ed and pro%d. 0et I'd like to be *riends +ith her. She isn't pretty or (le&er or (harmin' b%t someho+ she's 'ot a tang. I'&e a *eelin' she'd be +orth +hile. "Speakin' o* +eddin's, Esme "aylor +as married to her Ph.D. last month. s it +as on Wednesday a*ternoon I (o%ldn't 'o to the (h%r(h to see her, b%t e&ery one says she looked &ery bea%ti*%l and happy and Lenno, looked as i* he kne+ he had done the ri'ht thin' and had the appro&al o* his (ons(ien(e. 8yr%s "aylor and I are 'reat *riends. /e o*ten re*ers to the dinner +hi(h he has (ome to (onsider a 'reat 3oke on e&erybody. 'I'&e ne&er dared s%lk sin(e,' he told me. 'Momma mi'ht a((%se me o* se+in' pat(h+ork ne,t time.' nd then he tells me to be s%re and 'i&e his lo&e to 'the +ido+s.' 2ilbert, people are deli(io%s and li*e is deli(io%s and I am ":ore&ermore /1ours2 "P.S. 9%r old red (o+ do+n at Mr. /amilton's has a spotted (al*. We'&e been b%yin' o%r milk *or three months *rom Le+ /%nt. !ebe((a says +e'll ha&e (ream a'ain no+ . . . and that she has al+ays heard the /%nt +ell +as ine,ha%stible and no+ she belie&es it. !ebe((a didn't +ant that (al* to be born at all. %nt 7ate had to 'et Mr. /amilton to tell her that the (o+ +as really too old to ha&e a (al* be*ore she +o%ld (onsent."

" +hined Mrs. "Please don't think I'm la(kin' in sympathy." snapped Mrs. "oo +ell . <%st step on at S%mmerside . " nd I don't need to be told it's a (ensorio%s +orld. . too +ell I kno+ it. . . <ames 2re'or +ill brin' her ba(k. . b%t she tried the last shot in her lo(ker.13 " h. . nd I don't need to be told that this to+n is *%ll o* tattlin' toads neither. /is mother +as a "arb%sh. -%t I d%nno's I *an(y them 3abberin' abo%t me . "0o% don't need to r%b that in. sayin'. . a*ter hal* an ho%r's &ain e**ort. "hen she said. any time. Miss Shirley. I kno+. dear. . I s'pose. yo% kno+. Mrs. or else he +o%ld take her do+n. " nd I'm s%re Mr.seated b%''y and 'oin' do+n :riday. (are*%lly sorro+*%l. "I ass%re yo%." "9h." said nne. not e. 0o% al+ays took e&erythin' that (ome ro%nd. +ho." "/e is takin' his do%ble. I'm ready to 'o any time . Didn't I lea&e it to her (ons(ien(e)" "So *e+ people +ill belie&e that. +hen yo%'&e been old and bed." said nne. 2ibson." . =othin' b%t poor Pa%line's pleadin' eyes in the ba(k'ro%nd kept her *rom 'i&in' %p in despair and 'oin' home. =one o* the yo%n' people o* today ha&e any sense." said' yo%'d see the mornin'$ h me." "0o% needn't be (astin' my a'e %p to me. . Mrs. people +ill talk so terribly i* Pa%line doesn't 'o to her (o%sin's sil&er +eddin'. . 2ibson's ne(k. 3%st +hat idle ton'%es (an say. ' ain't stoppin' Pa%line *rom 'oin'." 1'May I be *or'i&en the ad3e(ti&e$' tho%'ht nne4 "in yo%r lon' li*e yo% ha&e learned. . Mrs.rid as lon' as me yo%'ll ha&e more sympathy. yo% +on't be lonely and ne'le(ted. ." "She (o%ld 'o on the Sat%rday mornin' train. "he ni'hts I'&e set %p +ith yo%. 0o%'d be 3%st the one to take them t+i(e. 2ibson. 2ibson . Mrs. Pa%line (an 'ad ro%nd all she +ants to then. that I'm an old tyrant. ho+ +o%ld yo% 'et to White Sands) 0o% ain't been on a train *or years. -esides. "What +ill they talk abo%t)" "Dear Mrs. *elt like +rin'in' Mrs. too. 2ibson. 2ibson sharply. I kno+ I'm o* no %se to any one. nd there ain't any train ba(k Sat%rday ni'ht. apropos o* nothin' that had been said. 2ibson s%(ked a peppermint lo5en'e *ier(ely *or a min%te or t+o. 2ibson. a mother's sa(ri*i(es ain't lon' remembered. . yo% kno+ I'&e had the m%mps. 2ibson." said Mrs. no (han'in'." "Ma. 2ibson." ""alk$" said Mrs. step o** at White Sands . -%t she'll be 6%ite sa*e on the train. I +on't be here to *eel ne'le(ted." "I ne&er liked <im 2re'or. "I hear there's m%mps at White Sands. "Well. . &ery 'iddy. . Pa%line." ""here's *olks as takes them t+i(e." nne didn't kno+ +hether it +as Pa%line or hersel* +ho +as the 'iddy yo%n' person +itho%t sense. I +ill be here all day and see that yo% la(k nothin' in any +ay. 2iddy .

" "9h. Miss Shirley." said Mrs. . Do yo% think I am. 2ibson s%spi(io%sly. nne in her relie* and 'ratit%de *o%nd hersel* doin' somethin' she (o%ld ne&er ha&e ima'ined hersel* doin' . she's Mrs. I s'pose yo%'ll be here. she bent o&er and kissed Mrs. "=e&er mind yo%r +heedlin' +ays. Pa%line. Miss Shirley. Why." said nne hope*%lly. I s'pose I (an stand it *or one day. "he idea o* yo% +antin' somethin' 'li'ht. +hene&er yo% (ome into a room. 2ibson. 9h.(hair i* I (o%ld 'et it. +ell." said Mrs.eyed *a(e. /er mother +as a Smiley. b%t it isn't the '%l*. 3%st as e&erybody does. 9h. "Why are yo% so set on her 'oin'. Well. i* she m%st 'o she m%st. or the *ear o* 'ossip &an6%ished Mrs. "/a&e a peppermint. "he old L%(kley pla(e ne. Miss Shirley. "-y 'oin' to White Sands +ith a li'ht heart and en3oyin' e&ery min%te o* the time. Mrs. Ma says I'm 'ettin' too old to dream. . i* she +as . It's not only Lo%isa I +ant to see. It's too 'loomy *or a +eddin'. Miss Shirley . ." "We m%st try to ind%(e yo%r mother to let yo% ha&e a ne+ dress. Mrs. to think o* seein' the '%l* a'ain. . I'&e been li&in' on borro+ed time many's the year no+ so +hat's the di**eren(e)" =ot a 'ra(io%s assent by any means b%t still an assent. ""hank yo%." "/o+ (an I e&er thank yo%. 2ibson +as adamant. 0o%'&e made me happy . I'll ha&e to 'et alon' as best I (an. . /o+ard :lemmin' no+ and li&es o%t +est . . . I ha&en't seen it *or *i*teen years. Pa%line's bla(k ta**eta +as plenty 'ood *or Lo%isa /ilton's +eddin'. Miss Shirley)" said Pa%line. kind da%'hter to yo%.' Pa%line 2ibson$ She'd 'o dressed in s(arlet *rom head to *oot.""here's somethin' behind all this. that one. don't blame me *or it. +as my dearest *riend +hen I +as a 'irl. I'&e nothin' to +ear b%t my old bla(k ta**eta. She's al+ays been one to 'et her o+n +ay." nne smiled into the beady. -%t I (an't . nd dreams ne&er 'ro+ old. I *eel as i* I +as +alkin' on air." ""hat's the &ery ni(est (ompliment I'&e e&er had paid me. 2ibson's leathery (heek." Most people *o%nd it hard to resist nne's smile. I* she (at(hes m%mps or 'ets poisoned by stran'e mos6%itoes. and needs a day o** no+ and then. yo% are al+ays makin' people happy. "I s'pose it ne&er o((%rs to any one '&d like a day o** *rom this +heel. Miss Shirley)" "=obody is e&er too old to dream. years sin(e I 'ot it. nd I o+e it all to yo%. . . 0o% don't kno+ +hat this means to me. . Miss Shirley) <%st tell me that. It +as 3%st be(a%se Ma likes yo% she let me 'o. . We +ere like sisters. isn't it) nd it's too bi' *or me sin(e I 'ot thin. I'll do that. . "-e(a%se I think Pa%line is a 'ood. Either that. 0o% see it's si. I %sed to be at the L%(kley pla(e so m%(h and I lo&ed it so." she said. the people in it *eel happier." ""here's 3%st one thin'. "I paid t+o dollars a yard *or it si. -%t that pro&ed to be beyond her po+ers. I 3%st ha&e to bear my a**li(tion patiently." "I'm so 'lad to hear yo% say that. I* I (an't . as she +ent a little +ay do+n the street +ith nne.t to her home is 'oin' to be sold and I did so +ant to see it on(e more be*ore it passed into the hands o* stran'ers. I'&e o*ten dreamed o* 'oin' ba(k. "he harbor is bea%ti*%l. Mary L%(kley . 2ibson. <ane +as a 'ood dressmaker. . . b%t yo% ain't %sed to my +ays as Pa%line is. years a'o and three to <ane Sharp *or makin' it. 2ibson.

Pa%line +as not 6%ite easy abo%t the dress. -%t she (o%ldn't 'o to Lo%isa's sil&er +eddin' in that dread*%l old bla(k . When the day is o&er yo% (an lea&e the poplin at 2%ll 8o&e and I (an 'et it the ne." said nne shamelessly. I'm a*raid she +on't eat a bite +hen I'm a+ay . It's a little lon'." "Do yo% think it +o%ld be . 2ibson (o%ldn't hear her. Perhaps her sore throat +as a 3%d'ment on her *or de(eption. it +o%ld ne&er do to +ear a bla(k dress to a +eddin'. "I'm 3%st 'oin' to be 'lad inside and *or'et all abo%t my (lothes. nd +hat's the matter +ith yo%r hat) It's time yo% +ore a bonnet. +ill yo%." "She'll eat. h. nd o* (o%rse it +on't h%rt Ma. . she didn't the time I +ent to 8o%sin Matilda's *%neral. I mean.end I'm home. I kno+ it +ill *it yo%. I (o%ldn't. Pa%line. "hey'&e plenty o* their +indo+. "In this (ase entirely ri'ht. I'm dyin' *or a drink o* +ater. "hen yo% (an dress as 'ay and 'iddy as yo% like." "9h." "I kno+ yo%'&e a 'reat kna(k o* mana'in' her." Poor Pa%line had a li&ely horror o* ha&in' to +ear a bonnet. b%t as lon' as I'm ali&e yo%'ll be de(ent. Listen. perhaps I o%'htn't to 'o a*ter all. . "0o% kno+ that sil&er. . -%t then I'm o* no (onse6%en(e. Miss Pro%ty stayed +ith her. She's 3%st +aitin' till I'm dead to do it. tho%'h she +as ne&er permitted to sleep there. . Sat%rday mornin' yo%'ll p%t it on %nder yo%r bla(k ta**eta. She hid it in the lila( b%sh and late that ni'ht Pa%line." Pa%line dropped the basket o* *lo+ers in her a'itation.t +eek. . +hen they +ent o%t to the 'arden to pi(k a bo%6%et o* <%ne lilies and bleedin'." she told nne. . Miss Pro%ty told me she didn't. +ith elbo+ slee&es so no one +ill s%spe(t. She had a sore throat and did Miss Shirley think it (o%ld possibly be the m%mps) nne ran do+n to reass%re her. s soon as yo% 'et to 2%ll 8o&e." :riday ni'ht Pa%line telephoned nne in terrible a'itation. +ith a (a%tio%s 'lan(e to make s%re Mrs. my dear. .'ray poplin o* mine) I'm 'oin' to lend yo% that *or the +eddin'. ." "She +on't kno+ a thin' abo%t it. Miss Shirley. It's (ollarless. . . " nd yo% +on't *or'et to 'i&e her her medi(ine at the re'%lar times. in a (old perspiration." "0o%'&e been o%t there lon' eno%'h to pi(k *orty bokays. mana'ed to sm%''le it %pstairs to the little room +here she kept her (lothes and dressed. I do hope she'll 'et thro%'h Sat%rday all ri'ht. . . takin' the 'ray poplin in a bro+n paper par(el. makin' a pool o* pink and +hite s+eetness at nne's *eet. anyho+. . take o** the ta**eta. 2ibson irately. . She +o%ld +ear her old hat *or the rest o* her li*e be*ore she +o%ld do that. I +o%ldn't do that *or anythin'." said nne. "I d%nno +hat the +ido+s +ant o* yo%r *lo+ers.heart *or the +ido+s. Ma +as. "I'&e a plan. It mi'ht brin' the bride bad l%(k. tho%'h she +as +at(hin' *rom the sittin'. Pa%line." (alled Mrs. She +as so pro&oked at 8o%sin Matilda *or dyin' . +ell. ny a'e (an +ear 'ray. t%(ks are *ashionable no+. dear) 9h. "0o% kno+. to de(ei&e Ma)" *altered Pa%line. "9h. . I'll see to that. . ." (on(eded Pa%line. b%t I'll r%n some t%(ks in it tomorro+ . yo%'ll soon be shet o* all the tro%ble I am to yo%. .let. ri'ht . I'd 'o a lon' time +itho%t *lo+ers i* I +aited *or !ebe((a De+ to send me any. . Ma +o%ldn't let me." "-%t +o%ldn't it be too yo%n' *or me)" "=ot a bit o* it.

ta**eta . . . she simply (o%ldn't. Sat%rday mornin' nne +as at the 2ibson ho%se bri'ht and early. nne al+ays looked her best on a sparklin' s%mmer mornin' s%(h as this. She seemed to sparkle +ith it and she mo&ed thro%'h the 'olden air like a slender *i'%re on a 2re(ian %rn. "he d%llest room sparkled, too . . . li(ed . . . +hen she (ame into it. "Walkin' as i* yo% o+ned the earth," (ommented Mrs. 2ibson sar(asti(ally. "So I do," said nne 'ayly. " h, yo%'re &ery yo%n'," said Mrs. 2ibson maddenin'ly. "'I +ithhold not my heart *rom any 3oy,'" 6%oted nne. ""hat is -ible a%thority *or yo%, Mrs. 2ibson." "'Man is born to tro%ble as the sparks *ly %p+ard.' "hat's in the -ible, too," retorted Mrs. 2ibson. "he *a(t that she had so neatly (o%ntered Miss Shirley, -. ., p%t her in (omparati&ely 'ood h%mor. "I ne&er +as one to *latter, Miss Shirley, b%t that (hip hat o* yo%rs +ith the bl%e *lo+er kind o* sets yo%. 0o%r hair don't look so red %nder it, seems to me. Don't yo% admire a *resh yo%n' 'irl like this, Pa%line) Wo%ldn't yo% like to be a *resh yo%n' 'irl yo%rsel*, Pa%line)" Pa%line +as too happy and e,(ited to +ant to be any one b%t hersel* 3%st then. nne +ent to the %pstairs room +ith her to help her dress. "It's so lo&ely to think o* all the pleasant thin's that m%st happen today, Miss Shirley. My throat is 6%ite +ell and Ma is in s%(h a 'ood h%mor. 0o% mi'htn't think so, b%t I kno+ she is be(a%se she is talkin', e&en i* she is sar(asti(. I* she +as mad or riled she'd be s%lkin'. I'&e peeled the potatoes and the steak is in the i(, and Ma's blan( man'e is do+n (ellar. "here's (anned (hi(ken *or s%pper and a spon'e (ake in the pantry. I'm 3%st on tenterhooks Ma'll (han'e her mind yet. I (o%ldn't bear it i* she did. 9h, Miss Shirley, do yo% think I'd better +ear that 'ray dress . . . really)" "P%t it on," said nne in her best s(hool.tea(herish manner. Pa%line obeyed and emer'ed a trans*ormed Pa%line. "he 'ray dress *itted her bea%ti*%lly. It +as (ollarless and had dainty la(e r%**les in the elbo+ slee&es. When nne had done her hair Pa%line hardly kne+ hersel*. "I hate to (o&er it %p +ith that horrid old bla(k ta**eta, Miss Shirley." -%t it had to be. "he ta**eta (o&ered it &ery se(%rely. "he old hat +ent on . . . b%t it +o%ld be taken o**, too, +hen she 'ot to Lo%isa's . . . and Pa%line had a ne+ pair o* shoes. Mrs. 2ibson had a(t%ally allo+ed her to 'et a ne+ pair o* shoes, tho%'h she tho%'ht the heels "s(andalo%s hi'h." "I'll make 6%ite a sensation 'oin' a+ay on the train alone. I hope people +on't think it's a death. I +o%ldn't +ant Lo%isa's sil&er +eddin' to be (onne(ted in any +ay +ith the tho%'ht o* death. 9h, per*%me, Miss Shirley$ pple.blossom$ Isn't that lo&ely) <%st a +hi** . . . so, I al+ays think. Ma +on't let me b%y any. 9h, Miss Shirley, yo% +on't *or'et to *eed my do', +ill yo%) I'&e le*t his bones in the pantry in the (o&ered dish. I do hope" . . . droppin' her &oi(e to a shamed +hisper . . . "that he +on't . . . misbeha&e . . . in the ho%se +hile yo%'re here." Pa%line had to pass her mother's inspe(tion be*ore lea&in'. E,(itement o&er her o%tin' and '%ilt in re'ard to the hidden poplin (ombined to 'i&e her a &ery %n%s%al *l%sh. Mrs. 2ibson 'a5ed at her dis(ontentedly. "9h me, oh my$ 2oin' to London to look at the E%een, are +e) 0o%'&e 'ot too m%(h (olor.

People +ill think yo%'re painted. re yo% s%re yo% ain't)" "9h, no, Ma . . . no,/ in sho(ked tones. "Mind yo%r manners no+ and +hen yo% set do+n, (ross yo%r ankles de(ently. Mind yo% don't set in a dra%'ht or talk too m%(h." "I +on't, Ma," promised Pa%line earnestly, +ith a ner&o%s 'lan(e at the (lo(k. "I'm sendin' Lo%isa a bottle o* my sarsaparilla +ine to drink the toasts in. I ne&er (ared *or Lo%isa, b%t her mother +as a "a(kaberry. Mind yo% brin' ba(k the bottle and don't let her 'i&e yo% a kitten. Lo%isa's al+ays 'i&in' people kittens." "I +on't, Ma." "0o%'re s%re yo% didn't lea&e the soap in the +ater)" "E%ite s%re, Ma," +ith another an'%ished 'lan(e at the (lo(k. " re yo%r tied)" "0es, Ma." "0o% don't smell respe(table . . . dren(hed +ith s(ent." "9h, no, Ma dear . . . 3%st a little . . . the tiniest bit . . ." "I said dren(hed and I mean dren(hed. "here isn't, a rip %nder yo%r arm, is there)" "9h, no, Ma." "Let me see . . ." ine,orably. Pa%line 6%aked. S%ppose the skirt o* the 'ray dress sho+ed +hen she li*ted her arms$ "Well, 'o, then." With a lon' si'h. "I* I ain't here +hen yo% (ome ba(k, remember that I +ant to be laid o%t in my la(e sha+l and my bla(k satin slippers. nd see that my hair is (rimped." "Do yo% *eel any +orse, Ma)" "he poplin dress had made Pa%line's (ons(ien(e &ery sensiti&e. "I* yo% do . . . I'll not 'o . . ." " nd +aste the money *or them shoes$ '8o%rse yo%'re 'oin'. nd mind yo% don't slide do+n the banister." -%t at this the +orm t%rned. "Ma$ Do yo% think I +o%ld)" "0o% did at =an(y Parker's +eddin'." '"hirty.*i&e years a'o$ Do yo% think I +o%ld do it no+)" "It's time yo% +ere o**. What are yo% 3abberin' here *or) Do yo% +ant to miss yo%r train)" Pa%line h%rried a+ay and nne si'hed +ith relie*. She had been a*raid that old Mrs. 2ibson had, at the last moment, been taken +ith a *iendish imp%lse to detain Pa%line %ntil the train +as 'one. "=o+ *or a little pea(e," said Mrs. 2ibson. ""his ho%se is in an a+*%l (ondition o* %ntidiness, Miss Shirley. I hope yo% reali5e it ain't al+ays so. Pa%line hasn't kno+n +hi(h end o* her +as %p these last *e+ days. Will yo% please set that &ase an in(h to the le*t)

=o, mo&e it ba(k a'ain. "hat lamp shade is (rooked. Well, that's a little strai'hter. -%t that blind is an in(h lo+er than the other. I +ish yo%'d *i, it." nne %nl%(kily 'a&e the blind too ener'eti( a t+ist@ it es(aped her *in'ers and +ent +hi55in' to the top. " h, no+ yo% see," said Mrs. 2ibson. nne didn't see b%t she ad3%sted the blind meti(%lo%sly. " nd no+ +o%ldn't yo% like me to make yo% a ni(e (%p o* tea, Mrs. 2ibson)" "I do need somethin'. . . . I'm (lean +ore o%t +ith all this +orry and *%ss. My stoma(h seems to be droppin' o%t o* me," said Mrs. 2ibson patheti(ally. "7in yo% make a de(ent (%p o* tea) I'd as soon drink m%d as the tea some *olks make." "Marilla 8%thbert ta%'ht me ho+ to make tea. 0o%'ll see. -%t *irst I'm 'oin' to +heel yo% o%t to the por(h so that yo% (an en3oy the s%nshine." "I ain't been o%t on the por(h *or years," ob3e(ted Mrs. 2ibson. "9h, it's so lo&ely today, it (an't h%rt yo%. I +ant yo% to see the (rab tree in bloom. 0o% (an't see it %nless yo% 'o o%t. nd the +ind is so%th today, so yo%'ll 'et the (lo&er s(ent *rom =orman <ohnson's *ield. I'll brin' yo% yo%r tea and +e'll drink it to'ether and then I'll 'et my embroidery and +e'll sit there and (riti(i5e e&erybody +ho passes." "I don't hold +ith (riti(i5in' people," said Mrs. 2ibson &irt%o%sly. "It ain't 8hristian. Wo%ld yo% mind tellin' me i* that is all yo%r o+n hair)" "E&ery bit," la%'hed nne. "Pity it's red. "ho%'h red hair seems to be 'ittin' pop%lar no+. I sort o* like yo%r la%'h. "hat ner&o%s 'i''le o* poor Pa%line's al+ays 'its on my ner&es. Well, i* I'&e 'ot to 'it o%t, I s'pose I'&e 'ot to. I'll likely ket(h my death o* (old, b%t the responsibility is yo%rs, Miss Shirley. !emember I'm ei'hty . . . e&ery day o* it, tho%'h I hear old Da&y (kham has been tellin' all aro%nd S%mmerside I'm only se&enty.nine. /is mother +as a Watt. "he Watts +ere al+ays 3ealo%s." nne mo&ed the +heel.(hair de*tly o%t, and pro&ed that she had a kna(k o* arran'in' pillo+s. Soon a*ter she bro%'ht o%t the tea and Mrs. 2ibson dei'ned appro&al. "0es, this is drinkable, Miss Shirley. h me, *or one year I had to li&e entirely on li6%ids. "hey ne&er tho%'ht I'd p%ll thro%'h. I o*ten think it mi'ht ha&e been better i* I hadn't. Is that the (rab tree yo% +as ra&in' abo%t)" "0es . . . isn't it lo&ely . . . so +hite a'ainst that deep bl%e sky)" "It ain't poeti(al," +as Mrs. 2ibson's sole (omment. -%t she be(ame rather mello+ a*ter t+o (%ps o* tea and the *orenoon +ore a+ay %ntil it +as time to think o* dinner. "I'll 'o and 'et it ready and then I'll brin' it o%t here on a little table." "=o, yo% +on't, miss. =o (ra5y monkey.shines like that *or me$ People +o%ld think it a+*%l 6%eer, %s eatin' o%t here in p%bli(. I ain't denyin' it's kind o* ni(e o%t here . . . tho%'h the smell o* (lo&er al+ays makes me kind o* s6%almish . . . and the *orenoon's passed a+*%l 6%i(k to +hat it mostly does, b%t I ain't eatin' my dinner o%t.o*.doors *or any one. I ain't a 'ypsy. Mind yo% +ash yo%r hands (lean be*ore yo% (ook the dinner. My, Mrs. Storey m%st be e,pe(tin' more (ompany. She's 'ot all the bed.(lothes airin' on the line. It ain't real hospitality . . . 3%st a desire *or sensation. /er mother +as a 8arey."

. . ha&e it yo%r o+n +ay. I +o%ldn't do that. 'o to the spare. Medi(al st%dents mostly drink. Sometimes I think I'll ha&e to 'et rid o* him. =othin' s%ited her. . +ell." "9h. 0o% 3%st *i. "Want me to ket(h my death in the ni'ht air. I s'pose it means I'm 'oin' to ha&e a stroke. "he drink nne bro%'ht her +as too (old . . b%t +oke %p in a bad h%mor." "0o% need yo%r nap. . no do%bt. I daresay yo%'d like a 6%iet spell yo%rsel* . "Some o* them 9ld "estament +riters +as al+ays (roakin'. that's him. 0o%'ll *ind it %nder the bed. . /e's too *at no+. h. her head a(hed ." said Mrs. 3%st like her *ather. I hear yo%'re en'a'ed . to stand the disse(tin'. still no Pa%line. ."he dinner nne prod%(ed pleased e&en Mrs. S%nset (ame and Mrs. I kin tell yo%. . nobody kne+ +hat she +ent thro%'h. b%t Pa%line 3%st st%**s him. her (hair +as too lo+. b%t it did. "+ili'ht (ame . -. "here are al+ays b%r'laries. . her knees a(hed . nd %ould Miss Shirley see +here that a+*%l dra%'ht +as (omin' *rom) She (o%ld do +ith a (%p o* tea." smiled nne. 2ibson be'an to +onder +hy Pa%line +asn't (omin'." she 'r%mbled. I (an't abide 'reasy dish. altho%'h it +as only *i&e o'(lo(k. yo% kno+ . . Mind yo% (lean the sink and rinse the dish. b%t she didn't +ant to be a tro%ble to any one and she +o%ld soon be at rest in her 'ra&e. I s'pose. . /er ba(k a(hed . . the ne. She +anted a sha+l *or her sho%lders and an a*'han *or her knees and a (%shion *or her *eet. . . I s'pose yo%'ll ha&e to *eed the do'. "histledo+n and moonshine ain't m%(h to li&e on. 0o% do ha&e the 6%eerest ideas. Mrs. "his is a de'enerate a'e. I don't tr%st Pa%line. o** here by itsel*. /er mother +as a <ohnson. . =obody sympathi5ed +ith her . 2ibson.. and yo%r ho%se is lonely. =or one +ho ain't a 'ood pro&ider. me %p ri'ht here in the sittin'. /is mother +as a Walker. Miss Shirley. . . yo%r ton'%e's been 'oin' pretty steady. "-e the day short or be the day lon'." Mrs. -%t take a peep and see i* there's any d%st (%rls %nder the b%rea%." "here +ere moments +hen nne tho%'ht it ne&er +o%ld. .room. I'll t%(k yo% %p and lo+er yo%r (hair." "9h. Where +as the do') Misbeha&in'. . "I didn't think any one +ho +rote *or the papers (o%ld (ook. =i'ht and moonshine and no Pa%line. Did I e&er sho+ yo% his pi(t%re. Miss Shirley. . . -%t o* (o%rse Marilla 8%thbert bro%'ht yo% %p. She +o%ld not let nne +heel her o%t to the por(h a'ain. I belie&e . 2ibson.t one +asn't (old eno%'h . I s'pose Pa%line +ill eat hersel* si(k at that +eddin'. Maybe they mi'ht appre(iate her +hen she +as 'one. . 'spe(ially +hen I'&e s%(h a 6%eer throbbin' in the ba(k o* my ne(k. I'&e seen him 'or'e on stra+berries +hen he kne+ he'd be do%bled %p +ith pain an ho%r a*ter+ards. . Miss Shirley. b%t my h%sband +as &ery broad in his &ie+s. 0o% really do need prote(tion." "/omer said the same thin' ei'ht h%ndred years. . . Miss Shirley) Well. "I daresay yo%'re sho(ked to hear me say so. I'd r%ther do anythin' than ar'%e +ith . She don't kno+ +hen she's had eno%'h .room and brin' it and dra+ the blinds do+n and sh%t the door to keep the *lies o%t. /er (hair +as too hi'h . Wo%ld yo% like to 'o o%t on the por(h *or yo%r nap)" "Sleepin' in p%bli($ "hat'd be +orse than eatin'. Mind yo% don't 'o pryin' into the dra+ers +hile yo%'re %p there. . "here's no men like that no+adays. 2ibson had a 'ood lon' nap. . . . . o* (o%rse anything +o%ld do *or her. to a medi(al st%dent. . =e&er marry a man +ho drinks. yes. at last it +eareth to e&enin' son'. . ha&e to. her breastbone a(hed. When yo%'&e had it yo%'ll *eel better.8.

starry. . . "=obody (o%ld e&er depend on <im 2re'or to stay in the same mind t+enty." "Did yo% ha&e a ni(e time)" asked nne. "I'm not 'oin' to bed till that 'irl (omes home. Mary L%(kley +as there *rom the +est . +ell.*i&e +hite roses. I kno+ it's a bit o* a strain ha&in' a stran'er ro%nd instead o* some one yo%'re a((%stomed to. ". Mrs. go. . "0o% kno+ she (an't (ome till Mr." "-%t they did. .eyed Pa%line. ." "he little p%(kery lines abo%t Mrs. . -%t she pretended to 'o to sleep a*ter that. nd e&erybody asked abo%t yo% and sent yo% their lo&e. Pa%line sat do+n on a hard (hair be(a%se she kne+ her mother +o%ld resent it i* she sat on a so*t one. Isn't it lo&ely) "+enty.(hair." "Like a *%neral I s'pose . :lemmin'. 2ibson) 0o%'re tired ." "I (all that sa(rile'io%s. I'&e seen the day . and (arryin' a bea%ti*%l bo%6%et +hi(h she h%rriedly presented to the 'rim lady in the +heel. "We had a lo&ely +eddin'. 2re'or (omes and he's 'enerally the last do' h%n'." she said (a%tio%sly. the 2%ll 8o&e minister. . I'&e a 'reat bi' pie(e here in my ba'."I kne+ it. People no+adays don't seem to ha&e any *amily *eelin'. in spite o* the res%med ta**eta and the old hat. . Ma. ." soothed nne. or die alone. 2ibson's hands that day. *ter all." she ans+ered 'ra&ely. ." t hal* past nine Mrs. nd he thinks it's +ron' to tra&el on S%nday e&en to (ome home. ." " nd. 2ibson (rypti(ally. 2ibson's mo%th deepened obstinately. . Ma. . "Won't yo% let me p%t yo% to bed. . 2ibson de(ided that <im 2re'or +as not (omin' home till Monday. . 0o% . h. yo% kno+. ""he bride sent yo% her bo%6%et." " nd then the photo'rapher took all o%r pi(t%res. . "he *lo+ers +ere simply +onder*%l. ain't he) What do yo% really think o* him and his opinions on eddi(ation)" nne +ent +i(ked. 2ibson did not bat an eyelash.(ake. Mrs. oh. Mrs. "he parlor +as a bo+er .dinner and to be 'one." she said.ery ni(e. ' (an stay alone . married Lo%isa and Ma%ri(e o&er a'ain. she had end%red a 'ood deal at Mrs. ." "8at's hind*oot$ I don't s'pose any one tho%'ht o* sendin' me a (r%mb o* +eddin'. ." said Mrs. /e's on yo%r s(hool board. a *l%shed. -%t i* yo%'re so an. lookin' ten years yo%n'er. Ma. "I a'ree +ith yo%. "I think he's a psy(holo'i(al ana(hronism. :reeman. .*o%r ho%rs. 14 It +as ten o'(lo(k +hen Pa%line (ame at last . .

.ery silly names .pe(t yo%'d remember that)" ""he . 2ibson's roses. . . It +as s%(h *%n bein' a bridesmaid a'ain." said Mrs. or +o%ld it be too m%(h to e. . . no. "I'm s%re yo% and Miss Shirley had a ni(e time to'ether. too. Did yo% brin' ba(k the bottle . they did." Pa%line +as still so %pli*ted by the day that she (o%ld be a little ar(h e&en +ith her mother. I don't think he e&er had any real intentions b%t +e dro&e ro%nd to'ether . I s'pose the ne. Ma . I* there +as more people like yo% in this to+n. . 2ibson. "I don't (are +hat people say .a(tly the same." "We 'ot on +ell eno%'h. I +ish yo%'d brin' me another sha+l. "2ood ni'ht." said nne. . as she had not dared do be*ore her mother. I e. I ain't so near the 'ra&e as some people +o%ld like to make o%t." " nd it +as so ni(e to see her a'ain and ha&e a lon' talk o&er old times. -%t Lo%isa 'a&e me another 3%st e. I had ten and I ne&er sa+ m%(h that +as mira(%lo%s abo%t any o* them. . I noti(e yo% ain't askin' ho+ ' 'ot alon'. We %sed to (all ea(h other Polly and Molly. "9h. Likely it'll brin' my ne%ritis ba(k. . no. . . it +as hea&enly. and he paid me t+o (ompliments." ". .remember +hat *riends she and I al+ays +ere. Miss Shirley. ." she +hispered. I'll li&e on it *or years." "Well. "hey don't make s%(h bottles no+adays. Lo%isa's (an't be e. hardly a bea% . 0o% *id'et me. babies are ne&er (ommon. /e . -%t I s'pose I (o%ldn't e. Pa%line and nne +alked alon' the street. Well.a(tly the same.t thin' yo%'ll be o** to the moon. . do sit still i* yo% kin. . /er sister Em +as there." "I (an tell ho+ yo% 'ot alon' +itho%t askin'. . "Some one kno(ked it o&er in the pantry. . . I'&e 'ot a terrible (old. I 3%st let her ha&e her o+n +ay. so yo% needn't +orry. ." "0o% talk as i* it +as somethin' to eat." "I'&e had that bottle e&er sin(e I started ho%sekeepin'. . it +o%ld be the better *or it. "E&ery one is a mira(le." n old nei'hbor %p the street dropped in at this <%n(t%re and Pa%line snat(hed at the (han(e to 'o a little +ay +ith nne. . I'm snee5in' . "hey tho%'ht it deli(io%s.(olored dress. . yo% look so bri'ht and (heer*%l. Pa%line. . thro%'h the (ool. . 'reen ni'ht. and Pa%line let hersel* 'o. nd I s'pose they didn't (are *or my sarsaparilla +ine by any (han(e)" "9h. 2ibson 6%ite 'ra(io%sly. "-abies are (ommon eno%'h. "I'm m%(h obli'ed to yo%." *altered Pa%line. +ith s%(h a deli(io%s baby.lookin'. /o+ (an I e&er repay yo%) I'&e ne&er spent s%(h a +onder*%l day . the bottle 'ot broke. . he %sed to be an old bea% o* mine . 0o% (an't either o* yo% seem to remember not to let the ni'ht air 'it at me. Miss Shirley." "0o%'&e taken yo%r o+n time tellin' me that. I admit it's the *irst time in years I'&e heard some interestin' (on&ersation. /e said. brin'in' a bo+l o* +ater *or Mrs. nd 8aptain Isaa( 7ent +as 'roomsman. 'I remember ho+ pretty yo% looked at Lo%isa's +eddin' in that it. ." "9h. Ma.' Wasn't it +onder*%l his rememberin' the . I think yo%'re real ni(e." 'r%nted Mrs." She 'rinned toothlessly and p%lled nne do+n to her. "hank hea&en I'&e ne&er 'ot dea* or (hildish.

2re'or +as ready to start . . It has made me *eel so ri(h. =elson's "s%mmer home" +as b%ilt amon' spr%(es on a lon' point +ith the bay on both sides and a stret(h o* 'olden. nd it's ni(e to be needed. dear Miss Shirley. . D%sty Miller)" D%sty Miller. We sa+ the lila( b%shes +e planted years a'o. It +as so ni(e to eat 3%st +hat I +anted and nobody to +arn me abo%t thin's that +o%ldn't a'ree +ith my stoma(h. ass%red her he didn't. . e&en i* I li&e to be ei'hty) Do yo%. "hen +hen it (ame s%nset +e +ent do+n to the dear old shore and sat there on a ro(k in silen(e. Sally deta(hed hersel* *rom a mob and +hisked nne %pstairs. sat on the railin' o* the &eranda and +at(hed e&erythin' like t+o impert%rbable sable sphin. oh. +here D%sty Miller. Pa%line.dress) nd he said. D%sty Miller. . "he bi'. and so. talkin' o&er old times. Miss Shirley)" "=othin' +hate&er. yo% don't think I'll e&er be like Mrs. my dear. the la%'hter o* 'irls. ." it +as ni(e to be needed. I +on't mind it no+. nd on this <%ne e&enin' it +as b%bblin' o&er +ith yo%n' li*e and e. (hildren r%nnin' e&ery+here. *ter s%pper Mary and I +ent o&er to her old home and +andered aro%nd the 'arden. e&ery one in the deli'ht*%l t%rmoil o* a +eddin'. the 'reetin's o* old *riends. '0o%r hair looks 3%st as m%(h like molasses ta**y as it e&er did. . We had some bea%ti*%l s%mmers to'ether +hen +e +ere 'irls. poor Ma needs me. 15 nne +ent do+n to -onny&ie+ on the :riday ni'ht be*ore the +eddin'. to be able to 'i&e happiness to somebody. =elson's t+o bla(k (ats. throaty p%rrs. +as (%rled %p on her bed. ha&in' e&aded both !ebe((a De+ and the +ido+s. D%sty Miller." "Lo% and Molly and I had s%(h a ni(e s%pper to'ether a*ter e&erybody had 'one. "he =elsons +ere 'i&in' a dinner *or some *amily *riends and +eddin'. +ith ri(h." said nne to D%sty Miller." "9h. nne liked it the moment she sa+ it.' "here +asn't anythin' improper in his sayin' that." (on(l%ded Pa%line +ith a la%'h. " *ter all.breasted d%nes beyond that kne+ all there +as to be kno+n abo%t +inds. ""he 9ld Woman 2ot /ome "hat =i'ht. +ho re3oi(ed in the names o* -arnabas and Sa%l. " nd it's +onder*%l. It *ears not +hat rain or +ind or (han'in' *ashion (an do." said Pa%line 6%i(kly.'%ests arri&in' by the boat train. When it 'ot 6%ite dark +e +ent ba(k and Mr. She tho%'ht o* Pa%line trottin' ba(k to her bonda'e b%t (ompanied by "the immortal spirit o* one happy day. ." "I hope some one +ill al+ays need me. "here +as a bell rin'in' do+n at the harbor and it +as lo&ely to *eel the +ind *rom the sea a'ain and see the stars tremblin' in the +ater. nne tho%'ht o* this in her to+er room. 'i&in' Pa%line this day. I +as so h%n'ry .(itement. doniram 2ibson. 'i*ts arri&in'. b%''ies (omin' and 'oin'. . . I don't think I'&e been so h%n'ry *or years. -%t. n old stone ho%se al+ays looks repose*%l and di'ni*ied. +as there." "I +ish . +hile Dr. ramblin' ho%se +hi(h +as Dr. . I +ish yo% didn't ha&e s%(h a hard time at home. I had *or'otten ni'ht on the '%l* (o%ld be so bea%ti*%l.

pop.line I re(kon. 9h. mo&in' in an atmosphere o* moth. %nt 2ra(e. (ream (orded silk +ith a la(e bertha and pearl embroidery. Some o* %s +ill ha&e to sleep on the (lothes. She e&en 'ets %p early in the mornin' *or *ear o* missin' somethin' and she's the last to 'o to bed at ni'ht. %nt 2ra(e. I* there's a +ron' thin' to say she's (ertain to say it and she's ne&er learned that there are 6%estions that m%stn't be asked. 0o%r *ather is in terrible hi'h spirits. She had s%(h bea%ti*%l eyes. "om S(ott did at Dora -est's +eddin'." "9h. bro+n. %nt Mo%ser is here. 'there isn't m%(h *%n in bein' an old por(h at the ba(k." ". my hates yo% be(a%se she +anted to be my bridesmaid. It (l%tters thin's %p so. -%t that isn't the +orst. -%t I (o%ldn't ha&e any one so *at and d%mpy. a *at.' She 'ot red and mad and *lo%n(ed o**.' se5 I. is she) Well. b%t +e ne&er tho%'ht o* her (omin' be*ore tomorro+.(ept *or the e. "here's no es(apin' her.pression she really did look a 'ood deal like a h%ntin' p%ssy. a man is nothin' b%t tro%ble as I sees it and o* all the %n(ertain thin's marria'e is the %n(ertainest. She's 'oin' to play the +eddin'. 'Mark my +ords. +e'll *ind a pla(e *or e&ery one. b%t "ommy ni(knamed her %nt Mo%ser be(a%se she's al+ays mo%sin' ro%nd po%n(in' on thin's +e don't +ant her to *ind o%t. Dad (alls her spee(hes ' %nt Mo%ser's *eli(ities. Well. Mamie 2ray and Dot :raser and Sis Palmer ha&e the others. 9* (o%rse +e had to in&ite her. "hat's +hy I asked her abo%t him. S%(h a bad omen. she looks like somebody seasi(k in =ile 'reen. 9h. 9* (o%rse yo%'ll ha&e to share it +ith at least three others.' I told her. What's <im Wil(o. 0o% ain't a bit like a Miss Shirley I on(e kne+.eyed little +oman. :ather's ha&in' a tent p%t %p *or the boys do+n amon' the spr%(es and later on +e (an ha&e (ots in the 'lassed. all I hope is she +on't make a mistake and play the Dead Mar(h like Mrs. nne.(at. She (ame 3%st a *e+ min%tes a'o and +e're simply horror." "Well. 9h. "So yo%'re the Miss Shirley I'&e al+ays heard so m%(h o*. 'It's only ri'ht. Sally. .balls and +earin' a (hroni(ally +orried e. Mother +anted to p%t my Ste+art here b%t I +o%ldn't let her.pression. It's really no end o* *%n 'ettin' married. mar(h. I don't kno+ +here yo%'re 'oin' to p%t the mob yo%'&e 'ot here *or the ni'ht. Ei'ht years a'o I said to her. 'that yo% sho%ld kno+ they say he's dri&in' Eleanor Prin'le."We'&e sa&ed the north 'able room *or yo%. %nt 2ra(e. My +eddin'. so yo%'re to be married at last. "his is yo%r bed.era's al+ays been a 'reat *riend o* mine. I ne&er +as one . "here's a per*e(t riot here." "9h. Well.lo*t o* (o%rse. b%t +hat else is there *or a +oman in this +orld) "hat's +hat I'&e 3%st been sayin' to poor =ora. Sally. <ames 7ennedy. Mrs. she is. Poor =ora is the only one le*t.era <ohnson doin' here) She ain't any relation. I'm so e.stri(ken." "I belie&e in sayin' +hat I think. all I hope is yo% +on't (han'e yo%r mind at the last moment like /elen S%mmers did. '<ane. nne. E." "Who in the +orld is %nt Mo%ser)" "Dad's a%nt. thinkin' o*)' I said to her.dress 3%st (ame *rom Montreal today." "he door opened and %nt Mo%ser (ame in . yo%r mother is l%(ky to be rid o* *i&e o* yo%. o* (o%rse she's really %nt 2ra(e. =ora. (o%ld I no+) -esides. . .' I kno+ she'll spoil the dinner.' I said to her." "9h. /ere she (omes no+. "he lo&eliest 'i*ts ha&e (ome.(ited. It's a dream . I +ish yo% hadn't$ <im and =ora had some sort o* a 6%arrel last <an%ary and he's ne&er been ro%nd sin(e. 'do yo% think yo%'ll e(er 'et all those 'irls married o**)' Well. . What's . "hin's is better said. nd +e (an pa(k most o* the (hildren in the hay. I'd heard o* that 6%arrel.

presents. or perhaps be(a%se o* them. "Well.ei'ht years$ h. a ne+ dress e&ery time I see yo%$ ll I hope is yo%r *ather's p%rse +ill be able to stand it *or a *e+ years yet. /He has his do' sit at the table +ith a (hair and napkin o* his por(h +as a 'ay a**air. I'd kno+ them +here&er I sa+ them. %nt It is no 3okin'.*a(ed" by his best *riends. /im and :lora had to be married +ith a rin' o** one o* the (%rtain poles. on bein' introd%(ed to 2ordon /ill. yo% ain't a bit like I e. >pton /ardy did. times ain't +hat they %sed to be. b%t some o* the other 'irls *o%nd it am%sin'. ll I hope is it +on't be as hard to keep the handles o* them spoons polished as I think likely. +ri''lin' into her dinner. Sally." =ora did not 3oin in the la%'h that *ollo+ed. sheddin' mello+. apropos o* the preparations o* the +eddin'. nd I hope he +on't *or'et the rin'. kne+ he +o%ld ne&er hear the last o* it." reb%ked %nt Mo%ser. " ll I hope is e&erybody +ill 'et her teaspoons a*ter+ards.'" 'i''led Sally. I al+ays tho%'ht Sally +o%ld pi(k o%t a tall handsome man. She 3%st ain't %sed to 'ettin' married. +ell.(%se When she said to Dot :raser. Well. Miss Shirley. all I hope is the 'room +on't ha&e a h%nted look like so many o* them do. yo%'re 'ettin' on. b%t they needn't sho+ it so plain." ripples o* la%'hter ran thro%'h the por(h. +ho +as on the short side and (alled no more than "pleasant. +ho had borro+ed three do5en and the sisters. 0o% remember yo% had her there. Well. %nt 2ra(e." Mrs. /e's 3%st a bit e. 0o%'&e 'ot a lot o* ni(e thin's. "Don't 6%ote the -ible *lippantly." "'"he 6%ality o* mer(y is not strained. Sally. . When ' +as married it +as in the e&enin' and my *ather laid in t+enty 'allons o* li6%or *or the +eddin'. Sam%el. Well. ha&e boiled her in oil.ei'ht years a'o." It +as a lar'e party.dinner.(ited. +ell." Dinner that ni'ht in the bi'. I'&e seen it happen that +ay. What's the matter +ith Mer(y Daniels) I met her on the stairs and her (omple. I ne&er 'o any+here b%t I keep my eyes open *or them. in spite o* %nt Mo%ser's "*eli(ities" . 0o%r mother tells me the (eremony is at hi'h noon tomorro+. :i&e +ere missin' a*ter 2ertie Pa%l's +eddin'. I'll be takin' another look at the +eddin'. -%t Dr. "<%st abo%t as bad as Parker Prin'le. =obody took %nt Mo%ser &ery serio%sly@ she +as e&idently a 3oke amon' the yo%n' *ry. h. tho%'h in this li'ht yo% don't sho+ yo%r a'e so m%(h. She looked as i* she mi'ht *lash li'htnin' at .dress. +here he *ed them tidbits alternately. =elson 'o lookin' *or tro%ble b%t all I hope is it ain't the *orer%nner o* a stroke. *or all the married =elson 'irls and their h%sbands +ere there. o* (o%rse." " h. 'lassed. -arnabas and Sa%l sat like ebony stat%es on the broad arms o* the Do(tor's (hair. "he *ashions in +eddin's are (han'in' like e&erythin' else and not *or the better.ion has 'ot terrible m%ddy. besides %shers and bridesmaids@ and it +as a merry one. nd +hen %nt Mo%ser mo%rn*%lly remarked.matter to ha&e anythin' like that happen in the *amily.ha+ed (heer*%lly. "hey ne&er t%rned %p." Dot (o%ld. Dad's *ine. "We'll make e&eryone t%rn o%t their po(kets be*ore they 'o. in a little +hite embroidered dress) "+enty. "Well. dear me. to kno+ all that (an happen. 8hinese lanterns had been h%n' all abo%t it. I s'pose they do *eel that +ay. <ane." " h. yo% may la%'h." said %nt Mo%ser. Poor =ora +as 3%st a baby then. tho%'h it +as t+enty. yo%'re too yo%n'." "9h. "0o% m%st she had borro+ed them *rom all looked harried.tinted li'hts on the pretty dresses and 'lossy hair and +hite. =elson. When she said. %nlined bro+s o* 'irls. =ora. 2ordon /ill. sooner or later there'll be a 3%d'ment. . Some one m%st ha&e those teaspoons.

hea&y bla(k bro+s and &el&ety red (heeks. "May I sit +ith yo% *or a +hile)" asked nne." "What +o%ld yo% *eel like at a time like this i* yo% had no bea%)" asked =ora abr%ptly and s%llenly. We had a *i'ht .ei'ht.' It isn&t my *a%lt that I ha&en't anybody. . I'll be as beaky as :ather in ten more years. . . t ten =ora had disappeared. I'm 'the plain Miss =elson. 0o% kno+ as +ell as I do that I'm not a 'irl men are likely to *all in lo&e +ith . In t+el&e more years I'll be *orty." "Do yo% (are *or him)" "9* (o%rse I (are. /o+ +ill I end%re li*e at *orty. "0o%'re sayin' that to be polite o* (o%rse.pression. yes. It's s%(h an old story. past a little 'ro&e o* pointed *irs. nne +as a little tired o* the noise and merriment. nd I heard her tellin' Mother be*ore dinner that I had 'a'ed 6%ite a bit' sin(e last to stray into a dan(e o* mermaids. I en&y yo% +ith the +hole harbor *or a ba(k yard like this. . "9r any likelihood o* one. i* yo%'d +aited years *or a man to propose . i* I ha&en't 'ot any roots o* my o+n by that time)" "I +o%ldn't mind +hat a *oolish old +oman said. b%t nne *elt an odd attra(tion to her in spite o* her s%lky. /er nose +as be'innin' to look a tri*le ha+k. I'm t+enty. :i&e o* %s are married or +ill be tomorro+. lookin' more like a th%nderstorm than e&er. nd he's ne&er been near me sin(e last <an%ary. .like that ship +hi(h had sailed at the risin' o* the moon and +as no+ approa(hin' the harbor bar$ It +as a ni'ht +hen yo% mi'ht e. .a(tly. /e's been han'in' aro%nd me *or years . I'm thro%'h +ith pretendin'. =ora +as h%n(hed %p in the 'rim bla(k shado+ o* a ro(k by the +ater's ed'e. "hey had a dan(e a*ter dinner and m%si( and la%'hter (ame t%mblin' o%t o* the broad lo+ +indo+s o* the old stone ho%se in a *lood. 9h. nd I s%ppose yo% +o%ldn't (are. . I had to (ome do+n here and 3%st let mysel* be %nhappy. I'm not 'oin' to pretend any lon'er. b%t +e'&e had h%ndreds o* *i'hts. =ora *o%nd hersel* tellin' nne her tro%bles. and me. b%t he hasn't (ome this time . I think I +o%ld (are abo%t that.h%ed dress and the pearls in her dark hair." said nne. as I'&e told yo%. In spite o* her da**odil. . 0o% heard %nt Mo%ser (astin' my a'e %p to me at the dinnertable. She *elt that she +o%ld pre*er =ora as a *riend to the pop%lar and she had ne&er been a((o%nted pretty. I (are horribly. She slipped thro%'h the hall to a ba(k door that opened almost on the bay. . b%t he's ne&er said anythin' abo%t 'ettin' married. nne. "I think it m%st be yo%r o+n *a%lt i* yo% ha&en't. I'm tired o* smilin' and bein' a'reeable to e&ery one and pretendin' not to (are +hen they 'i&e me di's abo%t not bein' married." she added still more s%llenly. . d%sky eyes. /o+ di&ine the (ool salt air +as a*ter the s%ltry e&enin'$ /o+ e. ./ "Well. I do (are . . . smolderin' e." "9h. and *litted do+n a *li'ht o* ro(ky steps to the shore. sno+y blonde. either. =ora =elson had ma'ni*i(ent bla(k hair. +ho +as a (ool. 0o% needn't. I'&e al+ays pretended I didn't b%t. that's my predi(ament e. . and he 3%st +o%ldn't)" "9h. I kno+ yo%'&e heard o* <im Wil(o. 9* (o%rse I ha&e. +o%ldn't yo%) 0o% ha&en't a nose like mine. "I'm a little tired o* dan(in' and it's a shame to miss this +onder*%l ni'ht. I'm the only one o* the =elson 'irls le*t. I (o%ldn't stand it in there any lon'er. .any moment. "here +as al+ays somethin' abo%t nne that made people tell her their tro%bles.6%isite the sil&er patterns o* moonli'ht on the bay$ /o+ dream. she made nne think o* a bla(k moth. sittin' do+n beside her. In dire(t (ontrast +ith Sally. /e al+ays (ame ba(k be*ore .

. /e doesn't +ant to. . I al+ays kne+ yo% +o%ld." "=o s%(h 'ood l%(k *or 2ordon as that. I think I'm 'oin' (ra5y. and ha&e a tro%ssea% . only l%(kier. there's nothin' to pre&ent him (omin'.and he ne&er +ill. . I s%ppose. b%t the rest ra' me. +on't I hate yo% tomorro+ be(a%se I'&e told yo% this$" "Why)" "We al+ays hate people +ho s%rprise o%r se(rets. ' don't +ant him to. . . She's 'ettin' a ni(e h%sband and a lo&ely home. . ." "I* yo% sent *or him. We (o%ld ha&e had it on the break*ast table 3%st *or <im to make *%n o*. I s%ppose yo% think I'm a+*%l . I'&e al+ays +ished I (o%ld la%'h like that. . shinin' in the moonli'ht. 0es.a(tly a 3oke." . . . I s%ppose he's there . . We +ent e&ery+here to'ether. I'd ha&e *l%n' ba(k my head and ho+led. . -%t o* (o%rse I al+ays had <im." "he dan(e +as o&er +hen the 'irls +ent ba(k to the ho%se. o* (o%rse I'm dread*%l . I s%ppose. and that thin's +hi(h +ere al+ays hard ha&e be(ome too hard all at on(e. thinkin' o* all the dread*%l thin's she hoped +o%ldn't happen on the morro+. . . . ." said =ora drearily. ne&er a bride. and mono'rammed linen .' and kno+ I'd ne&er ha&e a (han(e to say it *or <im. and I +ant to 'et married. marria'e isn't e. "0o%n' man. I like the +ay yo% la%'h. and all the harbor bet+een %s. not that any one +anted it. 'I +ill. . People +ere bein' sto+ed a+ay *or the ni'ht." "I think yo%'re &ery. I really think they're +hat s(are the men to e&ery bride . I hate Sally . +o%ldn't he (ome ba(k)" "Send *or him$ Do yo% think I'd do that. We'&e been . . %nt Mo%ser +as still sittin' on a so*a. &ery tired.' and sh%t %nt Mo%ser's mo%th. "I hope nobody +ill 'et %p and 'i&e a reason +hy they sho%ldn't be 3oined to'ether. . "-%t there's somethin' 'ets into yo% at a +eddin' . I'm so miserable$ <%st let me ha&e a 'ood (ry on yo%r sho%lder. Peter's. 9h. Sally thinks it's be(a%se I'm s%perstitio%s that I +o%ldn't be her bridesmaid. hand in hand. . =o other boy e&er had a (han(e . It isn't *air she sho%ld ha&e e&erythin' and I nothin'. E&en %nt Mo%ser's sil&er b%tter. I* he doesn't. Look at his ho%se a(ross the bay. . *riends . '"isn't$ I 3%st (o%ldn't end%re to stand there and hear her sayin'. and I 3%st don't (are .ed him +ith a stony bro+n eye. a+*%l thin's +ith tops like the dome o* St. I'&e +anted to be *riends +ith yo%. I %sed to p%t a li'ht %p in that little +indo+ in the atti( +hene&er I +anted him o&er parti(%larly and he'd sail a(ross at on( so she lea&es me alone. it's these eyebro+s. She al+ays 'i&es a b%tter. b%t I hate her. I +ish I (o%ld be -arnabas or Sa%l *or a *e+ moments 3%st to s+ear at her$ I* she (alls me 'poor =ora' a'ain I'll thro+ a s(%ttle at her. I +ant to ha&e a home o* my o+n and be 'Mrs. e&er sin(e +e +ere kids. . %nt Mo%ser *i. I'd die *irst. . . I do . I ne&er had a real 'irl *riend in my li*e. It . I* he +ants to (ome. yes. . I +ant to be a bride ." said the 'roomsman. Mother has despaired lon' a'o o* my e&er marryin'. and lo&ely presents.(%se o* a 6%arrel to 'et *ree. I do$ I lo&e <im . . nd no+ it's all o&er. 9h. -%t a*ter all. . I'&e got to smile and look happy all day tomorro+. I'm not as s%lky as I look . . "ommy =elson +as takin' -arnabas and Sa%l to the barn. nne. and I'm here . '"hree times a bridesmaid. oh. nne Shirley. *hat happened at "illie /at*ield's +eddin'. it's terrible$ nd I (an't do a thin'. /e +as 3%st tired o* me and +as 'lad o* the e.' yo% kno+. . she only says +hat e&erybody thinks. . Why. ." "0o% %nderstand . . a*ter all these +eeks o* preparation and strain. "hat's the +ay it al+ays +ill be. not that I (are +hat yo% think. . . . She isn't better or (le&erer or m%(h prettier than me . . 9h. . . . nne Shirley. . . I don't (are *or anythin'. . .

." she snapped. . nd then some one (ame o%t to tell her that -arnabas had been si(k on the stairs . =elson's aprons. -%t all the same I'm not sorry I slapped <%d "aylor's *a(e last ni'ht. "0o%'re lookin' +onder*%l yo%rsel*. . I'm only sorry I didn't t+eak his nose into the bar'ain. . *irst on one side o* his *a(e and then on the other. I am spite*%l and 3ealo%s . "E%ite ri'ht." said =ora hal* en&io%sly." "he t+o 'irls looked at ea(h other and la%'hed. " %stin 8reed +as. I hate the &ery look o* happy people. +hen are +e 'oin' to ha&e a (han(e to dan(e at yo%r +eddin')" =ora did not ans+er in +ords." 16 "he *orenoon o* Sat%rday passed in a +hirl o* last. tho%'h 3%st no+ I *eel as i* I hated e&ery one and <im Wil(o. /e 3%st *or'ot he +as to be married that day." said =ora bitterly to nne. baskets o* *lo+ers e&ery+here@ and in the bi' north room %pstairs Sally and her three bridesmaids +ere in 6%i&erin' splendor.belie&e ones. all I hope is the 'room +on't be missin' 3%st be*ore the (eremony. s%ddenly poppin' her head o%t o* the pantry. as she had *oretold. the beds bea%ti*%lly dressed. 'lo+ed . the table laid. "0o%'re +onder*%l."0o% bet it isn't. . b%t I (all that (arryin' thin's too *ar. spent it in the kit(hen helpin' =ora +ith the salads. "he slaps +ere not make. . I lo&e *%ssin' thin's %p +hen I'm normal. "and :ather (an't really a**ord all this spl%r'e. shro%ded in one o* Mrs. She +ent (loser %p to him and deliberately slapped him. nne. "he 8reeds +ere al+ays *or'et*%l. =ora r%shed o** to repair the dama'e and %nt Mo%ser (ame o%t o* the pantry to hope that the +eddin'. her (on*iden(es o* the ni'ht be*ore. nne." *loated o%t *rom the pantry in %nt Mo%ser's l%'%brio%s tones. too many (hi(ken li&ers probably. +here she +as dri&in' Mrs. and +ished that 2ilbert (o%ld see her. =ora." said the %nrepentant. "She's ri'ht." said %nt Mo%ser. . "is o&er+ro%'ht. . I hope e&erythin' +ill 'o o** ni(ely *or Sally's sake. li'htened . =ora." said =ora bitterly. I . that *inishes the salads." ""here's nobody to (are ho+ I look. . rippled. e&idently repentin'. "hat smoke." said %nt Mo%ser. "We'll be all tired o%t *or a month. a*ter all." "Well. .min%te thin's. "hey do look pretty. Well. =ora's +hole *a(e (han'ed +hen she la%'hed .(ake +o%ldn't disappear as had happened at lma 8lark's +eddin' ten years be*ore. =elson *ranti( +ith her hopin's a'ainst hope. 9h. . -%t Sally +as set on ha&in' +hat she (alls a 'pretty +eddin'' and :ather 'a&e in. /e's al+ays spoiled her. looked at hersel* in the (hi**on and that pi(t%re hat brin' o%t the 'loss o* yo%r hair and the bl%e o* yo%r eyes. in her =ile 'reen dress and hat. ""hat 'irl. "/ello. "hen she +ent %pstairs +itho%t lookin' behind her." "Spite and 3ealo%sy. . +orst o* all. I s%ppose I do lo&e her %nderneath e&erythin'. -y noon e&erythin' +as in imma(%late readiness . nne. "Well. +at(h me 'rin. =ora +as all pri(kles.

'ettin' in e&erybody's +ay. "I m%st (lear %p this mess. . ri'ht in the middle o* the (eremony.o** the bridal party +ent do+nstairs.dress. +ho had +andered ro%nd all the mornin'.&eil and all. let's ta(kle this pile o* 'reasy plates and look as i* +e liked it." "I do like it . I hate the tho%'ht o* this shore dan(e more than the +eddin'. Mrs. <im al+ays %sed to be at o%r shore dan(es." no+ appeared resplendent in maroon 'ros'rain and told Sally one o* her slee&es didn't *it and she hoped nobody's petti(oat +o%ld sho+ belo+ her dress as had happened at nnie 8re+son's +eddin'. . don't be sentimental. . . and hea&en help my *%t%re patients . a dark stain on the (eilin' +here the +ater *rom a 3%' %nt Mo%ser had o&ert%rned in a '%est. b%t she +ent %p to Sally and 'a&e her a *ier(e h%'.era's 'ot a terrible heada(he. I'&e made %p my mind to 'o and train *or a n%rse. (r%mbs the (hildren had s(attered . (hairs a+ry . "he bride spent t+o +eeks in bed *rom sho(k. "hey're 'oin' to +ind %p +ith a bon*ire on the shore and a moonlit ro(k dan(e. and likely to ha&e her by all a((o%nts." +ent on =ora sa&a'ely. .mar(h some+hat stormily played. I kno+ I'll hate it ." =ora alone (ontin%ed to 'lo+er *rom the piano stool. I'&e al+ays liked +ashin' dishes. . no+. . . It %as a pretty +eddin' 'ro%p and e&en %nt Mo%ser 'a&e %p +orryin' abo%t the %ni&erse *or a *e+ moments. . to the strains o* =ora's +eddin'. ." soothed %nt Mo%ser. I *eel more like playin' the Dead Mar(h. b%t I s%ppose it's my nati&e disposition. b%t I'm not 'oin' to han' aro%nd S%mmerside and be teased abo%t bein' on the shel* any lon'er. +hen the dinner +as o&er and the bridal party and most o* the '%ests had 'one. I* there +as anythin' I (o%ld do$" . -y moonrise e&erythin' +as ready *or the shore dan(e. "So that's *inished. ' +ant to 'o to bed and (ry." she told Sally hope*%lly later on. <ane." With this inspirin' send. ""here's a lot o* yo%n' *ry +aitin' *or the boat train and some stayin' o&er S%nday. Well. . in a none too (lean old kimono and a +ilted "bo%doir (ap. . .pe(tin' to en3oy hersel* h%'ely. a torn pie(e o* la(e . " *ter all. "-%t I'll help yo% (lear %p and then +e'll ha&e a (%p o* tea. "ears ain't l%(ky at +eddin's." said =ora drearily. trampled (orsa'e lyin' on the *loor . Well." " ho%se a*ter a +eddin' is o&er does seem a rather *orsaken pla(e. it's likely yo%'d be more %nhappy not. =e&er mind. t+o dropped handker(hie*s . as the latter +ent do+n the steps (arryin' a basket o* sand+i(hes. 'a&e her pa%se. 0o% (an ima'ine ho+ m%(h I *eel like moonli'ht dan(in'. I s%ppose. b%t a 'limpse o* =ora's *a(e. +eddin'. as %nt Mo%ser *oreboded. I ha&e to play the +eddin'.m%stn't be the death's head at the *east." said nne. . all I hope is nobody'll drop dead like old >n(le 8rom+ell at !oberta Prin'le's +eddin'. yo% o%'ht to be in a m%se%m. a *aded. . . "=o+. "e&en i* yo% ain't &ery happy married. and Sally and 2ordon +ere married +itho%t anybody droppin' dead or *or'ettin' the rin'.mar(h a*ter all . . "he boys had a h%'e bon*ire o* dri*t+ood abla5e on the point. . ." "9h. and the +aters o* the harbor +ere (reamin' and shimmerin' in the moonli'ht. nne +as e. . . "0o%'&e still 'ot one da%'hter le*t . It's *%n to make dirty thin's (lean and shinin' a'ain. ." snapped =ora. . She 'lan(ed aro%nd at the room +hi(h looked as *orlorn and dishe&eled as rooms al+ays do in the a*termath .room had seeped thro%'h." %nt Mo%ser. do yo% think a (%p o* tea is a pana(ea *or e&erythin') It's yo% +ho o%'ht to be the old maid." " nne Shirley. =elson (ame in and (ried be(a%se Sally looked so lo&ely in her +eddin'. "She's so %nhappy. I don't +ant to be horrid. nne. not me.

brin'in' %p the rear. =elson in dressin'. She set the li'ht in the dormer. Dartin' into the kit(hen.presents are do+n in the library . . =ora had disappeared and %nt Mo%ser had *or a +onder 'one to bed. her eyes nearly poppin' o%t o* her head. "he trees hid it *rom the dan(ers. Mrs. %nt Mo%ser +as (omin' alon' it.'o+n and slippers. distin(t b%mp. all the +eddin'. "Do yo% s%ppose ." said the Do(tor. . +hat's the matter)" 'asped Dot :raser. did not (ome. "S. She had al+ays been a prey to imp%lse." "=onsense$ I don't belie&e there's anythin'." said Mamie. "here's b%r'lars in this ho%se. blinkin' am%sed eyes. ." said nne.n idea popped into nne's head. . sped %p the ba(k stairs and %p another *li'ht to the atti(." %nt Mo%ser disappeared and the 'irls looked at ea(h other. . nne +as so sleepy. b%t that +on't matter i* he only (omes. . -%t at t+o o'(lo(k %nt Mo%ser (rept into the room and *lashed a (andle in the 'irls' *a(es. "Miss Shirley. (o%ple o* boys 3oined the party. *ollo+ed by Dr.s. -arnabas. this ain't any la%'hin'. (andle in one hand and poker in the other.(ake *or !ebe((a De+. =ora and a yo%n' man +ere standin' in the middle o* the room. . lettin' the poker *all +ith a tremendo%s ." said %nt Mo%ser se&erely.+indo+ that looked o%t a(ross the harbor. It +as ele&en o'(lo(k +hen the re&elry (eased and the tired moonli'hters ya+ned their +ay %pstairs. . I s%ppose =ora +ill be *%rio%s +ith me. sittin' %p in bed. a lo%d. she ne&er tho%'ht o* the li'ht in the atti(. i* it's b%r'lars they may shoot. anyho+. "2oodness. b%t that is not +hat +akened me. . What is that noise)" "So%nds like a (at me+in' or a do' barkin'. It +as a b%mp . did yo% e&er see anythin' like %nt Mo%ser's *a(e +hen she held the (andle lo+ and the shado+s *ell %p+ard . "here +ere %ndo%btedly noises in the library. I $no% there is. I'm 'oin' to (all Sam%el. deli&er %s. "I kno+ there's a do' barkin' in the barn." 'i''led Dot. "I'm 'oin' to 'et %p. 'ood Lord. don't take any risks . "9h. nne 'a&e %p lookin' *or him a*ter a +hile and *or'ot him in the merriment o* the e&enin'. . . . ." "':rom 'hosties and 'ho%lies and lon'.'" m%rm%red nne. ." +arned %nt Mo%ser.le''ed beasties and thin's that 'o b%mp in the ni'ht. "he Do(tor opened the door and +alked in. nd no+ to +rap %p a bit o* +eddin'. "he yo%n' man had his arms aro%nd =ora and +as holdin' a lar'e +hite handker(hie* to her *a(e. +ho (o%ldn't *ind her kimono. Sam%el . . . .s. "I tell yo% I heard a b%mp. "I think there's some one in the ho%se .matter. +as sti(kin' a terri*ied *a(e o%t o* her door. "/e may see it and (ome. " nne. she snat(hed %p a little hand. +hi(h +as dimly li'hted by another *li(kerin' (andle. "=othin' o* the" 6%a&ered %nt Mo%ser. "/e's (hloro*ormin' her$" shrieked %nt Mo%ser. +ho had (ontri&ed to be o&erlooked in the library +hen Sa%l had been taken to the barn.lamp ali'ht there." <im Wil(o. and all those +isps o* hair han'in' abo%t it) "alk o* the Wit(h o* Endor$" :o%r 'irls in kimonos slipped o%t into the hall. "hey (rept (a%tio%sly do+n the stairs +ith the Do(tor at the head and %nt Mo%ser. +as sittin' on the ba(k o* the (hester*ield. =elson.

'oose (hase." "0o% dared$" (ried =ora." said the Do(tor. =ora snat(hed the handker(hie* %p and applied it to her *a(e. I +as sittin' at my +indo+ . I didn't think it +as the least %se to ask yo%. .(rash. She'll ne&er 'et a h%sband i* it 'ets ro%nd that she +as *o%nd here +ith yo% at t+o o'(lo(k at ni'ht. 0et he +as a rather ni(e." "/a&e yo% all 'one (ra5y)" said the Do(tor irritably. +ith (rinkly r%sset eyes and (rinkly red. /e's 3%st been tryin' to stop it. . and no+ =ora says she didn't si'nal *or me. . (onsistent +ith h%ntin' *or a bloodless spot on <im's handker(hie*. looked as i* he +ished the *loor +o%ld open and 'ently drop him in the (ellar. +hat does this mean)" said the Do(tor. +ith apolo'ies to all (on(erned. "Well. . . . . "all yo% (an do no+ is marry her. "Say so) 0o%'&e sn%bbed and *ro5en and 3eered at me *or years. . <im Wil(o.bro+n hair." "0o% 'oaded me into sayin' it . "he yo%n' man t%rned. . . .(eedin' sternness." said %nt Mo%ser. "What ha&e I +anted all my li*e b%t to marry her ." said <im Wil(o." said %nt Mo%ser. "It +as I +ho p%t the li'ht in the +indo+. "and then I *or'ot ." =ora +as sheddin' tears o* ra'e and shame. . . . /' don't kno+ +hat it means." "I 3%mped in at the +indo+ and kno(ked o&er that ben(h. . .asperation." "It's really too bad to ha&e dist%rbed yo%r ni'ht's rest and bro%'ht yo% all the +ay o&er the bay on a +ild. <im . anyho+) :or hea&en's sake p%t that +indo+ do+n. "What's all this *%ss abo%t. . +ith e. rather s%lkily. =ora. . . ne&er +anted anythin' else$" ""hen +hy didn't yo% say so lon' a'o)" demanded =ora. When he 'ot near the ho%se I kne+ it +as <im. I hadn't %ndressed . not to mention a (hin that 'a&e the +orld ass%ran(e o* a (hin." "I didn't si'nal *or yo%. " ll I kno+ is =ora si'naled *or me. I didn't see the li'ht till I 'ot home at one *rom a Masoni( ban6%et in S%mmerside. I +asn't asleep . Min'led +ith the blood on her *a(e they made her a *earsome si'ht. ". I ran into the library door and made my nose bleed.. .key do+n yo%r ba(k. and I sa+ a man (omin' %p *rom the shore. "0o%'d better try a door. +hirlin' abo%t to *a(e him. <im Wil(o." . so I'll 3%st relie&e yo% o* my %n+el(ome presen(e. nd last <an%ary yo% said . ." stormed =ora. dropped the handker(hie* and looked *oolish." said %nt Mo%ser belli'erently." said =ora as i(ily as possible.. :ather." "I told yo% I heard a b%mp. "Wild. . han' yo%r head ba(k and yo%r nose +ill be all ri'ht. nd I . nd I sailed ri'ht o&er. 0o%'&e 'one o%t o* yo%r +ay times +itho%t n%mber to sho+ me ho+ yo% despised me. so I ran do+n." "Marry her$" (ried <im in e.goose (hase is ri'ht. "<im Wil(o. "I'll ne&er *or'i&e yo% .lookin' yo%n' man. . there's a +ind blo+in' in *it to (hill yo% to the bone. ." said nne shame*a(edly. ":or pity's sake don't look like that. .

. . all I hope is it +on't be a (ase o* marryin' in haste and repentin' at leis%re. It didn't matter. "here's no s%(h person as Li55ie in yo%. . then spran' at her. *l%shed +ith happiness.tract from letter to Gilbert.(ept <im and =ora. . "+o months o* 2reen 2ables and de+. . I* yo% hadn't set the li'ht . -ell's past%re and the dark lo&eliness o* *irs in the /a%nted Wood$ My &ery so%l has +in's. nne did not see =ora %ntil the mornin' . I . She's (omin' do+n to spend a +eek. tho%'h 3%st *or t+o and a hal* min%tes last ni'ht I (o%ld ha&e (he+ed yo%r ears o**$" " nd to think I slept thro%'h it all. s%(h a di**erent =ora. +ho had 3%st remembered it hersel*."' 'oaded yo%$ I like that$ 0o% pi(ked a 6%arrel +ith me 3%st to 'et rid o* me." said %nt Mo%ser. "Well. .brokenly. spi(y *erns ankle. . +ill yo% marry me)" "9h. '9* (o%rse yo% +on't be Li55ie. "I think yo%'&e all *or'otten that this is the Sabbath morn. . +on't I$" (ried =ora so shamelessly that e&en -arnabas bl%shed *or her. ll I hope is poor =ora has really landed him at last. she has +itnesses. all e. I hadn't said anythin' to Eli5abeth abo%t it. 8ampbell did not 'deem it ad&isable. I ain't %sed to demonstrations like this. . +on't I .broken. too. .end +ith me some time." "S(hool (losed today. "alk o* mira(les$ "-%t little Eli5abeth is heart. Perhaps her nose had stopped bleedin' . . -%t the last +ord +as +ith %nt Mo%ser. =ora Edith =elson.' L%(kily.+et. ten years yo%n'er. 'I'll feel like Li55ie any+ay. t least. . =elson (ame do+n and made tea *or them . perhaps it hadn't. "I o+e this to yo%." moaned "ommy =elson heart. b%t Mrs. Miss Shirley. . "'I belie&e I'll be Li55ie all the time yo%'re a+ay. nd I'll +rite yo% e&ery +eek.deep alon' the brook and la5y." 17 (+. . +ho remained (loseted in the library +ith -arnabas *or (haperon.' . I +anted her *or a &isit. so she +as spared that disappointment. "<en Prin'le bro%'ht me a bo%6%et o* lilies o* the &alley and +ished me a happy &a(ation. I'll ask yo% no+ and ha&e done +ith it and yo% (an ha&e the *%n o* t%rnin' me do+n be*ore all this 'an'. . <im 'a&e her one in(red%lo%s look .' she told me. .' I said. dapplin' shado+s in Lo&er's Lane and +ild stra+berries in Mr. ." "hey +ent to the kit(hen and Mrs." " nd yet I +as *ool eno%'h to tear o&er here in the dead o* ni'ht be(a%se I tho%'ht yo%'d p%t o%r old si'nal in the +indo+ and +anted me$ sk yo% to marry me$ Well. little Eli5abeth.' "'-%t think o* the *%n +e'll ha&e +hen I (ome ba(k. nne. ." "I didn't . "I (o%ld do +ith a (%p o* tea i* any one +o%ld make it. .

+ill yo%$ I'&e ne&er had a letter in my li*e. Where did yo% s%ppose)' "I *elt as i* I o%'ht to ask her to 2reen 2ables. -%t !ebe((a De+ is 3%st a little pee&ish these days be(a%se she has to spend all her spare time pi(kin' bi' 'ray. . "Sally says they'll *i'ht most o* their time b%t that they'll be happier *i'htin' +ith ea(h other than a'reein' +ith anybody else. . /e +as 'oin' to sell his store and 'o +est. no bridesmaids. nne doesn't so%nd (hipm%nky. no *%ss. . any+ay.ery 6%ietly . . sort o* %no**i(ially. -%t I don't think they'll *i'ht . no '%ests. and she +ill not ha&e %nt Mo%ser to see her married. Miss Shirley.' "'She +o%ld$' I said.' she predi(ts mo%rn*%lly.'reen beetles o** the rose trees and droppin' them in a (an o* kerosene. . . Shirley. . belo&edest. yo%'ll kno+ I'm thinkin' o* yo% 3%st the same. b%t I 3%st (o%ldn't. 0o% and I *or so lon'."'9h. . in September. "he abo&e senten(e is 6%oted &erbatim *rom a letter o* %nt 8hatty's 'randmother.ho%se all s%mmer. . do yo%) I tho%'ht at *irst o* (allin' it nne Shirley ." THE SE OND YEAR . "I asked 7atherine -rooke +here she +as 'oin' to spend the s%mmer and she brie*ly ans+ered. Won't it be *%n$ nd I'll +rite yo% i* they'll let me ha&e a stamp. Well. no+ . . b%t then I tho%'ht that mi'htn't be respe(t*%l . "=ora =elson is to be married to <im Wil(o. I* !ebe((a De+ (o%ld ha&e t%rned pale she +o%ld ha&e. . it mi'ht be a 'entleman (hipm%nk. "D%sty Miller bro%'ht in a li&e snake the other day and dropped it on the *loor o* the kit(hen. . aren't they) -%t the Woman says they eat the roseb%sh roots. I* they don't. She thinks there are entirely too many inse(ts in the +orld. She'd spoil e&erythin'. =ora told me that +as the only +ay to es(ape %nt Mo%ser. any+ay. I'&e (alled the (hipm%nk in the ba(k yard a*ter yo% . . m%(h.3oy.S. nd she's s%(h a kill. '"his is really the last stra+$' she said. my (ons(ien(e 'i&es me %npleasant 3abs. "'It's 3%st 'oin' to be eaten %p by them some day. -%t +hen I think o* her alone in that (heap boardin'. "P. -esides. . 0o%r sleep +ill be s+eet i* there is any in*l%en(e in the +ishes o* "09>! 9W=. . 0o% don't mind. "2ood ni'ht. 9* (o%rse I don't s%ppose she'd ha&e (ome. I'm to be present. =ora says <im +o%ld ne&er ha&e (ome ba(k i* I hadn't set that li'ht in the +indo+. 8hipm%nks are s%(h darlin' thin's. +hen I think o* all the mat(hes I'm s%pposed to ha&e made . I think it is 3%st mis%nderstandin' that makes most o* the tro%ble in the +orld. and. '/ere. ho+e&er.

Little Eli5abeth is &ery m%(h interested in elephants at present. "Spook's Lane. "It's rather ni(e to be ba(k in s(hool. . isn't there)' she said 'ra&ely. It seems so stran'e to read o&er the stories o* those old +ars . "I (an hardly re(on(ile mysel* to the *a(t that o%r bea%ti*%l t+o months are o&er. ""he +ido+s +ere 'lad to see me and !ebe((a De+ said *rankly. nd somebody has to s%pply them. . "'I +as a little a*raid yo% mi'ht ha&e 'ot into "omorro+ be*ore me. "'"here is somethin' be+it(hin' abo%t the &ery name o* elephant.' Little Eli5abeth *elt the same +ay. "'"hinkin'.' It's impossible to think o* 8anada e&er bein' at +ar a'ain. "September 1Cth. . . Miss Shirley.' said little Eli5abeth so*tly. (Se(eral paragraphs omitted.sill. dearest) nd no+ it +ill be only t+o years be*ore .' "We p%t an elephant park in o%r map o* *airyland. 'o* all the lo&ely thin's that +ill happen in "omorro+. .' ""hen +e +ent %p to the to+er room and read a story abo%t elephants." "-%t there has been a 'ood deal o* pleas%re in (omin' ba(k to Windy Poplars . "he +orld al+ays %ill ha&e *airies. and e&en D%sty Miller baskin' on the kit(hen +indo+. thin's that (an ne&er happen a'ain. ""alk o* (ompliments$ "'/o+ ha&e yo% p%t in the s%mmer. holdin' her (hin in her small hands a*ter a *ashion she has.' said little Eli5abeth. I don't s%ppose any o* %s +ill e&er ha&e more than an a(ademi( interest in 'battles lon' a'o. I ha&e to 'i&e a little 'le(t%rette' tomorro+ on the War o* 1B12.s(hool (on(ert.1 "Windy Poplars. 7atherine -rooke isn't any more (ompanionable b%t my p%pils seemed 'lad to see me and <en Prin'le +ants me to help her make the tin halos *or the an'els' heads in a S%nday. too.' said little Eli5abeth. darlin')' I asked. . We had a rapt%ro%s meetin' at the 'reen 'ate. "'Where yo% are it's al+ays a lo&ely e&enin'. 'I e. "'Isn't this a lo&ely e&enin')' I said. to my o+n pri&ate to+er and my o+n spe(ial (hair and my o+n lo*ty bed . my 2ilbert. I am so thank*%l that phase o* history is o&er. . +eren't they. =ot a bit o* %se. "I think the (o%rse o* st%dy this year +ill be m%(h more interestin' than last year. . . It is no %se lookin' s%perior and disdain*%l. "hey %ere bea%ti*%l. 8anadian /istory has been added to the (%rri(%l%m. 'It's 'ood to ha&e yo% ba(k. as I kno+ yo% +ill be lookin' +hen yo% read to meet lots o* elephants in "omorro+. It (an't 'et alon' +itho%t them.

and no+ they're in a'ain. and the a*ternoon +as made *or +anderers . '=obody is e&er too old to +ear 3%st +hat she +ants to +ear.stron'. 9* (o%rse +e didn't try to pers%ade !ebe((a De+. b%t I'&e al+ays +anted a beaded (ape so m%(h.+orkin'. It +as not. -%t I think she +ill . "his is his last year in /i'h and then he hopes to a(hie&e a year at E%een's. "!ebe((a De+ %ttered a (ry o* an'%ish. +ith a (harmin' 'rin in pla(e o* a smile. -%t his s%mmer on the *arm seems to ha&e b%ilt him %p a bit. I +as a*raid last year he +o%ld break do+n. take a dollar o** my +a'es and ha&e him.ho%se a'ain this year.' said %nt 8hatty. dearest. Le+is +ill try to kill t+o birds +ith one stone. or so nne and Le+is tho%'ht as they pro+led alon' it. %nt 7ate said (oldly she +as a*raid they (o%ldn't a**ord it.tras." "'"oo old$ 9* (o%rse yo%'re not too old. Miss Shirley) I don't +ant to be %ndi'ni*ied . 9%tside there is a still. in addition to their %s%al lonely 'irl. . I al+ays tho%'ht they +ere +hat yo% mi'ht (all 3a%nty . as he is (ompetin' *or a pri5e o**ered by ountry Homes *or the best photo'raph o* an attra(ti&e *armho%se. Well. hard. /e m%st hate it. and I think I kno+ ho+ to re(on(ile %nt 7ate.' ""he 'ospel a((ordin' to !ebe((a +as a((epted. 2ettin' so poor +e (an't a**ord a bite no+ and a'ain to a poor. . %nt 7ate and I ha&e had a (on*eren(e on +ays and means and I pers%aded her to let me p%t %p the e.*i&e dollars and that +ill mean a badly needed ne+ s%it and o&er(oat *or Le+is. 0o% +o%ldn't %ant to +ear it i* yo% +ere too old. . he is so pl%(ky and'ht s%pper as o*ten as possible this +inter. 6%ite so pleasant to (all at the ho%ses themsel&es and ask *or s%bs(riptions *or . /e +orked on a *arm all s%mmer and is doin' ho%se+ork and +aitin' on the table at his boardin'. "he +ido+s are 'oin' to ask him to S%nday. Le+is llen and I are 'oin' to take the Da+lish !oad as o%r territory and (an&ass it ne. b%t he ne&er says a +ord abo%t it. . . perhaps."We are 'oin' to reor'ani5e the Dramati( 8l%b at on(e and (an&ass e&ery *amily (onne(ted +ith the s(hool *or a s%bs(ription. sober boy +ho is tryin' to 'et an ed%(ation$ 0o% pay more *or li&er *or "hat 8at and him ready to b%rst.' 'I shall 'et it and de*y 7ate. .t Sat%rday a*ternoon. Dear !ebe((a De+$ " %nt 8hatty (rept into my room last ni'ht to tell me she +anted to 'et a beaded (ape b%t that %nt 7ate tho%'ht she +as too old *or it and her *eelin's had been h%rt. still ni'ht and the silen(e is &el&ety. "I'm alone in my to+er. I do like Le+is . "'"his is the last stra+. I merely asked %nt 7ate in !ebe((a's hearin' i* I (o%ld ha&e Le+is llen in on S%nday ni'hts at least t+i(e a month. nd he really isn't o&er. Le+is llen is (omin' and neither D%sty Miller's li&er nor !ebe((a De+'s +a'es +ill be less. . "he pri5e is t+enty. . "'Do yo% think I am. anythin' b%t de*iantly. . . no+ and then pa%sin' to en3oy a s%dden sapphire 'limpse o* the strait thro%'h the trees or to snap a parti(%larly lo&ely bit o* s(enery or pi(t%res6%e little ho%se in a lea*y hollo+." 2 "he Da+lish !oad +as a meanderin' sort o* road.' I ass%red her. I ha&e 3%st leaned o%t o* my +indo+ and blo+n a kiss in the dire(tion o* somebody not a h%ndred miles a+ay *rom 7in'sport. =ot e&en the poplars are stirrin'.

. . it +as o&er and the s%n +as shinin' on the +et. . p%t on the oldest and %'liest thin's yo% ha&e. +ith a r%sh and s+eep o* +ind. . . and he had a little sprin' like this in a (l%mp o* +illo+s. tho%'h at the same moment he +as re*le(tin' that Miss Shirley's &oi(e al+ays made him think o* sprin'. . .best dress. ""ake the men i* yo%'re 'oin' in that dress and hat. . "I* this lasts . dressed and better. "I'&e had a 'ood bit o* e. b%t I'&e 'ot on my best hat and my se(ond. '9h. Le+is)" said nne dreamily. . and say that it doesn't 'o any+here . . . !emember +hat Emerson says . it stays ri'ht here. or promise o* it .pe(t the %ni&erse +ill m%ddle on i* +e let it alone *or a +hile. . . ." he said. I'm 'lad there are so many (l%mps o* spi(e *erns alon' this road ." said Le+is. Le+is. &eiled h%sh had *allen o&er the +orld.the bene*it o* the Dramati( 8l%b. Look at those (lo%d shado+s . "he maple lea&es at the bend o* the road t%rned +ron' side o%t %ntil the trees looked as i* they +ere t%rnin' pale *rom *ear. +ho (ares) "o the end o* the +orld and ba(k. "b%t +e'll ha&e to r%n *or it." said Le+is. I think I really did belie&e . . . h%'e (ool shado+ seemed to en'%l* them like a 'reen +a&e . that 'ossamer +ebs +ere *airies' table(loths. "his is one o* the days people feel ali&e and e&ery +ind o* the +orld is a sister." "Isn't a road an interestin' thin'. and that tran6%illity o* 'reen &alleys . 'ypsyin' a*ternoon. It brin's ba(k the days +hen I pretended . not a shado+ *li(kered. . "=ot a strai'ht road. =ot a lea* stirred. +hat ha&e I to do +ith time)' "hat's o%r motto *or today." "We're 'oin' to 'et some +ater *rom another 6%arter. . ." !%n they did and *rom its shelter en3oyed the sho+er as they had en3oyed e&erythin' else on that (are*ree. I'&e al+ays lo&ed bends in roads. I 'ot lost on the prairie one hot day and +andered *or ho%rs." "hey *o%nd a +ayside sprin' in a 'olden hollo+ and sat do+n on a moss that seemed made o* tiny *erns. . . ll the yo%n' bree5es that had been +hisperin' and r%stlin' so importantly alon' the Da+lish !oad had *olded their +in's and be(ome motionless and so%ndless. b%t one +ith ends and kinks aro%nd +hi(h anythin' o* bea%ty and s%rprise may be l%rkin'.perien(e in (an&assin' in my day and it all +ent to sho+ that the better. . Ima'ine it in sprin'. and that ho%se +ith an apple tree at ea(h o* its (orners. 'listenin' trees. . /o+ I drank$ I'&e %nderstood the -ible and its lo&e o* 'ood +ater better e&er sin(e." "Where does this Da+lish !oad 'o to)" asked Le+is pra(ti(ally . . "0o% ne&er kno+ the real 3oy o* drinkin' till yo%'re dry +ith thirst and *ind +ater. the (lo%d had rea(hed them. yo%'ll 'et. -%t I +on't. i* it's the men yo% ha&e to ta(kle. . perhaps. ""here's a sho+er (omin' %p and . "hen the rain. s to +here it 'oes or +here it leads to . . I lo&e sho+ers. he takin' on the +omen +hile nne manip%lated the men. "I mi'ht be horrid and s(hool. I tho%'ht I'd die o* thirst and then I (ame to a settler's sha(k. b%t nne and Le+is took t%rns doin' the talkin' . ""hat s%mmer I +orked o%t +est on the railroad they +ere b%ildin'. nd there isn't a ho%se +ithin hal* a mile. Da55lin' 'limpses o* bl%e sky appeared bet+een the torn +hite . . . . or belie&ed . s s%ddenly as it had (ome %p. "he sho+er pattered sharply do+n on the lea&es. . dan(ed alon' the smokin' red road and pelted the roo* o* the old *or'e ri'ht merrily. -%t it didn't. . -%t i* it's the +omen. I e." said nne rather" ""here's an old deserted bla(ksmith's *or'e o&er there.tea(herish.lookin' yo% are the more money ." !ebe((a De+ had ad&ised. spi(e *erns +ith 'ossamer +ebs on them. Le+is. . to drink *rom a (%p that Le+is t+isted o%t o* bir(h bark.

not the smilin' *armer's +i*e or da%'hter they had e. I *eel in my bones that there is a ho%se on it . "Let's e. a &ery snappable ho%se. It's 'rayness +on't matter in a photo'raph. I'm a*raid +e'll *ind they don't e&en kno+ +hat a dramati( (l%b is. the *ront door e&idently bein' like that o* Windy Poplars." nne's bones did not de(ei&e her.(eeds his e. It +as a 6%aint. Smell the +et '' a s%bs(ription to o%r (l%b here. ." . rather lamely. "I'm not e. "=i(e amiable 'entleman. and a bird be'an to sin' in the bi' maple o&er the *or'e as i* he +ere (heated into belie&in' it really +as sprin'time. let's 'o alon' it. "he +oods aro%nd +ere pranked o%t +ith a sparkle and 'litter as o* sprin'time. "I'&e al+ays heard. b%t a tall. nyho+. lost and 'reen and lonely." 'rinned Le+is. .lookin'." ""his lane doesn't look as i* it +ere m%(h tra&eled." la%'hed at least the (i&ility +hi(h they had hitherto met in their (alls. Le+is. that +hen a man's barns are better than his ho%se. "E&idently the *olks +ho li&e here aren't stron'ly so(iable. lo+ in the ea&es. +ho demanded %n(eremonio%sly. %p.sho%ldered man o* *i*ty." said Le+is. "=e&er heard o* it. . r%tted 'rassy lane. b%t the bi' barns beyond it +ere sn%' and prospero%s. . . ." said to see." said Le+is +ith a shr%'. and a snappable ho%se to boot. lookin' alon' a little side road r%nnin' bet+een old rail *en(es smothered in ' in e&ery respe(t. Miss Shirley. :ar a+ay they (o%ld see a hill still dim +ith rain. 8onse6%ently they +ere de(idedly taken aba(k +hen the door +as 3erked open and on the threshold "I belie&e +e'&e been sn%bbed.'inia (reeper (o%ld be said to be *or sho+. I'm 'oin' to se(%re my pi(t%re be*ore +e ro%se any o* them *rom their lair." said Le+is do%bt*%lly.paned +indo+s. more *or sho+ than *or %se . "I'm sorry *or his +i*e. =othin' to do +ith it. and the door +as promptly sh%t in their *a(es." be'an nne. a (ertain kind o* ho%se . broad.tinted mists. . -i' +illo+s stret(hed patriar(hal arms o&er it and an apparent +ilderness o* perennials and shr%bs (ro+ded all abo%t it. . +hether ba(ked %p +ith 'enerosity or not. it's a si'n that his in(ome e. so ama5in'ly *resh and s+eet did the +orld seem all at on(e. Soon there +as a ho%se ." "he ho%se seemed deserted. b%t that's the most likely ho%se *or a pri5e (ontest +e'&e en(o%ntered yet. (rossed the yard and kno(ked on a *aded bl%e kit(hen door. small. "I sho%ld think it +as a si'n that he tho%'ht more o* his horses than o* his *amily. b%t a*ter the pi(t%re +as taken they opened a little +hite 'ate. old. .*ashioned one.plore this. -%t she +as spared *%rther e**ort. i* he has one. I'&e al+ays had a +eakness *or side roads . -esides." +as the %n(ompromisin' interr%ption. i* a door literally hidden in ." "=e&er mind . . +ith 'ri55led hair and b%shy eyebro+s.'ray and shabby. b%t belo+ them the (%p o* the &alley seemed to brim o&er +ith pea(h. . Don't +ant to hear abo%t it. "hey e. "I don't think there's anybody li&in' alon' that road. "I think it's only a road r%nnin' do+n to the harbor. . somethin' o** the beaten tra(k. It +as +eather. as they sa%ntered %p the deep. +hen they res%med their tramp. "What do yo% +ant)" "We ha&e (alled. +ith s6%are.(lo%ds." said nne as they +alked a+ay. hopin' to interest yo% in o%r /i'h S(hool Dramati( 8l%b.

Dad is a+*%l *ond o* me and I'm a+*%l *ond o* Dad." said the small bene*a(tor. My dad isn't &ery *ond o* people. yo% kno+. I ha&e." said Le+is. "What is yo%r name."I don't think he (an ha&e. "-%t Dad al+ays (alls me Little :ello+. and remo&e it. and I'&e a premonition that it's 'oin' to +in the pri5e." 1"We didn't b%t it doesn't matter. holdin' o%t his t%rno&er. or she +o%ld (i&ili5e him a tri*le. b%t I'd rather 'i&e it to yo%." "Does he p%t raisins in them)" asked Le+is +ith a t+inkle. b%t he's a+*%l 'ood to me. I mean to be 3%st '5a(kly like him +hen I 'ro+ %p . "hey kne+ they m%st eat it and they had pain*%l do%bts as to "Dad's" ability in the (ookin' line. My dad is a splendid (ook. My dad is an a+*%l +ise man. +as on the point o* re*%sin' to take the little (hap's sna(k. +ho. -%t he looked like a small prin(e in dis'%ise. +hen they heard somethin' p%shin' so*tly thro%'h the 3%n'le o* shr%bbery on their ri'ht. b%t the *irst mo%th*%l reass%red them. 0o% o%'ht to see the ri(e p%ddin's he (an make. ""his is deli(io%s. darlin')" asked nne. so I 3%st tho%'ht I'd brin' yo% my t%rno&er '(a%se I'm al+ays so sorry *or poor people +ho ha&en't plenty to eat. Mrs." Le+is. "Who belon's to yo%)" "he boy (ame *or+ard +ith an ans+erin' smile." said nne. "Dad made it *or me. I'm all he has. -%t +e'&e 'ot his ho%se. "akin' the hint. "Dad" mi'ht not be stron' on (o%rtesy b%t he (o%ld (ertainly make t%rno&ers." said nne. I heard yo% askin' *or somethin' to eat. tryin' to re(o&er her shattered poise." tho%'ht nne. "here +as an air o* re*inement abo%t him. +ith or +itho%t his permission. /e +as a pretty (hild." he said shyly. nne had 3%st retied her shoe. I'&e lots to eat. only I'll al+ays 'i&e people thin's to eat +hen they +ant them. bi' tr%st*%l bro+n eyes and deli(ately modeled *eat%res. "I +ish !ebe((a De+ had the handlin' o* him. -other$ I'&e 3%st 'ot a pebble in my shoe and I'm 'oin' to sit do+n on my 'entleman's stone dyke. at least.le''ed." said Le+is. +ith only a *aded bl%e (otton shirt and a pair o* threadbare &el&et kni(kerbo(kers bet+een head and le's. nne looked at him +ith a smile that al+ays +on (hildren's hearts. Merrill told me on(e she'd 'one to hea&en. . he a((epted it 'ra&ely and handed it to nne. +ith a bi' apple t%rno&er (lasped ti'htly in his (h%bby hands." . . "=o. dear)" ""eddy rmstron'." "/a&en't yo% any mother. b%t my dad says there's no s%(h pla(e and I '%ess he o%'ht to kno+. sonny.headed and bare. yo% kno+. b%t nne 'a&e him a 6%i(k n%d'e. <%st behind him +as a bi' bla(k =e+*o%ndland do' +hose head +as almost on a le&el +ith the lad's sho%lder. rather ta(tlessly. "hen a small boy abo%t ei'ht years o* a'e (ame into &ie+ and stood s%r&eyin' them bash*%lly." "L%(kily it's o%t o* si'ht o* the ho%se. in spite o* the *a(t that he +as bare. "here's nothin' mean abo%t my dad. 6%ite as 'ra&ely. broke it in t+o and 'a&e hal* o* it ba(k to him. I'm a*raid yo% think my dad is impolite '(a%se he sh%t that door so 6%i(k. "Lots and lots.4 "I +as in the 'arden behind the hollyho(ks. /e's read tho%sands o* books. "/ello. b%t he doesn't mean to be. My mother is dead. +ith 'lossy bro+n (%rls. ""his is *or yo% to eat.

" said the Little :ello+. . "I* it (omes o%t +ell I'll send yo% one by mail. . she +as t+enty years yo%n'er than he +as. "/o+ shall I address it)" ""eddy rmstron'. "<ames rmstron' has ne&er 'ot o&er his +i*e's death *i&e years a'o.t year. too)" "8ertainly 8arlo. too. a'reeable eno%'h. "he Little :ello+'s eyes beamed. the little lad standin' +ith his arm abo%t his bi'. +on't it be *%n to ha&e somethin' (omin' to me minesel* thro%'h the post." said %nt 8hatty. as they bade him 'ood." "/e +orships the boy. yo% see.'" 6%oted !ebe((a De+ s%ddenly. ." she said." nne posed the t+o prettily be*ore a ba(k'ro%nd o* shr%bs. . so motherless$ "hey looked ba(k at him be*ore a (%r&e in the lane and sa+ him standin' on the dyke. I'&e heard." said Le+is. /er death +as an a+*%l sho(k to him I'&e heard ." he promised. ." he said. +o%ldn't I$" said the Little :ello+ ea'erly. I +on't say a +ord to Dad abo%t it so that it'll be a splendid s%rprise *or him. +ith his do'. "8arlo. looked a*ter his ho%se and (hild himsel*. "'"ho% shalt ha&e no other 'ods be*ore me." "-%t it's no li*e *or the (hild. and Le+is took the pi(t%re +ith his last remainin' plate. "Wo%ld yo% like to ha&e yo%r pi(t%re taken)" said nne. My dad tea(hes me at home. both do' and boy seemin' e6%ally +ell pleased. tho%'h. by. . . I think I'd like to 'o to s(hool and ha&e some other boys to play +ith." said %nt 7ate."Do yo% 'o to s(hool)" asked Le+is. tho%'h a bit o* a hermit. . "here +as somethin' abo%t it that t%''ed at her heart. "hat's +hy he (an't be bothered ha&in' people aro%nd. When I 'et bi''er I'll be able to help him lots and then he'll ha&e more time to be polite to *olks." "9h. too. Le+is +ill take it. ." ""hat t%rno&er +as 3%st abo%t ri'ht. My dad is pretty b%sy. /e 'ot so%r and (ranky. '8o%rse I'&e 'ot 8arlo and Dad himsel* is splendid to play +ith +hen he has time. so he ain't a bad hand at it. 2len(o&e !oad. "I'm so 'lad yo% liked it. . 9* (o%rse !ebe((a De+ kne+ all abo%t the rmstron's. "9h. . Wo%ldn't e&en 'et a ho%sekeeper ." said Le+is. "he tr%stees told him I'd ha&e to 'o ne. look o%t *or yo%r par(el in t+o or three +eeks. . <ames rmstron'." "Well. /e +as 3%st +rapped %p in his bit o* a +i*e . "/is *ather ne&er takes him to (h%r(h or any+here he'd see people. yo% kno+. (%rly playmate's ne(k. *eelin' that it +o%ld ne&er do to o**er this 'enero%s small so%l money. s+allo+in' the last (r%mb. (are o* Mr. +a&in' his hand to them. /e has to r%n the *arm and keep the ho%se (lean. /e +as so s+eet . so 'allant .o**i(e$ I tell yo% I'll *eel a+*%l pro%d. 7ind o* b%ilt that +ay. "I* yo% +o%ld. "/e +asn't so bad be*ore that . 3%st seemed to (han'e his nat%re (ompletely. "=o. Little :ello+. /e kept ba(helor's hall *or years be*ore he +as married. -%t nne s%ddenly stooped and kissed the little s%nb%rned *a(e. .

" "I* yo% take the pi(t%re o%t in person." "Where +ere yo% born)" asked %nt 7ate. . +on't the Little :ello+ be a bit disappointed o&er losin' his thrill o* 'ettin' somethin' thro%'h the post. +ith lon' (%rls and a la(e (ollar. Le+is$" e. taken +hen I +as ei'ht. . . She died too." said !ebe((a De+. I s%ppose I had my head (lamped in one o* those three. he looks like yo%." "he ne. "he Little :ello+ smiled %p *rom the pi(t%re "as real as li*e. "It's hard to belie&e I +as e&er s%(h a 'ood. I don't thin$ any o* the +heels +ill *all o**. . "Why. :ather hadn't. his *a(e reminded me o* somebody b%t I (o%ldn't think +ho." "<im rmstron' (ame *rom =e+ -r%ns+i(k. . rmstron'. /e may be a distant (o%sin or somethin'. s6%intin' at it 3%di(ially.t Sat%rday a*ternoon Le+is (ame dri&in' alon' Spook's Lane in an anti6%ated b%''y behind a still more anti6%ated mare. . .(laimed nne. We ha&e o%r pe(%liarities b%t +e're ci(ili3ed.eyed kid. -. yo% kno+ . "=./ "I'm not s%re that I +ant to dis(o&er a relation in the amiable Mr.3 It +as almost three +eeks be*ore Le+is *o%nd time to de&elop his pi(t%res. I hadn't time to +alk o%t to 2len(o&e today and ba(k. lookin' sti** as a ramrod. "/e does that." "Where on earth did yo% pi(k %p that reli(. I really kno+ nothin' abo%t my mother's people. i* she had any li&in'. . Miss De+. three years a'o. ." said nne." a'reed !ebe((a De+. Mr. . the +hole e. . are yo%rs. I'll send him somethin' else by mail. "/o+e&er." . . I'&e al+ays been %nder the impression that she hadn't. /a&e some respe(t *or a'e. Miss Shirley. :ather and Mother died +hen I +as ten and I (ame o&er here to li&e +ith a (o%sin o* mother's ." "Why. too. . I'm the most sober. I think +hen I 'et the photo'raph *inished and mo%nted I'll take it o%t to 2len(o&e !oad mysel* and in&esti'ate a little. .o**i(e)" said nne. /He ain't a real islander . . atta(kin' %nt 8hatty's (innamon toast.lookin' little (hap. (la+ed (ontraptions they %sed to %se." said !ebe((a De+. "he Little :ello+ (an't be any relation o* mine." shr%''ed Le+is. 0o%'d la%'h to see it. no+. I* my dashin' t%rn. -oth the ho%se and the Little :ello+ (ame o%t splendidly. . the eyes . I* this pi(t%re really resembles me." 'rinned Le+is. ""he min%te I sa+ it.*ail%re I'd like to ha&e yo% (ome.pression . the *orehead . /e bro%'ht them %p to Windy Poplars the *irst S%nday ni'ht he (ame to s%pper. I m%st h%nt it o%t and (ompare it. +o%ldn't be s%(h a (rank i* he +as. "I'&e 'ot a pi(t%re o* mysel* some+here. "I'm 'oin' o%t to 2len(o&e to take little "eddy rmstron' his pi(t%re. Miss Shirley. I (alled her %nt Ida. Le+is. it m%st be only a (oin(iden(e. I ha&en't an relati&e on the Island . "I'll make it %p to him . "Don't poke *%n at my 'allant steed. Le+is)" demanded !ebe((a De+. -ender lent me both mare and b%''y on (ondition I'd do an errand *or him alon' the Da+lish !oad.o%t doesn't 'i&e yo% heart. I kno+.

" said Mrs. miss." "I'm sorry *or that man. Le+is +o%ld attain his ambitions.' he keeps sayin'. It +as a +onder*%l day *or a dri&e thro%'h a land that +as keepin' its old lo&ely rit%al o* a%t%mn. .3%st mopin' and m%tterin' to himsel* all the time." " nd (arry a ba' o* potatoes ba(k *or and I'&e al+ays *elt he looked do+n on %s be(a%se +e +ere poor. -ender's brother." said nne. little "eddy rmstron' is dead . Le+is +as a philosopher and (ared as little +hat people mi'ht say as he did +hen some o* the /i'h S(hool p%pils (alled him "Sissy" be(a%se he did ho%se+ork *or his board. Mean+hile the a*ternoon +as an idyl and they +ere 'oin' to see the Little :ello+ a'ain. b%t as her s%nken 'ray eyes met nne's. Well. "Sorry to say it's only too tr%e. nd no+ yo%'&e 'ot a 'ood one." Le+is %n+rapped it and held it pro%dly o%t. Let them (all$ Some day the la%'h +o%ld be on the other side.""ime$" said !ebe((a Mr. . "/e's +ell." nne looked at Mrs. "hey told Mr. Pne%monia. . 2ardiner or e&en %nt <amesina say i* they (o%ld see her no+) Well. -%t it ne&er o((%rred to Le+is that there +as anythin' odd abo%t it. /is po(kets mi'ht be empty b%t his head +asn't. "It ain't ni(e to make *%n o* yo%r elders. she re*le(ted. =obody else o* her a(6%aintan(e. la+ abo%t their errand +hen he p%t the ba' o* potatoes in the ba(k o* the b%''y. i* that don't beat all$ Why.. Merrill be*ore and ne&er sa+ her a'ain. no matter +hat &ehi(le yo% rode in. ""hat I ha&e and a 'ood one. 0o% +ere . Merrill . "hen. and it don't ne&er matter ho+ poor yo% are as lon' as yo%'&e 'ot somethin' to lo&e. -%t +e ha&e o%r boy . S%**ered a+*%l b%t he +as 3%st as bra&e and patient as any one (o%ld be. they say. "I don't belie&e a pro*essional photo'rapher (o%ld ha&e taken a better. . that dear little boy . Merrill. What di**eren(e ho% yo% tra&eled as lon' as yo% 'ot there) "he (alm rims o* the %pland hills +ere as bl%e. -ender) 0o% +onder*%l +oman$" !ebe((a De+'s red (heeks 're+ e&en redder. somethin' o* spirit kinship +as a(kno+led'ed bet+een them. "Well. Merrill +ith a ne+ respe(t." "Dead$" e. nd his *ather is 3%st abo%t +ild and all the +orse that he hasn't 'ot any kind o* a pi(t%re o* him at all. nne had ne&er seen Mrs. . standin' by her h%sband. "I (o%ld +alk there and ba(k mysel* *aster than that animal. her eyes *%ll o* tears. nne 'i''led to hersel* as they 3o''ed alon' the road.+hipped (ali(o and (he(k apron. /e died nearly three +eeks a'o. it seems impossible. . she didn't (are. by +ay o* (oals o* *ire . Merrill slapped his le' reso%ndin'ly. ." she said reb%kin'ly. de&eloped s%rprisin' po+ers o* lo(omotion +hen they +ere on(e more o%t in the open. ." Mr. . "8o%ld yo% do +ith a *e+ do%'hn%ts a*ore yo% start o%t)" "he +hite mare. and Le+is +as a 'ood (ompanion. a 'a%nt. . . . Merrill s%ddenly. She +as seein' the slender little *i'%re +a&in' his *are+ell *rom the dyke. "hey say he's like a (ra5y man.(laimed nne in horror. don't tell me . . +ell$" "It . She had not hitherto spoken. What +o%ld Mrs.b%ilt 'ray +oman in +ind.(laimed Mr. Mrs. 'I* I only had a pi(t%re o* my Little :ello+. b%t it's a *a(t. +o%ld dream o* askin' her to 'o dri&in' in the -ender b%''y behind the -ender mare. "Do yo% mean to say yo%'&e 'ot a photo o* little "eddy rmstron')" e. no . ho+e&er. . b%t she al+ays remembered her as a +oman +ho had attained to the %ltimate se(ret o* li*e. the maples as 'or'eo%s. . I d%nno +hat'll be(ome o* <im rmstron' no+. "9h. the roads as red." "Sorry. . Merrill +as not bea%ti*%l.

and said." he said at last. . (ontented like. I (o%ldn't e&en remember +hat he looked like." he said brokenly at last. /e liked yo%. sit do+n. . "It's a+*%l like the Little :ello+. ha''ard and %nsha&en. . /e +as hollo+. . It +on't be so hard no+. so I'll be pretty +ell o**. "he door +as open and in the dim room beyond they sa+ a man +ith his head bo+ed on the table. . ""hat he +as. "he 'olden day +as spoiled *or nne. .ity. . 8arlo +as lyin' on the stone be*ore the bl%e door. isn't there) Isn't there. 2od *or'i&e me *or e&er tryin' to tea(h him anythin' else. there +as. :inally Le+is prod%(ed the small *aded photo'raph o* himsel* and sho+ed it to him. -%t 3%st do the best yo% (an and be polite to *olks and (ome to %s by and by. Mr. My dear Little :ello+$ /o+ am I 'oin' to li&e +itho%t him) I'&e nothin' to li&e *or no+. as they des(ended *rom the b%''y.(ontrol. "Will yo% (ome in and sit do+n)" he said drearily. h%n'ry look. 9n(e he smiled %p in my *a(e and said. /e snat(hed it %p. "I hadn't any pi(t%re o* him. ." "/e +as a dear little lad. the Little :ello+ had +on her heart in their brie* meetin'. I'd ha&e 'one mad i* yo% hadn't bro%'ht me this. . . /e 'ot %p and (ame do+n o&er to them. and his deep." /e talked abo%t his Little :ello+ *or some time. 3%st one. . . It's been a+*%l sin(e the Little :ello+ died. Dad. "So yo%'re ba(k) "he Little :ello+ said yo% talked to him and kissed him. *or he said listlessly.' /e made me promise I'd try. b%t he seemed to re(o'ni5e her. li(kin' nne's hand and lookin' %p at her +ith bi' +ist*%l eyes as i* askin' *or ne+s o* his little playmate. -%t I'm +orried abo%t yo%. I '%ess there is a hea&en." said nne tenderly. . . isn't it like him) 0o%'d think he +as 'oin' to speak. yo% don't kno+ +hat this means to me. "9h. . nd no+ yo%'&e bro%'ht me this . yes. Mr. . "/a&e yo% e&er seen anybody +ho looked like that. I think yo%'&e been mistaken in one thin' . nd he +as so patient and ne&er (omplained. She e. She and Le+is dro&e in silen(e do+n the 2len(o&e !oad and %p the 'rassy lane. . . /e smiled a'ain. a*ter I +as so r%de to yo%. I +ish I (o%ld e. his mother named him .set eyes *lashed +ith a *it*%l *ire. /is reser&e and 'r%**ness seemed to ha&e *allen *rom him like a 'arment. nne had ne&er seen a man +eep so be*ore. miss. 'Well. Witho%t a +ord Le+is took the Little :ello+'s pi(t%re *rom its +rappin's and held it o%t to him. no+ him. her ''i*t o* 2ods' she said he +as. Dad." said nne 'ently. I '%ess yo%'&e sa&ed my reason . . I'm 'oin' there and Mother and 2od are there. I +as sorry I'd been so (h%rlish to yo%. 0o%'ll be so a+*%l lonesome +itho%t me. Sit do+n . . "heodore. I (an't see *a(es as most *olks (an in their my thanks in some +ay. nd I'm not like other *olks .ne&er poor as lon' as yo% had somethin' to lo&e. She +as sho(ked at the (han'e in him. Dad)' I said to him. 'a&e it one ama5ed. Someho+. Little "eddy . . as i* he *o%nd relie* and pleas%re in it.(heeked. She and Le+is stood in m%te sympathy %ntil he had re'ained his sel*. then dropped on his (hair and b%rst into tears and sobs. 'Dad. t nne's kno(k he started %p and (ame to the door. maybe my li* a rep%lse at *irst. "Whose mi'ht it be)" . rmstron' peered at it in perple. What is it yo% +ant)" "We +ant to sho+ yo% somethin'. . :irst his mother . . b%t +hen he +as 'one I (o%ldn't stand the blankness o* it. I (an't re(all a *a(e . 9h. rmstron')" asked nne. .

" "-etter 'o by the old thermometer.sister. 0o% are my nephe+ and the Little :ello+'s (o%sin. +hat I'd ha&e done *or my Little :ello+ i* he'd li&ed. . Where are yo% 'oin' this (old ni'ht. rmstron' and *o%nd him to be a +ell. I need yo%. I like that 'irl. I +as born in =e+ -r%ns+i(k." <ames rmstron' looked at him *or a moment in silen(e. "So I don't kno+ +hether to take my m%** or and intelli'ent man. When Le+is llen +ent the ne. as she and Le+is dro&e ba(k to Windy Poplars thro%'h the s%nset. . b%t I liked it +hen she did." ""hank yo%. "he Little :ello+ liked her. ne&er sa+ her b%t on(e. I lost all tra(e o* her." said Le+is. 0o%'re alone in the +orld and so am I." ." said !ebe((a De+ (a%tio%sly. /is *ormer inhospitable re(eption +as 6%ite *or'otten and they sa+ only the real +orth o* the (hara(ter and temperament belo+ the %npromisin' shell that had hitherto (on(ealed them. >n(le@ I'll try. (ome and li&e +ith me. When I (ame o&er to the Island to li&e. I +ant yo% to help me keep my promise to the Little :ello+.sister a'ain. "Lad." <ames rmstron' shook his head.end to see his %n(le." he said at last.'" 4 ""he old por(h thermometer says it's 5ero and the ne+ side. 'I didn't think I'd e&er like anybody b%t yo% to kiss me. I +as bro%'ht %p in an %n(le's *amily a*ter my *ather's death.door one says it's ten abo&e. "She +as my hal*. /is pla(e is empty. "+hen I +as se&en years old. 0o% are my nephe+ and I (an do +ell *or yo% .t +eek." remarked nne. "here +as somethin' in her eyes. My name is Le+is llen and my *ather +as 2eor'e llen. "It's probably more %sed to o%r (limate." "his +as s%rprisin' ne+s to a lad +ho had *an(ied himsel* alone in the +orld. "What +as yo%r mother's name)" "Mary 2ardiner. the latter said to him. "hen he said. they both took a likin' to him. Le+is and nne spent the +hole e&enin' +ith Mr. Dad. It +as be(a%se o* the stran'e resemblan(e to "eddy that Miss Shirley made me brin' it to sho+ yo%." said nne.' he said to me."Mine. Someho+. . She (ame to see me on(e and bro%'ht her little da%'hter. "9* (o%rse the Little :ello+ (o%ldn't ha&e lo&ed his *ather so m%(h i* it hadn't been so. 8ome yo% and *ill it. My mother married a'ain and mo&ed a+ay. "I hardly kne+ her . any+ay)" "I'm 'oin' ro%nd to "emple Street to ask 7atherine -rooke to spend the 8hristmas holidays +ith me at 2reen 2ables." said Le+is. . I'll 'ro+ hard and bitter a'ain i* I li&e here alone. one *rosty De(ember ni'ht. 'Dad. holdin' o%t his hand. " nd brin' that tea(her o* yo%rs here on(e in a +hile. She died soon a*ter and I ne&er sa+ my hal*. I tho%'ht it possible that yo% and I or the Little :ello+ mi'ht be some distant relation.

the year +e had t+o t%rkeys 'i&e %s and didn't kno+ ho+ +e +as to 'et 'em et . . !ebe((a De+. . reb%**ed. and she took it hi'h and mi'hty as %s%al. that 7atherine -rooke is only a shy." said !ebe((a +ith a+*%l h%mility. that one . 9* (o%rse she +as mad anyho+ toni'ht be(a%se I'd said she (o%ldn't ha&e a do'. She's s%lkin'. ." nne +as by no means as (on*ident as she pretended to be d%rin' her +alk to "emple Street. 7atherine -rooke had really been %nbearable o* late. . 'ain and a'ain nne. i* she e&er (ondes(ended to enter hea&en. "+hen yo% say a thin' is 'oin' to happen. she's pro%d o* her bad manners .. . as 'rimly as Poe's ra&en. "=e&ermore. "She'd 'o abo%t sn%bbin' the an'els. Dennis some+hat +aspishly. thinks it sho+s her stren'th o* mind no do%bt$" "My brain a'rees +ith e&ery +ord yo% say b%t my heart simply +on't. It's only 3%st . Look ho+ yo% mana'ed the Prin'les. "I *eel. =either do I deny that yo% (an +ind people ro%nd yo%r little *in'er." 9nly yesterday 7atherine had been positi&ely ins%ltin' at a sta** meetin'. . "-%t I tho%'ht she o%'ht to kno+. .*ranti( somethin' like a (a'ed (reat%re mad +ith dis(ontent. #e asked her here on(e to 8hristmas dinner ." "Someho+." said !ebe((a De+ rel%(tantly. nd the +orst o* it is. ." "I don't think I ha&e anythin' that need 'i&e yo% (reeps. . and all she said +as. :inally she *ell asleep +ith her mind irre&o(ably made %p. %nhappy 'irl %nder her disa'reeable rind. . I heard it. -%t in an %n'%arded moment nne had seen somethin' lookin' o%t o* the older 'irl's eyes . "Probably she'll take it as an ins%lt to be asked . it's the +ord 8hristmas$'" "-%t that is so dread*%l ." said nne." said !ebe((a De+ solemnly. I'&e had a *eelin' *or some time that 7atherine -rooke is almost (ra5y +ith loneliness %nder her bitter o%tside and that my in&itation +ill (ome pat to the psy(holo'i(al moment. Mrs. She +on't 'o. b%t i* I (an 'et her to 2reen 2ables I belie&e it +ill tha+ her o%t. !a+lins says its s(andalo%s the +ay she dresses. a body belie&es it +ill. ." "I don't think yo% sho%ld ha&e told Miss -rooke that. !ebe((a De+. hatin' 8hristmas$ Somethin' has to be done. '=o. I told her at dinner toni'ht that Mrs. I (an ne&er make any head+ay +ith her in S%mmerside. . -%t I do say I pity yo% i* yo% take that i(eber' and n%tme' 'rater (ombined home +ith yo% *or 8hristmas. yo% remember. in spite o* e&erythin'. "Did yo% also think she o%'ht to kno+ that the Inspe(tor said she +as one o* the best tea(hers in the Maritimes)" asked nne. ." said Mrs." predi(ted !ebe((a De+. Pro%d's no name *or it . nne spent the *irst hal* o* the ni'ht tryin' to de(ide +hether to in&ite 7atherine -rooke to 2reen 2ables or not. had said. 0o% ha&en't 'ot a se(ond si'ht. that is. . . She's took a notion into her . . I'm 'oin' to ask her and I'&e a 6%eer *eelin' in my th%mbs that tells me she +ill (ome. a passionate. . "I'll tell her yo%'re here b%t I d%nno i* she'll (ome do+n." "0o% +on't 'et her." "I am not a -. I* there's anythin' I hate."0o%'ll spoil yo%r holidays." said nne reproa(h*%lly. "9r didn't yo% kno+ it)" "9h. ' d%nno.%p eno%'h no+ +itho%t makin' her any +orse. think yo%'re o**erin' her (harity. Ma(8omber. then. "and I do not deny yo%r ri'ht to %se +ords I (annot al+ays %nderstand. . . . . -%t she's st%(k. ha&e yo%) 8aptain Ma(8omber's mother had it. tho%'h +hat she's 'ot to be pro%d o*. >seter 'i&e me the (reeps. hal*. thank yo%. 7atherine's landlady sho+ed nne into the parlor and shr%''ed a *at sho%lder +hen she asked *or Miss -rooke. the year a*ore yo% (ame . *or a tea(her in S%mmerside /i'h.

" nne did not think the parlor (o%ld be m%(h +orse i* the do' did misbeha&e. Mrs. m%(h more . It +as li'hted by one 'larin' %nshaded 'as 3et. . "he linole%m in the hall +as +orn to shreds.ed me +ith her sar(asti( +ay o* askin' . "9h.' she se5. "Do yo% e(er say anythin' pleasant)" "Don't be ridi(%lo%s." said nne rapt%ro%sly *rom the s6%eaky. please. Dennis. "I'&e seen a 'ood many s%nsets." "9h. "he narro+. .bedroom +here nne presently *o%nd hersel* +as e&en more (heerless than the parlor." +as the messa'e Mrs. +itho%t mo&in'." "I think that is +hy she +ants a do'. m%(h. as ha%'hty as hersel*." she tho%'ht. . Said she'd pay *or his rations and see he +as no bother. . p%rple.' se5 I. "I don't +onder 7atherine hates the +ord. Mrs. Dennis. Mrs. . 'I'm boardin' no do's. Dennis. Mrs.ho%se like this." said Mrs. in spite o* *at sho%lders and a meddlesome ton'%e. Miss -rooke. look at that s%nset. 1"8ondes(endin' to me +ith yo%r s%nsets$" she tho%'ht bitterly. "I d%nno +hy yo% sho%ld +orry as to her ha&in' a do' or not. it's the *irst h%man thin' I'&e noti(ed abo%t her. I don't like eatin' my +ords any more than most people. sparsely draped +indo+ lookin' o%t on a ba(kyard 'arden +here a lar'e (rop o* tin (ans *lo%rished. 'I s'pose yo% +o%ldn't (onsent i* I asked yo% i* I mi'ht ha&e a do'. #hy does 7atherine 'o on boardin' here +hen she has a 'ood salary)" "She says yo% (an (ome %p. I'd like to 'i&e this pla(e a 'ood airin' . =one o* %s (an li&e +itho%t some kind o* (ompanionship. ha%'hty like. steep stair +as repellent." said the latter (oldly. <%st sit do+n here and let %s let it sink into o%r so%ls. (%shionless ro(ker to +hi(h 7atherine had %n'ra(io%sly pointed her. Set her %p +ith it$ '0o%'re s'posin' ri'ht." said nne. -%t +hat'd I do +ith him +hen she +as in s(hool) I p%t my *oot do+n. I didn't kno+ yo% +ere s%(h *riends. =obody +o%ld 'o %p +ho didn't ha&e to. *or Miss -rooke had r%n tr%e to *orm. Dennis bro%'ht ba(k." "Well. nd a do' really is s%(h a prote(tion at ni'ht.head she'd like to ha&e a do'. She hasn't any *riends. 7atherine -rooke simply 'ot %nder her skin at times +ith her %n'ra(io%s +ays. distant hills. I ne&er had s%(h an %nso(iable boarder. "he little ba(k hall. . "here +as an iron bed +ith a &alley in the middle o* it and a narro+. please. 0o% (o%ld keep him in the basement +hile she +as in s(hool. b%t yo% (an tell her she (an ha&e a do' i* she'll '%arantee he +on't misbeha&e in the parlor. -%t beyond it +as a mar&elo%s sky and a ro+ o* lombardies standin' o%t a'ainst lon'. She eyed the din'y la(e (%rtains and the hideo%s p%rple roses on the (arpet +ith a shi&er. Dennis./ "here +as al+ays somethin' abo%t nne Shirley's eyes +hen she said "please" that people *o%nd hard to resist. it smells o* a tho%sand meals. =o t+o s%nsets are alike. rather d%bio%sly. +as not %nkind at heart. . *hought nne." "he most ins%ltin' +ords in the +orld$ With an added ed'e o* ins%lt in 7atherine's (ontempt%o%s tones. b%t she sort o* &e.4 "0o% ha&en't seen this one. "I d%nno's I ha&e any a+*%l ob3e(tion to a do'.' se5 I. +on't yo% let her ha&e a do') /e +o%ldn't bother yo% . I +ish yo% +o%ld . nne t%rned *rom her s%nset and looked at 7atherine. Dennis. It didn't +ant yo%. "I'm sorry *or any one +ho has to spend 8hristmas in a boardin'. .

Shirley. . I ha&en't your notable 'i*t *or doin' the 6%een a(t . . aloo* (reat%re. "It isn't a ni(e room." "I (ame to ask i* yo% +o%ld spend the 8hristmas holidays +ith me at 2reen 2ables. sayin' e. What bro%'ht yo% here toni'ht) I don't s%ppose yo% (ame 3%st to soak in the s%nset. Miss nne 'ot %p. 7atherine. "*or another broadside o* sar(asm$ I do +ish she'd sit do+n at least. and li*e +ill (ome in. "I (an't pretend thin's. yo% (o%ldn't ima'ine 7atherine -rooke (ryin'./ "It's be(a%se I (an't bear to think o* any h%man bein' spendin' 8hristmas in a pla(e like this.table +ith its petti(oat o* limp m%slin. . She +alked a(ross the room and looked 7atherine s6%arely in the eye." 1"=o+. . +hether yo% kno+ it or not. e&en yo% (o%ldn't pretend that. . It doesn't matter. "here +as e&en a *aint t+it(h at the (orner o* her mo%th. the &ery idea is inde(ent. . "Like all bromides. She +as o%t o* patien(e +ith this stran'e. ./ said nne (andidly. I told yo% my tr%e reason. Had she been (ryin') S%rely not . . 4obody o%'ht to spend 8hristmas here . the shabby bare (hairs and the +obbly dressin'. it." ""he nne Shirley &ersion o* the old bromide. . =o+. "9h. Stop." said 7atherine. I didn't ask yo% to 2reen 2ables o%t o* (harity . .'" said 7atherine +ith a shr%'. I don't (are +hat anybody thinks. . yo% kno+ that per*e(tly +ell. "7atherine -rooke. 'I* yo% brin' a smilin' &isa'e to the 'lass yo% meet a smile.than hal* in(lined to 'et %p and +alk o%t.a(tly the ri'ht thin' to e&ery one. 0o%'re not +el(ome. . to yo%rsel*. What sort o* room is this to +el(ome any one to)" 7atherine made a s(orn*%l 'est%re at the *aded +alls. 9pen yo%r doors to li*e . "hen 7atherine said slo+ly. "0o% don't make me *eel &ery +el(ome. and no+ li*e is sh%ttin' yo% o%t."4 -%t there +as silen(e *or a moment. "It has. I'm hardly a (andidate *or that yet." "I am sorry *or yo%. . I see. "Why do yo% ask me) It isn't be(a%se yo% like me . . . . -%t 7atherine's eyes looked a tri*le stran'e. not to me)" . "he sar(asm (ame then." "hey 'a5ed at ea(h other *or a moment. . She 3%st stands there as i* +aitin' *or me to 'o. b%t +hy do yo% stay here i* yo% don't like it)" "9h . "I'&e been +antin' to tell yo% 3%st that *or some time." said nne. -%t someho+ the ins%ltin' tone had 'one o%t o* her &oi(e. -e(a%se yo%'&e sh%t o%t li*e . Why) 1ou +o%ldn't %nderstand." nne said slo+ly." tho%'ht nne. "It m%st ha&e relie&ed yo% to say that. . ." seasonable o%tb%rst o* (harity. . that's absol%tely tr%e. +hat you +ant is a 'ood spankin'." "0o% asked me to 2reen 2ables 3%st be(a%se yo% are sorry *or me. +hy . are yo% (omin' to 2reen 2ables or are yo% not)" "What +o%ld yo% say i* I a((epted .

ery +ell .(hair by my sto&e in the to+er. So m%(h *or the tri%mph o* matter o&er mind. b%t please let my dear Miss Shirley ha&e a merry. Dennis is 'oin' to spend 8hristmas +eek +ith her da%'hter in 8harlotteto+n.+ater bottle. yo%'d *ree5e . ." 5 nne did not kno+ that a +ist*%l little Eli5abeth +as +at(hin' o%t o* one o* the mansard +indo+s o* "he E&er'reens as she dro&e a+ay *rom Windy Poplars . "I kno+ it isn't any %se to ask 0o% *or a merry 8hristmas *or me be(a%se 2randmother and "he Woman (o%ldn't be merry. 0o%'ll be s%rprised. 7atherine la%'hed . I s%ppose. "Dear 2od. I'm a rotten (ook. Miss Shirley. ." " h +ell." she +hispered. I tell yo% *rankly that the only reason I'm 'oin' is be(a%se e&en I (an't sti(k the tho%'ht o* spendin' the holidays here alone. I'll beha&e mysel* de(ently. be(a%se yo%'d likely s%((eed. -%t I don't kno+ i* yo%'ll ha&e a 3olly time or not. Mrs. . s%rprisin'ly. Miss -rooke. 0o% +on't *ind me a &ery e." "I +on't. -%t +hen the li&ery slei'h &anished *rom her si'ht aro%nd the (orner o* Spook's Lane Eli5abeth +ent and knelt do+n by her bed. "hat +ill depend a 'ood deal on yo%rsel*. =o+ yo% (an 'o thro%'h the motions o* tellin' me yo%'re deli'hted and that +e'll ha&e a 3olly time. I'll 'o." "I am deli'hted." said !ebe((a De+ +ith a little shi&er as she sh%t the kit(hen door. -%t +ill yo% 'i&e me yo%r +ord o* honor that yo% +on't +ish me a merry 8hristmas) I 3%st don't +ant to be merry at 8hristmas. She +alked a(ross to the +indo+. Where is "hat 8at) 9%t *riskin' ro%nd S%mmerside and the +eather at 5ero. . "b%t I +ant to impress on yo%r mind that +e ha&e much *iner moons in &onlea. . ." "9h. b%t I promise yo% I +on't eat +ith my kni*e or ins%lt people +hen they tell me it's a *ine day. nd D%sty Miller is (%rled %p on the ro(kin'. It's a bore to think o* 'ettin' my o+n meals. ." "So she's 'oin')" said !ebe((a De+ as she *illed nne's hot. . snorin' +ith happiness. . -%t I (an't ans+er *or the t+ins. "I +ish e&ery one in the +orld +as as +arm and sheltered as +e are toni'ht."I'd say yo% +ere sho+in' the *irst *aint 'limmer o* (ommon sense I'd e&er dete(ted in yo%.hilaratin' '%est." "=ot by the ne+ thermometer. . merry 8hristmas and brin' her ba(k sa*e to me +hen it's o&er." "I'm not 'oin' to ask yo% to sit do+n here . ." "I do like. an Eli5abeth +ith tears in her eyes +ho *elt as i* e&erythin' that made li*e +orth li&in' had 'one o%t o* her li*e *or the time bein' and that she +as the &ery Li55iest o* Li55ies. "Well." said nne. . ". b%t I see that there's a &ery *ine moon in pla(e o* yo%r s%nset and I'll +alk home +ith yo% and help yo% to admire it i* yo% like. s(o+led at the *iery streak +hi(h +as all that +as le*t o* the s(orned s%nset and then t%rned. I hope yo%'ll ne&er try to ind%(e me to t%rn Mohammedan ." retorted nne. .

" p%rred Dora's kitten. nne. "Do yo% remember)" "he sno+ (risped %nder the r%nners@ the m%si( o* the bells tinkled thro%'h the ranks o* tall pointed *irs. b%t one o* them. . home to 2reen 2ables." said 7atherine +ith a shr%'. as the train sped on." nne +as already tastin' 8hristmas happiness. She *airly sparkled as the train le*t the station. it's the only thin' I can do . "he White Way o* Deli'ht had little *estoons o* stars tan'led in the trees. "he lo+ s%n behind the bare +oods seemed r%shin' thro%'h the trees like a splendid 'od. +here +e'll see the li'hts o* 2reen 2ables.(itin' as ne+s o* empire (o%ld ha&e been. <osie Pye a(t%ally had a yo%n' man .pe(t me to talk. It +as all 3%st as e. b%t +hat a +arm rosy be(omin' li'ht it (ast o&er e&erythin'$ /o+ +arm and *riendly +ere the shado+s$ /o+ pretty Dora +as 'ro+in'$ nd Da&y really seemed almost a man. "hey +ent thro%'h Lo&er's Lane. Lynde's ne+ pat(h+ork 6%ilt.(lamations and la%'hter. ." "0es . 3%st (ompleted. nd ho+ 'ood Marilla's kit(hen smelled as they opened the door. +as on display and re(ei&ed its meed o* praise. "/o+ abo%t a sno+. *%ll o* lo&ely tree shado+s. . . b%t e&erythin' alon' the road kept sayin' to her. . "here +ere h%'s and e. . . "I'&e al+ays *o%nd it hard to resist the l%re o* a moonli'ht ni'ht. I hope yo% don't think I'm one o* those terrible people +ho make yo% *eel that yo% ha(e to talk to them all the time. nne rooted o%t her sno+. I belie&e I (an smell it here." Da&y met them at -ri'ht !i&er +ith a bi' t+o. b%t I ha&en't done it *or *rom the 'arret and Da&y shot o&er to 9r(hard Slope to borro+ an old pair o* Diana's *or 7atherine. . . 'I'm home. "When yo% (ome home. 'ood to be home a'ain$" t 2reen 2ables e&ery tree in the yard seemed to +el(ome her ba(k . I admit I'm likely to *eel like it a 'ood part o* the time. . I'm 3%st thinkin' o* the s%pper Marilla +ill ha&e ready *or %s. .&/ said nne. 7atherine +as silent b%t did not seem %n'ra(io%s. E&en 7atherine seemed someho+ no o%tsider. Miss -rooke) I think that I'&e heard that yo% sno+shoe. e&ery li'hted +indo+ +as be(konin'. . . and 8harlie Sloane +as said to be en'a'ed. and a(ross *ields +here little *ir trees *rin'ed the *en(es and thro%'h +oods .t hill. !a(hel Lynde had set her (herished parlor lamp on the s%pper. this is ho+ li*e sho%ld be. . 'ettin' %p *rom her knees. sno+. years. "he t+o 'irls sn%''led do+n in the ba(k seat.table and li'hted it. Mrs.shoe tramp.ends home."=o+.laden. (ontainin' *i&e tho%sand pie(es. "Don't e. . . Mrs. . "he %'ly streets slipped past her .bo%nd. "e&erythin' seems to (ome ali&e." " h. "hat had been in sprin' and this +as De(ember. 9%t in the open (o%ntry the +orld +as all 'olden. ""here's 3%st one spot on this road +here I al+ays *eel s%ddenly .+hite and pale &iolet. nd on the last hill b%t one they sa+ the 'reat '%l*. she +as 'oin' home . She al+ays re(alled her *irst dri&e home *rom -ri'ht !i&er +ith Matthe+. "here +as ne+s to tell. "I'&e done all that I (an. . +hite and mysti(al %nder the moon b%t not yet i(e." said Da&y. +o&en here and there +ith the dark ma'i( o* spr%(es and the lea*less deli(a(y o* bir(hes. "It's the top o* the ne.seated slei'h *%ll o* *%rry robes . . "I +on't." said Eli5abeth. We'll 3%st talk +hen +e *eel like it. 9h. 'ood . and a bear h%' *or nne. . . It +as really a hideo%s thin' +ith a hideo%s red 'lobe. b%t yo%'re %nder no obli'ation to take any noti(e o* +hat I'm sayin'." she had +arned nne (%rtly." said nne a*ter s%pper. Diana had a small da%'hter . it's 'ood . . "he dri&e *rom the station to 2reen 2ables had al+ays been a &ery pleasant part o* nne's +eek.

S%ddenly another so%nd broke the stillness. . -%t yo%'&e been all pri(kles and stin's. -%t it seemed to *la%nt itsel* . ." said 7atherine so ob&io%sly to hersel* that nne made no response. I s%ppose not. . I kno+. I'&e +anted to be *riends +ith yo%. nd yo% . . sa&e *or the sta((ato (lip o* a horse trottin' o&er the brid'e. . /o+ bea%ti*%l 2reen 2ables +as on a +inter ni'ht$ -elo+ it the Lake o* Shinin' Waters +as lo(ked in i(e. . s *or me. . yo% (an't %nderstand$" 'asped 7atherine. /o+ I hated yo% +hen yo% (ame *irst$ :la%ntin' yo%r (ir(let o* pearls . it is yo%r o+n *a%lt. I'm . . . . a +orld +here time +as not . I (an ne&er 'et o%t . . patterned aro%nd its ed'es +ith tree shado+s. I hate men . yo% say yo% like *rankness. . . nne no lon'er *elt a*raid o* her. . . When they (ame o%t to the main road and a slei'h *lashed by. yo%'re not (ryin'$" Someho+. motherly old ho%se seen dimly thro%'h its &eil o* trees. . . and it seems to me that somebody is al+ays pokin' sti(ks at me thro%'h the bars. "It's been +onder*%l. "hat's 3%st my nat%ral hate*%lness. . . . . -y some ma'i( o* its o+n the +inter ni'ht had bro%'ht them to'ether . both 'irls 'a&e an in&ol%ntary si'h. "7atherine. they both pa%sed as by a (ommon imp%lse and stood in silen(e. +here so%ls (omm%ned +ith ea(h other in some medi%m that needed nothin' so (r%de as +ords. . I ne&er kne+ ho+. . . a lo&er$ =ot that I +ant a lo&er . . ""hin's ha&e al+ays been made easy *or you. not that I en&ied yo% yo%r bea% . "7atherine . 0o% . almost to'ether b%t not 6%ite. . . I'&e *or'otten ho+ to li&e . nne smiled to re(all ho+ o*ten she had heard that so%nd as she lay in her 'able room and pretended to hersel* that it +as the 'allop o* *airy horses passin' in the ni'ht. dear 7atherine . not one li&in' so%l +o%ld miss me. I'm like a (reat%re (a%'ht in a trap. . yo%'re . . leanin' a'ainst the old mossy *en(e and looked at the broodin'. . . . +hi(h +as yo%n' +ith immortal yo%th . It seemed to both that they +ere lea&in' behind a +orld that had nothin' in (ommon +ith the one to +hi(h they +ere ret%rnin' . nne. Silen(e +as e&ery+here. . I sa+ eno%'h o* that . bells rin'in'. I* yo% are as *riendless as yo% say. "hey did not talk or +ant to talk. I didn't '*la%nt' it$" "9h. /o+ +o%ld yo% like to be absol%tely *riendless in the +orld)" 7atherine's &oi(e broke in another sob. . I kno+ . b%t i* I died toni'ht. . . no. ." "9h. it seemed impossible to think o* 7atherine (ryin'. . . +hat is the matter) 8an I help)" "9h . . 'I +onder +hat deli'ht*%l dis(o&ery I'll make today' . "hey +ent do+n the road and %p the lon' 2reen 2ables lane b%t 3%st be*ore they rea(hed the yard 'ate. nd her tears s%ddenly h%mani5ed her. . . *riends e&ery+here. . ." "7atherine. that seems to be yo%r attit%de to li*e. and thro%'h open 'lades that +ere like pools o* sil&er. . . -%t nne had ne&er *elt so near 7atherine -rooke be*ore. la%'hter tinklin'. I'm 'oin' to be *rank. . I'&e ne&er +anted to be married . . It +as as i* they +ere a*raid to talk *or *ear o* spoilin' somethin' bea%ti*%l. yo% seem to li&e in a little en(hanted (ir(le o* bea%ty and roman(e. -%t she +as. yo% ha&e more happiness than yo% kno+ +hat to do +ith . "7atherine .+hi(h +ere *%ll o* se(rets they seemed al+ays on the point o* +hisperin' to yo% b%t ne&er did . +hy.

7atherine. . =o. . ne&er ha&e belon'ed. (harm . "I +ish I'd kno+n that. . >n(le /enry a'reed to p%t me thro%'h E%een's i* I +o%ld pay him ba(k +hen I 'ot a s(hool. 0o% don't kno+ . nd they made *%n o* me +hene&er I p%t it on. the only bit o* l%(k I'&e e&er had. b%t +hat my board thro%'h all the years I li&ed there (ost him.rate boardin'. "hat is +hy I'&e boarded +ith Mrs. . I ne&er e&en had a do' . /o+e&er. 0o% kno+ nothin' abo%t it." "0o% do kno+ +hat it is like not to be +anted. . . I don't think I kno+ ho+ to be a *riend. . I don't hate yo% any lon'er . I +as determined I +o%ld not o+e him one (ent. . . . . b%t nat%rally I mi'ht 3%st as +ell ha&e yearned *or the moon. . . . I lon'ed so *or a -. oh. Mine didn't. -%t I think the real reason I'&e hated yo% so is that yo% al+ays seemed to ha&e some se(ret deli'ht . any one$" "9h." said 7atherine. . . at least yo% make people belie&e yo%'re pretty. and I +anted one so. . e&ery one. I kno+ I .' I remember all the sn%bs I 'ot . yo% ha&en't the least idea +hat it is like not to be +anted by any one . -%t yo% don't hate me any lon'er. as i* e&ery day o* li*e +as an ad&ent%re. . I'&e ne&er had a *riend o* any kind. . 0o%'re pretty . . I s%ppose it's yo%r noted (harm be'innin' to +ork on me. "o me yo% seemed one o* the *a&orites o* *ort%ne. . I don't belon' any+here . I had to +ear the most a+*%l old tam to (h%r(h all the rest o* the +inter." "!eally. I kno+ yo%'re better 6%ali*ied than I am. do yo%) We (an be *riends no+. I admit . . "hey died +hen I +as se&en and I +ent to li&e +ith >n(le /enry's *amily. . ." "I don't kno+ . .ho%se +here I had a room o&er the kit(hen that +as i(e (old in +inter and boilin' hot in s%mmer. "hey all looked do+n on me be(a%se I +as 'li&in' on their (harity. m%(h less one o* anythin' like my o+n a'e. . . I had to +ear my (o%sins' (asto** (lothes. I don't kno+ +hy I sho%ld +ant yo% to %nderstand . it made me look like a m%shroom. "It +o%ld ha&e made a di**eren(e. and they hated ea(h other. -%t mean+hile I'&e de&eloped the +ron' +ay. I remember one hat in parti(%lar . 'What an %'ly (hild$' 0o% (ome into a room deli'ht*%lly . na''in'. I remember ho+ yo% (ame into s(hool that *irst mornin'. . . I don't kno+ ho+ I *eel abo%t yo% . . b%t there it +as. yo% take my breath +ith all these (ompliments." ""ell me. not only +hat he spent p%ttin' me thro%'h E%een's. 0o% seemed to ha&e e&erythin' I hadn't . .o** star. /e paid my board in a miserable third. . I kno+ I'm %nso(ial . . . (o%rse . 0o% 'ot the position I +anted . . 7atherine dear. .+ith *ather and mother . *hey didn't +ant me either. . and *%ll o* stale (ookin' smells in all seasons. 0y earliest re(olle(tion is o* some one sayin'. they did. . Dennis and dressed shabbily. . I only kno+ that I *eel I'd like to tell yo% +hat my li*e has been like. . I'&e been eatin' my heart o%t +ith en&y o* yo%. 3%st mean. In a *e+ poi'nant senten(es she sket(hed her (hildhood be*ore (omin' to 2reen 2ables. nd the (lothes I had to +ear to E%een's$ -%t I 'ot my li(ense and I 'ot the se(ond room in S%mmerside /i'h . I +ant yo% to %nderstand +hat has made me as I am. . . 9ne day I tore it o** and thre+ it on the *ire. . In spite o* my hatred there +ere times +hen I a(kno+led'ed to mysel* that yo% mi'ht 3%st ha&e (ome *rom some *ar. . oh. I had some brains . . . "hey 6%arreled (ontin%ally . . oh. *riendship . . . b%t not +hat it is like to kno+ that yo%r *ather and mother don't +ant yo%. b%t I hated yo%r bein' o&er me +hen yo% +ere yo%n'er than I . I +as 'lad +hen the Prin'les made tro%ble *or yo%. I (o%ld ne&er ha&e told yo% i* yo% hadn't told me abo%t yo%r li*e be*ore yo% (ame to 2reen 2ables. . . . "hey hated me *rom the moment I +as born . 0es. My (hildhood +as a ni'htmare. yo%th. . b%t I do. :or the *irst time in my li*e I *eel free. ha&en't I)" (ried nne. and be*ore . . E&en sin(e then I'&e been pin(hin' and s(rimpin' to pay >n(le /enry . I (an't remember a sin'le kind +ord. . 0o%th$ I ne&er had anythin' b%t star&ed yo%th. . petty 6%arrels. . I do +ant to %nderstand yo%. nd I'&e 3%st *inished payin' him.

*hat is +hat makes me so bitter. I kno+ I'&e made bein' disa'reeable into a *ine art. It literally *as(inated me. . I (an belie&e almost anythin' at this 2reen 2ables o* yo%rs. I sho%ld like to be more like other people . It so%nded merely r%e*%l and impatient. I kno+ yo% like it . I hate people +ho look as i* they +ere a*raid o* me." nne la%'hed. . Do yo% think it doesn't h%rt me to kno+ it) "hey al+ays look a*raid o* me . spelled +ith a 7$ I'&e al+ays *elt that %nderneath all yo%r pri(kles +as somethin' that +o%ld make yo% +orth +hile as a *riend. . Lynde +ill ea(h p%t one in *or %s *or *ear the other has *or'otten it. 9h. It +as a pi(t%re o* palms aro%nd a sprin' in the desert. . Li*e is only be'innin' *or yo% no+ . hate's 'ot to be a disease +ith me." "So that is +hat yo%'&e really tho%'ht o* me) I'&e o*ten +ondered. . I hate tea(hin' . b%t yo% (an$" nne p%t her arm abo%t 7atherine.tea(her is simply a sla&e o* time. . I do +ant to be like other people . the leopard +ill ha&e a 'o at (han'in' its spots i* it's at all possible. . nd yo% seem to *ind e(erybody interestin'. not 3%st belie(e . . I +ant to $no% . nd yo%'ll *eel deli(io%sly sleepy a*ter this +alk in the *rosty moonshine . %ninterestin' people) =o. . . . . I don't see ho+ yo% (an. sin(e at last yo%'re 6%ite *ree and independent. 9* (o%rse I'&e *or'otten ho+ to talk to yo%n' men . and there's nothin' else I (an do. pratin' o* 7in' /enry the Ei'hth's +i&es and the ine. . . s(hool. I kno+ they hate me. . i* I e&er kne+. I kno+ I'm sar(asti(. . . its s+arms o* (old. I kno+ it's my o+n *a%lt that I'm al+ays ne'le(ted and o&erlooked at so(ial *%n(tions. . yo% +on't. . and *irst thin' yo%'ll kno+." "9h. I remember the one and only pi(t%re that h%n' on the +all o* my atti( room at >n(le /enry's . . .(an ne&er think o* the ri'ht thin' to say. nd yo%'ll 'ro+ learned in lore o* pl%m p%ddin's be(a%se yo%'re 'oin' to help me make one *or "%esday .ha%stible reso%r(es o* the Dominion. I +onder i*. I'&e la%'hed at yo%r 'bend in the road. I'&e al+ays +anted to be *riends +ith yo%. . i* it isn't too late. that the +orld is ro%nd. I'&e al+ays +anted to 'o and *ind it . .' -%t the tro%ble is there aren't any bends in my road. . does li*e e&er frighten yo%. " nyho+. nd I (an ne&er do it on a tea(her's salary. . . Well.' We're 'oin' to sn%''le do+n amon' the +arm *l%**y blankets.+ater bottles. It's the *irst pla(e I'&e e&er been in that *elt like a home. 1ou don't ha&e to 'o on tea(hin' all the rest o* yo%r li*e. 0o%'ll think. . It +as sa*e to la%'h no+. *or likely Marilla and Mrs. nne.ion +as .maid 'ooseberry. I (an see it stret(hin' strai'ht o%t be*ore me to the sky. o* (o%rse it doesn't. I kno+ I'm re'arded as a tyrant by my p%pils. +ith its blan$ness . a 'reat bi' pl%mmy one. +ith a strin' o* (amels mar(hin' a+ay in the distan(e. +hen I 'o to bed toni'ht. nd yo% ne&er kno+ +hat may be aro%nd the ne. . . "0o% (an p%t hate o%t o* yo%r mind . /er (omple. . (%re yo%rsel* o* it. . e&en that little ro%nd red bein' yo% (all !ebe((a De+. *or the bitterness had 'one o%t o* 7atherine's &oi(e. I +ant to tra&el." "=o. It's the one thin' I'&e al+ays lon'ed *or. line . . I +ant to see the So%thern 8ross and the "a3 Mahal and the pillars o* 7arnak. a *aded old print that had been dis(arded *rom the other rooms +ith s(orn. "he tr%th is. . and +e're 'oin' to ha&e a 3olly ten days here to be'in o%r *riendship. . nne. . I'll 3%st ha&e to 'o on *ore&er. 7atherine ." nne +as ama5ed at 7atherine's 'ood looks +hen they +ent in. probably +ith t+o hot. . . 9h. 9h." "I'&e heard yo% say that be*ore . Perhaps it is. /e'll 3%st think me an old. I'll e&en pra(ti(e a s%nny smile *or that 2ilbert o* yo%rs +hen he arri&es tomorro+ ni'ht. +e're 'oin' to be *riends . 'I'm 'lad she's *o%nd o%t I'm h%man. .t bend in the road. it +ill be mornin' and yo%'ll *eel as i* yo% +ere the *irst person to dis(o&er that the sky is bl%e. and I ne&er (an no+. . I'll *eel *%rio%s +ith mysel* *or p%llin' o** my mask and lettin' yo% see into my shi&erin' so%l like this. nne . . endless monotony.

'ay. silken ears and an in'ratiatin' tail. a dear little bro+n. %ntil day smiled ba(k at ni'ht o&er +hite. (%rled %p on a bit o* +arm and +oolly blanket. . "hey opened the parlor and distrib%ted the 'i*ts be*ore break*ast be(a%se the t+ins. a d%ty 'i*t *rom'ht. . . (o%ldn't ha&e eaten anythin' i* they hadn't. She told nne (andidly that she had no %se *or the impe((able Dora b%t that Da&y +as someho+ tarred +ith her o+n br%sh. an odd (amaraderie had spr%n' %p bet+een her and Da&y. . spooky. "o her ama5ement she *o%nd she +as en3oyin' it." 7atherine 'athered his +ri''lin' little body %p in her arms and spoke shakily. 7atherine and nne and Da&y and Dora +ent to the +oods *or it . a bea%ti*%l little *ir to +hose (%ttin' do+n nne +as only re(on(iled by the *a(t that it +as in a little (learin' o* Mr. b%t 7atherine (ame do+n la%'hin'. . 7atherine.kni*e *rom Da&y . nd. . (ro(heted a*'han *rom Mrs. to meet a tall yo%n' man +ith ha5el eyes and the be'innin's o* a m%sta(he +hi(h made him look so m%(h older and mat%rer that nne had one a+*%l moment o* +onderin' i* it +ere really 2ilbert or a stran'er. .(ept. :or the *irst time it (ame home to 7atherine that li*e mi'ht be bea%ti*%l. "hey +andered abo%t. /arrison's +hi(h +as 'oin' to be st%mped and plo+ed in the sprin' anyho+. rin'in' an old (o+bell %p and do+n the stairs. tied %nder the tree. . . e&en some *erns that kept 'reen in a (ertain deep hollo+ o* the +oods all +inter . Li*e already seemed %armer. . . "I'&e simply 'ot to see +hat (an be done abo%t it.+ei'ht *rom 2ilbert. nd +hat *%n it +as to 'o do+n (ellar +ith Da&y and *ind that there +ere really s%(h thin's as s+eet apples still le*t in the +orld." 6 Sat%rday and Monday +ere *%ll o* 'ay doin's at 2reen 2ables. ri(hly red &el&et hat she had seen in a S%mmerside shop. Marilla +as horri*ied at his doin' s%(h a thin' +hen there +as a '%est in the ho%se. "Why. a paper. e&en Dora. . le*t them in the parlor and played 'ames +ith the t+ins in the kit(hen all the e&enin'.bosomed hills and they (ame ba(k to 2reen 2ables in tri%mph . 7atherine. perhaps." re*le(ted nne. . +ho dares. ":rom nne. on her bla(k hair and p%lled o&er her amber eyes. tryin' to ima'ine 7atherine +ith a (ertain dark. e&en *or her. a basket*%l o* tiny 3ars o* 3am and 3elly *rom Marilla . shado+y pla(e it (o%ld be by (andle. +ho had not e. a*ter all. . a sa(het o* orris root *rom Dora . . "he pl%m p%ddin' +as (on(o(ted and the 8hristmas tree bro%'ht home. . +ith alert. Lynde .radiant a*ter her lon' +alk in the keen air and (olor made all the di**eren(e in the +orld to her. e&en a little bron5e (hessy (at *or a paper. +ith a little smile that tried to be sar(asti( b%t (o%ldn't 6%ite s%((eed. to +ish yo% a Merry 8hristmas. .pe(ted anythin' e. Someho+. 7atherine +o%ld be handsome i* she +ore the ri'ht kind o* hats and dresses. 'atherin' (reepin' spr%(e and 'ro%nd pine *or +reaths . at an %nearthly ho%r 8hristmas mornin'. *o%nd hersel* 'ettin' presents *rom e&ery one. eyed p%ppy. 7atherine had ne&er been in a (o%ntry (ellar be*ore and had no idea +hat a deli'ht*%l. Da&y made eno%'h noise to +ake the Se&en Sleepers. (ard tied to his ne(k bore the le'end.

It +as (o5y to sit by the sto&e and dreamily +at(h the *ireli'ht *li(kerin' o&er the (eilin' +hile yo% m%n(hed apples and (andy. "here +ere no birds to (hirp or sin'. no+ that yo%'&e paid o** +hat yo% tho%'ht +ere yo%r obli'ations. Wri'ht tho%'ht I +as 'oin' to drop it e&ery min%te. "9ne (an al+ays *ind somethin' lo&ely to look at or listen to." "What a pity his mother didn't kno+ he +as to be /omer. I asked her i* I mi'ht 'et a do' and she re*%sed. I ha&en't de(ided 3%st +hat. "he east +ind +as beatin' aro%nd the ea&es and the 'ray '%l* +as roarin'. ""hey are +hat I heard somebody at !edmond (all 'terri*i( b%ndles o* potentialities. thro%'h Lo&er's Lane and the /a%nted Wood. a baby +ith dimples and 'reat eyes *%ll o* li'ht . .6%isite thin' in my arms. nd the +eek that *ollo+ed +as 3%st as bea%ti*%l." said 7atherine to hersel*. . no brooks to '%r'le." nne . "hey talked o* "(abba'es and kin's. 0o% must *ind a de(ent pla(e to li&e." said 7atherine as they dro&e home. thro%'h old or(hards *%ll o* &iolet shado+s . o&er hills +here the li'ht sno+ +hirled in a +inter dan(e o* 'oblins . o* (o%rse. "that I +as on the &er'e o* re*%sin' to (ome here +hen nne in&ited me$" "hey +ent *or lon' +alks . . . . . . 9ne day it stormed and they (o%ldn't 'o o%t. . . ." "-abies are s%(h *as(inatin' (reat%res. 0o% (an't ima'ine ho+ I *elt . thro%'h the 'lory o* s%nset +oods. Dennis +on't let me keep him. nd. -%t it did somethin' to me . so bi' and (l%msy +ith that tiny. no s6%irrels to 'ossip. Isn't it *as(inatin' to look at the blank pa'es and +onder +hat +ill be +ritten on them)" Mrs." "I'&e arran'ed it all +ith Mrs. b%t to 7atherine it seemed a p%rple and (rimson and 'olden 8hristmas. . and (ame home +ith appetites that ta. the baby I mean . ." said nne so*tly. any+ay. "I hope she ne&er did kno+. Lynde +as thank*%l it +as a +hite 8hristmas . o* stationery Diana sent me. . ""o think I +as a*raid she +o%ld spoil my 8hristmas holiday$" she re*le(ted in ama5ement. yo%'re not 'oin' to be there lon'. I kno+ Mrs. . . "-%t I think I'm 'lad <%das' mother didn't kno+ he +as to be <%das. Look at the lo&ely bo. . "I ne&er held a baby in my li*e be*ore. 7atherine had o*ten +ondered bitterly 3%st +hat it +o%ld be like to be happy and no+ she *o%nd o%t. . ":or one thin'. 0o%'ll *ind she +on't ob3e(t. -%t the +ind made o((asional m%si( that had in 6%ality +hat it la(ked in 6%antity. ""o think. I didn't +ant to.' "hink o* it. . . . -%t e&en a storm at 2reen 2ables had (harms o* its o+n. /o+ 3olly s%pper +as +ith the storm +ailin' o%tside$ 9ne ni'ht 2ilbert took them to see Diana and her ne+ baby da%'hter. . 7atherine . there +o%ld be no *at 'ra&eyards +hen 8hristmas +as +hite . ." said nne. /omer m%st ha&e been a baby on(e ." said 7atherine. Dennis.ed e&en the 2reen 2ables pantry. he (o%ldn't ha&e been blind then. 7atherine. he's a darlin'$ -%t Mrs. She bloomed o%t in the most astonishin' +ay." . . . . . nne *o%nd hersel* en3oyin' their (ompanionship. I (o%ld see her stri&in' heroi(ally to (on(eal her terror." and hit(hed their +a'ons to stars. +here the &ery silen(e seemed *riendly ." said nne dreamily. and *or another I'd ha&e been a*raid o* it 'oin' to pie(es in my 'rasp. e.

7atherine. 7atherine. bet+een bein' inside lookin' o%t and o%tside lookin' in." "I %sed to re(ite ."here +as a (on(ert in the hall one ni'ht. "hree S%ndays a'o in (h%r(h . nne. yo% are. tho%'h 'reen is the one (olor abo&e all others that yo% sho%ld ne&er +ear. I ha&en't a party dress. It's in the readin'. +ith a party at bner Sloane's a*ter it.t%(ked (hi**on (ollar I'&e made *or yo%. I (an't be bothered +ith (lothes. and I heard them la%'hin' at me a*ter+ards. -%t the s%mmer be*ore last I re(ited at a shore (on(ert +hi(h a party o* s%mmer resorters 'ot %p . b%t I'&e no time to be al+ays primpin'. be(a%se a poor bit o* a maid they had +anted to learn. "here's all the di**eren(e in the +orld. yo% kno+. . +ith the ri'ht kind o* partner. my 7atherine. %nt 2ertr%de al+ays made me +ear aprons o* bri'ht "%rkey. 'o ahead. . . I'm told yo% do that splendidly. "2i&e Gene(ra *or an en(ore. Stephen Prin'le told me she ne&er slept a +ink the ni'ht a*ter she heard yo% 'i&e it. -%t nobody +ill ask me to dan(e and I'll *eel sar(asti( and pre3%di(ed and ashamed. Mrs. =obody seems to think I (an dan(e . Will my 'reen ta**eta do)" "It +ill ha&e to do ." 7atherine *inally promised the readin' b%t +as d%bio%s abo%t the party. I think I'd like it ." "0o% +on't be miserable at this party. . "hen she looked at her +ork and sa+ that it +as 'ood." "/ea&en 'rant me patien(e$ 8lothes are (ery important. I pi(ked it %p at >n(le /enry's. yo% remember the day poor old Mr. . too. I'&e heard yo% read bea%ti*%lly. o* (o%rse." said nne se&erely. "9h. . . so I try o((asionally to sho+ the (lass ho+ to read it. the *e+ I'&e e&er 'one to. I really ha&e no patien(e +ith 2ene&ra. I'm al+ays miserable at parties . . Do yo% mind i* I try a ne+ +ay o* doin' it)" 7atherine shr%''ed. I think I rather liked doin' it. " nd isn't it really ni(e to think people +ill *ind some pleas%re in lookin' at %s) "here are so many homely people +ho +o%ld a(t%ally look 6%ite attra(ti&e i* they took a little pains +ith themsel&es." nne hid a smile and persisted in askin' *or the readin'. .' +hen I (ame in +ith one o* those aprons on." "I'&e al+ays hated . She p%t her arm abo%t 7atherine's sho%lders and t%rned her to the mirror. . "I +ant yo% to 'i&e %s a readin' *or o%r pro'ram. . I s%ppose my hair does look dread*%l ." "=o@ I'&e ne&er liked Gene(ra. pin. . 0o% o%'ht to ha&e a red dress. "Don't yo% tr%ly think +e are a pair o* 6%ite 'ood. 7atherine. "I'll 'o. 0es. 7atherine. ny+ay. s%rely somebody +o%ld ha&e heard her. as she braided and (oiled. 0o% ha&e s%(h lo&ely hair. When I +ent to li&e +ith >n(le /enry. "he other (hildren in s(hool %sed to (all o%t ':ire. 0o% +on't be o%tside lookin' in. -%t yo%'re 'oin' to +ear a red.lookin' 'irls)" she la%'hed. and nne pers%aded 7atherine to 'o to both." "/o+ do yo% kno+ they +ere la%'hin' at yo%)" ""hey m%st ha&e been. and yo% kno+ I (an *airly +ell. "here +asn't anythin' else to la%'h at. . Mil&ain . Why didn't she s(ream +hen she *o%nd hersel* lo(ked in) When they +ere h%ntin' e&ery+here *or her. . . and she and I %sed to dan(e to'ether in the kit(hen at ni'ht to the m%si( that +ent on in the parlor.

. only 7atherine +as +ith her in pla(e o* Diana. merry. not e&en the . .prea(hed and had s%(h a terrible (old in his head that nobody (o%ld make o%t +hat he +as sayin') . . When I 'o ba(k to S%mmerside. . I dressed Emma Dill in bl%e instead o* bro+n . Diana had so many other interests no+. I kno+ I'&e been lookin' older than my a'e. a*raid o* bein' la%'hed at. . nne. "0o% +ere ri'ht .(ept perhaps *or Mrs. . . I +a&ed Mary ddison's hair and 'a&e <ane Marden's a lemon rinse . . nd I'm not like yo%. . I didn't (are." she admitted. . "I didn't kno+ there +ere people like this. . amber partners. . to ask them i* they'd like another blanket and ass%re 7atherine that her little do' +as sn%' and +arm in a basket behind the kit(hen sto&e. pparently yo% +ere born kno+in' ho+ to li&e. So yo% can be it. yo%r eyes are 3%st the (olor o* tea . +armin' their toes at the sittin'. t+el&e o'(lo(k +ill ha&e str%(k *or 8inderella. I'&e been sar(asti( so lon'. nd it seems to me. 9h. -rent's nose." 7atherine 'a5ed at her re*le(tion in the mirror as i* rather do%btin' her identity." "8ome a'ain. . 8ome. too. themsel&es. ma'ni*i(ent hair *ramin' yo%r *a(e instead o* tryin' to p%ll it ba(k+ard . . . I dressed 8harlotte -lair in stripes instead o* (he(ks . . that I'&e al+ays been a*raid +hen I +as in the (ompany o* other people . b%t *ort%nately all the per*ormers ha&e +hat I heard Dora re*errin' to as 'preser&ed' seats. look at yo%rsel* in that mirror@ (arry that pi(t%re o* yo%rsel* +ith yo% . . +ell. li&e %p to yo%r name this e&enin' ." tho%'ht 7atherine as she dri*ted o** to sl%mber. Why sho%ld I) =obody else (ared. I +onder i* it's too late to learn." "0o%'ll take the ma'i( ba(k +ith yo%. . "hen home to 2reen 2ables." "E&erythin' yo%'&e been this past +eek. . . . late as it +as. I remo&ed se&eral moles . "I'&e 'ot a ne+ o%tlook on li*e. =o+. . . they (o%ld ha&e done e&erythin' I did. e. . limpid . and yo% +on't *eel a*raid. (lothes do do thin's to yo%. We're 'oin' to be late. . . and hills and *ields and +oods lay aro%nd them in a pearly silen(e. . a little *l%sh o* e. a brook sho%ld be sparklin' . nd I don't kno+ anythin' abo%t it ." ""hat's only the ma'i( o* 2reen 2ables. eyes sparklin' like dark stars . and I sha&ed o** "homas nderson's lon'. I don't kno+ i* I (an be anythin' else. I passed the time makin' the people aro%nd me bea%ti*%l. a*raid o* sayin' somethin' st%pid . nd." 2ilbert dro&e them to the hall. . /o+ like old times it +as ." said Marilla +hen she le*t. . . 7atherine's readin' (apt%red her a%dien(e *rom the *irst *ire by the li'ht o* t+o *riendly (andles on the mantel@ and Mrs. Sar(asm seemed to me to be the only +ay I (o%ld make any impression on people." "7atherine -rooke. and at the party she (o%ld not *ind dan(es *or all her +o%ld. Look at yo%rsel* . no+. . Why. . =o more r%nnin' ro%nd to (on(erts and parties *or her. . Lynde tiptoein' into their room. -rent a ne+ nose. She s%ddenly *o%nd hersel* la%'hin' +itho%t bitterness. . 7atherine. . . .8. 0o% (o%ldn't ha&e kno+n them +hen I 'ot thro%'h +ith them. . I 'a&e Mrs. -%t +hat an e&enin' it +as$ What sil&ery satin roads +ith a pale 'reen sky in the +est a*ter a li'ht sno+*all$ 9rion +as treadin' his stately mar(h a(ross the hea&ens. .(itement on yo%r (heeks . "I do look years yo%n'er. lookin' *or on(e as yo% o%'ht to look all the time. sandy Pi((adilly +eepers. nne si'hed." "E&erythin' I'm not.

""he /amilton ideas o* *%n are di**erent *rom the Ma(8omber ideas o* *%n or the Ma(Lean ideas o* *%n or.letters.' Windy Poplars does. the De+ ideas o* *%n. I (an't help seein' their *%nny sides b%t I lo&e them +ell *or all that. 7atherine. "9* (o%rse she's (omin' a'ain. "It's 'oin' to make so m%(h di**eren(e in s(hool. It +o%ld be dread*%l to li&e in a pla(e I didn't like . It's only somethin' she +o%ld ha&e +ritten i* she'd tho%'ht o* it. /amilton's do' (ame do+n yesterday and (hi&ied D%sty Miller. amiable *a(e +hile he +as listenin' to her.ale +hen it's *%ll o* &iolets. ." said nne." I told . . "M0 ES"EEMED :!IE=D# ""hat isn't anythin' %nt 8hatty's 'randmother +rote. "!ebe((a De+ said s%(h a ni(e thin' to me yesterday. .+ater bottle in the bed.' said !ebe((a De+. "I'm so 'lad I like Windy Poplars. /amilton 6%ite a lar'e pie(e o* her mind.iolet . "I'&e made a =e+ 0ear resol%tion to +rite sensible lo&e. 'b%t he is 9>!S and no /amilton do' is 'oin' to (ome here and 'i&e him imp%den(e in his o+n ba(k yard. and *or %ee$s in the s%mmer. that didn't seem *riendly to me .' "I'm 'lad yo% liked 7atherine. She is 'oin' to (han'e her boardin'. I +ant to sho+ yo% Little /ester 2ray's 'arden." 7 "Windy Poplars.ho%se. . nd +ith her red (heeks redder still. '"his is the last stra+. "'I do not like "hat 8at. nd I think she is 3%st as m%(h ama5ed at it hersel* as any one else.i(e yo% (an really +ork +ith." said <abe5 /amilton. ha&in' a . I (an 3%st see his *oolish. . "/e only (hased yo%r (at in *%n. It's ama5in' to *ind ho+ ni(e she (an be +hen she tries. "Mr. and pi(k apples and 'o *or the (o+s . and E(ho Lod'e and . ":or +eekends . Do yo% s%ppose s%(h a thin' is possible) "I ha&e le*t dear 2reen 2ables b%t I ha&e ret%rned to dear Windy Poplars. her (h%bby ba(k shakin' +ith an'er. ""he street +here 'hosts 1sho%ld4 +alk.' she told me. She +as s%rprisin'ly ni(e to yo%. !ebe((a De+ had a *ire li'hted in the to+er room *or me and a hot. . she toddled %p the road and 'a&e Mr. . Miss Shirley. " nd I +as 'lad to see %nt 7ate and %nt 8hatty and !ebe((a De+ a'ain. 'I'm 'lad yo%'re ba(k. "'Spook's Lane has been a di**erent pla(e sin(e yo% (ame here. b%t it likes me. It's a bit old.*ashioned and a bit prim. . 2ilbert. . . She had no idea it +o%ld be so easy. and ro+ on the pond and 'et lost in the +oods. i* it (omes to that. and I ha&e already pers%aded her to 'et that &el&et hat and ha&e not yet 'i&en %p hope o* pers%adin' her to sin' in the (hoir. that didn't say. We'll b%ild bon*ires and hoe in the 'arden . "<an%ary Dth.Marilla ne&er said that to any one %nless she meant it. and in s%(h a h%rry that she p%t her hat on hindside be*ore and ne&er kne+ it.

'+ith (o%ntenan(es ad3%sted to the o((asion. stood a'ainst the +all . and to tell me tear*%lly that her tea(her had asked her to sin' at a (on(ert the p%bli( s(hool is 'ettin' %p b%t that Mrs. . "Little Eli5abeth (ame o&er t+o ni'hts a'o to *ind o%t i* I (o%ld tell her +hat pe(%liar kind o* terrible animals Papal b%lls +ere.t mornin'. " sin(e the ho%se +as b%ilt. "'/a&e the 'oodness not to talk ba(k to me. and that she.' "Little Eli5abeth +ept a *e+ bitter tears in the to+er room that ni'ht and said she *elt it +o%ld make her Li55ie *ore&er. <ames Walla(e 8ampbell's 0emoirs *or a short time. and none o* it seemed to be a(6%ainted +ith the rest. e." nd I le*t that to sink in.him. t%t. "I don't think there has been any s%nshine in that dra+in'. told her to 'o %p to her room and brin' do+n the 0emoirs. had +ritten a &ery stin'in' reply +hi(h little Eli5abeth +o%ld ha&e to (arry to her tea(her the ne. "So I man%*a(t%red an errand to "he E&er'reens ne. . +ho mi'ht really ha&e li&ed be*ore the *lood.' I think the s+eet thin' meant she *elt like a leper and that +as s%**i(iently dread*%l. "b%t I could ha&e had. We sat and e. . "Mrs. she looks so an(ient .t e&enin'. I really think it +o%ld be more than a moment o* esteem and *riendship. . i* yo% please. All the *%rnit%re stood a'ainst the +all e. Eli5abeth. "'Last +eek I lo&ed 2od. I had ne&er seen her be*ore. 8aptain Ma(8omber didn't sell all her (abba'es last *all and lea&e her *amily +itho%t any be(a%se the pri(e +as so 'ood." se5 I. Miss De+. 8ampbell that I had asked *or her. b%t I'm s%re it (o%ld ne&er ha&e been played on." said he. " ll her (lass +ere takin' part in the pro'ram and she *elt 'like a leopard. 'a5ed at me (oldly o%t o* 'reat 'ray. Mrs." "<an%ary 12th. this +eek I don't.(ept a (entral marble. s(%lpt%red old *a(e that mi'ht ha&e been a man's. "here are some people. *or she +ore lar'e bla(k *rom a /amilton) Lo+ s(%m$' ""here is a (rimson star han'in' lo+ o&er the +hite Storm 7in'.' she said de*iantly. Sti** (hairs. I* yo% +ere. 8ampbell p%t her *oot do+n and said 'no' most de(idedly. . "he Woman . She +as pain*%lly polite to me and I +as painlessly polite to her.' I told her. . 8ampbell tha+ed 6%ite markedly and s%mmonin' Eli5abeth.plain that it +as be(a%se little Eli5abeth's tea(her had sent another note be''in' that she be allo+ed to sin' at the (on(ert. +ith bla(k eyes and bla(k b%shy bro+s %nder *rosty hair. both. Eli5abeth's *a(e sho+ed si'ns o* tears and Mrs. 8ampbell said. She (o%ld ne&er be any o* her other names a'ain. -%t +hat (o%ld yo% e. "here +as a piano. be(a%se I %nderstood there +as a 'ood deal abo%t the early history o* Prin(e 8o%nty in them +hi(h I +ished to make %se o* in s(hool. Mrs. sho+ed me 'rimly into the dra+in'. tr%th*%lly. earrin's that rea(hed to her sho%lders. . She has not 6%ite es(he+ed all &ain adornment o* the body. Darlin' Eli5abeth m%st not *eel like a leper. I +ish yo% +ere here to +at(h it +ith and +ent to tell Mrs. 8ampbell (ame in. Mrs. 8ampbell (ondes(ended to e.topped table. "that (an't hear anythin' be(a%se o* the 3in'le in their po(ket.(han'ed (i&ilities abo%t the +eather *or a *e+ moments . 8ampbell." I said. (o&ered +ith silk bro(ade.pressionless eyes. yo% m%st ha&e had (abba'e *or dinner. When Eli5abeth attempted to plead. ""%t. as "a(it%s remarked a *e+ tho%sand years a'o. that I had (ome to see i* she +o%ld lend me the !e&. . "Mrs. . She has a *ine.

""here +as a dan(e at 8arry Prin'le's last ni'ht. -%t nothin' +orth +hile is e&er easy (ome by and I ha&e al+ays *elt that her *riendship +o%ld be +orth +hile. be(a%se as soon as she 'ets into bed she pretends that she is +alkin' %p the path to the ho%se and that she 'oes inside and it is all li'hted and her *ather is there. "I'&e had a hard time +innin' 7atherine's *riendship. ""he *a(e +as literally a. 8ampbell had told her she mi'ht sin' a*ter all. -%t I think it +as less the dress and hair that made the di**eren(e than some inde*inable (han'e in hersel*. 8ampbell's *a(e +as a st%dy.' "Mrs. She said nothin'."'I do not appro&e o* (hildren o* Eli5abeth's a'e sin'in' in p%bli(. b%t !ebe((a De+ tho%'ht it +as not 6%ite a 'ood (olor *rom lyin' in the b%rea% dra+er.' " s i* anythin' (o%ld make little Eli5abeth bold and *or+ard$ "'I think perhaps yo% are +ise. 'In any e&ent Mabel Phillips is 'oin' to sin'. It +as spotlessly (lean be*ore. =o do%bt it is much better that Eli5abeth sho%ld not appear in (ompetition +ith her. people +ho had kno+n her e&er sin(e she (ame to tea(h in S%mmerside a(t%ally asked one another +ho she +as +hen she (ame into the I bore them and I hope I do. 3%st a li'ht. so that it +ill be ready *or her to slip o&er her *lannel one. !ebe((a De+ had told me that the Phillips and the 8ampbell (lans ha&e al+ays been ri&als in the matter o* 'ood &oi(es$ "I 'a&e Eli5abeth a bit o* a pi(t%re *or 8hristmas to han' abo&e her bed ." "<an%ary 2Bth. Mrs. her pale. 8ampbell. Little Eli5abeth says she is not so *ri'htened no+ to 'o to sleep in the dark. So !ebe((a De+. I e. '"hese people bore me. *lo+er. She may be 8ampbell o%tside b%t she is Prin'le at the (ore. . She told me that Mrs. Wo%ld yo% belie&e it. and I am told that her &oi(e is really so +onder*%l that she +ill make all the others seem as nothin'. 'It tends to make them bold and *or+ard. . " l+ays be*ore. +hen she +as o%t +ith people. 8ampbell.' I remarked in my most patroni5in' tone. I thanked her *or the 0emoirs and (ame a+ay.t e&enin' +hen little Eli5abeth (ame to the 'arden 'ate *or her milk. "0o% see. i* she +ere (are*%l not to let hersel* 'et p%**ed %p abo%t it. her attit%de seemed to be.' said Mrs. her head tied %p in a to+el. ho+e&er. and I kne+ the psy(holo'i(al moment *or stoppin'. .star.' -%t last ni'ht it +as as i* she had set li'hted (andles in all the +indo+s o* her ho%se o* li*e. dappled +oodland path leadin' %p a hill to a 6%aint little ho%se amon' some trees. " %nt 8hatty has been in bed *or t+o days +ith a *e&erish (old and thinks she may ha&e the do(tor tomorro+. has been (leanin' the ho%se madly all day to 'et it in per*e(t order be*ore the do(tor's possible &isit. "Poor darlin'$ I (an't help detestin' that *ather o* hers$" "<an%ary 1Hth. =o+ she is in the kit(hen ironin' %nt 8hatty's +hite (otton ni'hty +ith the (ro(het yoke. 7atherine +as there in a dark red silk +ith the ne+ side *lo%n(es and her hair had been done by a hairdresser. in (ase she is takin' pne%monia.

.tremely do%bt*%l i* she e&er had been. pin(hed little *a(e.' ill%strated by photo'raphs. Miss Shirley. -%t last ni'ht +e had a sil&er tha+ and today the s%n shone. E&ery bit o* +ire *en(in' +as a +onder o* (rystal la(e. !ebe((a De+ de(lared. 'i* +e +ere all bea%ties +ho +o%ld do the +ork)'" 8 "I'm so tired. pale bl%e eyes. b%t I'm a*raid I'&e et somethin' else.3oy's so(iety. "I'm a*raid sometimes to sit do+n *or *ear I'll ne&er be able to 'it %p a'ain. b%t that did not pre&ent her *rom sayin' her say as she +aited on the table. and slammed . 7ate) I'm a*raid I sa+ one +hen yo% po%red my (%p." she remarked %nsympatheti(ally. 8ertainly 8o%sin Ernestine +as not bea%ti*%l and it +as e. i* I s%ddenly *o%nd mysel* bea%ti*%l$ -%t then' . I'&e been thro%'h too m%(h." si'hed 8o%sin Ernestine -%'le. '<%st *an(y my *eelin's.a been a toadstool amon' them. 9li&er 2a'e. *aded. i* some one (o%ld 3%st +a&e a +and and make e&erybody bea%ti*%l)' she said +ist*%lly. bein' one o* those %n*ort%nates +ho are (onstantly +orryin' not only abo%t their o+n a**airs b%t e&erybody else's as +ell and +ill not 'i&e themsel&es or others any rest at all." -%t !ebe((a al+ays de(lared she (o%ldn't "sa&or her &i(t%als" in that old kill." "We ne&er ha&e spiders in our (ream 3%'s. +ith a si'h . "-%t yo% (an't ha&e been eatin' m%shrooms as early as this. 8o%sin Ernestine +as not an e. "he &ery look o* her. b%t it ain't no %se. Miss De+.table. It (annot be said that either o* the +ido+s had +el(omed her &ery heartily. 8harlotte. -%t I'm a*raid I'm like poor Mrs." said %nt 8hatty. "Likely it's the sprin' 'ettin' into yo%r bones.hilaratin' person. My maple 'ro&e +as a pla(e o* %nima'inable splendors. . "=o. b%t still." 8o%sin Ernestine. She +ore a r%sty bla(k dress and a de(repit ne(k. She pre*erred to "eat her morsel" in the kit(hen. *or she's ne&er *elt the same sin(e. " h. had +alked in *rom Lo+&ale that a*ternoon *or a &isit to Windy Poplars. She et m%shrooms last s%mmer b%t there m%st. droppin' into her (hair at the Windy Poplars s%pper. m%(h too (lose. She had a dry. se&eral badly pla(ed moles and a +hinin' &oi(e. be(a%se she +as a*raid o* dra%'hts." said !ebe((a De+ omino%sly. !ebe((a De+ mi'ht ha&e sat at the table +ith them had she +ished.pie(e o* /%dson seal +hi(h she +o%ld not remo&e e&en at the table. . re yo% s%re there ain't a spider in that (ream 3%'. . 0o% mean +ell. "'Wo%ldn't it be lo&ely. Don't try to (heer me %p. *or the +ido+s did not re'ard 8o%sin Ernestine as any parti(%lar "(ompany. "!ebe((a De+ has been porin' this e&enin' o&er one o* my ma'a5ines (ontainin' an arti(le on '"ypes o* :air Women. in spite o* the sa(red ties o* *amily. a (o%sin three times remo&ed o* the late 8aptain Ma(8omber. made yo% *eel that li*e +as a &ale o* tears. Miss Shirley. +ith an o((asional storm +hirlin' a(ross the harbor and *illin' Spook's Lane +ith dri*ts. E&en the (ommonpla(es had been made lo&ely."<an%ary so *ar has been a month o* (old 'ray days. I hope it's only that. as %nt 7ate %sed to re*le(t.

"he third one kills yo%. h. I'm a*raid it's a+*%l irre&erent. "=ot that I mind her o* (o%rse." "!ebe((a De+ has s%(h an odd +ay o* p%ttin' thin's. Miss Shirley. I'm a*raid that'll be a (ase o* marryin' in haste and repentin' at leis%re.' I s'pose he's 'i&e it %p sin(e he t%rned minister. "he min%te I sa+ him I se5 to Lo%isy. . Miss -%'le. Said she *elt as bad in the ni'ht as in the day." nne (a%'ht %nt 8hatty's eye and la%'hed be*ore she (o%ld help hersel*. .the kit(hen door. =ot m%(h like her sainted mother. . ." said 8o%sin Ernestine meekly. ' nd i* yo% ha&e to ha&e an operation and take (hloro*orm. 0o%r *amily all ha&e +eak eyes. b%t I'm a*raid it +on't. 'I'm a*raid yo%'ll ne&er (ome o%t o* it. "he do(tor says it's indi'estion. Well." "Was yo% really)" in6%ired !ebe((a De+ sar(asti(ally. and her 'ittin' married that day. "My eyes ain't +hat they +ere. "Seems to me yo% m%st al+ays ha&e been a*raid to be yo%n'. When she +as in mo%rnin' she al+ays +ore bla(k ni'ht'o+ns. she +as al+ays la%'hin' and she died o* a parralatti( stroke. 0o%r *ather died o* heart. brin'in' in the m%**ins.' I told her. . b%t I'm a*raid the strain +ill (ome o%t in his *amily. " nd yo% kno+ three s(ore and ten is the -ible limit. 'Looks to me as tho%'h yo% had the measles. /e's 'ot a yo%n' +i*e and they say she's s(andalo%sly in lo&e +ith him. b%t I'm a*raid it's a gro%th. "hey'&e only kno+n ea(h other three years. She irons her table napkins on the ri'ht side *irst and only. yes.*ail%re. 8harlotte. b%t I'm a*raid yo%'re temptin' Pro&iden(e by bein' so happy. I'm a*raid Peter'll *ind o%t that *ine *eathers don't al+ays make *ine birds. "hat reminds me . +hiskin' a+ay a plate. It takes (o%ra'e." said %nt 8hatty (heer*%lly. "I'&e heerd yo% +as a 'reat 'irl to la%'h. yo% kno+. I'm a*raid I'll soon be blind." said %nt 8hatty. h +ell." "I see by the papers that Peter Ellis and :anny -%'le +ere married last +eek. I +as yo%n' mysel* on(e. I (an tell yo% that. I (an't seem to 'it o&er the tho%'ht o* any one marryin' a minister *or lo&e. I +as do+n at ndy -%'le's. 'I'm a*raid a man +ith le's like that m%st be addi(ted to dan(in'.se&en$" said !ebe((a De+. My poor .seen it +ith my o+n eyes. I hope it'll last. b%t I'm a*raid *rom +hat he said o* Eli3ah the "idbit last S%nday that he's *ar too liberal in his &ie+s o* the -ible. I don't s'pose yo%'ll belie&e that .' I tho%'ht she o%'ht to be prepared. !emember yo%'re a /illis and the /illises all had +eak hearts. helpin' them +ith the (ookin'. and +hen I (ome do+nstairs on the +eddin' mornin' i* there +asn't :anny eatin' an e'' *or her break*ast . /e prea(hes pretty *air sermons. I'm a*raid yo%'ll *ind o%t all too soon that li*e's a melan(holy b%siness. /er mother isn't +ell either. nd it's +ell to la%'h +hen yo% (an. 'Likely they'll lea&e yo% almost blind. 8o%sin Ernestine helped hersel* to a third teaspoon*%l o* s%'ar and stirred her tea sadly. I'm a*raid o%r ne+ minister o%t at Lo+&ale is in(lined to be *ri&olo%s. . . "So 7in' Da&id said. she +as a thoro%'h +oman i* e&er there +as one. I'm a*raid :anny's &ery shi*tless.'" " t ei'hty." (omplained 8o%sin Ernestine. . b%t I'm a*raid Da&id +asn't a &ery ni(e man in some respe(ts. " h.' I told her. I dropped in to see Martha Ma(7ay this a*ternoon and she +as *eelin' *e&erish and all o%t in some kind o* a rash. "Mebbe it +as only a shadder. 8o%sin Ernestine looked at her disappro&in'ly. 0o%'re a+*%l like o%r last minister's +i*e's a%nt . I +o%ldn't i* I hadn't a.

" "Is it tr%e that <ean 0o%n' is 'oin' to be married a'ain)" asked %nt 7ate. brin'in' in the pear preser&es and the layer (ake. . b%t it ain't that +ay no+. /is >n(le /iram +as (ra5y . '-%'le I +as born and -%'le I +ill die. 0o%r 'erani%ms are dread*%l s(ra''y. I'm a*raid they +on't be as *ond o* ea(h other in a *e+ years' time as they are no+. 8o%sin Ernestine looked a little disappointed. I'm a*raid he's 'ittin' ri(h and +orldly. nd a*ter her h%sband died +e +as all a*raid she +as ne&er 'oin' to eat a'ain. brin'in' in a plate o* ma(aroons. Sandy's 'one o%t o* mo%rnin' and poor Sandy only dead *o%r years. settin' a (o(on%t pie be*ore %nt 7ate.' se5 I. I* she does. "here +as a time +hen yo% kne+ +here yo% +as +ith yo%r o+n (onne(tion. "/e 3%st 'na+ed bones and b%ried them +hen nobody +as lookin'." "I* he did his o+n barkin' nobody need ha&e 'r%d'ed him the *%n o* it.dead sister ne&er et a thin' *or three days a*ore she +as married. 9* (o%rse :red 0o%n' is s%pposed to be dead. Mrs. "She's been spendin' it +ith her son in San :ran(is(o and I'm a+*%l a*raid there'll be another earth6%ake a*ore she 'its o%t o* it. he belie*t he +as a do' *or years." said 8o%sin Ernestine. . '*or May's a+*%l %nl%(ky *or a +eddin'. -%t *olks seem to be (ra5y *or it. "I'm a*raid it is. I heerd her tellin' her sister in (h%r(h last S%nday that she had a (al(eolaria at last. Sandy -%'le's +ido+'s 'ot it. Mary nnetta. +hate&er it is. So yo%'d better take the one as lo&es yo% . 0o% (o%ld ne&er tr%st that man. I'm a*raid he's only marryin' her to make her happy. I* it ain't one thin'. /is >n(le Philip on(e +anted to marry me.'" "/o+ en(o%ra'in' yo% al+ays are$" said !ebe((a De+. b%t I se5 to him. se5 I. . . My (o%sin <im -%'le spent the +inter in :lorida. Lily /%nter this +inter)" asked %nt 8hatty. /is da%'hter is tea(hin' o&er in the -%'le !oad s(hool and she (an't make %p her mind +hi(h o* her bea%s to take. she'll likely try to sm%''le and ha&e tro%ble at the border. My sister +ore (rape *or her h%sband t+enty.' se5 I.' se5 I.' se5 I. nnie Ed+ards and 8hris /%nter +ere married last month.*i&e years. or +as it) . "8an yo% tell me. it +as . I'm a*raid she +as 3%st s+ept o** her *eet by his dashin' +ays. . 'Pride 'oeth a*ore destr%(tion and a ha%'hty spirit a*ore a *all." "Where is Mrs. b%t I'm dread*%l a*raid he'll t%rn %p yet. I'm a*raid she&s 3%st 'oin' to marry 9s(ar 2reen be(a%se he +as al+ays ro%nd. i* yo% kin be s%re he does. . Marria'e is a leap in the dark. the dead are soon *or'ot no+adays. 'and that is yo%'ll ne&er 'it the one yo% lo&e best. 'and I ain't 'oin' to be dr%' into it. . I remember it +as the ni'ht a*ore the 8olemans' do' died . . se5 I . . ." "Did yo% kno+ yo%r pla(ket +as open)" said !ebe((a. I'm a*raid yo% don't *ertili5e them properly. 8harlotte. /is +i*e *elt it. "i* a (al(eolaria is a *lo+er or a disease)" " *lo+er. I said to him a*ore he +ent.' "here's been an a+*%l lot o* +eddin's in Lo+&ale this +inter. yes. . "here are times +hen I *eel I (an't %nderstand the -%'les any lon'er. i'norin' !ebe((a De+ and takin' a se(ond helpin' o* pears. /is brother died o* 'allopin' (ons%mption.' I hope she'll make a better (hoi(e than <essie 8hipman did." said !ebe((a De+." said 8o%sin Ernestine. ' nd don't be married in May. it's another +hen yo%'re tra&elin'. She's 'oin' to marry Ira !oberts. . I'm a*raid there'll be *%nerals all s%mmer to make %p *or it. . "I ne&er heerd that he barked. 'Is that +hat yo%'&e pi(ked o%t)' I se5 to her. h +ell." said %nt 8hatty. "Well. '"here's one thin' I (an ass%re yo% o*.

" said %nt him to die a*ore he +as a year old. h +ell. I +as a*raid it +o%ld be t+ins. ha&en't I) "hey tell me the 'irls no+adays only +ear one. nd I'm a*raid they're not thro%'h +ith their tro%bles +ith him yet. I'&e had somethin' tra&elin' *rom my arm to my lo+er limbs all +inter. e&en i* it don't t%rn o%t he's 'ot a +i*e already.' I told her. brin'in' in a replenished teapot. /er mother's *irst h%sband +as one. nobody kno+s +hat I'&e 'one thro%'h." said %nt 7ate. " h. ." said 8o%sin Ernestine a(idly.trades." " h. '/e's al+ays disappointed people. *or I'm a*raid it'll be dark a*ore I 'it home." "9ld >n(le <oseph /olly is one o* the best men in the +orld. " h. "here's an a+*%l lot o* +eak minds amon' the De+s. he's 'ood. nnabel's had a hard li*e o* it. poor little so%l.' "hey (an't blame me i* anythin' happens. b%t I'm a*raid I'&e et *ar too m%(h. I don't +ant to 'it my *eet +et@ I'm so a*raid o* ammonia. 9nly one. h. as i* determined to sal&a'e somethin' *rom the +re(k o* the %ni&erse. I +as determined I'd 'it %p to see yo% on(e more.' When he bo%'ht the /olly pla(e I +arned her a'ain. e&en i* he is b%ried. Seems as i* an a&era'e has to be str%(k. <oseph /olly has some misery in his ba(k. I +on't ha&e any more tea . /e (alls it l%mba'o. '0o% may be s%re he'll disappoint yo%. "hey say nnabel 8ro+dy is 'oin' to marry a 3a(k. es(apin' to the kit(hen be*ore any one (o%ld re'ister horror. b%t I'm a*raid that's too 'ood to be tr%e."I ha&en't time to be al+ays starin' at my *a(e in the 'lass. poor <ane$ She's 3%st pinin' a+ay mysterio%sly. I m%st be takin' :ren(h lea&e." "Do yo% s'pose they'll ask %s at the 3%d'ment day ho+ many petti(oats +e'&e 'ot on)" asked !ebe((a De+." si'hed 8o%sin Ernestine." said !ebe((a De+. 7ate. 0o% see it like that so o*ten. "What i* my pla(ket is open) I'&e 'ot three petti(oats on. "hey don't kno+ +hat's the matter +ith her. +ell. -%t 8o%sin Ernestine +o%ld not admit that there +as any balm in 2ilead m%(h less in Lo+&ale. she +as real thank*%l to 'it him at last. I hear he +o%ldn't make a +ill and I'm a*raid there'll be a+*%l r%(tions o&er the estate. I +arned her. =i'ht a*ter ni'ht I'&e laid a+ake +ith it." said 8o%sin Ernestine l%'%brio%sly.all. "hey say he's been a+*%l lonely sin(e she died. 'I'm a*raid that +ell is *%ll o* typhoid. . yes." "I see "hyra 8ooper has a baby. "I s'pose yo% sa+ old le( 8ro+dy's death last +eek in the paper. I'm a*raid the +orld is 'ittin' dread*%l 'ay and 'iddy." "What is <ane 2old+in doin' +ith hersel* this +inter)" asked %nt 7ate. b%t I'm a*raid it'll t%rn o%t to be an alibi. poor (reet%r.' I told her. E&ery one e. b%t I'm a*raid it's the be'innin' o* spinal menin'itis. E&en %nt 8hatty tho%'ht !ebe((a De+ really had 'one a little too *ar. lit'rally harried into her 'ra&e. =o. mebbe a ma(aroon. so mebbe it's heredit'ry. "here +as a time she +as a*raid he +o%ldn't (ome ba(k *rom the +est. I +onder i* they e&er think o* the 3%d'ment day. What is !ebe((a De+ la%'hin' like a hyen%s o%t in the kit(hen *or) I'm a*raid yo%'ll ha&e her on yo%r hands yet.o*.pan into the *ire. "She hasn't been in to to+n *or a lon' time. . "hey don't lie hea&y on the stoma(h. ""oo 'ood$ I'm a*raid his sons +ill all 'o to the bad. " h. thank mer(y. "/is +i*e died t+o years a'o. thank yo%. b%t I ain't one o* the (omplainin' sort. b%t yo% see he's ali&e yet. b%t I'm a*raid she'll *ind it's o%t o* the *ryin'. -%t yo%'&e both *ailed terrible. "+ins r%n so in the 8oopers." ""hyra and =ed are s%(h a ni(e yo%n' (o%ple. *or I may not be here another sprin'. '"he /olly hired man died o* typhoid there *i&e years a'o. so yo% may 'o a*ore me yet.

don't let's e&er be a*raid o* thin's. I'm a*raid none o* my p%pils +ill pass their *inals . We'&e had so m%(h +ind this sprin' I'm a*raid the (limate is (han'in'. . .trap . dearest. . ." " h$" nother o* 8o%sin Ernestine's dark *orebodin's (ame to her. "I ha&e a to%(h o* sore throat toni'ht. . I'm not (ra5y . . . Let's dan(e to meet li*e and all it (an brin' to %s. "he symptoms o* diptheria and tonsillitis are e. -%t there's one (onsolation . . . "I kno+ no+ +hy !ebe((a De+ has al+ays (alled her 'Miss M%(h.' "he poor so%l has borro+ed so m%(h tro%ble. not many 6%ite so *ar 'one in -%'lism as 8o%sin Ernestine. . . e&en the (lo%ds ra(in' o&er the sky are in a h%rry and the moonli'ht that '%shes o%t bet+een them is in a ." 9 ""o+er !oom. I kno+ I heard Pan pipin' in the little 'reen hollo+ in my maple b%sh and my Storm 7in' +as bannered +ith the airiest o* p%rple ha5es. a*raid to en3oy today be(a%se o* +hat tomorro+ +ill brin'. Miss Shirley .3oys. Miss -%'le. not yet. . h%rryin' ni'ht . I'm a*raid my hair isn't a%b%rn a*ter all . We'&e had a 'reat deal o* rain lately and I'&e lo&ed sittin' in my to+er in the still. . "=o. I'm a*raid I'll end %p in the poorho%se . "0o% +ant to +at(h a sore throat. I'm a*raid my %mbrella +ill t%rn inside o%t +hen I keep a tryst +ith 7atherine toni'ht . perhaps. and o* mirth. -%t toni'ht is a '%sty. she m%st be hopelessly in debt to *ate. . It's only that 8o%sin Ernestine -%'le is (at(hin'.a*raid. +et ho%rs o* the sprin' t+ili'hts. . . I'm a*raid people +ith red hair ne&er ha&e real stron' (onstit%tions." smiled nne. . . handin' 8o%sin Ernestine an indes(ribable bit o* millinery +ith a strin'y ostri(h *eather drippin' *rom its ba(k. . Mr. . . "P99! DE ! 2IL-E!"# "'I said o* la%'hter. .it's best to 'o +hile there's some one o* yo%r o+n le*t to lay yo% o%t. ." as nne helped her into her (oat . " pril I'm a*raid yo% 'ot en'a'ed to me 3%st be(a%se I +as al+ays aro%nd . yo%'ll be spared an a+*%l lot o* tro%ble i* yo% die yo%n'. 0o% look a+*%l +ashed o%t. . I'm a*raid I'll ha&e a mole on the end o* my nose +hen I'm *i*ty . . I'm a*raid I'll *ind a mo%se in my bed toni'ht .a(tly the same till the third day. . I'm a*raid 7atherine likes me so m%(h no+ that she (an't al+ays like me as m%(h . "Windy Poplars. that's all. It's s%(h dread*%l sla&ery. . "hank yo%. it is mad. ""here are so many -%'les in the +orld . I'm a*raid my s(hool is a *ire. Dear me. . I'm a*raid I'll soon be pi(kin' at the (o%nterpane. . e&en i* it brin's s(ads o* tro%ble and typhoid and t+ins$ ""oday has been a day dropped o%t o* <%ne into pril. . "he sno+ is all 'one and the *a+n meado+s and 'olden hills 3%st sin' o* sprin'. ." "I think my (onstit%tion is all ri'ht. . . +hat doeth it)' I'm a*raid I'll t%rn 'ray yo%n' . Let's be darin' and ad&ent%ro%s and e. "2ilbert darlin'. "-e (are*%l o* yo%rsel*. . /amilton's do' barked at me Sat%rday ni'ht and I'm a*raid I'll ha&e hydrophobia . ho+ the +ind is 'ittin' %p$ I'm a*raid o%r barn roo* +ill blo+ o** i* it (omes to a 'ale. b%t so many kill.

room papered be*ore the Ladies' id meets here. *rom +hi(h they (o%ld see a yo%n' moon han'in' o&er the harbor and the t+ili'ht o* a late May e&enin' *illin' the (rimson (%ps o* the t%lips belo+ the +indo+s. . ." 10 "I'm so di**erent. let's be real . It +as really dread*%l to be so di**erent *rom other people . . I'm a*raid I'm s(andalo%sly in lo&e +ith yo%. it's lo&ely here +hen the dark is yo%r *riend. . . isn't it) When yo% t%rn on the li'ht. nobody. It's so s+eet to be %nderstood. Miss Shirley . tiniest bit)" "I think yo%'re a dear. She emphasi5ed at least one syllable in e&ery +ord she %ttered. do yo% lo&e me the leastest." /a5el (o%ldn't ha&e e. Miss Shirley. -%t +hen I sa+ yo%.han'er +ho then re*%sed to (ome %ntil the ne. +ith one sole oasis in the to+er room. too. . =obody %nderstands me. "0o% are smilin'. "0o% ha&e s%(h a *as(inatin' smile . "E&erybody is di**erent. !ebe((a De+ had said that mornin'. no matter +hat she s%**ered by reason o* her di**erentness. 2ilbert." and had *orth+ith remo&ed all the *%rnit%re *rom both to make +ay *or a paper. s%(h a haunting smile. la%'hin' a little and r%**lin' /a5el's 'olden (%rls +ith her slender *in'ers." "I (an thin$ thin's like that b%t I (an ne&er e. let's al%ays be real. I al+ays kno+ so instincti(ely the moment I meet any one +hether I'm 'oin' to like them or not. "=o . +ith her yo% (an be yo%r real self. . 0o% don't think it's irre&erent. as i* yo% +ere a bein' strayed *rom another star. do yo%) -%t then. "Don't let's ha&e any li'ht yet. +e +ere +alkin' hand in hand do+n one o* the lon' roads in &onlea toni'ht$ "2ilbert. "We must 'et the parlor and them so bea%ti*%lly." moaned /a5el in an an'%ish o* rapt%re. . "he to+er room +as the only pea(e*%l room in the ho%se. . /a5el +o%ld not ha&e been one o* the (ommon herd *or anything .plained in the least +hat she meant by that." si'hed /a5el. . Miss Shirley.h%rry to *lood the +orld. Miss Shirley. &ery dimpled hands and 'a5ed adorin'ly at nne. . . "S%ppose. I kne+ the moment I *irst sa+ yo% that yo% +o%ld %nderstand e(erything." said nne am%sedly. b%t it didn't matter. "0o% talk in the lan'%a'e o* the &iolets. We are on the same plane. that yo% +o%ld understand. and it 'lo+ers in at yo% resent*%lly. . Windy Poplars +as a +ilderness o* (on*%sion. it makes the dark yo%r enemy . .t day. &She +ill %nderstand . and nne had responded.& 9h. . 9h. Sometimes I think I m%st be psychic. Miss Shirley. It so%nded so poeti(. some inner &oi(e +hispered to me. /a5el had been po%rin' o%t her so%l to nne in the to+er room. . yo%'re not a minister." /a5el (lasped a pair o* &ery +hite. and yet rather +onder*%l." said nne. It +as 6%ite easy to be *ond o* /a5el. . ." /a5el had be''ed. +ith a h%nted look. . I *elt at on(e that yo% +ere sympatheti( .

ample)" "9h. anyho+. +ith all its rapt%res and ideals and romanti( &isions. nearly . I cannot. blo+in' in at the +indo+. I tho%'ht yo% and "erry +ere so happy . +ho *o%nd her eyes and (%rls a 6%ite irresistible (ombination. "I hate all the people yo% ha&e lo&ed be*ore me. "he Marrs +ere ne+. nd yet I (annot +rite o%t +hat b%rns in my so%l. Earlier in the e&enin' she had been tired and a tri*le pessimisti(.(omers in S%mmerside. pink. Perhaps both. . . *or e. honey) 1ou lo&e other people besides me. li*e seems so *%ll o* perple.lashed eyes and a halo o* (%rls +o%ld let her. Miss Shirley) It is a sel*." retorted /a5el +ith 'reat bitterness. lon'. /o+ abo%t "erry. s+eet +ith apple blossom. . dear. Miss Shirley." said /a5el patheti(ally. had ne&er been m%(h 'ood in the +orld sin(e she *o%nd o%t she +as pretty. Someho+. so !ebe((a De+ de(lared. ." added /a5el. .in' problems. and *old my hands and ne&er thin$ a'ain. Miss Shirley$ It's that I +ant to talk to yo% abo%t. I *eel sometimes as i* I +anted to lie do+n some+here . ha&in' mo&ed there *rom 8harlotteto+n d%rin' the +inter. . . any%here . I +ant to possess yo% e. . "Why. I (an't end%re it in silen(e any lon'er ." "My dear 'irl. /a5el (a%'ht nne's hand and pressed her lips to it re&erently. to nne. /a5el had ra&ed to her abo%t "erry 2arland. . some one +ho understands. can I po%r o%t my +hole so%l to yo%)" "9* (o%rse. "9* (o%rse I'd like to see it i* yo% +ant me to. .and. "E. /a5el re(alled her o+n early yo%th." as she liked to des(ribe hersel*. . so that there mi'ht be no mistake. +ell.+hite *a(e." nne (o%ld not be blamed *or thinkin' so. It . and e(erything. she (o%ld not ha&e told. +ith hair o* 'olden bron5e and bro+n eyes. 9h./ /a5el looked as tra'i( as a ro%nd. I must talk to some one abo%t it ./ " ren't yo% a bit %nreasonable. . o* (o%rse. +hat has 'one +ron')" "=othin' . . . . I +ent o%t the ni'ht be*ore last and +alked ro%nd and ro%nd the pond all ni'ht . -%t +hat is this tro%ble bet+een yo% and "erry)" "9h. espe(ially amon' the boys. Miss Shirley. I'&e s%**ered e&erythin' . it stifles me$" /a5el (l%t(hed dramati(ally at her throat. . e(erything. "9h. +hat +as the %se o* ha&in' a bea% i* yo% (o%ldn't talk to some one abo%t him) /+(erybody thinks that. ." "I ha&e really no pla(e to po%r o%t my so%l. b%t she *elt rested no+@ +hether as a res%lt o* the May bree5e. till t+el&e. Miss Shirley. /a5el +as an "9(tober blonde.clusi(ely./a5el Marr had a notorio%s "(r%sh" on nne. Will yo% let me sho+ yo% my 3o%rnal some day. . /a5el dear. and. . +ith the *a' that (omes +ith late a*ternoon in a s(hoolroom. or o* /a5el's (hatter. +ill yo% belie&e me +hen I tell yo% that "erry seems like a stranger to me) stran'er$ Some one I'd ne&er seen be*ore. D%rin' the pre(edin' three +eeks. "erry$$ Miss Shirley. . that e&erythin' +as settled.(ept in my 3o%rnal. . can I tell yo% all abo%t it . re&elation. . *or /a5el's attit%de +as. -%t /a5el +as pop%lar. . nne liked her. I hate all the other people yo% lo&e no%.

"erry. . ll the *riends I'&e told abo%t my en'a'ement as a se(ret are (on'rat%latin' me . /a5el. Miss Shirley. I'll do somethin' desperate$" "-%t." "9h. I thought I lo&ed him. nd a May. I *elt little shi&ers o* e(stasy +hene&er he (ame near me. isn't it) I $ne% yo%'d %nderstand. I +as thinkin' o* +hat dress I'd +ear to <oan Prin'le's *an(y dress party. I tho%'ht yo% lo&ed him . .pole de(ked +ith tiny roses and h%n' +ith pink and 'reen ribbons."-%t. . so it all +ent *or nothin'. . Miss Shirley. a (hild like me . . . . it's &ery hard to kno+ o%r o+n minds sometimes. What am I to do. My hal*. Miss Shirley. Well.moons are 'ettin' ra''ed. I kno+. . I reali5e that no+ . Miss Shirley) I +ant yo%r ad&i(e. +e all make mistakes . I mi'ht as +ell do them +hile I'm talkin'. 9h. . -%t I al+ays p%t my so%l into e&erythin'." said nne sympatheti(ally." "9h. . "here isn't any +ay o%t o* it really. . #a(es +ent o&er me +hen I met his eyes. "he *irst time I sa+ him I 3%st sat and 'a5ed at him the +hole e&enin'. I *eel like a trapped (reat%re$" "-%t. %hy is it s%(h a mer(enary +orld . . . *hat sho%ld ha&e +arned me. I (an see that no+." ""hen yo% sho%ldn't . I +as 3%st moonli'hted into thinkin' I lo&ed him." "9h. . . yo% (an't dream ho+ difficult my li*e is . . Isn't it 3%st lo&ely to be e. yo% kno+ . . /a5el. I* it hadn't been *or the moon I'm s%re I +o%ld ha&e asked *or time to think it o&er. oh. I'm so intense. o%r tho%'hts play %s (%rio%s tri(ks some times. . nd i* yo% *eel like this abo%t "erry . old$ I'&e hardly eaten anythin' sin(e I 'ot en'a'ed. . . . /e simply adores me. . nd no+ I *eel nothin' . . %hy. Wo%ldn't it ha&e been *et(hin') nd then <oan's %n(le had to 'o and die and <oan (o%ldn't ha&e the party a*ter all. I tho%'ht it +o%ld be lo&ely to 'o as E%een o* the May in pale 'reen. . "hey think "erry is a 'reat (at(h be(a%se he (omes into ten tho%sand dollars +hen he is t+enty. I'm s%re I don't lo&e him eno%'h to marry him. b%t not in all. . Do yo% happen to ha&e an oran'e+ood sti(k handy) "hanks. -%t I +as s+ept o** my *eet . "hink o* it . +ith a sash o* darker 'reen and a (l%ster o* pale pink roses in my hair. Miss Shirley. . . . 9h. . . . Mother (o%ld tell yo%. +hy not 3%st tell him ." "E&en that moonli'ht ni'ht he proposed to me. nd "erry's be'innin' to talk o* 'ettin' married. . . . nothing$ 9h. ." . . .(han'in' (on*iden(es like this) It's so seldom one 'ets the opport%nity .*i&e. too. . I (o%ldn't$ It +o%ld kill him. -%t no+ I kno+ it +as all a terrible mistake. 9h. . s i* I (ared abo%t s%(h a sordid thin' as money2 9h. /is 'randmother le*t it to him. I kno+ that. . Miss Shirley. /a5el . . . I'm sure I don't lo&e him eno%'h to marry him. I really (o%ldn't ha&e lo&ed him +hen my tho%'hts +ere +anderin' like that. and it's s%(h a *ar(e." "I really don't think I e&er +ant to 'et married at all. no+ that it is too late. I'&e 'ro+n old these past *e+ +eeks. . Miss Shirley. it's so &ery simple . +hat +as I talkin' o* . i* yo% *eel yo%'&e made a mistake. I did think I (ared *or him./ "I kno+ somethin' abo%t it. "9h. . . . yes. /e +as so handsome . I'm only ei'hteen. . . Whate&er else I may be in do%bt abo%t. . Miss Shirley . . (o%ld I)" "I don't kno+ ./ "I s%ppose it is mer(enary in some respe(ts. -%t the point is . . /a5el dear. I'll r%n a+ay . the +orld intr%des itsel* so. tho%'h I tho%'ht e&en then that his hair +as too (%rly and his eyelashes too +hite. ho+ impossible. yo% said . rememberin' !oy 2ardiner.

. .E! marry "erry 2arland. 'ettin' a+ay *rom the (lods o* earth. so irre(ocable. anyho+. She doesn't like "erry. . I think sapphires are too dark *or en'a'ement rin's. . ha&en't yo%) I tho%'ht I'd told yo%. ho+ (o%ld I do that)" "I don't see +hy not.era's rin') sapphire. it +o%ld seem like a *etter . It's s%(h a romanti( pro*ession. I'&e al+ays *elt I'd lo&e to be a n%rse." "It's been so %onderful to tell somebody +hat I really *eel like. . there isn't any help any%here. . "We ha&en't anything in (ommon. and some handsome millionaire patient *allin' in lo&e +ith yo% and (arryin' yo% o** to spend a honeymoon in a &illa on the !i&iera. I s%ppose yo% (o%ld hardly (all it a (areer. I +o%ldn't ha&e *elt like that i* I'd really lo&ed him. nd "erry is so terribly matter. . .era +rote as m%(h as she talked. Mamma is so o%tra'eo%sly pleased. . . /e 3%st missed the meanin' o* the +hole thin' (ompletely . I'd rather ha&e yo%r dear. 9h. . -%t "erry said the pen +o%ld +ear o%t &ery soon. -%t I (an ne&er." /a5el *inished the last ne+ moon and laid the oran'e+ood sti(k do+n tra'i(ally. it's &ery essen(e. my dear little 'irl. nd I kno+ he has a temper . yo% kno+. so s+eet." . . Did yo% noti(e . . . .era's *ian(e 'a&e her a 6%ill pen he'd made o%t o* a *eather he'd pi(ked %p that had *allen *rom a (ro+'s +in'. like the bird +ho on(e bore it. b%t I said not yet a +hile . Miss Shirley. it isn't simple at all. . b%t %nt <ean isn't.planation. and any+ay he didn't think (ro+s e&er soared to hea&en. and they're my &ery life. tell him +hat I *eel like . Sometimes I think I'd like to be a n%n. one o* those lan'%oro%s. . I don't +ant to marry anybody. . . =E. yo% kno+ . "I s%ppose . +hy . . .o*.' Wasn't that 3%st %onderful. perhaps. . . . yo% kno+. I'm ambitio%s . I'm a*raid not ." said nne patiently. 9h." be'an nne. he thinks yo%'re +onder*%l . . "I* yo% (an't. sed%(ti&e (reat%res. . "9h. Miss Shirley$ It's dread*%lly (ompli(ated. b%t. . Miss Shirley . . . . .*a(t . don't yo% think) Smoothin' *e&ered bro+s and all that . i* I (o%ld only *ind mysel* *ree a'ain . . Miss Shirley. . *ree to seek the deeper meanin' o* li*e$ "erry +o%ldn't %nderstand +hat I meant i* I said that to him. oh. all the 2arlands ha&e. +hy . . . What he said +hen I told him abo%t . *a(in' the mornin' s%n and the bl%e Mediterranean. I'&e told yo% so m%(h. soaring. . I ha&e s%(h %onderful tho%'hts and *eelin's .moon (riti(ally. .era :ry's 6%ill pen pro&es that. I can&t 'i&e them %p *or the prosai( reality o* marryin' "erry 2arland and settlin' do+n in Summerside2/ /a5el shi&ered at the &ery idea and s(r%tini5ed a hal*. . and e&erybody says she has s%(h 'ood 3%d'ment. . ." "/a5el. ."9h. +o%ld I)" "=o. Sometimes I think I m%st be a rein(arnation o* 8leopatra . . . I'&e seen mysel* in it. :oolish dreams. romanti( little hoop o* pearls. .era :ry's 6%ill pen. or +o%ld it be /elen o* "roy) . he'd be '%ided by +hat yo% say. espe(ially i* . . I don't kno+ +here I 'et them i* that isn't the e." "What %as its meanin')" "9h . I +ant a (areer. . . doesn't it)" "-%t I ne&er heard o* . i* yo% +o%ld 3%st talk to him . ne(er. Wo%ldn't it be +onder*%l to be the bride o* hea&en) I think the 8atholi( (h%r(h is so pi(t%res6%e. and any+ay. don't yo%) -%t o* (o%rse I'm not a 8atholi( . 'Let yo%r spirit soar to hea&en +ith it +hene&er yo% %se it. he (an't be a rein(arnation o* anybody. "erry +anted to 'i&e me my rin' ri'ht a+ay . /e said to her. /e doesn't (are *or poetry and roman(e.

+o%ldn't it. Miss Shirley. I +onder i* I so%nded as silly to the people +ho had to listen to me as /a5el does sometimes." she m%rm%red rapt%ro%sly. Perhaps it +as be(a%se she had a rather poor opinion o* the said "erry that she belie&ed /a5el +as 6%ite in earnest in all she said . Some day yo%'ll meet some one yo% (an really lo&e. +hen I +as a (hild. . "his +o%ld make a +onder*%l plot *or one o* yo%r stories. .blossom *ra'ran(e)" /a&in' a nose. yo% +on't ha&e any do%bts then . . Miss Shirley. "hen she li*ted her eyes and stared (lear thro%'h the (eilin' o* the to+er room. . no matter ho+ badly it +ill make him *eel. "Well." said nne per&ersely. (o%ldn't one)" "I'm a*raid it mi'ht be a little (on*inin'. Miss Shirley. "-e(a%se yo% +o%ld mean +hat yo% said no matter ho+ yo% e. too m%(h so *or my o+n 'ood. "Isn't it 3%st di(ine." "I didn't kno+ yo% +hen yo% +as a (hild b%t I'm s%re yo% didn't. ' +as a dread*%l little (hatterbo. . has been consecrated. yo% see. nne (o%ld. (lear thro%'h the atti( abo&e it." said nne. 'to%(hed yo%r so%l in shado+land. She looked so distra(tin'ly pretty in it that nne kissed her imp%lsi&ely. "9h. Perhaps it's only my ima'ination . 0o%n' as I am I ha&e learned that. . I'&e hardly slept sin(e I *o%nd mysel* en'a'ed to "erry. "I *eel that my bea%ty ."I* yo% don't lo&e "erry. . I hope hea&en +ill be all *lo+ers. . darlin'. "I don't see ho+ yo% p%t %p +ith her." she said admirin'ly. "0o%'re the prettiest thin'. Sometimes I 3%st die o* morti*i(ation be(a%se I *an(y I (an see they're disappointed. thinkin' o* "erry." said !ebe((a De+. i* I ha&e any . . It's torture." "9h. yo%'ll $no%. I'd no idea it +as so late. 9h." /a5el *l%**ed o%t her hair and p%t on her hat." "I think it +as Pa%line <ohnson. I *eel so m%(h better sin(e I'&e (on*ided in yo% . somebody +ho had li(ed. can yo% smell the apple. Miss Shirley. I'm so ima'inati&e . . I *ear. . b%t I think she means some o* the thin's she says. +hen nne had (ome ba(k a*ter seein' /a5el to the end o* Spook's Lane. Miss Shirley.' as Shakespeare says. . /a5el stood &ery still. ne(er *or'et this %onderful moment./ "I shall ne&er lo&e anybody a'ain. . stonily (alm. I imagined I +as in lo&e +ith "erry. . +itho%t the least notion ho+ it had all (ome abo%t. ." "I like her. She's nothin' b%t skim milk pretendin' to be (ream. yo% o%'ht to 'o to him and tell him so .pressed it and /a5el Marr doesn't. 9h. 9ne (o%ld be 'ood i* one li&ed in a lily." said /a5el. !ebe((a. . don&t be sar(asti( +ith yo%r little adorer. and so%'ht the stars. Miss Shirley) I m%st be 'oin' . yo% don't kno+ ho+ really terrible it is to ha&e a rep%tation *or bea%ty and to be al+ays a*raid that +hen people meet yo% they +ill not think yo% as pretty as yo% +ere reported to be. . a hat +ith a rosy linin' to its brim and rosy blossoms aro%nd it. I think I shall sleep toni'ht. ." "I see she hasn't talked yo% 6%ite to death. I really do. . I kne+ it +as somebody . /a5el dear . "Lo&e brin's only sorro+. . . "I shall ne&er. . Sar(asm 3%st shri(els me %p like a lea*." said nne 'ently." said !ebe((a. o* (o%rse she dramati5es hersel* a bit as most 'irls do. don't .

sent opport%nity to e. mistake *or some +eeks. and I don't 3%st kno+ the best +ay to open her eyes to her mistake. takin' her o%t *or rides and "seein' her home" *rom pla(es. /a5el's a s+eet little thin'. . misinterpretin' her silen(e. I'm a*raid /a5el has taken me a little bit too serio%sly. I* "erry really (ared so little *or /a5el as this. romanti( 'irl and yo%'re a boy in lo&e +ith lo&e.4 "erry dre+ a lon' breath." Imp%lsi&e nne ass%med her most maternal look. . *or /a5el had insisted on her playin' 'ooseberry *re6%ently@ and she +as destined to see more o* him. nne. When one meets a %oman . *or /a5el +ent to &isit *riends in 7in'sport and d%rin' her absen(e "erry rather atta(hed himsel* to nne. . ." nne (onsidered "erry a 'ood." nne did a bit o* rapid thinkin'.t one i* =%mber 9ne t%rned him do+n or le*t him alone too lon'. the +oman ." +ent on "erry. Perhaps this +as a hea&en. . . . . /a5el doesn't really (are anythin' more *or yo% than yo% do *or her. She +ants to be *ree b%t is a*raid to tell yo% so *or *ear o* h%rtin' yo%r *eelin's." tho%'ht nne (ompla(ently. +ith e6%al *a(ility. +here the shado+s o* the a(a(ias ble+ (ra5ily abo%t." 1"I think I'&e p%t that &ery ni(ely. the (hild +as *ar better *reed *rom him. and some day yo%'ll both ha&e a 'ood la%'h at yo%rsel&es. . ""hat (hild$" "0o%'re en'a'ed to 'that (hild. 11 .tri(ate them both *rom the silly tan'le they had 'ot themsel&es into and *rom +hi(h neither o* them. I . altho%'h nne *elt 6%ite motherly to+ards him. . . *all in lo&e +ith the ne. . b%t I'&e reali5ed my . that nne am%sedly reminded him o* the absent /a5el.lookin'. . "erry *elt immensely *lattered that "the (le&er Miss Shirley" seemed to like his (ompanionship and he be(ame so sentimental the ni'ht o* May 8onnelly's party. I'll o+n. o* (o%rse. "0o%'&e taken a +ei'ht o** my mind. nne) Is all this 'ood moonli'ht to be +asted) 0o% look like a +hite rose in the moonli'ht . . "hey (alled ea(h other " nne" and ""erry. kne+ ho+ to es(ape. rather +eak yo%th +ho +o%ld *all in lo&e +ith the *irst pretty 'irl +ho made eyes at him and +o%ld. I '%ess I +as 3%st s+ept o** my *eet by the moonli'ht.and.' aren't yo%)" said nne se&erely. o%r . "9* (o%rse. "I'm in a bit o* a predi(ament. yo% are a (o%ple o* (hildren playin' at bein' 'ro+n %p. takin' thin's +ith all the deadly serio%sness o* yo%th." *or they +ere abo%t the same a'e." -%t nne had *lo+n. nne had seen a 'ood deal o* "erry that sprin'. ""erry. . She's 3%st a be+ildered.'irl nonsense. "9h. I hated to think o* h%rtin' her. nne. in a moonlit 'arden. . nne tho%'ht /a5el +as thro+in' hersel* a+ay on "erry in spite o* the ten tho%sand he +as "(omin' into. . yo%'re not 'oin' in yet. pparently the moonli'ht a**e(ted both o* yo%.abo%t him. "=ot really en'a'ed . /a5el$" said "erry. nothin' b%t some boy.

Miss Shirley. 3ealo%s o* yo%n'er people's happiness and determined to +re(k it . . -%t she did think a little 'entle (hastisement +as indi(ated." "/a5el$" (!ershoo2" " yo% till ne. It darkened all her past and o&ershado+ed all her *%t%re." (!ershoo2" . 0o% told me yo% didn't lo&e him and (o%ld ne&er marry him. only a day ba(k *rom 7in'sport. asked . o* (o%rse. . . and yo% did it deliberately. .<%ne." nne's hand s%ddenly tin'led to bo.amination papers *%ll o* ho+lers and +ipin' a +orn. nd +hat do I *ind) "hat yo% ha&e been doin' yo%r best to l%re "erry a+ay *rom me . 0o%'re a'es older than I am. .red and rather pain*%l. yo% ." "I .o%t nose. the sil&er. in this &ery room. b%t e&en you (an't ha&e *or'otten the (ra5y +ays 'irls talk . (hild$" (!ershoo2" "9h. +ipin' her nose. +ho +as meditatin' on the +indo+. "0es. that I +anted to break o%r en'a'ement . I tho%'ht you +o%ld %nderstand the artisti( temperament. do. "Sit do+n. She had +iped it so o*ten that e&enin' that it +as rosy. *eel.nne. yes. and all b%t s%((eedin'.like. . "-%t in t+o +eeks *rom today I'll be in dear 2reen 2ables instead o* ste+in' here o&er e. o%r sacred en'a'ement$" "/a5el . It +as /a5el Marr. and e&idently a m%(h dist%rbed /a5el Marr. b%rst stormily into the to+er room +itho%t +aitin' *or a reply to her sharp kno(k. /a5el dear . I s%ppose." "Sit do+n$" /a5el *le+ +ildly %p and do+n the room. . "/o+ (an I sit do+n . . /a5el . 0o% asked me to. sneer at me . bl%e. "hink o* it. . the ha%ntin' per*%me o* the lila(s belo+ her +indo+ or the *rosty. i* that is +hat bein' old does to yo% . "I* yo% (an't sit do+n and talk sensibly. (orre(tin' e. /e may also ha&e tho%'ht that the yo%n' lady +ho +as h%rryin' alon' Spook's Lane and do+n the road and alon' the perennial path looked an'ry and dist%rbed and %n." "=o. . "he tr%th +as that nne +as the &i(tim o* a &ery se&ere and &ery %nromanti( (old in the head. "Why. ." 1 &ery &iolent .amination papers in the to+er room one mid. "are yo% ba(k *rom 7in'sport already) I didn't e." pparently D%sty Miller tho%'ht o* it." said /a5el sar(asti(ally. She sle+ it so instantly that she +o%ld ne&er belie&e a*ter+ards that she had really *elt it." she told D%sty Miller. . .pen(iled irises in the &ase on her table. . ho+ (an anybody sit do+n +hen her li*e is in r%ins all abo%t her) 9h. . to$" "/ere. /a5el. . ." "9h. I am ba(k. . -%t don't try to deny it. . . . . . 0o% did it . . .<%ne e&enin'. . I did. . sneer at e&erythin'. " (old in the head in <%ne is an immoral thin'. . +ho. . . It +o%ld not allo+ her to en3oy the so*t 'reen sky behind the hemlo(ks o* "he E&er'reens. . I kno+ it all$ 0o% told "erry I didn't lo&e him . ." tho%'ht poor nne. a *e+ min%tes later. 1ou +ho pretended to be my *riend$" ""his m%st be a ni'htmare. pa%sed to +ipe her nose. I +ish yo% +o%ld 'o a+ay.+hite moon han'in' o&er the Storm 7in'. /a5el's ears +ith a stran'e horrible primiti&e tin'le o* desire. D%sty Miller.t +eek. I shall pray ne&er to 'ro+ old./ "9* (o%rse. I ne&er dreamed yo%'d take me serio%sly.sill. I s%ppose yo% didn't. 3%st a mood.

I kno+ I'&e only mysel* to blame . only hurt . Well. I'm not angry. . ""hen don't s%**er.asperated. nd he told me he didn't lo&e me any lon'er . . people ha&e been +at(hin' yo%$ *hey kno+ +hat yo%'&e been doin'. . %hy2 "hat is +hat I cannot %nderstand. la%'h. nd yo% don't kno+ . . "b%t no do%bt the s%pply o* itali(s is ine. /a&e yo% any idea +hat it means to be in lo&e. . I don't kno+ i* I hate yo% the most or pity yo% the most$ 9h. a*ter I'&e lo(ed yo% so . . yes. yo%'&e broken my heart. . . la%'hin'. 9* (o%rse a shallo% so%l +o%ldn't s%**er. . . . . "that yo% and "erry both need a 'ood spankin'. "9h." "9h. . /er impish sense o* h%mor had (ome to her res(%e and she +as la%'hin' as m%(h at hersel* as at /a5el." said nne. . . +hy (o%ldn't yo% ha&e le*t me mine) What had yo% a'ainst me) What had I e&er done to yo%)" "I think. . 9h. . 9h. . I *elt instin(ti&ely the *irst time I sa+ yo% that yo% +ere dangerous. I ha&e not the least do%bt that yo% *ind it all &ery am%sin' . ." "I ha&e +ork to do. . . "hat red hair and those 'reen eyes$ -%t I ne&er dreamed yo%'d 'o so *ar as to make tro%ble bet+een me and "erry. nd +hy . . . . I ne&er heard o* any one doin' s%(h a thin'. . Miss Shirley) !eally. . . . . . . I e&en had my +eddin' all planned o%t . %onderfully in lo&e) nd then to tr%st and be de(ei&ed) I +ent to 7in'sport so happy . her eyes *illed +ith tears . e(erybody +as so pleased ." said /a5el in a &oi(e . .t moonli'ht ni'ht and try. ." ""his +ill 3%st abo%t kill poor Momma. I* yo% +eren't too an'ry to listen to reason . I (ame home last ni'ht so happy. &ery am%sin' indeed$ 1ou don't kno+ +hat s%**erin' is$ It is terrible . "She +as so pleased . terribly deeply. I'&e had to sit and listen . . . she (ollapsed on a ro(kin'. "I %ill s%**er. belie(ed in yo% so$" /a5el's &oi(e broke . 9h. and +anted to be free2/ "My intentions +ere honorable. a(t%ally listen . trusted yo% so . sni** . ." sobbed /a5el." she said %npityin'ly. . Miss Shirley . . ' +as so happy . terribly h%rt. ." "0o% little 'oose . "I 3%st +alked the *loor." said nne. terrible2/ nne looked at the (lo(k and snee5ed. . . . -%t I am thank*%l I am not shallo+ +hate&er else I am. sn%**le$4 "I am not 'oin' a+ay till I ha&e told yo% 3%st +hat I think o* yo%. . they all tho%'ht it an ideal mat(h.ha%stible. Miss Shirley . . ho% did I li&e thro%'h the ni'ht)" said /a5el +ildly. My *eelin's are (ery deep. . i* that is any satis*a(tion to yo%. and that you had told him I didn't (are *or him any lon'er. . ho+ could yo% treat me like this . ." 1Sni** . . . *o%r bridesmaids in lo&ely pale bl%e silk dresses +ith bla(k &el&et ribbon on the *lo%n(es. ." "I +on't talk to yo%$ 9h." said nne 'ently. I tho%'ht yo% +ere a hristian at least. to people talkin' abo%t "erry's in*at%ation *or you. the *irst 'irl o* my set to be en'a'ed. la%'h at my s%**erin'. I sho%ld ha&e kno+n . . . lo&in' all the +orld$ I told "erry to be 'ood to yo% +hile I +as a+ay . thoro%'hly e. yo% (an't e&en imagine +hat I'&e 'one thro%'h today. a mista$e2 . not to let yo% be lonesome. . "erry and I +ere so happy be*ore yo% spoiled e&erythin'. that it +as all a mistake . . "9h." tho%'ht nne.(hair. . 0o% had yo%r o+n lo&er . "0o% (an't ha&e many e. I did kno+. . .(lamation points le*t. . (an anything e&er a'ain be like it %sed to be)" "Wait till the ne. So (hi($ 9h. . .$ershoo.

b%t yo% ha&e a *e+ thin's to learn yet . We don't %nderstand +hy yo% beha&ed to %s as yo% did . . "0o% may be a -. I'm not one o* those dread*%l ne+ +omen. ":are+ell. I'm really &ery b%sy and I (an't see that there is anythin' to be 'ained by prolon'in' this inter&ie+. trem%lo%s lo&e o* a 'irl. pa%sin' to note in passin' that Myra Prin'le thinks a seraph is 'an animal that abo%nds in *ri(a. they say a*ter yo%r heart is broken yo% ne&er s%**er any more. . that all men do . +e ne&er +ill %nderstand." /a5el +alked to the door +ith the air o* Mary E%een o* S(ots ad&an(in' to the s(a**old. Miss Perhaps yo% 3%st +anted material *or a story and tho%'ht yo% (o%ld *ind it in tamperin' +ith the *irst s+eet. and D%sty Miller 'lared at the e&enin' star +ith the e. Well. . "0o%'d better 'o.'" 12 +eek later a letter (ame *or nne. dmit that yo% really liked /a5el's pro*essed adoration *or yo%. pi(k %p yo%r pen and pro(eed +ith yo%r e. . le*t alone +ith her (ons(ien(e. and t%rned there dramati(ally. in *riendship as +ell as in lo&e. bitter lesson$" /a5el +iped her eyes and nne +iped her nose. . I'm not a bit ambitio%s . . -%t +e thank yo% *or re(ealing us to oursel(es. %as2 "o think it sho%ld be in the past tense$ Well. . . machina . thin's that e&en !ebe((a De+ (o%ld ha&e told yo% . bitter. simple 'irls . dmit that yo% liked the idea o* bein' a sort o* dea e. +ritten on pale bl%e paper ed'ed +ith sil&er. . I think. . 0y hi'hest ambition +as to be a happy +i*e and make a happy home *or my h%sband. sa&in' people *rom their o+n *olly +hen they didn't in the least +ant to be sa&ed *rom it." nne.. did tell yo%. intensely. designing ones.positi&ely *o''y +ith tears. nne Shirley. and has no %se *or intriguing. "DE ! MISS S/I!LE0# "I am +ritin' this to tell yo% that all misunderstanding is (leared a+ay bet+een "erry and me and +e are so deeply. dmit yo% *o%nd it pleasant to be +orshiped. .pression o* a misanthrope. nd ha&in' admitted all this and *eelin' +iser and sadder and a *e+ tho%sand years older. snee5ed three times and 'a&e hersel* a plain talkin'. . . and take yo%r medi(ine like a 'allant lady. I'&e learned that. it doesn't do to tr%st any one. -e honest +ith yo%rsel*. . I lea&e yo% to yo%r (ons(ien(e. #as . "erry says he +as 3%st moonli'hted into makin' lo&e to yo% b%t that his heart ne&er really s+er&ed in its alle'ian(e to me. my dear 'irl. . . "erry says he . I hope it's tr%e. /e says he really likes s%eet. . %onderfully happy that +e ha&e de(ided +e (an *or'i&e yo%. . . /a5el) nd +hat abo%t the millionaire patient and the honeymoon &illa on the bl%e Mediterranean)" "I'm s%re I don't kno+ +hat yo%'re talkin' abo%t. "I *eel that I ha&e been betrayed in e(erything . Miss Shirley.amination papers. laid do+n her pen. b%t I *ear it isn't. /a5el." "What has be(ome o* yo%r ambition. dmit that yo% +ere (arried o** yo%r *eet by *lattery.

Why. "posts(ript =%mber "+o is the last stra+. I am 'oin' %p to -oston to 'et it. b%t I +ant to be married +hen I am yo%n'. . "P. lookin' *or+ard to t+o +hole +eeks +ith Miss Shirley. "/. and the lo'.S. as they dro&e a+ay *rom Windy Poplars. =obody %nderstands him b%t me and I +ant to be a source of inspiration to him *ore&er. .headed damsel +ho had on(e . "P. "he Lake o* Shinin' Waters shone and sparkled as o* old. 8ampbell to let little Eli5abeth 'o home +ith her *or a *ortni'ht . *or +e are soul5mates and ha&e &o+ed eternal truth and constancy to ea(h other. . "/.ne&er reali5ed the deeper meanin' o* li*e be*ore. -%t 2reen 2ables +as still 2reen 2ables and &onlea +as still &onlea. "here really isn't anything in S%mmerside. 'lo&es and blo%se o* delphinium blue. red. 1. b%t I ha&e learned a bitter lesson in %orldly %isdom sin(e then. he's a per*e(t lamb. 0o% told me "erry had such a temper. 2ilbert +as not to be in &onlea that s%mmer." promised nne 'ra&ely. 9* (o%rse I'm &ery yo%n'. still led %p to the shado+s and silen(es and +ind. asked no more o* li*e. his sister says. So really it +as all *or the best. 0o% mi'ht try it on yo%r nose. "We are 'oin' to be married as soon as I ha&e my tro%ssea% ready." "I +ill. /e had 'one +est to +ork on a ne+ railroad that +as bein' b%ilt. "0o%rs truly. "I *eel like 0iss Eli5abeth today." 13 nne +ent home *or her se(ond S%mmerside &a(ation +ith mi.S. 6nce I belie&ed all my *riends +o%ld re-oice +ith me in my happiness. 2. -%t Eli5abeth. "Will yo% please (all me 'Miss Eli5abeth' +hen yo% introd%(e me to yo%r *riends at 2reen 2ables) It +o%ld make me *eel so 'ro+n %p.brid'e.M." she told nne +ith a si'h o* deli'ht*%l e. ' am not (le&er like you b%t I *eel I (an be that. I'&e heard that lemon -uice +ill blea(h *re(kles. tho%'h it +as a little (r%mblier and mossier e&ery year.s%it +ill be do&e 'ray +ith hat. ." remarked nne to D%sty Miller.(itement.M. I $no% +e are 'oin' to be rapturously happy. be*ore the bloom 'oes o** li*e. nd nne had pre&ailed on Mrs.ed *eelin's. "/ IEL M !!." ""o 6%ote !ebe((a De+. no more. My dress is to be %hite moire and my tra&elin'. +e (an feel ea(h other's tho%'hts.son's o* the /a%nted Wood. We are so sympatheti( . "he *erns still 're+ as thi(kly o&er the Dryad's -%bble. rememberin' a small. ""erry is all that my %ildest dreams (o%ld pi(t%re and e&ery thought o* my heart is *or him alone. no matter ho+ many -ealous people and false friends may try to make tro%ble bet+een %s.

. "hin's +ere 3%st bo%nd to happen in &onlea . "he rooms looked at her as i* she had al+ays kno+n and lo&ed them@ the &ery 'rass +as 'reener than 'rass any+here else@ and the people +ho li&ed at 2reen 2ables +ere the kind o* people +ho li&ed in "omorro+. "here +ere times +hen Eli5abeth desired per&ersely to yell lo%d and lon'." +as her last (ons(io%s tho%'ht. E&erythin' in and abo%t 2reen 2ables seemed to be a(6%ainted +ith her. one a*ter the other. Eli5abeth dro+ned in it +ith a deli(io%s si'h o* s%rrender. it rolled ri'ht o&er her . so Eli5abeth *elt. Eli5abeth (o%ld see them (omin' in. . i* not today. Eli5abeth's eyes +ere shinin' +ith dreams +hen they t%rned into the 2reen 2ables lane +here the pink +ild roses 're+. ." Who kne+ +hat 6%eer thin' mi'ht 3%mp at yo% o%t o* it) -%t no+ she +as a*raid no lon'er. .'randda%'hter properly. .like. +ith +ind. Why (o%ldn't li*e at "he E&er'reens be like li*e at 2reen 2ables) Eli5abeth had ne&er li&ed +here she (o%ld make a noise i* she +anted to. I don't +ant to sleep. . . . "he +orld +as bea%ti*%l. then tomorro+. E&erybody at "he E&er'reens had to mo&e so*tly . . She lo&ed them and +as belo&ed by them. lon' a*ter Miss Shirley had 'one to sleep. "0o% may make all the noise yo% +ant to here. 2od .rippled meado+s on e&ery hand and s%rprises l%rkin' aro%nd e&ery (orner. . ." Eli5abeth +hispered +hen they +ere in bed in the little por(h 'able. :or the *irst time in her li*e the ni'ht seemed like a *riend to her. -%t it +as stran'e . . . e&en.tipped +a&es they had seen breakin' beyond the 'reen d%nes o* &onlea +hen they dro&e o&er the last hill. . . "hey +o%ld 'o to the shore tomorro+. -%t she lay a+ake *or a +hile e&ery ni'ht o* her stay at 2reen 2ables. I +ish I (o%ld 'et alon' +itho%t any sleep +hile I'm here. Eli5abeth's dri&e *rom -li'ht !i&er to 2reen 2ables. +as almost as e(stati( a thin' *or her as it had been *or nne that memorable sprin' e&enin' so many years a'o. no+ that there +as nothin' to pre&ent her. . lo&e . so . E&en Marilla's pink roseb%d tea. speak so*tly . 9ne o* them +as a 'reat dark +a&e o* sleep . ." :or a +hile she didn't sleep. "9h. . Eli5abeth had al+ays been "a*raid o* the ni'ht. thin$ so*tly. easy . . steppin' 'ently amon' all the lo&ely thin's aro%nd her. "It's . :or t+o +eeks she li&ed in a +orld o* roman(e. ." nne had told her. she +as polite to her elders. "hey kne+ nne did not like Mrs. "hin's seemed to (han'e ma'i(ally *or Eli5abeth the moment she 'ot to 2reen 2ables. 0o% (o%ldn't step o%tside the door +itho%t steppin' into somethin' romanti(. She +as neat. She +as +ith her belo&ed Miss Shirley@ she +o%ld be *ree *rom the Woman *or t+o +hole +eeks@ she had a ne+ pink 'in'ham dress and a pair o* lo&ely ne+ bro+n boots. thinkin' o&er thin's. to . o&er a road +hi(h only Prin(e Ed+ard Island in <%ne (an sho+. . Miss Shirley had promised. She liked to 'o 6%ietly. a*ter a rapt%ro%s e&enin'. here. It +as almost as i* "omorro+ +ere already there . +ith *o%rteen "omorro+s to *ollo+. . . b%t she kne+ she +as on the &ery *rin'es o* it. Eli5abeth lo&ed it and the si'h o* the +ind aro%nd the ea&es as +ell. -%t Eli5abeth learned to . Miss Shirley. 8ampbell's methods.set +as like an old *riend. .be''ed to be (alled 8ordelia. . Da&y and Dora adored her and spoiled her@ Marilla and Mrs. she +as lady. she no lon'er +anted to yell. Eli5abeth kne+ she hadn't )uite 'ot into "omorro+ yet. b%t it +as plain to be seen that she had trained her 'reat. "I don't +ant to sleep a+ay a sin'le min%te o* these +onder*%l t+o +eeks. and ha&e a dip in those sil&er. . Lynde appro&ed o* her. It +as hea&enly to lie there and listen to the splendid lo+ th%nder Miss Shirley had told her +as the so%nd o* the sea.

little Eli5abeth sin'in' to hersel* in the ha%nted d%sk o* the *irs . :or "little Eli5abeth" she +as to them in spite o* the *a(t that nne had solemnly introd%(ed her as "Miss Eli5abeth. +hen +e t%rned e&erybody and e&erythin' into a 3oke)" . . "Li*e o+es me somethin' more than it has paid me and I'm 'oin' o%t to (olle(t it. all *l%shed and s+eet like a +ild rose. *or an a*ternoon nap on the kit(hen so*a +ith Dora's kittens (%ddled abo%t her . little Eli5abeth dan(in' in a t+ili'ht 'arden amon' the +hite <%ne lilies .'reen moths or tryin' to (o%nt the *ire*lies in Lo&er's Lane . . "9h." she added +ith a la%'h. . . as she dro&e a+ay *rom 2reen 2ables. so 'olden. (hasin' sil&er. Dora) It's 3%st like eatin' 3e+els. listenin' to the b%mblebees 5oomin' in the (anterb%ry. and o%r ho%rs o* *oolishness. . . the 2reen 2ables *olks (o%ld hardly look at a pla(e or thin' +itho%t bein' reminded o* little Eli5abeth. . isn't it)" . b%t I hate to think o* S%mmerside and the /i'h +itho%t yo%. (ryin' bitterly be(a%se a (hapter in the serial story in Da&y's ma'a5ine le*t the hero in a sad predi(ament . so el*. . (oiled %p on a bo%'h o* the bi' D%(hess apple tree readin' *airy tales. Mrs. "I think the moon has %orried eyes. and Dora r%b the old brass (andlesti(ks till they (o%ld see their *a(es in them . as they sat one e&enin' in a *erny (orner o* a (lo&er *ield and +at(hed the 'lories o* a s%nset sky. . could it be little Eli5abeth la%'hin' like that) . Lynde (%t the pat(hes *or a ne+ "do%ble Irish (hain" *at. . "I (o%ldn't ha&e belie&ed I'd miss a (hild so m%(h. "he road to the station +as 3%st as bea%ti*%l as it had been t+o +eeks be*ore. "o the 2reen 2ables *olks 2reen 2ables seemed *or months *%ll o* memories o* little Eli5abeth. that they (o%ldn't think o* her as anythin' b%t little Eli5abeth . %nlet and %nhindered . "!ed (%rrants are s%(h bea%ti*%l thin's. b%t hal* the time little Eli5abeth (o%ldn't see it *or'h d%rin' that so3o%rn at 2reen 2ables. Lynde. ." She +as so tiny. +ith *in'ers s+eet *rom 'atherin' the bi'. . "I'm s%re it's the best thin' *or yo% to do. I'm s%re he (an ne&er li&e thro%'h it$" . . bein' *ed stra+berries and (ream by Dora in the pantry or eatin' red (%rrants +ith her in the yard . little Eli5abeth (%rled %p." tho%'ht little Eli5abeth. nd +hen she +ent ba(k to S%mmerside she (arried deli'ht*%l memories +ith her and le*t e6%ally deli'ht*%l ones behind her. aren't they. . . shriekin' +ith la%'hter to see the +ind blo+in' the di'ni*ied old hens' tails o&er their ba(ks . . . . (%ttin' o%t tiny bis(%its +ith a thimble %nder Marilla's t%tela'e. helpin' nne *rost (%p(akes. 7atherine -rooke and her do' (ame *or the rest o* the s%mmer. . . ." said Mrs. Why. . Miss Shirley. . . Lynde)" .t year +itho%t o%r e&enin's o* (on*ab and ar'%ment. "I +onder i* I'll e&er ha&e s%(h a happy *ortni'ht a'ain. 'a5in' at the 'reat moon han'in' o&er the brook &alley . little Eli5abeth hal* dro+ned in a *ield o* b%tter(%ps +here her 'olden head seemed 3%st a lar'er b%tter(%p .bells . . Mrs. pink "(abba'e roses" ." said the latter. When little Eli5abeth +ent. . . . nne had ad&ised this. don't yo%. . "I *eel so m%(h yo%n'er than I did this time last year. 7atherine had resi'ned *rom the sta** o* the /i'h S(hool at the (lose o* the year and meant to 'o to !edmond in the *all to take a se(retarial (o%rse at !edmond >ni&ersity. . . ." said 7atherine de(idedly. "I kno+ yo%'d like it and yo%'&e ne&er liked tea(hin'. . What +ill the to+er room be like ne. . . .

Miss Shirley. 9ne 'ood t%rn deser&es another. !ebe((a. !aymond's t+ins +hile she 'oes to 8harlotteto+n to the *%neral o* some relati&e. b%t !ebe((a De+ 'p%lled a mo%th. really. 7atherine and I had a deli'ht*%l time to'ether at 2reen 2ables and I'm 'oin' to miss her dread*%lly this year. pro+ly. that they ha&e de(ided to 'i&e D%sty Miller a+ay as soon as they (an *ind a s%itable home *or him. %nt 7ate told me. .' "'8hildren. Mrs. I like her . she said they +ere really dri&en to it *or pea(e' sake. "'-%t I lo&e (hildren. b%t she +as really a +onder*%l help to 7atherine and me in o%r Dramati( 8l%b a(ti&ities. and he is s%(h a ni(e. so that does not make so m%(h di**eren(e no+. !ebe((a De+ has been (onstantly (omplainin' abo%t him all s%mmer and there seems to be no other +ay o* satis*yin' her. neither more nor less . . She has sparklin' shallo+ bl%e eyes +ith no tho%'ht behind them. . . . "Dearest# ""he s%mmer is o&er . b%t I'&e heard +hat her nei'hbors ha&e to say o* them. . ""here is no (han'e at Windy Poplars .T!" T!#$% Y"&$ 1 "Windy Poplars.' to %se one o* her o+n e. 8ampbell seems to ha&e 'ro+n re(on(iled to her (omin' o&er here +hen she +ants to. I'll al+ays like her . S%mmerside is a 'reat pla(e *or +ido+s . !aymond +as s+eet as s%'ar pie to her. . When I protested. think her a 'little too 'rand' *or S%mmerside. -%t Mrs. . !aymond is a +ido+ +ho (ame to o%r to+n last +inter.end in May. "he minister's +i*e (alled one a*ternoon . the s%mmer in +hi(h I ha&e seen yo% only that +eek. yes there is. there's nothin' to disco(er in her. 8herry. nd I am ba(k at Windy Poplars *or my third and last year in S%mmerside /i'h. there's nothin' more to her than that. +hen yo% on(e 'ot past her '%ard. !aymond doesn't belie&e in p%nishin' (hildren no matter +hat they do. bein' Sat%rday. b%t someho+. . "his means that little Eli5abeth +ill (ome no more to the 'arden 'ate *or her ne+ milk. "hey take people in by that saintly look o* theirs. "2erald and 2eraldine are ei'ht and are a pair o* an'eli(. . Mrs. "here +as so m%(h to dis(o&er in 7atherine. " nd another (han'e is bre+in'. "September Bth. +ell. b%t +hen she +as lea&in' a sho+er o* Spanish . m%(h to my sorro+. . yes. +hen I told her +hat I +as 'oin' to do. . I'm 'oin' to look a*ter Mrs. "he +ido+s ha&e de(ided not to bother +ith another one b%t to 'et milk and (ream *rom Mr. She says she's determined they'll ha&e a "nat%ral" li*e. b%t them's holy terrors. . "he ne+ <%nior tea(her is a 3olly little persona'e. Mrs. . . . . . Poor D%sty Miller . !ebe((a De+ and the Windy Poplars +ido+s .pressions. . . p%rry darlin'$ ""omorro+. "Spook's Lane. "he old red (o+ has 'one to her lon' home. so !ebe((a De+ sadly in*ormed me +hen I (ame do+n to s%pper Monday ni'ht. (h%bby and rosy and *riendly as a p%ppy .lookin' yo%n'sters.

espe(ially +ith re'ard to the be*lo+ered hat per(hed on top o* the smooth bro+n +a&es o* hair that *lo+ed aro%nd her head . b%t (hildren sho%ld ha&e. ha&en't yo% noti(ed. . . -%t they'll 3%st lo&e yo% and I kno+ they'll be an'els." she said patheti(ally. "hey're *rom the States. . . Miss Shirley) I'm s%re you +ill ha&e no tro%ble +ith them. . I had her to stay +ith them one day. "he ei'ht.ions o* pink and +hite. pale yello+ hair. . Miss Shirley) -%t ' think lo&in' is better than spankin' any day. ." 2 Sat%rday *orenoon nne betook hersel* to the pretty. and o* (o%rse they +o%ld be 'ood and not 'i&e her one teeny. no+. kinder as i* she +as rather pro%d o* them bein' so %nmana'eable. their *ather died o* pne%monia. . . they ha&e hi'h spirits .*ashioned (otta'e on a street that stra''led o%t into the (o%ntry. tho%'h it hadn't seemed possible. +ere sittin' on the stairs.(hildren al+ays do 6%arrel. Lynde has. +o%ldn't they. yo% kno+' . darlin's) "he darlin's nodded 'ra&ely and (ontri&ed. my dear$$ "hey really 3%st +orship ea(h other. 9* (o%rse. do they) Don't let them sail their boats in the batht%b or 'o +adin' in the pond.onions (ame *lyin' do+n the stairs and one o* them kno(ked her hat o**. *l%**y. nd I couldn&t look a*ter t+ins at a *%neral. "Perhaps I may ha&e spoiled them a little . . you kno+ +hat (hildren are. +ho had inherited her bea%ty.year. . don't yo% think) It's so piti*%l to see (hildren +ith a (o+ed appearan(e. . (o%ld I no+)" . b%t they simply +o%ldn't hear o* it. She has re&en'ed hersel* by tellin' the most ridi(%lo%s tales abo%t them all o&er to+n. isn't it) I like them to be nat%ral.pression. lar'e 8hina. ""hey're all I'&e 'ot . . yo% kno+. . their deli(ate *a(es +reathed +ith a 6%ite (her%bi( e. +ill yo%) I'm so a*raid o* them (at(hin' (old . b%t she 'allantly blinked the tears a+ay. b%t the poor darlin's (o%ldn't bear her. "hey'&e ne&er been separated a day in their li&es. Mrs.. !aymond and her *amo%s t+ins li&ed. . b%t lookin' &ery bea%ti*%l.plained e&erythin'. . +here Mrs. . 8hildren al+ays $no% +hom they (an play on and +hom they (an' eyes and a%reoles o* *ine. . .+eeny bit o* tro%ble. !aymond said ." +as all Mrs. to look more an'eli( than e&er. perhaps . don't yo% think) -%t i* any o%tsider atta(ks them . rather 'ayly dressed *or a *%neral. . I (o%ld ha&e taken one o* them to the *%neral. old. "hey smiled +ith en'a'in' s+eetness +hen their mother introd%(ed them to nne and told them that dear Miss Shirley had been so kind as to (ome and take (are o* them +hile Mother +as a+ay at dear %nty Ella's *%neral.old t+ins. . I kno+ people say I ha&e . !ebe((a has abo%t as m%(h %se *or '0ankees' as Mrs. don't yo%. !aymond +as all ready to depart . "8hildren al+ays beha&e so abominably +hen yo% 'spe(ially +ant them to be 'ood. don't yo%) "oo 'ood (hildren don't seem nat%ral. "Don't +orry i* they 6%arrel a little. So o* (o%rse they teased her a 'ood bit . don't yo% think) "hat poor old Miss Pro%ty %p the street . . !aymond's lar'e bl%e eyes looked as i* they +ere 'oin' to o&er*lo+. as i* that e. "hey had (omple. ." Mrs. people al+ays kno+ so m%(h better ho+ yo% o%'ht to brin' %p yo%r (hildren than yo% kno+ yo%rsel*. . . !aymond took nne do+n the +alk to the 'ate +ith her. Mrs. .

I'm s%re I'll 6%ite en3oy the day. "hey *le+ to the stairs and by reason o* slidin' do+n the banisters. I *elt s%re the min%te I sa+ yo% that yo% lo&ed (hildren. "We ne&er ha&e any *%n like that. dartin' a bale*%l look at 2erald. Please make him take it o** at on(e." (ried 2eraldine. !aymond sailed ele'antly a+ay and nne ran %pstairs to *ind that the an'eli( 2eraldine had 'rasped her brother by the le's and +as apparently tryin' to h%rl him bodily o%t o* the +indo+." nne did *eel rather like makin' the (aller "s(at" +hen she sa+ +ho it +as. Poor old Miss Pro%ty detests them. She looks *or the +orst in (hildren and so o* (o%rse she *inds it. 2erald. +on't yo% p%t that (oyote skin ba(k on the *loor)" "-%t I +ant to play +ol*. She&ll make yo% s(at. +ho ret%rned it +ith interest. 0o% (an't (on(ei&e +hat a (om*ort it is to me to re*le(t that my darlin's are %nder the (are o* one +ho lo&es and %nderstands (hildren. "=o.stone. yo% (an't. s%ddenly sti(kin' his head o%t o* an %pstairs +indo+.bell (%t the knot o* nne's dilemma. Miss Shirley's lookin' a*ter %s. the (oyote skin (omin' %nloosed and dri*tin' a+ay in the pro(ess. he's 'ot that (oyote skin *rom the parlor *loor tied ro%nd his ne(k by the pa+s a'ain. Shall +e 'o and sit in the 'arden and play 'ames and tell stories) nd." said nne kindly. 9ne (an al+ays tell. "hat's her (omin' do+n the stairs." Mrs. I lo&e (hildren. "/e +ants to play +ol*. make 2erald stop p%ttin' o%t his ton'%e at me." said 2erald. please 'o and take them o%t. 'ot to the *ront door m%(h 6%i(ker than nne. . "Does it h%rt yo%)" asked nne smilin'ly.time. they're in the bathroom$" e. I must h%rry or I'll miss the train. "8ome on and see +ho it is. s%ddenly ali'nin' hersel* on her brother's side. She +as al+ays "(an&assin'" *or somethin' and it +as 'enerally 6%ite impossible to 'et rid o* her %nless yo% bo%'ht it. "Well. /e'll r%in it. "8an I see yo%r mother)" asked the (aller. he's not 'oin' to p%t o%t his ton'%e at me. peal *rom the door. "Dear Miss Shirley. Mrs." "I kno+ it." "9h. "I'm s%re 2erald and 2eraldine and I +ill ha&e a bea%ti*%l day to'ether.(laimed Mrs. "Miss Shirley. it's 3%st an ho%r till l%n(h. Miss Pamela Drake +as not a pop%lar (aller in S%mmerside." 2erald told the lady standin' on the door." she demanded *ier(ely. Miss Shirley." "0o% mi'ht take us to the *%neral. ""+ins dear. !aymond tra'i(ally." they both (ried to'ether." (ried 2eraldine. yo% kno+ mother (o%ldn't take yo% both to the *%neral. 9h./ retorted 2eraldine. Mother's 'one to %nt Ella's *%neral. "My ton'%e's my o+n and you (an't stop me *rom p%ttin' it o%t +hen I like . "We +ant to play +ol*. !aymond."Don't +orry. Miss Shirley)" nne i'nored the 6%estion. "We ne&er b%y anythin' *rom peddlers. don't yo% think) "here's something abo%t a person +ho lo&es (hildren. sin(e she +as %tterly imper&io%s to sn%bs and hints and had apparently all the time in the ." shrieked 2erald. 2erald darlin'. . (an she.

. bein' a s(hool. the splendid en'ra&in's . . %hat +ere the t+ins doin') "hey +ere alarmin'ly 6%iet. "0o% see. "I'll think this o&er. . so yo% mi'ht 3%st as +ell si'n *or it no+ as any other time." "-%t I don't +ant an en(y(lopedia." said nne desperately. another moment . and 'a5ed in ama5ed horror at her (ompanion. She made one more piti*%l e**ort to es(ape." said Miss Pamela *irmly. Miss Shirley.t year it +ill be a h%ndred and t+enty. Miss Shirley. +e're 3%st doin' this to introd%(e it . =othin' is e&er 'ained by p%ttin' thin's o**. a 4ational en(y(lopedia. feel it . (hildren.. ." "I* yo% think the terms a little too onero%s I *eel s%re I (an make a spe(ial arran'ement *or yo%. I'&e been meanin' to (all on yo%. a month instead o* ei'ht. . . ." said 2eraldine. 0o%'ll ne&er ha&e s%(h another (han(e . . dollars a month to 'et rid o* this terrible +oman +ho had so e&idently made %p her mind not to 'o %ntil she had 'ot an order) -esides. Miss Shirley.pen bein' *or(ed into her hand . ""en years o%t o* date. .. ." "I'm a*raid I ha&en't time. . Li(e2 I didn't li&e . I ha&e the (hildren to look a*ter. . I merely e. . Did yo% e&er really see a (asso+ary be*ore)" "-%t. ." ""here's no time like the present. . and I (all it real *ort%nate to *ind yo% here.ainly nne protested that she did not need an en(y(lopedia .and all *or ei'hty dollars . . . "9* (o%rse yo% +ant an en(y(lopedia ." nne almost *elt she (o%ldn't." said Miss Drake.a blind man (o%ld read it. +hile Miss Shirley and I skim o&er this bea%ti*%l prospe(t%s. Wo%ldn't it be +orth si." "It +on't take b%t a *e+ min%tes. "0o% $no% yo%'re 'oin' to take the 4ational. and I'll sho+ yo% my prospe(t%s.tea(her (o%ld a**ord to be +itho%t. Miss Drake. Miss Shirley. 9r had sneaked o%t o* the ba(k door and 'one +adin' in the pond. -%t 2erald had t%''ed her ba(k+ard and they slammed the door sh%t.pen. +ith a toss o* her aerial (%rls. . Miss Shirley. . ." "Mother's hired Miss Shirley to look a*ter %s. . I . . S%ppose they +ere sailin' their boats in the batht%b. the /i'h S(hool already possessed a &ery 'ood one. . !%n a+ay and play. 0o% simply (an't re*%se an o**er like that. and let yo% kno+ ." nne *elt the *o%ntain. ne. Si'n here. "he pri(e may 'o %p any moment and then yo%'d ha&e to pay a h%ndred and t+enty.+orld at her (ommand. the +onder*%l print. e(ery one +ants an en(y(lopedia . . . ei'ht dollars do+n and ei'ht dollars a month till it's all paid. briskly 'ettin' o%t her *o%ntain.isted. . .(%rdlin' shriek *rom Miss Drake that nne dropped the *o%ntain. and then there +as s%(h a blood. somethin' no s(hool. . . "We'll 3%st sit do+n here on this r%sti( ben(h. . . Miss Drake. no other en(y(lopedia on the market has hal* the n%mber o* en'ra&in's . Miss Drake. . pen %nder the (l%mp o* 'olden 'lo+ that *lanked the r%sti( seat. . Miss Drake. Miss Shirley. ' don't kno+ ho+ I li&ed be*ore I be(ame a(6%ainted +ith the 4ational en(y(lopedia. "his time she +as "takin' orders" *or an en(y(lopedia . Look at the bea%ti*%l paper . . +hat this en(y(lopedia means. si. . Loo$ at that en'ra&in' o* the (asso+ary.tea(her . .

"b%t it +as 'ood *%n. 2erald had dropped the *ishin'. 2rand +as a 'ood sort o* man in his o+n *ashion. it +as l%n(h.(ellent. only he (o%ld ha&e told. *ter l%n(h nne +ashed the dishes." she said 'ently. ain't I)" "he l%n(h +as e. !aymond had prepared it be*ore she le*t and +hate&er her short(omin's as a dis(iplinarian mi'ht to 'et him on her side in a battle royal o&er ne+ e6%ipment that +as loomin' %p. . Moreo&er. Mr. in(l%din' the *o%ntain. . *alse *ront +ere *loatin' in the air abo&e her head hal*.+ay %p to the bathroom +indo+. 2erald +as 'raspin' a *ishin'. 3 t t+o o'(lo(k Mr. nne *le+ into the ho%se and %pstairs. she +as a 'ood (ook. -y +hat ma'i( he had (ontri&ed to make a triple (at(h. . She +ent o%t to the t+ins. :or on(e in her li*e Miss Pamela Drake had *ailed to land her order. nne dis(o&ered the t+ins seraphi(ally eatin' apples on the ba(k por(h. . . almost hairless) /at. +ho +o%ld probably hold her ton'%e reli'io%sly abo%t the in(ident *or her o+n sake. 'ettin' 2eraldine to help dry them and 2erald to p%t them (are*%lly a+ay in the (%pboard. *ter all.pen. Probably it +as sheer l%(k. . o%t o* +hi(h t+o 'olden heads +ere han'in'. did not 6%arrel or display +orse table manners than the 'eneral r%n o* (hildren. 8o%ld he (ome to Windy Poplars in the e&enin') asked nne. .hooks. 2ee. "hey +ere both 6%ite kna(ky at it and nne re*le(ted (ompla(ently that all they needed +as +ise trainin' and a little *irmness. "0o%'&e et a 'reat bi' +orm$" shrieked 2erald. nne had her hands *%ll *or some time. . spe(ta(leless. 8ertainly. 2erald. . b%t nne had lon' a'o *o%nd o%t that he m%st be handled +ith 'lo&es. spe(ta(les.tea pi(ni( on the banks o* the pond . . the lo&eliest thin's$" . . that indes(ribable ob3e(t. 2rand) I +on't be &ery lon' . .b%bbles +ith red dye in them . +ill yo% play ni(ely o%t in the ba(k yard +hile I ha&e a little talk +ith Mr. b%t 2erald had %ndo%btedly res(%ed her *rom a di**i(%lt position and Miss Drake %as an odio%s (reat%re +ho needed a lesson. and mar(hin' to the 'ate. It +as hard to kno+ +hat to do. and I'll tea(h yo% to blo+ soap.rod and a peep *rom the +indo+ re&ealed a *%rio%s Miss Drake retrie&in' her belon'in's. I'm some *isherman." said 2erald. 2erald and 2eraldine.ho%r and nne s%ddenly de(ided to let 2erald o** +ith a &ery mild reproo*. &ery si(k. "Do yo% think. 2rand +as the (hairman o* the /i'h S(hool board o* tr%stees and had matters o* importan(e to talk o*. . Mrs.rod to +hi(h +ere tied t+o (ords endin' in *ish. Still . "Darlin's. <ames 2rand (alled. s%(h beha&ior (o%ld not be allo+ed to pass +itho%t a reb%ke . >n*ort%nately he (o%ldn't. +hi(h he +ished to dis(%ss *%lly be*ore he le*t on Monday to attend an ed%(ational (on*eren(e in 7in'sport.Was that Miss Drake . Mr. hatless. nd +hen 2eraldine +as better. bein' o((%pied +ith 'or'in'." 2eraldine laid do+n her apple and promptly t%rned si(k . . -y the time she rea(hed the bathroom the t+ins had *led. "that +hat yo% did +as a 'entlemanly a(tion)" "=ope. "I sa+ it disappear do+n yo%r throat. and then +e'll ha&e an a*ternoon. no lastin' harm had been done Miss Drake. nne +as &ery an.

""hey ain't paid *or.. /er (haritable nei'hbors said she p%t so m%(h money on hersel* that she had none to spend on the t+ins . "/o+ do yo% like my ne+ sash and sho%lder bo+s)" mimi(ked 2eraldine ta%ntin'ly. 0y mother al+ays pays her bills." t least. ""hey are. I&y had made %p her mind abo%t him. +hi(h 're+ as red as her sho%lder bo+s. as a 'entleman sho%ld. I&y had learned had a de&astatin' e**e(t on most o* the small boys o* her a(6%aintan(e. "rent al+ays arrayed her in "spotless +hite. the impe((able I&y "rent +ho ne&er did anythin' +ron' and al+ays looked as i* she had 3%st stepped o%t o* a band. and 2eraldine ne&er had a (han(e to parade the street in the style o* I&y "rent." s6%eaked 2eraldine. "I ha&e so. e&en at se&en. "-%t yo% ha&en't 'ot sho%lder bo+s."Will yo% 'i&e %s a 6%arter apie(e i* +e beha&e)" demanded 2erald. "=o. "I (ame o&er to tell yo% I'm 'oin' to ha&e yo% *or my bea%." said I&y 'randly. lookin' elo6%ently at him o%t o* a pair o* bro+n eyes that." promised 2erald solemnly. -%t I&y "rent did arri&e and the !aymond t+ins hated I&y "rent . I kno+ yo% are 'oin' to be 'ood. Mrs." "We'll be 'ood. I&y +as al+ays spotless +hen she le*t home. I&y "rent had a temper." /0y mother al+ays pays her bills. 9n this parti(%lar a*ternoon there +as no do%bt that I&y "rent had (ome o&er to sho+ o** her bea%ti*%l ne+ bro+n boots and her sash and sho%lder bo+s and hair bo+s o* s(arlet ribbon." said 2erald. 2erald dear. +hate&er she la(ked in some respe(ts. too. 8an't yo% see them)" mo(ked 2eraldine. +as the *a%lt o* the "3ealo%s" (hildren +ith +hom the nei'hborhood abo%nded." she said. Miss Shirley. &ery happy in this brilliant idea o* repeatin' e&erythin' I&y said s(orn*%lly. . It is possible they +o%ld ha&e kept their promise i* I&y "rent had not arri&ed almost as soon as nne +as (loseted +ith Mr. 3%st be(a%se I ask yo%. o* (o%rse. She didn't kno+ e. +ith e6%al solemnity. !aymond. "-%t yo% ha&en't 'ot sho%lder bo+s. " +*%l 'ood. 8an't yo% see them)" "I ha&e so. +ho had a dress *or e&ery a*ternoon in the +eek." said nne *irmly. "I'm not 'oin' to bribe yo%. It sho+ed itsel* in her *a(e. . .a(tly ho+ to (ope +ith this. +ho +as %ndo%btedly the handsomest boy on the street. So she t%rned to Mrs. had *airly sensible ideas abo%t dressin' (hildren. I* she +ere not 6%ite so spotless +hen she ret%rned that. I&y +as %n(om*ortable. 2eraldine %as 3ealo%s. 2rand in the parlor. I&y looked p%55led. ." e(hoed 2eraldine. ." (hanted 2eraldine. What +o%ld she not ha&e 'i&en *or b%ttoned bro+n boots like those) "/o+ do yo% like my ne+ sash and sho%lder bo+s)" asked I&y pro%dly. She lon'ed *or s(arlet sash and sho%lder bo+s and +hite embroidered dresses.

"I'll 'o strai'ht home and tell my mother on yo%. "I'll r%b yo%r *a(e in an ant's nest ." sho%ted 2erald." "0o% ha&e to be. /er sto(kin's +ere p%lled do+n and in a *e+ moments her le's +ere adorned +ith +ide stripes o* red and 'reen paint. "-%t yo%'&e 'ot to be." "My mother +o%ld spank yo% i* yo% did. s a *inishin' to%(h they *illed her (%rls +ith b%rrs. . "/%rry. She +as a piti*%l si'ht +hen they *inally released her. " nd i* you don't sh%t %p. his eyes *allin' on a (o%ple o* (ans o* paint le*t there by some +orkmen the pre&io%s +eek." "I'll tell my mother." I&y shrieked &ainly in despair. . In the pro(ess a 'ood deal o* the paint 'ot spattered o&er her embroidered dress and ne+ boots. . "=o+ yo% 'o home. yo%'&e 'ot to be my bea%. "I +on't be." tri%mphantly. +here her ho+ls (o%ld not be heard. I&y "rent. I&y "rent." =o time +as to be lost. "0o% 3%st sh%t %p." "Well. "Let's do it. she +o%ld. "I'll hold her and yo% paint her. do yo% kno+ +hat my mother +o%ld do to her i* she did) She'd 3%st so(k her on the nose. . "I +on't be yo%r bea%. "'*ore Miss Shirley (omes o%t. "'8o%rse she (an." 'asped 2eraldine. *or this at least +as *easible. . +ho ki(ked and shrieked and tried to bite b%t +as no mat(h *or the t+o o* them. . "Let's paint her le's." (ried I&y. +o%ld she) Well. ""his'll tea(h yo% to 'o 'ro%nd tellin' people they ha&e to be yo%r bea%s. . 2erald held I&y's le's +hile 2eraldine held her +rists +ith one hand and tore o** her hair bo+ and sho%lder bo+s and sash +ith the other. "0o% ha&e to be. +a''in' her head at him." said I&y serenely. "I'll . yo% horrid." said 2eraldine." said I&y." sho%ted 2erald *%rio%sly." said 2eraldine. . "o'ether they ha%led her a(ross the yard and into the +oodshed.2erald t%rned (rimson. I'll d%(k yo%r head in the rain." he said. ret%rnin' (almly to the &ital s%b3e(t. . . "9h. I'll 3%st 'o o&er to yo%r pla(e and di' the eyes o%t o* yo%r doll." +ept I&y. " nd don't yo% 'i&e me any more o* yo%r lip. I'll tear them bo+s and sash o** yo% . any+ay. "-%t yo%'&e 'ot to be. 2eraldine !aymond$" "I '%ess I (an talk in my o+n yard." s6%ealed 2eraldine." yelled the maddened 2erald . I'll ." said 2eraldine. "hey po%n(ed like *%ries on the %n*ort%nate I&y. Lon' +eeks o* airs and (ondes(ensions *rom I&y had been a&en'ed. I&y 'lared at her." said 2erald. . "he t+ins ho+led mirth*%lly as they looked at her.barrel." said I&y st%bbornly." said 2erald.

"She says I'&e 'ot to be I&y "rent's bea%. !aymond isn't here. . !aymond)" demanded Mrs. Mrs. tearin'. "0o%. 2rand had talked himsel* o%t and bo+ed himsel* a+ay. =o one (an (ope +ith those diaboli(al (hildren." 'asped 2eraldine. take them +ith yo%. . Listen to that. indeed she shall. +hi(h 2eraldine pelted a*ter her. demanded the meanin' o* s%(h beha&ior. 2eraldine. ran sobbin' o%t o* the yard and do+n the street. Mrs.%p thin'. "hey looked at her and sa+ a Miss Shirley they had not seen be*ore. Somethin' in her tone 6%elled them.stone. . 4 Mr. there is no point in my remainin'." snarled 2erald. ho+ls and yells that (ame e(hoin' do+n the stairs. "he +hole street kno+s them. !aymond is . hate*%l. . . "I +on't be$" "0o%'&e 'ot to be$" "8hildren$" said nne. leadin' a *orlorn and still sobbin' atom o* h%manity by the hand. . . "0o% and yo%r sho%lder bo+s$ /ere. .horrid. She shall see +ith her o+n eyes +hat her (hildren ha&e done to poor. ugly boy$" "Don't yo% (all my brother %'ly." (ried 2eraldine. !aymond is a+ay . re they tearin' ea(h other limb *rom limb)" ""hat" +as a (hor%s o* shrieks. :or the *irst time in their yo%n' li&es they *elt the *or(e o* a%thority. Look at her. . inno(ent I&y. "E%i(k . . yo% st%(k. I'm so sorry$ It is all my *a%lt. I shall take my poor (hild home. it isn't yo%r *a%lt. p%rs%ed by the bo+s. +here is Mrs. helpless. !aymond." said nne 6%ietly. . "Miss Shirley. holdin' ea(h *irmly by a s6%irmin' sho%lder. and I promised to look a*ter them . !aymond shall hear o* this . -%t Mrs. nne ran %p+ards. . "So he has 'ot to be. Miss Shirley. b%t Mr. s(rat(hin' mass. 9n the hall *loor +as a t+istin'." s(reamed 2eraldine. Miss Shirley. "Mrs. . +ill spend ." I&y." "I insist on seein' Mrs. Miss Shirley . I don't blame you. 3%st loo$ at her$" "9h. "+ill 'o to bed *or t+o ho%rs. +onderin' %neasily +here her (har'es +ere. let's sneak %p the ba(k stairs to the bathroom and (lean %p '*ore Miss Shirley sees %s. 2rand (ame . bitin'. nne separated the *%rio%s t+ins +ith di**i(%lty and. #e don't +ant them (l%tterin' %p our +oodshed. 2erald. . >p the street and in at the 'ate (ame a +rath*%l lady." "=o. I* Mrs. nne stood *or a moment on the door. 0o%. +rithin'. . "rent. "rent . .

"hey shi&ered terribly . tore thro%'h the trees and o%t to the ed'e o* the little +ooden plat*orm to +hi(h the *lat +as (ommonly moored. h%rried them home.plored the +oodshed and looked %p and do+n the street. nne %nlo(ked the (loset door and opened it. /e had someho+ 'ot on his *eet and +as standin' there rather *oolishly. 0o%r mother le*t yo% in my (har'e and yo% +ill obey me. (ame a+ay +ith %ne. +ith his a%reole plastered drippin'ly do+n on his head.pired. . *ter all. With a despairin' shriek o* "2erald$" she took a *lyin' leap that landed her +ith a tremendo%s splash by 2erald's side and almost 'a&e him another d%(kin'. +hi(h he had st%(k rather deep in the m%d. peep at 2eraldine a *e+ min%tes later sho+ed her to be so%nd asleep. in her ni'ht'o+n. nne 'a&e an in&ol%ntary shriek o* dismay. b%t there +as no real (a%se *or alarm." ""hen p%nish %s together." nne +as still &ery 6%iet. /ad they .the same len'th o* time in the hall (loset. nne's lips ti'htened. "hey embra(ed and kissed passionately. had t%rned (old and +indy in the late a*ternoon. nne lo(ked the door and sat do+n +ith a book by the hall +indo+. When she +akened she sho%ld be permitted to 'et %p. "2erald. any+ay. =ot a +ord. . <%st as nne broke thro%'h the trees 2erald's pole. "0es . "he September day. no . "he pond at its deepest +o%ld not (ome %p to 2erald's sho%lders and +here he had 'one o&er. it +as little deeper than his +aist. a nap +o%ld be 'ood *or her. . "8hildren.e(hoed behind her. . Meekly 2eraldine took o** her (lothes and 'ot into one o* the (ots in their room. 2erald +as happily polin' himsel* abo%t on it in the small *lat Mr. She e. and 2eraldine. darlin')" "=o . Well. . "he +indo+ +as open and the roo* o* the side por(h +as 3%st beneath it. e&en i* the t+o ho%rs had not e. !obert 8reedmore's *ield. ./ said 2eraldine. darlin'. She +ent do+nstairs and o%t into the yard. +e'&e ne&er been sep'rated. . "hey +aded to the shore. . "0o% +ill be no+. I&y "rent +as a &ain little monkey and had probably been &ery irritatin'. t ease at his third t%' and 2erald promptly shot heels o&er head ba(k+ard into the +ater. (ome in here this min%te. ." 2erald ass%red her thro%'h his (hatterin' teeth. It +as a lar'e airy (loset +ith a +indo+ and a (hair and nobody (o%ld ha&e (alled the p%nishment an %nd%ly se&ere one. =o si'n o* 2erald. She ran thro%'h the 'arden and thro%'h the 'ate into the lane that led thro%'h a pat(h o* s(r%b +oodland to the little pond in Mr. 0o% ha&e beha&ed abominably and yo% m%st take yo%r p%nishment. Meekly 2erald entered the hall (loset.+ater bottles at their *eet. +ith hot. +hen nne's shriek +as re. +itho%t a +ord o* (ens%re." m%ttered 2erald. be'innin' to (ry. yo%'&e no ri'ht to sep'rate %s . 'ot o** their +et (lothes and 'ot them into Mrs. their *a(es +ere bl%e. . lookin' so lo&ely in her sleep that nne almost repented her sternness. nne. "hey still (ontin%ed to shi&er. " re yo% dro+ned. *or t+o ho%rs she +o%ld kno+ a little pea(e o* mind. are yo% dro+ned)" (ried 2eraldine." said nne. 8reedmore kept there. t the end o* an ho%r 2eraldine +as still sleepin'. Still no si'n. 2erald had been so 6%iet that nne de(ided that he had taken his p%nishment like a man and mi'ht be *or'i&en. "here +as no 2erald in the (loset. !aymond's bed. +arm in the mornin'.

-y the time he (ame the t+ins had 'ot +arm. "I can&t end%re 6%arrelin' +ith anybody. "he (hildren are 6%ite all ri'ht . "9h. tryin' to deta(h the t+ins' (lin'in' arms. "Will yo% p%t %s in a story)" demanded 2erald." said 2eraldine. "Sin(e yo% are here.'ot a (hill) Were they headed *or pne%monia) "0o% sho%ld ha&e taken better (are o* %s." said 2erald." said Mrs." nne +ent home *eelin' years older." said 2eraldine. Miss Shirley. !aymond bitterly. and it +as a pale. !aymond (omin' %p *rom the station on the +ay ba(k. "'8a%se I like yo%. "I like yo% e&er so m%(h better than Miss Pro%ty. "9h." "9h. Mrs." (ried 2erald." said 2eraldine. "'8o%rse yo% sho%ld." be''ed Mrs. her enormo%s eyes *illin' +ith tears." said Mrs. Mother. and he ass%red nne that they +ere in no dan'er. "0o% +ill reali5e this." said nne. almost hysteri(al lady +ho presently r%shed in." she re*le(ted. "I hope there'll be a *%neral e&ery +eek. . !aymond. "I'm s%re yo% meant +ell. !aymond trem%lo%sly. . ." s one (hild the t+ins h%rled themsel&es o%t o* bed and *l%n' their arms aro%nd her. I simply sent *or the do(tor as a pre(a%tionary meas%re. /e met Mrs. !aymond. b%t not yo%n' demons. She said only. "I don't think there is the sli'htest ne(essity *or 6%arrelin'." said nne i(ily. e&er so m%(h. +hen yo% are (almer." nne +as at her stateliest and nne could be &ery stately." said 2eraldine. ""hank yo%. . !aymond. I don't think I (an be o* any *%rther ser&i(e and I ha&e some s(hool +ork to do this e&enin'. I think 2erald and 2eraldine ha&e 6%ite en3oyed the day." "So do I. still (hatterin'. don't let's 6%arrel abo%t it. . ""o think I e&er tho%'ht Da&y +as mis(hie&o%s. "9&er (hildren perhaps ." "I hardly see ho+ I +as to blame. Mrs. distra(ted nne *le+ do+nstairs and telephoned *or the do(tor. this +o%ld not ha&e happened." (hor%sed the t+ins. I* they stayed in bed till tomorro+ they +o%ld be all ri'ht. . I told yo% . She *o%nd !ebe((a in the t+ili'ht 'arden 'atherin' late pansies. . Miss Shirley. and I hope yo%'ll (ome and look a*ter %s e&ery time Mother 'oes a+ay. "9h. ho+ could yo% ha&e let my little treas%res 'et into s%(h dan'er$" ""hat's 3%st +hat +e told her. I* 2erald and 2eraldine had obeyed me. tho%'h I don't s%ppose poor little I&y "rent did. +ith eyes as (old as 'ray mist." "I tho%'ht a teacher +o%ld ha&e a little a%thority o&er (hildren. . Miss Shirley. do. I think I +ill 'o home." "8ertainly not. I think. ." tho%'ht nne. "I tr%sted yo% .

hard. . !aymond (ame do+n last ni'ht and." "My poor darlin'. it is said. /' am interested in it. .' 'I* yo% kne+ a mother's heart. =ot that %nt 7ate +o%ld admit she 'hated' anybody. I'll 'et yo% a ni(e s%pper. !aymond I (an't help likin' and she +as a d%(k abo%t the Dramati( 8l%b. "I *ind that a (ertain se(tion o* S%mmerside so(iety is at present &ery m%(h e. be(a%se I am an in&eterate meddler in other people's b%siness . "Do&ie. <en and I ha&e a(t%ally talked the a**air o&er. 'lints o* (hestn%t in her bro+n hair." "Mrs. <ar&is is her *a&orite (o%sin. . I s%spe(t. to be e. . . (lose and %nso(iable. o* (o%rse. *oot and artillery. a &ery pretty. +ith tears in her eyes. ""he sit%ation is brie*ly this#. be(a%se she hates :ranklin West(ott and +o%ld like to see him ro%ted. is deeply interested in the a**air be(a%se she thinks <ar&is is s%(h an e. . . there is really somethin' abo%t Mrs. "/is +i*e is dead. be''ed me to *or'i&e her *or her 'hasty beha&ior.*ashioned ho%se (alled Elm(ro*t 3%st o%tside the to+n on the %pper harbor road. . e&en a person so in(orri'ibly optimisti( and tr%st*%l as mysel*. . e. I ha&e met him on(e or t+i(e b%t really kno+ &ery little abo%t him. . nd did not say. al+ays +ith e. ' ny Sat%rday yo% +ant to be a+ay. all%rin' bl%e eyes and sooty lashes so lon' yo% +onder i* they (an be real. ..(ellent intentions. +ho is a distant a%nt o* Do&ie's . +hen he bro%'ht her home that he +o%ld be master.a(t. <%st the same I did not say." 5 (+. I (on*ess to a sneakin' sympathy +ith him in this. /e has 'ot into the habit o* bein' a leadin' (iti5en and nothin' m%ni(ipal dares to be done +itho%t his appro&al. I be'in to s%spe(t.tract from letter to Gilbert. +hose real name is Sibyl. partly be(a%se I'm &ery *ond o* <ar&is and moderately *ond o* Do&ie and partly. . old.perien(e . Miss Shirley. is his only (hild . /e li&es in a bi'.(ellent mat(h *or Do&ie . -%t I see its points no+.' "I didn't *ind it hard to *or'i&e as it +as . as !ebe((a De+ says. /e has ne&er 'one to (h%r(h sin(e hymns (ame in and he insists on ha&in' all his +indo+s open e&en in +inter storms. :ranklin told her.' 9ne learns by e. +ho. pl%mp. horse.bitten mer(hant. :ranklin West(ott +as a &ery dear 'irlhood *riend o* hers and %nt 7ate solemnly a&ers that he m%rdered her.' entirely too harsh."!ebe((a De+. I think she's the a%nt o* a se(ond (o%sin o* Do&ie's on the mother's side . and also. I'll look a*ter yo%r o**sprin'. %nable to (all her so%l her o+n.' %nt 7ate. It is (ommon report that she +as a sla&e. <en Prin'le says it is her eyes <ar&is is really in lo&e +ith. ha&e been en'a'ed *or o&er a year b%t (an't 'et any '*orrader. ." said !ebe((a De+. somber. yo% +o%ld not *ind it hard to *or'i&e. . b%t I am probably the only person in S%mmerside +ho +o%ld. . . "I told yo% so. '8hildren sho%ld be seen and not heard.:ranklin West(ott is a tall. . b%t Mrs. +ith a red mo%th al+ays *allin' a little open o&er her small +hite teeth. I %sed to think the ada'e. lo&able 'irl o* nineteen.(ept that he has an %n(anny habit o* sayin' somethin' and then 'oin' o** into a lon' (h%(kle o* so%ndless la%' o&er the lo&es o* <ar&is Morro+ and Do&ie West(ott .

de(ent lad in himsel*. I simply (an't sit still and see people make a mess o* their li&es %nder my &ery nose. Milton's poems +ent *lyin' (lean o&er the *en(e into 2eor'e 8larke's lily pond. I'm 6%ite %nhappy abo%t it. -%t. /e +ants to be s%re o* a ho%sekeeper +hen %nt Ma''ie dies. .do+n thin' to do.ale. I s%ppose 2od has some reason *or makin' men like that. . nobody kne+ +hat.4 ":ranklin West(ott has ne&er allo+ed Do&ie to ha&e any bea%s and +hen <ar&is Morro+ be'an to 'pay her attention. s lon' as she has 'ood *ood and 'ood (lothes. . r%mor has it that he is 'ettin' o%t o* patien(e already and has been seen sa&a'ely (%ttin' Do&ie's name o%t o* a tree on +hi(h he had (%t it. moonli'ht on the poplars o* the yard . "here sho%ld be *airy dan(es on the hills toni'ht. tho%'h there's been a terrible lot o* romanti( nonsense talked abo%t elopin'. We had some deli'ht*%l ones +hen she +as at 2reen 2ables. :ranklin West(ott has 3%st made %p his mind that Do&ie is to be an old maid. Do&ie and <ar&is +ere already *athoms deep in lo&e. and I o* <en.strin'. no matter ho+ many tantr%ms :ranklin West(ott takes. '<ar&is Morro+ (o%ld ha&e any 'irl he +anted in S%mmerside. . b%t yo%'d +onder. -%t this is a (ase +here anybody +o%ld e. "I +ish I (o%ld take little Eli5abeth *or a +alk. yo% +o%ldn't belie&e ho+ *ond <en is o* me . . "It's moonli'ht toni'ht. . Miss Pro%ty says her mother told her that the yelps o* him +hen he +as born passed anythin' she e&er heard.(%se it. She is 'oin' on ten no+ and those t+o old ladies ha&en't the least idea +hat she needs. . .' de(lares !ebe((a De+. /e 3%st 'rabbed e&erythin' in si'ht and *l%n' it o%t o* the +indo+. nd it +ill be +orse +ith e&ery s%((eedin' year. <ar&is Morro+ is not 'oin' to +ait *ore&er . on my o+n pri&ate &alley . It's a kind o* lo+.' -%t the mis(hie* had been done. I'&e ne&er seen him in one o* his tantr%ms b%t I'&e heard Miss Pro%ty des(ribe ho+ he a(ted one time she +as there se+in'. I (an't see any (han(e *or <ar&is and Do&ie %nless they elope. belo&ed . . 2ilbert. :ranklin West(ott is really %nreasonable. o* 'ood *amily. moonli'ht on the old 'ra&eyard . nd it +ill be moonli'ht in Lo&er's Lane and on the Lake o* Shinin' Waters and the old /a%nted Wood and . "here is an attra(ti&e Palmer 'irl +ho is reported to be thro+in' hersel* at his head. . they (annot ima'ine her needin' anythin' more.' "'Isn't there any one +ho has any in*l%en(e +ith him)' I asked. too. nd i* yo% 'et the better o* him he thro+s a tantr%m.' "I don't kno+ +hat to do b%t I m%st do somethin'. "'=obody (an ar'%e +ith :ranklin West(ott. <ar&is is a s%((ess*%l yo%n' la+yer. . and his sister is said to ha&e said that his mother has said that her son has no need to dan'le *or years at any 'irl's apron.(ept *rom the +indo+. "'=othin' (o%ld be more s%itable. . spirit%ally and emotionally. "!eally.iolet . +ith 'ood prospe(ts."1In passin'. "I am be'innin' to be a little +orried abo%t her. . /e's al+ays kind o* had a 'r%d'e at li*e. . 3%st moonshine. What kind o* 'irlhood +ill the poor (hild ha&e)" . /e's too sar(asti(al. on the Storm 7in'.' he *orbade him the ho%se and told Do&ie there +as to be no more 'r%nnin' ro%nd +ith that *ello+. "E&erybody in to+n is in sympathy +ith the lo&ers. . . /e 'ot mad o&er somethin' . She lo&es a moonli'ht +alk. . and a &ery ni(e. =o. She's really the (%test thin'. . moonlit dimples all o&er the harbor +here a phantom ship is dri*tin' o%t+ards . -%t at home Eli5abeth ne&er sees moonli'ht e. moonli'ht +ith no one to share it is 3%st . 2ilbert dear.

yo% don't s%ppose I ha&en't tried. I'm (ra5y abo%t Do&ie ." "2reat Peter. nne) I'&e be''ed till I +as bla(k in the *a(e." "0o%'ll simply ha&e to make her do it. I'm be'innin' to *eel I'&e made mysel* rather ridi(%lo%s.6 <ar&is Morro+ +alked home *rom the /i'h S(hool 8ommen(ement +ith nne and told her his +oes. e&erybody in S%mmerside kno+s that. . nne. b%t it +on't 'et yo% any+here in this instan(e. "-%t somethin' has to be de(ided soon. . <ar&is. When she's +ith me she'll almost promise it. I (an't 'o on like this *ore&er. ." said <ar&is 'loomily. 0o% ha&en't any reali5ation o* +hat he's like. b%t the poor (hild is really *ond o* her *ather and she (an't bear the tho%'ht o* his ne&er *or'i&in' her. <ar&is +ants me to 'o to Mrs. . <ar&is. nne." said nne (oolly. .po+er le*t. . E&erybody says so.perien(e. and it %ould be a 'ood (han(e. <ar&is." "0o% (an ne&er tell." " nd s%ppose she (hooses him)" "I don't think there's any dan'er o* that. Mrs." Do&ie hersel* slipped into Windy Poplars a *e+ e&enin's later to (ons%lt nne. . What yo% need in this a**air is plain. yo% kno+ . . "he poor darlin' has been 'i&in' in to her *ather's +hims and (rot(hets so lon'. . some e&enin'. It seems odd. .(eptions to all r%les. s a r%le I don't appro&e o* elopements" 1"I said that like a tea(her o* *orty years' e. Well. ""hat so%nds like a remark !ebe((a De+ +o%ld make. %nt Ma''ie +o%ld ne&er s%spe(t. nd it +o%ldn't be an elopement . "Do&ie +o%ld better +at(h o%t. -%t I (an't 'et Do&ie to (han(e it. s yo% say. I (an't 'et her to a'ree. b%t it's 6%ite tr%e." tho%'ht nne +ith an %nseen 'rin4 "b%t there are e. She'd 3%st (ome to my sister <%lia's . it's 3%st as +ell *or yo% to reali5e it. nne. . . I* she doesn't (are eno%'h *or yo% to lea&e her *ather *or yo%." tho%'ht nne. . "0o%'ll ha&e to r%n a+ay +ith her. . hard (ommon sense. .t +eek attendin' a Masoni( ban6%et ." <ar&is 'roaned. I mi'ht as +ell kno+ the +orst. b%t the min%te she's home a'ain she sends me +ord she (an't. She's like a little red rose 3%st o%t o* rea(h . she hasn't any +ill. I'll make a last and *inal e**ort. Simple as that. and i* she doesn't. "What shall I do. Do&ie is so *ri'htened o* her *ather. Ste&ens. I (an't elope alone. :ather is to be in 8harlotteto+n one ni'ht ne. really." "It takes t+o to make a bar'ain. nne) What can I do) <ar&is +ants me to elope . pra(ti(ally. I'd ha&e the minister there and +e (o%ld be married respe(tably eno%'h to please anybody and 'o o&er to spend o%r honeymoon +ith %nt -ertha in 7in'sport. "ell Do&ie yo%'re tired o* shilly. "0o% ha&en't been %nder the th%mb o* :ranklin West(ott all yo%r li*e. I must rea(h her. . .shallyin' and that she m%st take yo% or lea&e yo%. do yo%. i* Do&ie really (ares *or me she'll (ome to me ." "0o% m%st tell her she has to (hoose bet+een her *ather and yo%. nne." "Poetry is a &ery 'ood thin' in its pla(e." "I* yo%'re be'innin' to *eel like that.

" she 6%aked and shi&ered . (oa. +ith D%sty Miller (oiled %p %nder her sto&e. b%t. I can&t li . yo% don't kno+ :ather. . "s%ppose it doesn't t%rn o%t +ell. I'm a*raid it's all +ron' . and +e'll 3%st step %p to <%lia's and be married in a bra(e o* shakes. "he +orld seemed a dreary o%tli&ed pla(e. I (an't ima'ine +hy . It +ill be my *a%lt. nne. . stop this$ "he +eather is all that's the matter +ith yo%. . t least. nd I (an't . please make %p my mind *or me. nd he'll ne&er *or'i&e me i* I r%n a+ay +ith <ar&is. nne Shirley. I'll sho+ him he +as mistaken. /e 3%st hates <ar&is . . "It's some one at the front door2/ said !ebe((a hollo+ly. seen thro%'h a 'ray dri55le. I'll tell <ar&is to 'o ahead and 'et the li(ense and I'll (ome to his sister's the ni'ht :ather is in 8harlotteto+n. :ranklin West(ott said I sho%ld ne&er 'et his da%'hter. . Do&ie +o%ld ne&er ha&e a'reed to it i* I hadn't ad&ised her to. nd s%ppose :ranklin West(ott ne&er *or'i&es her." ""hat's 3%st +hat <ar&is said. !ebe((a dear. . do yo% really think I o%'ht to)" Do&ie li*ted a s+eet. ll my *olks +ill be there. "-%t I'm 'oin' to take yo%r ad&i(e. 0o% kno+ they ne&er let 'o on(e they take hold. nne ran do+n. . he +as so stern . "9h. I'm s%re you +o%ldn't ad&ise me to take any step that +as +ron'. s+allo+in' a sob. "9h. "here (ame a th%ndero%s kno(k at the *ront door. . (orre(tin' s(hool papers. "Poor Do&ie hasn't a &ery ni(e day *or her +eddin'.in' *a(e. nne +as in her to+er room. "It's all ri'ht. o%r bi' b%ll. it's only <ar&is . i . s%ppose . my dear 'irl. . . "Please. . . i ." +ept Do&ie.Ste&ens' and be married there. so it +ill make the poor darlin' 6%ite (om*ortable. :ather *orbade him the ho%se and told him he'd set the do' on him i* he e&er (ame a'ain . &e +itho%t him. "I'm to meet her at the end o* the lane ne. nne. . . . nne. ." Do&ie's &oi(e broke on a tear*%l note. nne. any+ay. she +on't ha&e me 'o do+n to the ho%se *or *ear %nt Ma''ie mi'ht see me . . <%st (omin' into S%mmerside and bein' married amon' his *riends isn't elopin'." -y ni'ht the rain had (eased b%t the air +as (old and ra+ and the sky lo+erin'. (an yo%) /o+ (an anybody hate <ar&is) When he (alled on me the *irst time.t "%esday ni'ht . . I ne&er sa+ him like that be*ore. I'm 3%st distra(ted. '%sty sho+ers dri*ted o&er the hills." " nd +hy don't yo%. . . . a*ter all." 7 "%esday +as a 'loomy day in late =o&ember. . ." ":ather +ill (all it so. 9((asional (old. ." said Do&ie. "S%ppose ." tho%'ht nne. nd don't (all it elopin'." "0o% m%st (hoose bet+een them. Do&ie)" "9h. Do&ie. . nne motioned her ba(k. !ebe((a De+ poked an alarmed head o%t o* her bedroom door." <ar&is told nne tri%mphantly that Do&ie had yielded at last." ""hen li&e +ith him.

0o%'&e ba(ked %s %p ri'ht alon'. the minister's there . . <ar&is dro&e her to the lon' lane o* Elm(ro*t. b%t her tears only e. rather %n(eremonio%sly." said %nt Ma''ie stolidly. "Do&ie West(ott. don't *ail me no+." "<ar&is. do yo%) -esides. It isn't late . %nt Ma''ie may ha&e lo(ked her %p." %nt Ma''ie 'est%red to the stairs and +addled o%t to the kit(hen. . b%t she +o%ld not let him (ome *%rther." said <ar&is +ildly. "We'&e +aited hours . tho%'h she +as an e. only nine. . +rinkled +oman +ho had ne&er been (onsidered &ery bri'ht mentally. . . I sa+ him *rom the side to+er +indo+ and I kno+ he +ants to see me. nne. . "/e +o%ldn't say boo to a tramp. Do 'o. %nt Ma''ie. please$" "I s%ppose I'm in *or it. . tonight. "here's no one else I (an tr%st . a little bent. I 3%st +ant a little important in*ormation. . . -%t I'&e 'ot to $no%. +hate&er is the matter)" "Do&ie hasn't (ome. yo%. is Do&ie home)" "Do&ie's in bed. . a*ter a h%rried rap. 0o% don't s%ppose I +as a*raid o* the do'.bordered lane. "0es. it mi'ht (ompli(ate matters *or Do&ie in (ase her *ather has (ome home. " %nt Ma''ie. I didn't dare 'o do+n to the ho%se be(a%se I didn't kno+ +hat had happened. and Do&ie hasn't (ome. did yo% *or'et that yo% promised to marry <ar&is Morro+ toni'ht . and my *riends . I +aited *or her at the end o* the lane till I +as hal* (ra5y." said nne +ith a shr%' o* despair. . "he moon o((asionally broke thro%'h the +indy (lo%ds. "hat old br%te o* a :ranklin West(ott may ha&e (ome ba(k. nne. "here seemed to be only one li'ht in Elm(ro*t . . . " s yo% say. and <%lia has s%pper ready ." " nd be (he+ed %p by the b%lldo')" said nne sar(asti(ally. s (o%ld be seen by the li'ht o* a tiny (andle. ""his is the last stra+. ." "-etter 'o %p to her room then.(ellent ho%sekeeper. . ." "<ar&is Morro+$" !ebe((a +ent ba(k and sh%t her door.Morro+. . "In bed) Is she si(k)" "=ot as I kno+s on." nne h%rried do+n the lon'.asperated nne. shinin' *rom the kit(hen +indo+. tree. Do&ie says yo% are the only real *riend she has. no one else +ho kno+s. ""hat old do'$" said <ar&is (ontempt%o%sly. It's the one on the ri'ht side as yo% 'o %p. nne. b%t *or the most part it +as 'r%esomely dark and she +as not a little d%bio%s abo%t the do'. I simply don't +ant to make any tro%ble *or Do&ie at home i* they'&e *o%nd o%t. %nt Ma''ie hersel* opened the side door to nne. %nt Ma''ie +as a &ery old sister o* :ranklin West(ott's. I . She seemed to be in a dither all day. . he's al+ays sh%t %p at ni'ht. *ter s%pper she says she +as tired and %ps and 'oes to bed. Do&ie sat %p as nne +alked in. 9h. Do&ie +as in tears. yo% m%st 'o to Elm(ro*t and *ind o%t +hy she hasn't (ome." "Me)" said nne in(red%lo%sly and %n'rammati(ally." "I m%st see her *or a moment./ .

. I'm so %nhappy . and 'et dressed . at once . nne. . +ith lo&ely de(orations . is he &ery an'ry. "I ha&en't any s%itable dress ." "Do&ie. . . . 'ettin' too ti'ht *or me. . +hat i* %nt Ma''ie hears %s$" "She +on't. . "9h. 0o% (an ne&er. nd :ather . arried in (h%r(h . . . . . . .do5en pretty dresses. bitin'ly. She's sh%t in the kit(hen and yo% kno+ she's a little dea*. . 0o% m%st kno+ <ar&is Morro+ +ill ne&er speak to yo% a'ain i* yo% make a *ool o* him like this. . and (ome +ith me. Do&ie. nne. /e isn't 'oin' to let yo% play inde*initely +ith his li*e. nne. . nne. . . . -%t <ar&is (o%ldn't see her eyes in the dark and he +as 3%st a little annoyed +ith his adored *air one and rather (ool d%rin' the dri&e to to+n. . "Is he . . that's 3%st the tro%ble. . . . . . 9h. . . l ." "It isn't too late. . my heart is *l%tterin' so. . . ""his dress is ' . . . I (o%ldn't. . no . I only be'an to think o* them last ni'ht. ." she sobbed as nne hooked her %p. no .a. yo% m%st kno+ that."=o . nne)" "<%st +hat yo% (o%ld noti(e" . nne. s . nne)" "0o% look lo&ely." "I kno+ +hat poor <ar&is has 'one thro%'h. lo&e me. Do&ie. "9h. . ." " nd I ha&en't any tro%ssea%. P%t on yo%r rose ta**eta. ." said nne sin(erely. Do&ie. like yo%. . +aitin' *or t+o ho%rs at that lane in the (old and dri55le. . . . . . do yo% +ant me to dra' yo% bodily o%t o* bed)" Do&ie sh%ddered and si'hed. there's really somethin' dis'ra(e*%l abo%t elopin'. I . . 'et ri'ht o%t o* that bed . m ." "9h. and s . ." "/e +on't. . /ere's yo%r hat and (oat and I'&e t%mbled a *e+ thin's into this ba'. . . I ne&er slept one +ink last ni'ht." "9h. . . . i* yo%'&e a 'rain o* sense. Do&ie's satin skin +as rose and (ream and all her tears hadn't spoiled her eyes." "0o% (an 'et one a*ter+ards. I kno+ <ar&is Morro+. I (o%ldn't 'o thro%'h +ith it . . anyho+. I'll 'i&e yo% 3%st ten min%tes to 'et dressed$" Do&ie +as dressed in the spe(i*ied time. nd it's no+ or ne&er . . ." "0o%'&e hal*. I +ish I +as tall and slim and pale. . "I* I 'et m%(h *atter I don't s%ppose <ar&is +ill l . nne. . yo% don't kno+ :ather. it's too late no+. didn't yo% +ei'h all these thin's in the balan(e be*ore)" "=o . +ell." +himpered Do&ie. nne. nd I +o%ldn't 'et any ni(e presents . ." said nne mer(ilessly. . . ." " nne . I'&e p%t in s%(h a dread*%l day. "he Morro+s +ill al+ays (ast that %p to me. il&er slippers$" "Do&ie West(ott. he'll *or'i&e me +hen he kno+s . Do I look terrible. I'&e al+ays +anted to be m . ' . . . and a +hite &eil and dress . I 3%st 'ot *ri'htened. . . ne&er kno+ +hat I'&e 'one thro%'h. not many.

"Well. o* (o%rse :ranklin West(ott +o%ldn't kill lands(ape o* a =o&ember *o' +ith a rather sinkin' sensation per&adin' her bein'. 0o% (an smooth him o&er i* anybody (an. Miss Shirley. Do&ie." a'reed nne r%e*%lly. in man or +oman. and somebody has 'ot to tell him. /e'll be home early tomorro+ e&enin' . +as the one +eapon nne dreaded. ." When nne 'ot home !ebe((a De+ had rea(hed the point +here she had to satis*y her (%riosity or 'o mad. What nne rather (attishly des(ribed in a letter to 2ilbert as "the honeymoon look" +as already on her *a(e. It +as not e. . +ith a s6%are o* *lannel +rapped ro%nd her head. nne darlin'.a(tly a deli'ht*%l errand. 8 nne betook hersel* to Elm(ro*t the ne. darlin'." said Do&ie (om*ortin'ly. "'I* they take hold they ne&er let 'o.":or /ea&en's sake. I* I +as in yo%r shoes. and so +ill Mrs." Do&ie +as 6%ite all ri'ht as soon as she *o%nd hersel* irre&o(ably married to <ar&is. " nd don't (ry . Sho%ld she try 'oin' ro%nd to the side door) "hen the tho%'ht that :ranklin West(ott mi'ht be +at(hin' her *rom the +indo+ . . "9h. simply terrible. be the brin'er o* ill ne+s.'" she said sar(asti(ally. '=e&er. yo% don't kno+ . +ill yo% do 3%st one more thin' *or me) Please break the ne+s to :ather. -%t he +o%ld probably e. . She *ollo+ed nne to the to+er room in her ni'ht. Well. " nne. he mi'ht thro+ somethin' at her. -%t I don't en&y yo% the 3ob o* breakin' the ne+s to him.o&er hersel* 3%st then@ b%t she also *elt rather %neasily responsible *or the o%t(ome o* the a**air. Wo%ld he 'ibber +ith ra'e) nne had ne&er seen a man 'ibberin' +ith ra'e and she ima'ined it m%st be a rather %npleasant si'ht. so she 'a&e the re6%ired promise. .'" remembered nne." Elm(ro*t +as an old.t e&enin'.er(ise his noted 'i*t *or %npleasant sar(asm. and sar(asm." "I *eel that it +on't be a &ery pleasant e.*ashioned ho%se +ith to+ers at e&ery (orner and a b%lbo%s (%pola on the roo*. . . nd at the top o* the *li'ht o* *ront steps sat the do'. here I am. I +o%ldn't sleep one blessed +ink toni'ht. 8aptain Ma(8omber be. <ar&is) nd. . . .perien(e. don't look so s(ared o&er ha&in' to marry me. raised blisters on her so%l that smarted *or months. "9* (o%rse he'll be terrible . " %nt <amesina %sed to say.'" re*le(ted nne. nne. . nne did not *ear physi(al &iolen(e . oh. +ill +e.%ppan(e at last. /e'll ra'e and %tter &ain thin's. Please do yo%r best to 'et him to *or'i&e me. tho%'h i* all the tales told o* him +ere tr%e. .yo% (an't reali5e . "She +as as +ise in that as in e&erythin' else.dress. . "-%t I'm real 'lad :ranklin West(ott has 'ot his (ome. and heard the +hole story. We'll ne&er *or'et it. nne . . +alkin' thro%'h the dream. It's nearly ten o'(lo(k and +e'&e 'ot to (at(h the ele&en o'(lo(k train. b%t he (an't kill yo%." nne *elt she rather needed some smoothin'. . i* yo% (an help it. I s%ppose this is +hat yo% mi'ht (all 'li*e. It al+ays h%rt her ." he said impatiently as she (ame do+n the stairs o* the Ste&ens ho%se. it +ill make yo%r nose s+ell. . s Do&ie had said. ho+ safe I *eel +ith <ar&is. +e o+e it all to yo%.

le''ed leather (hair opposite nne. West(ott. yo%'&e a((omplished more than I e&er tho%'ht anybody (o%ld. . /e h%n' %p his hat and (oat in the hall# he stood in the library door+ay +ith a &ery de(ided s(o+l on his bro+. and bearskin r%'s on the +orn red (arpet o* the *loor. "0o% m%stn't blame Do&ie. "When)" he said. =ot a m%s(le o* :ranklin West(ott's lean bro+n *a(e (han'ed. shabby room. . "Mr. :ranklin West(ott looked at her *or a moment o%t o* yello+ish bro+n eyes deeply set %nder pentho%ses o* 'ri55led eyebro+. at his sister's. nne *o%nd hersel* likin' the "liberry." It +as a (heer*%l. "hen he thre+ ba(k his head and +ent into one o* his spasms o* so%ndless la%'hter. past the do' and ran' the bell. it's yo%. her head held hi'h. nne tho%'ht the do' had de(idedly the better manners. West(ott. . please hear me thro%'h patiently be*ore . =one (ame. "he do' had 'ot %p and *ollo+ed them in. . . 9* the t+o.bra(ed her %p. :ranklin West(ott e&idently did himsel* +ell in re'ard to books and pipes. +ith a *ire 'lo+in' (o5ily in the 'rate. &ery patient. and she *elt a repetition o* it. !esol%tely. Miss Shirley. When nne 'lan(ed at him o&er her sho%lder he +as apparently asleep." said :ranklin West(ott. "he do' had not stirred. "Last ni'ht . /e (ame in and sat do+n in the bandy. "I ha&e (ome to tell yo%. #as he tryin' to be sar(asti() "=o. West(ott. "9h. it transpired. So please *or'i&e her. Mr. nne re(alled that her impression o* him the *irst time she had seen him +as that o* a rather 'entlemanly pirate. re(o&erin' her po+ers o* spee(h no+ that the a+*%l re&elation +as o&er." "I'll bet it +asn't. . Pro(eed$" nne de(ided that there +as no %se beatin' abo%t the b%sh +ith a man like :ranklin West(ott. I +as be'innin' to be a*raid she'd . nne had a moment o* +onderin' +hat he had looked like +hen he +as a baby. :ranklin West(ott. Presently she heard him (ome in. "Well. %nt Ma''ie (on&oyed nne into +hat she (alled the "liberry" and le*t her there. ." said nne." "hen she +aited *or the earth6%ake. I made her do it. and +hat do yo% +ant)" /e had not e&en o**ered to shake hands +ith her. +as not at home b%t +as e. "I* yo%'&e mana'ed to make Sibyl elope +ith <ar&is Morro+. . . ." said nne earnestly. =e&er +o%ld she 'i&e him the satis*a(tion o* seein' that she +as a*raid o* his do'. "It +asn't her *a%lt. she mar(hed %p the steps. is it)" he said rather 'r%**ly. . Mr. "that Do&ie has married <ar&is Morro+. . /e (ame and arran'ed himsel* at nne's *eet. simply and bra&ely. it +as all e&ery min%te. . as the 8harlotteto+n train +as d%e." "I am patient . "I ad&ised her to elo ." she said steadily." :ranklin West(ott (oolly pi(ked %p a pipe and be'an to *ill it." said nne. to be married .

She (o%ld ne&er re*%se an opport%nity *or a 'ood la%'h. . belie&in' all the yarns 'ossip told yo%. She'd ne&er ha&e 'ot %p the (o%ra'e to do it i* it hadn't been *or yo%. <ar&is' *ather broke three 'irls' hearts be(a%se their *amilies thre+ them at his head." said nne. ha&en't yo% no+)" nne nodded. I kne+ he +o%ldn't keep on +antin' her i* she +as too easy to 'et. not i* I kno+ the breed. b%t I'&e had a narro+ es(ape$ I'm yo%rs to (ommand *or li*e. She's a ni(e (hild b%t she is spineless. So I *orbade him to (ome near the pla(e and *orbade Sibyl to ha&e a +ord to say to him and 'enerally played the hea&y parent to per*e(tion. I'&e been thinkin' she'd ne&er ha&e the pl%(k to marry him in my teeth. In <ar&is' (ase I kne+ e. e&en +hen it +as on hersel*. 0o%'&e been told a. "hey're a 'ood *amily. (rabbed and (r%sty. i* yo%'&e 'ot yo%r breath ba(k. I shooed them o**. "E&ery one a'reed that yo% +ere (ranky." nne's sense o* h%mor had a'ain (ome to her res(%e. "he b%lldo' had 'ot his head on her lap and +as snorin' bliss*%lly.plenty. and I'm pro*o%ndly 'rate*%l to yo%. West(ott. /e listened to the tale. =o+. %nbosom yo%rsel* o* the +hole story. 8aptain . nne +as so m%(h at sea she didn't kno+ +hat to say. nd <ar&is Morro+ +o%ldn't ha&e risked bein' made a *ool o* t+i(e . /e'd sho+ the old man$ -%t he +as so pop%lar +ith the 'irls that I (o%ld hardly belie&e the in(redible l%(k +hen he did really take a 'en%ine *an(y to her. Soon as the other boys be'an takin' noti(e o* her. . " nd I s%ppose they told yo% I +as a tyrant and made my poor +i*e's li*e miserable and r%led my *amily +ith a rod o* iron)" "0es@ b%t I really did take all that +ith a 'rain o* salt. b%t the men don't +ant thin's they (an 'et easily. nd then I'd ha&e had to ba(k do+n ." "Sensible 'al$ My +i*e +as a happy +oman. "hat 'a&e <ar&is his *irst notion o* her. Miss Shirley. my dear yo%n' lady.a(tly +hat +o%ld happen. "that yo% (ame here in *ear and tremblin' to break the terrible ne+s to me)" "0es. :ranklin West(ott (h%(kled so%ndlessly. nd she s%ddenly *elt &ery +ell a(6%ainted +ith :ranklin West(ott. en3oyable +hi**s o* his pipe. I kne+ the Morro+s root and bran(h. I *elt that Do&ie (o%ldn't be as *ond o* yo% as she +as i* yo% +ere as dread*%l as 'ossip painted yo%. Why. 0o%'re a real bri(k to (ome here as yo% did. It all +orked o%t a((ordin' to s(hed%le. . Sibyl +o%ld *all head o&er heels in lo&e +ith him . 0o% don't. . ho+ +e West(otts hate ba(kin' do+n$ 0o%'&e sa&ed my *a(e. "alk abo%t the (harm o* the %n(a%'ht$ It's nothin' to the (harm o* the %n(at(hable. "hey al+ays 'o by (ontraries. . "I s%ppose. nd they're determined to 'et a thin' +hen they're told they (an't. .ne&er ha&e ba(kbone eno%'h to do it. "0o% needn't ha&e. takin' 6%iet. a tri*le shortly. I pi(ked <ar&is Morro+ o%t *or Sibyl +hen they +ere kids. 0o% (o%ldn't ha&e bro%'ht me more +el(ome ne+s. and he'd be tired o* her in no time. and Lord." "here +as a &ery lo%d silen(e +hile :ranklin West(ott tamped his toba((o do+n and looked +ith an am%sed t+inkle at nne's *a(e. "hen I laid o%t my plan o* (ampai'n." he said. "I see I'm more in yo%r debt e&en than I tho%'ht. nd +hen Mrs. When nne had *inished he nodded (om*ortably." she said (andidly. 2osh. Miss Shirley. b%t I str%(k a sna' in Sibyl's spinelessness. Mr.

She had been on tenterhooks d%rin' nne's absen(e. -esides. 0o%'re not 'oin') Stay and ha&e a bite o* s%pper +ith a lonely old *ello+ robbed o* his only +help. " l+ays remember. nd neither did they.bro+n hair . "here +asn't a +oman in S%mmerside had more ni(e 3e+elry. thank yo%.. .that +as old Pro%ty's embroidery. I did *ire the book thro%'h the +indo+.t . the +ind had shi*ted and there +as a look o* *rost in the pale 'reen sky." re*le(ted nne. it +as "ennyson's." "I +on't. ." "Well. /ad to be." he said solemnly. "People told me I didn't kno+ :ranklin West(ott.' 4o% all I ha&e to do is to pretend to be heart. . "0o% ha&e (ertainly 'ot a +ay +ith yo%. I re&eren(e Milton b%t I (an't abide l*red. I al+ays 'a&e her a rin' or a ne(kla(e or some s%(h 'a%d a*ter I (almed do+n. I (o%ldn't ha&e stood it i* a man had +alked into (h%r(h +ith a handsomer +i*e than me. I r%led my ho%sehold as a man sho%ld b%t not tyranni(ally. man has a ri'ht to ha&e a ro+ +ith his +i*e no+ and then." "I ne&er did see the beat o* yo%. "he b%lldo' sat %p on his ha%n(hes and (ried a*ter her. West(ott. nd thank yo% . . "hose last t+o lines o* +noch Arden made me so mad one ni'ht. I m%st 'et it o%t and 'i&e it to Sibyl. b%t Mollie didn't mind them a*ter she 'ot %sed to them. 2ood 'osh. that$ It +asn't Milton's poems . I had a spell o* temper no+ and then. . <ar&is m%st ne&er s%spe(t.Ma(8omber tells yo% I b%llied her to death. "What abo%t Milton's poems)" "Milton's poems) 9h. *or talkin' people ro%nd.'" 6%oted nne +earily as she (limbed the three steps into her bed that ni'ht. :ranklin West(ott sa+ her (o%rteo%sly to the door. "-%t 3%st +ait till the ne." said !ebe((a De+ admirin'ly." "'Somethin' attempted. b%t I ha&e to attend a meetin' o* the sta** toni'ht. I'd *or'i&e anybody anythin' *or that. no do%bt. hasn't he) Women 'et tired o* monotono%s h%sbands. broken and resi'ned and *or'i&e her sadly *or the sake o* her poor mother. s%(h 'olden. Miss Shirley. 9h. . thro%'h the so*t." nne +ent +i(ked. 0o%'&e no idea ho+ I'd ha&e hated to ha&e to ba(k do+n and say. . It didn&t 'o into 2eor'e 8larke's lily pond. ""hey +ere ri'ht .+hite skin ." "/o+ did he take it)" !ebe((a De+ +as keen to kno+. Mr. somethin' done has earned a ni'ht's repose." promised nne. Mollie +as pretty . I'll ha&e to *lin' a party *or them. . o* (o%rse. E. Don't you 'i&e the sho+ a+ay. I'll do it bea%ti*%lly . "=ot so badly a*ter all." nne betook hersel* home. +hat a relie* this has been to my mind." said nne (on*identially . "I thin$ he'll *or'i&e Do&ie in time. . . I didn't. It (an be done so that the animal'll ne&er kno+ he's lost his hide. '"ake her. 2i&e my lo&e to !ebe((a De+. ti(k her o** *or me.and. . I'll be seein' yo% +hen Sibyl (omes ba(k. :ranklin West(ott took his pipe o%t o* his mo%th at the door and tapped her on the sho%lder +ith it. . "there's more than one +ay to skin a (at. . "he *o' had (leared.. -%t I pi(ked it %p the ne. . prettier than Sibyl.(%se my (ommon +ay. i* yo% stroke her the ri'ht +ay. s%(h de+y bl%e eyes$ She +as the prettiest +oman in S%mmerside. (alm e&enin'.t day *or the sake o* the Bugle Song. /e's too si(kly s+eet. S%(h a pink. ni(e old p%ss." "I'm really sorry I (an't.

"Miss Miner&a 'oes o%t &ery little. +ith a lon'. . . a ho%se +ith 'reat (himneys.a(tly as yo% +o%ld e. the sole s%r&i&or o* si. "he "om'allons (o%ld all talk the hind le' o** a ( a Miner&a "om'allon to look .person asks my ad&i(e abo%t elopin'$" 9 (+. . and I don't think I e&er heard any one en3oy makin' a presentation spee(h more.*ashioned. . . Miss Miner&a "om'allon. I hope she +on't talk yo% to death. nd no+ there is le*t o* them all only Miss Miner&a.' she said in a rather a+ed tone. She li&es alone in a h%'e ho%se on E%een Street ." "I am in&ited to ha&e s%pper tomorro+ ni'ht +ith a lady o* S%mmerside. nd they liked to be in the *ront o* thin's. !ebe((a De+ tells me. . 0o%'ll say I'&e been readin' Di(kens too lon' and too late. aren't yo% 'lad yo%r name is -lythe) I am s%re I (o%ld ne&er marry yo% i* it +ere "om'allon.(eptin' to the n'li(an (h%r(h. . tall and thin. "he Prin'les are m%shrooms (ompared to them. "'It's a 'reat honor to be asked to "om'allon /o%se. 2ilbert. Well. ele'an(e. "Dearest. and her lar'e bla(k eyes are still *%ll o* *ire and dark l%ster. 'enerations o* "om'allons. ""his is the %ltimate honor S%mmerside has to besto+ . tho%'h some+hat old. She +as 6%ite a bea%ty +hen she +as yo%n'. I kno+ yo% +on't belie&e me. =o nonsense abo%t Elms or 8hestn%ts or 8ro*ts *or the "om'allons.tract from letter to Gilbert. narro+ +hite *a(e. When I told !ebe((a De+. It's so dressy. . e. b%t someho+ +hene&er I +alk past it I *eel that it is a pla(e +hi(h li*e has *or'otten. nne "om'allon$ =o. .' "'I'm a*raid it +o%ld be rather too "dressy" *or a 6%iet e&enin' o%t. She s%**ers *rom no la(k o* +ords. +hen she (ame to a meetin' o* sta** and tr%stees to make a *ormal 'i*t o* her *ather's &al%able library to the s(hool. "Miss Miner&a +as espe(ially ni(e to me. "I %nderstand they +ere the '!oyal :amily' in old days. a (ook and a maid. "o be s%re. :an(y .'lass +indo+ in a pri&ate ho%se in to+n. I ne&er heard o* Miss Miner&a askin' any o* the prin(ipals there be*ore. It has no other name. "hat doesn't so%nd &ery attra(ti&e. Miss Shirley. What are yo% 'oin' to +ear. an in&itation to "om'allon /o%se. It is &ery +ell kept %p. . yet Miss Miner&a is 6%ite handsome in a stately. +hen I tell yo% her name is "om'allon . yo% (an't *an(y it. and I had ne&er met her %ntil a *e+ +eeks a'o. . a lon' thin nose and a lon' thin mo%th. It is bi' eno%'h *or *o%r *amilies and is o((%pied only by Miss Miner&a. she opened her eyes as +idely as i* I had been in&ited to -%(kin'ham Pala(e. so I s%ppose it +o%ld hardly ha&e been proper.' I said. Some *olks think the reason Miss Miner&a li&es so retired is be(a%se no+ that she's old she (an't take the lead as she %sed to do and she +on't play se(ond *iddle to any one. they +ere all men. and yesterday I re(ei&ed a *ormal little note in&itin' me to ha&e s%pper +ith her. 'reen sh%tters and the only stained. aristo(rati( style and is al+ays dressed +ith 'reat. She looks e. Miss Shirley) I'd like to see yo% +ear yo%r (ream silk 'a%5e +ith yo%r bla(k &el&et bo+s.

b%t at bedtime +hen she +as (allin' D%sty Miller *rom the ba(k por(h %nt 7ate said 6%ietly# "'0o% needn't (all D%sty Miller. b%t i* I hadn't +ritten I +o%ld be *ore&er ha%nted by the (on&i(tion that I o%'ht to ha&e done it. I think I'll +ear my 'reen &oile. *or D%sty Miller and I ha&e been e. I s%ppose yo%'ll think I'm meddlin' a'ain in other *olks' b%siness. b%t I told him plainly that he o%'ht to take Eli5abeth.(ellent *riends. -%t I had to do somethin'. so I took a (han(e and addressed him in (are o* it. at least. ha&in' 'one to the (o%ntry to help a relati&e hook r%'s. be(a%se Miss Pro%ty had seen the per*orman(e and told me abo%t it +hen she (ame to se+ *or the +ido+s ne. 0o% +ill not be bothered +ith him any more. '!ebe((a De+ +ill be a happy +oman. When she ret%rned at d%sk nothin' +as said. 8ampbell +as really too se&ere and stri(t +ith her.' "!ebe((a +as a+ay *or the day. !ebe((a. lookin' %p at the sky. I think. and the 'hosts o* the "om'allons m%st make the best o* it.' she said to me +ist*%lly. I kne+ she had done somethin' odd. "-e*ore I (lose I m%st tell yo% abo%t D%sty Miller. What kind o* a 'irlhood +ill she ha&e +ith them in that 'loomy old pla(e) "'I +onder.' ""his is +hat I did# ' %rote to her father. '+hat it +o%ld be like to ha&e a 'randmother yo% +eren't a*raid o*. We ha&e *o%nd a home *or him else+here. /e is not here. b%t !ebe((a De+ had heard and remembered the name o* the *irm +hose bran(h he r%ns there. %nt 8hatty said they had 'i&en him to Mrs. /e li&es in Paris and I didn't kno+ his address.' "I* !ebe((a De+ (o%ld ha&e t%rned pale she +o%ld ha&e done so.' "=e&ertheless. I'll not be in S%mmerside ne. 9ne e&enin' last +eek +hen I (ame home *rom s(hool there +as no D%sty Miller. I *elt sorry. "he "om'allons all liked their (ompany to be ni(ely arrayed. "hey say Miss Miner&a's 'rand*ather on(e sh%t the door in the *a(e o* a +oman +ho had been asked there to a ball. Perhaps nothin' +ill (ome o* it. +ho li&es on the other side o* S%mmerside *rom Windy Poplars. "'I tho%'ht 2od mi'ht pay more attention to a letter than a prayer."'Miss Miner&a +o%ld like it. She tho%'ht Eli5abeth +as 'ettin' '6%eer' .best dress. "I'm 'oin' to (on*ess somethin' I did last +eek. I +rote as diplomati( a letter as I (o%ld. /e told her her best +as none too 'ood *or the "om'allons. Edmonds. She said she had stopped on the +ay home *rom s(hool. not lon' a'o. 'talkin' to the sky like that. . "What made me think o* it +as Eli5abeth tellin' me &ery serio%sly one day that she had '+ritten a letter to 2od. 'I'&e prayed so lon'. in the middle o* a &a(ant lot.' ""hat ni'ht I +rote to her *ather. and read it. . be(a%se she (ame in her se(ond.' "I asked Eli5abeth abo%t it and she told me. '-%t. "'=ot here) :o%nd a home *or him) 2ood 'rie*$ Isn't this his home)' . 2ilbert.t day.' I tho%'ht.t year and I (an't bear the tho%'ht o* lea&in' little Eli5abeth to the mer(y o* those t+o %nlo&in' old +omen +ho are 'ro+in' bitterer and narro+er e&ery year. Some time a'o %nt 7ate told me that she *elt she m%st *ind another home *or him be(a%se !ebe((a De+ kept (omplainin' abo%t him so that she *elt she really (o%ld not end%re it any lon'er. I told him ho+ she lon's *or and dreams abo%t him and that Mrs. /e m%st 'et so many prayers.' askin' /im to brin' her *ather ba(k to her and make him lo&e her.' she said.

' "'"hat's ri'ht. It so%nds as i* she +anted all S%mmerside to kno+ that D%sty Miller is ba(k +here he belon's and that she has on(e more 'ot the better o* the +ido+s$" . . a &al%able lesson$ =e&er a'ain +ill I allo+ my a**e(tions to t+ine themsel&es aro%nd an animal o* any kind or des(ription. Well. I serio%sly do%bt it. Ma(8omber. +ho +o%ldn't b%y a bit o* li&er *or the poor (reat%re i* he +as dyin' *or it$ "he only (ompany I had in the kit(hen$' "'-%t. .' said !ebe((a bitterly.' said %nt 7ate desperately. . . . I +onder$ Was it all a deep.' said %nt 7ate in be+ilderment. 9nly last +eek yo% said . "'"his is the last stra+. takin' ad&anta'e o* me like that$ I ne&er heard o* anythin' so dirt mean$ -%t +ho am I that I sho%ld e.' "'!ebe((a. <ane Edmonds has 'ot her (la+s in him. all I hope is that yo%r (ons(ien(e +on't tro%ble yo% the ne. lea&e. this has been a lesson *or me . . %nt 8hatty bro%'ht D%sty Miller home in a (o&ered basket. . ' +on't sleep a +ink +hen it happens. (allin' that (at *or hours rather than lea&e him o%t to *ree5e. She has been &ery lonely sin(e her da%'hter married and tho%'ht a ni(e (at +o%ld be (ompany. 'I'll be lea&in' at the end o* the month.' "'Why didn't yo% say so be*ore then)' demanded !ebe((a De+. I (a%'ht a 'lan(e e. Edmonds. Mrs. 'I don't %nderstand. .' said %nt 7ate. . Well. '8ast thin's %p to me$ Don't ha&e any re'ard *or my *eelin's$ "hat poor dear 8at$ I'&e +aited on him and pampered him and 'ot %p ni'hts to let him in.' she said. nd to Sarah Edmonds. . keep on . and +hat *or) "hat <ane Edmonds sho%ld ha&e a +ell. Ma(8omber. .(han'ed bet+een her and %nt 7ate a*ter !ebe((a had (arried D%sty Miller o%t to the kit(hen and sh%t the door. b%t o* (o%rse that doesn't matter an old shoe to any one. . nd no+ he's been spirited a+ay behind my ba(k +itho%t so m%(h as a by. I'&e looked a*ter his health and his morals .yo%r. ' nd i* he (omes ba(k yo% +on't lea&e %s. b%t behind my ba(k . b%t I do%bt it . yo%'&e al+ays . I am not a +orm.trained (at *or (ompany. aided and abetted by <ane Edmonds) "!ebe((a has ne&er %ttered a +ord o* (omplaint abo%t D%sty Miller sin(e and there is a &eritable (lan' o* &i(tory in her &oi(e +hen she sho%ts *or him at bedtime.laid plot on the part o* the +ido+s. +ho had apparently re&erted to 3elly. +ith the air o* one makin' a tremendo%s (on(ession. Ma(8omber. ' nd I do%bt it. 0o%'&e al+ays disliked D%sty my *eelin's to be (onsidered$' "'!ebe((a.' "!ebe((a De+ (ame in and sh%t the door. I hope she'll stand o%t in the *rost at ni'hts. "=e. I'&e ne&er seen !ebe((a De+'s eyes emit s%(h sparkles o* ra'e. !ebe((a.' said !ebe((a. Well. . i* yo% +o%ld only .t day. . nd i* yo%'d done it open and abo&eboard . Is it likely she'll 'i&e him %p)' "'I think she +ill. neither am I a doormat. 'i* yo% +ant D%sty Miller ba(k +e (an 'et him ba(k.t time it's ten belo+ 5ero. . nd indeed it seemed to be.' "'Mrs. . +ill yo%. Ma(8omber. !ebe((a. Mrs. as I'&e done. . She looked &ery +ild. .' "'-%t. . Mrs."'We ha&e 'i&en him to Mrs.' "'9h. . keep on$ Don't let me 'et a +ord in ed'e+ise. I'&e raised that (at *rom a kitten . and sooner i* yo% (an be s%ited. !ebe((a)' "'I may think it o&er.

My sister . shallo+ steps *lanked by stone %rns and stonier lions. hi'h. =e&ertheless she looked &ery (harmin' in her 'reen &oile and perhaps Miss Miner&a. my dear.+armin' 'i&en to (elebrate the (ompletion o* his ne+ home. S%(h an ill%mination in her honor rather o&er(ame nne. that led to the massi&e *ront door o* "om'allon /o%se." "=o. . "I al+ays liked red hair. 'i&in' nne a bony hand. We %sed to ha&e a 'reat many parties and entertained all the &isitin' (elebrities. +indy Mar(h e&enin'. I entertain &ery little./ Miss Miner&a in*%sed s%(h a 'r%esome tin'e o* mystery and horror into her tones that nne almost shi&ered.haired "om'allon. My %nt Lydia had it . she +as the only red. my dear) "his is a &ery (om*ortable (hair." ""om'allon /o%se +as al+ays the resort o* bea%ty and yo%th in the old days. She +as &ery handsome and &ain. 9ne ni'ht +hen she +as br%shin' it in the north room it (a%'ht *ire *rom her (andle and she ran shriekin' do+n the hall +rapped in *lames." said Miss Miner&a. &ery stately '%est. ll part o* the 8%rse. She really did not kno+ +hat to say. ." said Miss Miner&a admirin'ly. . . as i* Miss Miner&a +ere entertainin' the +hole to+n. . "-%t all is (han'ed no+.'ray hair and a massi&e (ameo broo(h s%rro%nded by a braid o* some departed "om'allon's hair. like+ise +ell sprinkled +ith diamonds. +ith the *amo%s stained.'lass +indo+ at its end. . . "0o% ha&e &ery bea%ti*%l hair." "Was she . my dear . tho%'ht so. b%t she lost all her bea%ty. .skin r%' in the hall that nne (o%ld almost see the departed "om'allon dyin' on it. /e *ell there . . "his ho%se +as (onse(rated by h%man blood. meetin' her in the hall. "he +hole (ost%me +as a little o%tmoded. +ith a dim t+inkle o* li'ht in one or t+o +indo+s. that nne skimmed %p the triple *li'ht o* broad. into a lar'e. a diamond (omb in the hea&y (oils o* her iron. so said inanely. b%t Miss Miner&a +ore it +ith s%(h a 'rand air that it seemed as timeless as royalty's. I am the last o* the "om'allons. Won't yo% sit do+n to remo&e yo%r r%bbers. She ne&er +ent o%t o* the ho%se *rom that ni'ht to the day o* her death and she le*t dire(tions that her (o**in +as to be sh%t so that no one mi'ht see her s(arred *a(e." she said. +as (o&ered +ith so 'or'eo%s a silken 6%ilt that nne *elt it +as a dese(ration to lay her (oat and hat on it.10 It +as on a dark. are under a curse. 9%r *amily. my dear. -%t no+ it bla5ed *orth brilliantly." Miss Miner&a pointed a lon' +hite *in'er so dramati(ally at a ti'er. "he 8%rse o* the "om'allons$ What a title *or a story$ ""his is the stair do+n +hi(h my 2reat. "I am &ery 'lad to ha&e yo% here as my '%est. +hen she had passed it a*ter dark it +as somber and 'rim. all part o* the 8%rse. she +asn't b%rned to death. "he hi'h +aln%t bed. She almost +ished she had p%t on her (ream 'a%5e. +hen e&en the (lo%ds s(%ddin' o&er the sky seemed in a h%rry.(eilin'ed." "I am . *or her *a(e and &oi(e +ere &ery (ordial. "Wel(ome to "om'allon /o%se. leadin' nne to the bi' stair(ase o&er a (arpet o* *aded red &el&et.'rand*ather "om'allon *ell and broke his ne(k the ni'ht o* his ho%se. . Perhaps it is as +ell. "9h$" Miss Miner&a %shered her alon' a hall. e&en the +in's on either side bein' li'hted %p. > +ith its h%'e headboard. h%n' +ith portraits and photo'raphs o* *aded lo&eliness. my dear. Miss Miner&a hersel* +as re'al in bla(k &el&et.

)" "What a hi'h instep yo% ha&e. 3%st disappeared +hen she +as si." said Miss Miner&a. . ho+ . . <%st the +i*e o* >n(le le. three dra+in'.room. ""hose +ere my >n(le !onald and my >n(le !e%ben. .rin'. !onald ne&er 'ot o&er it." "-%t s%rely . she +o%ld ha&e been my hal*. (onser&atory. billiard. . b%t it +as ne&er heard o* a'ain. . It +as said that her mother . . Wasn't that a tra'i( +ay *or a (hild to die)" "9h. Some people tho%'ht it +as a 3%d'ment on her +hen her o+n (hild &anished. /is +i*e. . b%t perhaps there are a *e+ thin's o* interest.rooms. It spoiled her li*e. ." "What a bea%ti*%l ." "-%t at least +e kne+ ho% it died. *or p%nishment and +hen she +ent to let it o%t she *o%nd it . . "It (ertainly . "he ho%se ran' +ith their 6%arrels.a%nt Eli5a . . nd d%rin' their *inal 6%arrel in this &ery room. ." "Wo%ld yo% like to see o&er the ho%se. dead.'reat." Miss Miner&a mar(hed nne r%thlessly o&er the +hole h%'e ho%se. one hot s%mmer day." "!onald tho%'ht it +as &ery (areless and +o%ldn't ha&e anythin' done. /e ne&er li&ed in this ho%se. She +as a +ido+ and (ame ba(k home to li&e a*ter her h%sband's death.died in it *rom a stroke. It darkened their mother's +hole li*e." Miss Miner&a added reminis(ently. . "hey +ere all splendid and dismal." "9h. . . indi(atin' t+o +orthies +ho seemed to be s(o+lin' at ea(h other *rom the opposite sides o* a *irepla(e." /+(ery sear(h +as made b%t nothin' +as e&er dis(o&ered." "What an e. . b%t my 'reat. ." Miss Miner&a modestly poked a slipper *rom %nder her &el&et skirt and re&ealed +hat +as %ndo%btedly a &ery handsome *oot. "hat s+ord han'in' by the head o* the stairs belon'ed to my 'reat. I s%ppose e&erythin' is &ery old. prompt emeti( mi'ht ha&e . my dear$ My instep %sed to be admired too. be*ore +e ha&e s%pper) It %sed to be the Pride o* S%mmerside. My hal*.room. !e%ben +as killed by a *lash o* li'htnin'. . my dear. "s+allo+ed her +eddin'. /er little 'irl +as s(alded in o%r kit(hen +ith a pot o* boilin' +ater. not my a%nt really.rin'. . . . . . . b%t she poisoned her h%sband +ith a ste+ . . at least.'rand*ather +ho +as an o**i(er in the -ritish rmy and re(ei&ed a 'rant o* land in Prin(e Ed+ard Island *or his ser&i(es. . -%t I think it +as 3%st 9%r 8%rse.a%nt i* she had li&ed .ander. yes. =obody e&er kne+ +hat be(ame o* her. years old. She lo(ked it %p in the (loset at the head o* the stairs. ballroom. +hile a th%nderstorm +as 'oin' on. She al+ays *elt so unmarried +itho%t a +eddin'. . break*ast. my step. no end o* bedrooms and an enormo%s atti(. /e +as a haunted man *rom that day. . *%ll o* 'reat s6%are rooms . . .'reat. o* (o%rse. . ""hey +ere t+ins and they hated ea(h other bitterly *rom birth. that +as my %nt Emilia .*ashioned no+. had been &ery (r%el to an orphan nie(e o* my 'rand*ather's +ho +as bein' bro%'ht %p here.'randmother ." "Who p%t . She did not lon' s%r&i&e her son's tra'i( death. the test o* an aristo(rat. 'randmother did *or a *e+ +eeks. . She +as noted *or her spirit%al look. It +as said a stream o* +ater (o%ld r%n %nder it .

.(ake I e&er tasted. Miss Miner&a kept silen(e *or a time and nne dared say nothin' *or *ear o* startin' another a&alan(he o* tra'edies. People (ame *rom all o&er the Island to them. ne&er$ I +o%ld like. b%t +e all kne+ the tr%th. ." "9h. and one o* them is spank his +i*e. some o* %s didn't blame her m%(h. an e6%ally ornate./ nne *elt she +o%ld like to see him also. "he do(tor p%mped it o%t and sa&ed her. "here +as another ornate (handelier. a person +ith bristlin' side. . &ery ma3esti(ally." said Miss Miner&a (ompla(ently. "ha&e al+ays seemed to me s%(h tri(ial (reat%res. sleek bla(k (at (ame into the room and sat do+n by Miss Miner&a +ith a hoarse meo+. b%t spank her. "hat (handelier (ost my *ather *i&e h%ndred dollars. De(ember and May." 11 "he dinin'. and nne's healthy yo%n' appetite did *%ll 3%sti(e to it. Still. ser&ed by a rather 'rim and an(ient maid. 'ilt. toadstools really.*ramed mirror o&er the mantelpie(e. ""his is the ballroom. 9* (o%rse it is ne&er %sed no+. We al+ays pretended it +as an a((ident. I (annot ima'ine any 'irl breakin' her heart o&er a man. /e took it as a personal ins%lt. be(a%se she had s%(h a poor appetite. her h%sband had spanked her.o* m%shrooms . She drank la%dan%m. ri'ht there in that (orner. . . starin' at a photo'raph o* her *ather . . It +as really rather a relie* +hen she died respe(tably o* pne%monia. +as bo%nti*%l and e. "hey are b%ried to'ether in 8harlotteto+n . I think the only person my *ather e&er really hated to see (ome to o%r ho%se +as his sister Mary. . She had *retted a 'reat deal o&er a man +ho had disappointed +as in keepin' +ith the rest o* the ho%se.+hiskers and a ha+k. "My %nt Sophia made the best spon'e. possibly . 9* (o%rse she married him a'ainst her +ill. . Miss "om'allon. She +ent into a de(line soon a*ter+ards." said Miss Miner&a. . . She 3%st min(ed and tasted. . . . that did not really 3%sti*y toadstools. "he "om'allon balls +ere *amo%s. She +as a 'ay yo%n' thin' and he +as *ar too old *or her. be(a%se a m%rder is s%(h a messy thin' to ha&e in a *amily. my dear. 7no(k her do+n . She reali5ed that there are limits to the ima'ination a*ter all.a%nt Patien(e dropped dead +hile dan(in' here one ni'ht . 9* (o%rse. 9n(e a lar'e. Miss Miner&a po%red a sa%(er o* (ream and set it do+n be*ore him. -y no stret(h o* hers (o%ld she ima'ine a h%sband spankin' Miss Miner&a "om'allon. :ather +as a &ery . . positi&ely nothin'. She seemed so m%(h more h%man a*ter this that nne lost a 'ood deal o* her a+e o* the last o* the "om'allons.a(tly. My 2reat. "his +as my %nt Lo%ise. . 0o% see. and a table bea%ti*%lly set +ith sil&er and (rystal and old 8ro+n Derby." ""he "om'allons al+ays set a 'ood nose .(eedin'ly 'ood. all the "om'allons b%ry in 8harlotteto+n. "here are really some thin's no 'entleman sho%ld do. I'&e en3oyed . "Do ha&e some more o* the pea(hes. 0o%'&e eaten nothin' . "to see the man +ho +o%ld dare to spank me. my dear. . ." "Spanked . "he s%pper. my dear. . -%t there ha&e been any n%mber o* balls here. my dear. b%t +e all *elt +e (o%ld ne&er tr%st her a'ain. ." said Miss Miner&a. ." "E. Men.

there isn't a +ord o* tr%th . .that +as the tra'edy. ':or'i&e %s o%r trespasses as +e *or'i&e those +ho trespass a'ainst %s. . -%t neither did she +ant to +alk to Windy Poplars in a Mar(h tempest. and listen to the +ind. "hat's her pi(t%re abo&e the mirror. . my dear. ." "Miss "om'allon. ." *ter s%pper they +ent to the smallest o* the three dra+in'. perhaps +ith the names dis'%ised. . . my dear. /e ne&er *or'a&e my brother !i(hard *or marryin' a'ainst his +ill. 0o% m%st be my '%est *or the ni'ht. It's po%rin' (ats and do's . . . "hey didn&t %ant him to. ""his is %nt nnabella's room. I don't keep a (arria'e no+ ." said Miss Miner&a. I hope yo%'ll sleep +ell. . +e %sed to ha&e 'ay times here +hen I +as a 'irl.a*ter bein' tho%'ht dead *or t+o days. .room +hi(h nne at *irst +as 'lad to see +as not the one +here Miss Miner&a's sister had died o* a stroke. . "this is the room 9s(ar "om'allon (ame ba(k to li*e in." said Miss Miner&a. . I ha&e so little %se *or one .table and t%rnin' o%t the 'as." . . a pleasant. didn't any pleasant thin' e&er happen in this ho%se)" asked nne. "Well. "I hope it +ill *it yo%. my dear. li'htin' the (andles in the sil&er (andlesti(ks on a rather pretty 'reen dressin'. . and spent the e&enin' be*ore the h%'e *ire ." pointin' to an ample *lannel 'arment han'in' o&er a (hair and smellin' stron'ly o* moth balls. . o* (o%rse." nne +as not s%re she +anted to spend a ni'ht in "om'allon /o%se. . :inally Miss Miner&a took her %p to a '%est. *riendly eno%'h *ire. Miss Miner&a had had to stop talkin' lon' eno%'h to blo+ her nose." "hey ate (innamon toast and drank (o(oa o%t o* old "om'allon (%ps o* mar&elo%s thinness and bea%ty. and then a "bedtime sna(k. . yo% kno+. .rooms . "She +as the handsomest o* all the "om'allons. a(hie&in' a (omplete senten(e by a mere *l%ke. as i* she hated to admit it. nd no+ +hat do yo% say to a 'ame o* par(hesi)" "I'm a*raid it is time I +as 'oin'. 9h. and yo% (an't +alk hal* a mile in that del%'e. ." Miss Miner&a t%rned ba(k at the door . .it Matthe+ "om'allon. . Matthe+ "om'allon had blo+n o%t the 'as one ni'ht . ." "I'm not .dress *or yo% . "9h. Do yo% noti(e +hat a pro%d mo%th she had) She made that (ra5y 6%ilt on the bed." said Miss Miner&a dreamily. /e ordered him o%t o* the ho%se and he +as ne&er allo+ed to enter it a'ain. yo% (an't 'o home toni'ht. I hope yo%'ll be (om*ortable.. ""his is a ho%se o* tra'i(al memories.. . . . So they had their 'ame o* par(hesi . "hey tell me yo%'re +ritin' a book abo%t e&ery one in S%mmerside. ." "9h. .%nrelentin' man. my dear. in +hi(h Miss Miner&a +as so interested that she *or'ot to talk abo%t horrors .' I (an see him. nd she has aired this ni'ht. +here%pon e. . . I s%ppose so. Mary has aired the bed and p%t t+o hot bri(ks in it. . my dear. b%t a*ter !i(hard *lo%ted him he al+ays le*t o%t the senten(e. "0es. I nearly *or'ot to tell yo% . :ather al+ays repeated the Lord's Prayer at *amily +orship e&ery mornin'. It hasn't been +orn sin(e poor Mother died in it. i* e&er yo% do yo% are at liberty to %se any o* o%r stories yo% like. +hi(h +as still rather bi' and 'rim . "kneelin' there lea&in' it o%t." "9h$" Miss Miner&a +as plainly a little disappointed. nne (ro(heted at a set o* intri(ate doilies and Miss Miner&a knitted a+ay at an a*'han and kept %p +hat +as pra(ti(ally a monolo'%e (omposed in 'reat part o* (olor*%l and 'r%esome "om'allon history.

" said Miss Miner&a +hen nne le*t a*ter break*ast. "I'&e en3oyed ha&in' yo% so m%(h." said %nt 7ate. . "he spon'e. hal* e. . 2ay and pretty 'irls had dan(ed here and talked o&er their (harmin' se(rets@ dimpled babies had been born here@ there had been +eddin's and balls and m%si( and la%'hter. "hen she p%t on the *lannel ni'ht'o+n. many shado+y years a'one. I didn't tell yo% yesterday b%t it +as my birthday. So many o* them died s%dden or &iolent deaths. S%ddenly there seemed somethin' stran'e and alien in the room . and h%n' %p her dress. It is *%ll o* +raths. nd this is a spare room$ I'&e ne&er *or'otten +hat a thrill it %sed to 'i&e me to sleep in any one's spare room. all the hopes." said %nt 8hatty. they did. . and it +as &ery pleasant to ha&e a bit o* yo%th in the ho%se. "and on(e there +ere so many. "Did all those thin's Miss Miner&a told me really happen. . . "hen she took hersel* resol%tely in hand and (ommanded (ommon sense. births ha&e been here . I* tra'i( and dread*%l thin's had happened here. . -%t is there not somethin' stran'e abo%t any room that has been o((%pied thro%'h 'enerations) Death has l%rked in it . (ro+ded +ith dark deeds that had ne&er been dra''ed into li'ht and +ere still *esterin' in its (orners and hidy. "hen she *or'ot all the "om'allon tra'edies in dreamless sl%mber %ntil she *o%nd hersel* lookin' at dark *ir bo%'hs a'ainst a red s%nrise. Miss Shirley. . :or a little +hile the rain streamin' on the panes and the shriek o* the +ind aro%nd the old ea&es pre&ented her *rom sleepin'. . Who kne+ +hat *a(es mi'ht look o%t o* it at her) ll the tra'i( and ha%nted ladies +ho had e&er looked into it. . 9* (o%rse there is a streak o* insanity in them . I think there +ere.nne did not kno+ i* she (o%ld sleep at all or not. +ho stared do+n at her +ith a *a(e in +hi(h there +ere pride and &anity.(ake lady m%st ha&e been a (om*ortable (reat%re and the %n*or'i&en !i(hard a 'allant lo&er. "here is nobody to remember my birthday no+ . nne *elt a little (reepy as she looked in the mirror. . "hey really did seem %nder a (%rse. :or a moment nne *elt like r%nnin' o%t. What a 6%ilt to sleep %nder$ I +onder i* I'll be as (ra5y as it by mornin'. She sat do+n (almly on a ri'id (hair. b%t a lot o* a+*%l thin's did happen to the "om'allons. "I'll think on these thin's and 'o to bed.holes. "We'&e had a real (heer*%l &isit. "he +ind +ailed &ery eerily in the spr%(es by the +indo+. lo&e has been rosy red in it . . I s%ppose yo% heard a pretty 'rim (hroni(le. "9h. e&ery one kno+s that. "oo many +omen m%st ha&e +ept here." Miss Miner&a 'a&e a *aint si'h . +hi(h looked as i* it +o%ld be ins%lted i* anybody sat on it." said %nt 8hatty that ni'ht. pleasantly +arm *rom Mary's bri(ks. . -%t this +as really rather a terrible old ho%se. the 6%eer thin' is. "It's a (%rio%s thin'." "I don't kno+ that there +ere many more than happen in any lar'e *amily in the (o%rse o* si. 'enerations. She bra&ely opened the (loset door. *%ll o* the 'hosts o* dead hatreds and heart. ble+ o%t the (andles and 'ot into the bed. all the passions . ha&en't +e) "ho%'h I'&e li&ed so lon' alone I'&e almost *or'otten ho+ to talk. . storm or no storm. .pe(tin' any n%mber o* skeletons to t%mble o%t." "Well." nne %n(oiled and br%shed her hair %nder the &ery nose o* nnabella "om'allon. . am%sin' and lo&ely thin's m%st ha&e happened. . breaks. . nd I need not say +hat a deli'ht it is to meet a really (harmin' and %nspoiled yo%n' 'irl in this *ri&olo%s a'e. and somethin' o* the insolen(e o* 'reat bea%ty. perhaps. somethin' a little hostile. %nt 8hatty)" "Well. and took o** her shoes. too. my dear.

b%t I'&e heard an old story . I think I'd hate a ho%se one h%ndred and t+enty years old. -%t she +ent to the to+er room and +rote to 2ilbert# "I tho%'ht "om'allon /o%se +as a sleepy old pla(e +here nothin' e&er happened. Little Eli5abeth kne+ 2randmother had ne&er really appro&ed o* her intima(y +ith Miss Shirley. t the end o* <%ne she +o%ld be lea&in' S%mmerside and 'oin' ba(k to that bea%ti*%l 2reen 2ables. -%t little Eli5abeth (ared nothin' abo%t b%ttoned boots +hen she (o%ld not tread the +ay to *reedom in them. . old Pa%l "om'allon held him to it and it r%ined him. perhaps thin's don't happen no+ b%t e&idently they did. that "omorro+ is still a *riend. It +as o* no %se *or Miss Shirley to promise that she +o%ld ha&e her do+n to 2reen 2ables in the s%mmer be*ore she +as married. . i* not today. . it (ost so m%(h more than he had *i'%red. I shall ne&er *or'et my ni'ht at "om'allon /o%se. . Little Eli5abeth is al+ays talkin' o* "omorro+. little Eli5abeth's heart had des(ended into the ni(e b%ttoned boots 2randmother al+ays 'ot *or her to +ear. then tomorro+. "9* (o%rse I think Miss Miner&a has all the "om'allon likin' *or the spotli'ht and 'ets no end o* satis*a(tion o%t o* her tra'edies." said !ebe((a De+. I hope +hen +e 'et o%r ho%se o* dreams it +ill either be ne+. darlin'. i* that (an't be."hat +as (%rse eno%'h . -%t the old "om'allon ho%se is in the least. nne smiled to think o* the stately Miss Miner&a bein' re*erred to as a poor old thin'. don't let's e&er see li*e as all tra'edy and re&el in it. Little Eli5abeth kne+ someho+ that 2randmother +o%ld not let her 'o a'ain. Well. . nd. -%t no+ in the <%ne o* Miss Shirley's third and last year in S%mmerside /i'h. .pe(tin' thin's to happen. i* he did not (are. Little Eli5abeth simply (o%ld not bear the tho%'ht o* it. When Miss Shirley (ame to li&e at Windy Poplars Eli5abeth *elt that "omorro+ m%st be &ery (lose at hand and her &isit to 2reen 2ables +as like a *oretaste o* it. "hin's +ere 3%st bo%nd to happen some time . "It +ill be the end o* e&erythin'." she sobbed. or. . 2ilbert. . 'hostless and traditionless. I'm 'lad I don't li&e in 0esterday . . "Poor old thin'. "hey are to her +hat h%sband and (hildren are to other +omen. Miss Shirley. Either her letter had ne&er rea(hed him or he did not (are. . +hat +as to be(ome o* . at least ha&e been o((%pied by reasonably happy people. it's all she has. nd *or on(e in my li*e I'&e met a person +ho (o%ld talk me do+n. -%t she *elt do+n(ast hersel*. o* the (arpenter +ho b%ilt the ho%se (%rsin' it. Somethin' abo%t the (ontra(t . =o +ord had e&er (ome *rom little Eli5abeth's *ather. that it is only a ne+ be'innin'. "hat they seldom happened %nder the +at(h*%l eyes o* 2randmother and the Woman ne&er bri'hted her e." 12 Little Eli5abeth 2rayson had been born e. -%t. I (an't re(all the details . . oh." "Miss Miner&a seems rather pro%d o* the (%rse. Many (hildren at the s(hool +here she +ent en&ied little Eli5abeth those bea%ti*%l b%ttoned kid boots." said nne (heer*%lly. nd no+ her adored Miss Shirley +as 'oin' a+ay *rom her *ore&er. "Let's hope. ." said nne. no matter ho+ old +e 'et in years to (ome.

. .(%se. . When "omorro+ really (ame she +o%ld *are *orth on it and perhaps *ind an island all her o+n +here she and Miss Shirley (o%ld li&e alone and 2randmother and the Woman (o%ld ne&er (ome. "he ships that ne&er (ame ba(k stayed there. . ""his is "omorro+. It +as &ery seldom 'ypsies (ame to the Island no+. . ho+ she +o%ld en3oy the look on the Woman's *a(e$ 2randmother +o%ld ne&er let little Eli5abeth 'o o%t +alkin' by hersel* . +hi(h she +as all too rarely permitted to share +ith Miss Shirley. the *ar. . b%t one (on(eded rel%(tantly that perhaps a 'randmother had a (ertain ri'ht to boss yo%. nd oh. that she mi'ht be kidnaped by 'ypsies. It +as al+ays "the (hild. . Ships that (ame ba(k . . nd the harbor +ith its smoky islands and 'lo+in' s%nsets$ Eli5abeth al+ays +ent %p to a +indo+ in the mansard roo* to +at(h them thro%'h the treetops ." she +o%ld ta%nt them. 0o%'re only in "oday. . Why. b%t +hat +o%ld it be later on) ""hose t+o old dames +ill boss her to death. She %ould do it some time . "0o% (an't (at(h me any more. "here +as bea%ty +here&er yo% looked. the *ar. they ne&er e&en spoke o* her by her name i* they (o%ld help it. "hey both hated +ater and +o%ld not p%t *oot in a boat *or anythin'. she said. ships that ne&er (ame ba(k. . . She lo&ed e&erythin' she sa+ . Little Eli5abeth o*ten +ondered 3%st +hy the Woman hated her. as they stood &ainly 'lo+erin' on the mainland shore. . +ere the hi'h li'hts in her shado+y li*e. o* (o%rse." !ebe((a De+ had said. +hen "omorro+ (ame. ." What *%n it +o%ld be$ /o+ she +o%ld en3oy the look on the Woman's *a(e$ . . *orty years be*ore. and the ships that sailed at the risin' o* the moon. i* she had kno+n. Little Eli5abeth li&ed in a +orld o* roman(e a*ter Miss Shirley's (omin'. nne *elt that there +as more tr%th than ele'an(e in her remark. the ran'e li'hts that 'leamed thro%'h the &iolet d%sks . +ell (ontent. . Eli5abeth lon'ed to 'o in one o* them . . all 'a&e her so m%(h deli'ht that it h%rt.a+ay li'htho%se painted in odd red and +hite rin's . . (o%ld not ha&e %nderstood +hat per&erted shapes th+arted lo&e (an take. +here it +as al+ays "omorro+. -%t +hen Eli5abeth had &ent%red a protest. -%t a*ter Miss Shirley had (ome to Windy Poplars e&erythin' had (han'ed ma'i(ally. +here e&erythin' seemed %na(6%ainted +ith her altho%'h she had li&ed in it all her li*e. Eli5abeth kne+ that she +as "bossed. tho%'h Eli5abeth had no do%bt they +o%ld i* they (o%ld. :ort%nately 2randmother and the Woman (o%ldn't pre&ent yo% *rom lookin'. (hild had been on(e. Little Eli5abeth hated the 'loomy. the little sil&ery bl%e +a&es . -%t +hat ri'ht had the Woman) Eli5abeth al+ays +anted to ask her that ri'ht o%t. *or *ear. -%t +hy sho%ld 2randmother (are +hether she +ere kidnaped or not) Eli5abeth kne+ that 2randmother and the Woman didn't lo&e her at all." nd she espe(ially resented bein' bossed by the Woman. Why sho%ld any one hate yo% +hen yo% +ere so small) 8o%ld yo% be +orth hatin') Little Eli5abeth did not kno+ that the mother +hose li*e she had (ost had been that bitter old +oman's darlin' and. "hat mysterio%s red road ran on and on and her *eet it(hed to *ollo+ it. . splendid E&er'reens. Where did it lead to) Sometimes Eli5abeth tho%'ht she +o%ld b%rst i* she didn't *ind o%t. and little Eli5abeth *elt that it +as only an e. She did not like it in 2randmother. ." /o+ Eli5abeth hated to be (alled "the (hild" 3%st as they mi'ht ha&e spoken o* "the do'" or "the (at" i* there had been one. dim bl%e shores . Little Eli5abeth liked to pi(t%re hersel* standin' on her island and mo(kin' them. +hile the Woman looked on. on a &oya'e to the Island o* /appiness. "he short +alks alon' the red ma'i( o* the harbor road. . 2randmother's *a(e had 'ro+n dark and an'ry and little Eli5abeth had been p%nished *or impertinen(e.Eli5abeth) It +as bad eno%'h no+ in her (hildhood.

. 9n e&ery side +ere *ields o* b%tter(%ps and (lo&er +here bees b%55ed."hen one e&enin' in late <%ne an ama5in' thin' happened. . she and Miss Shirley +o%ld 'et into "omorro+ this a*ternoon and then they +o%ld ne&er be separated. ." She kissed the pi(t%re and ret%rned it to its hidin'. "We'll 'o ri'ht do+n to the harbor mo%th. .t day at :lyin' 8lo%d. 2randmother had a'reed +ith her %s%al do%rness . she (ons(ientio%sly +ent thro%'h her little rit%al o* retirin'. Little Eli5abeth 3%st +anted to +alk 6%ietly on to+ards that bl%eness at the end o* the +orld. *ollo+in' the +indin's o* a tiny ri&er that seemed to ha&e appeared *rom no+here. . 8ampbell that she had an errand ne. "he harbor +as like +atered silk. It +as maddenin' to be so near "omorro+ and not be able to 'et into it. . tho%'h o* (o%rse it +asn't like Miss Shirley's lo&ely red. Little Eli5abeth liked it better that +ay than +hen .panse o* +a&es %nder the moonli'ht. bein' (ompletely i'norant o* the Prin'le horror o* a (ertain bit o* in*ormation Miss Shirley possessed . and Eli5abeth kne+ the harbor +o%ld be a tossin' e. "Dear 2od. She +o%ldn't spoil the day by thinkin' it. She took a h%'e '%lp o* *reedom. polished old b%rea% and took a (are*%lly hidden pi(t%re *rom %nder a pile o* hankies . Indeed. "I don't like to meddle. Where +as :lyin' 8lo%d) What a name$ 9%t o* "omorro+ a'ain. and it t%rned and kinked interminably. She sat %p in bed and (lasped her hands. "2ood ni'ht. *or the <%ne ni'ht +as (ool and the bree5e o* the harbor sear(hin'. Perhaps . a pi(t%re o* Miss Shirley +hi(h she had (%t o%t o* a spe(ial edition o* the #ee$ly ourier that had reprod%(ed a photo'raph o* the /i'h S(hool sta**. dear 2od. Little Eli5abeth *elt as i* she had slipped *rom some in&isible sha(kles +hen she and Miss Shirley +alked a+ay *rom that ho%se o* 'loom. :ar o%t the strait la%'hed at them in sil&er.(itement that she didn't e. /o+ hea&enly to be +alkin' thro%'h the lo&ely +orld +ith Miss Shirley$ It +as al+ays so +onder*%l to be alone +ith Miss Shirley." "he ne. pla(e. What *%n it +o%ld be to steal do+n (lose to it %nder the moon$ -%t it +as only in "omorro+ one (o%ld do that. "a*ter I'&e done my errand at :lyin' 8lo%d." +hispered to sleep a +ink. . .t a*ternoon +as 'lorio%s. +ho +as (on&ener o* the re*reshment (ommittee o* the Ladies' id." she said. She *olded her (lothes and (leaned her teeth and br%shed her 'olden hair.(itement. What +o%ld she do +hen Miss Shirley had 'one) -%t little Eli5abeth p%t the tho%'ht *irmly a+ay. b%t could 0o% see that it is *ine tomorro+) Please. E&ery t%rn and kink o* the road re&ealed ne+ lo&elinesses . =o+ and then they +alked thro%'h a milky +ay o* daisies. . a 'reat perhaps . bla(k. . It +histled and ban'ed and shook and th%mped. and mi'ht she take Eli5abeth +ith her. Miss Shirley had told Mrs. e&en i* the Woman +as s(o+lin' a*ter them thro%'h the red 'lass o* the bi' *ront door. "hompson.'old +ith the ripples in it and the little lo&e. it +as more than a bree5e toni'ht. -e*ore she 'ot into bed little Eli5abeth opened one o* the dra+ers in the hi'h. She tho%'ht she had rather pretty hair. dearest Miss Shirley. -%t s%ppose the +ind ble+ %p rain *or tomorro+$ Eli5abeth kne+ she +o%ld ne&er be allo+ed to 'o any+here in rain. drinkin' in the bea%ty aro%nd her. "hen she (limbed into bed and (%ddled do+n %nder the blankets .lo(ks that (%rled aro%nd her ears. . Eli5abeth (o%ld ne&er %nderstand +hy she a'reed at all. Little Eli5abeth +o%ld ha&e 'i&en anythin' to ha&e had hair like Miss Shirley's. t last she +as 'oin' to ans+er the l%re o* the road that had (alled so lon'. b%t she had a'reed." Little Eli5abeth +ent to bed in s%(h e. In spite o* her e.tipped +a&es. . . . to see a (ertain Mrs.

" *altered .s(hool . . What a disappointment +hen I *o%nd o%t it +as a ro%'h. Little Eli5abeth had al+ays +ished she mi'ht ha&e an island o* her o+n. Mistral sounds like that. b%t *irst she asked i* little Eli5abeth mi'ht +ait in the li&in'. :or he +as smilin'. Little Eli5abeth didn't think she did. a 'limpse o* harbor and hill and strait. . ll at on(e a man (ame thro%'h the door. . "hey had no part or lot in h%mdr%m "oday. "=o+. She liked his (rinkly ha5el eyes and his (rinkly bro+n hair and his s6%are (hin and his smile. more to hersel* than Eli5abeth. that's :lyin' 8lo%d. It +as a &ery 'entle +ind. per*%med +ind. Islands like this didn't happen e. ." said nne.(ept in "omorro+. .bree5es blo+in' in. We t%rn o** here 3%st no+." :lyin' 8lo%d +as a lon'. "hey drank the +ind in. Was he a 'ypsy) /e didn't look like her idea o* a 'ypsy b%t o* (o%rse she had ne&er seen one. she had ne&er heard o* the mistral . . "here +ere trees on it and a ho%se." said nne. 9* (o%rse it +as in "omorro+. Eli5abeth tho%'ht o* a &erse she had learned in +as like pale bl%e satin. slender islet. "Perhaps all roads do. "he &ery sky +as 'lad. "hompson on the *ar end o* the island. lyin' abo%t a 6%arter o* a mile *rom the shore. "I'm . . thro%'h the open +indo+." /ad the man +ho +rote that e&er seen hills like those bl%e ones o&er the harbor) "I think this road leads ri'ht to 2od. nne +as thinkin' that little Eli5abeth looked rather tired a*ter her %na((%stomedly lon' +alk and needed a rest. b%t Miss Shirley's li'htest +ish +as la+. Was there anythin' Miss Shirley (o%ldn't do) When they rea(hed the island. b%t the m%si( o* her belo&ed's &oi(e +as eno%'h *or her. +ith a little bay o* sil&er sand in it. pi(kin' +ild stra+berries. little Eli5abeth. "Perhaps. "Isn't it ni(e. :an(y an island +here +ild stra+berries 're+$ nne +ent to h%nt Mrs. smiled as he passed them. I'm me. . . and then in a s+i*t *lash o* int%ition Eli5abeth de(ided she didn't (are i* he did kidnap her. "hompson %p. it pro&ed to be a *as(inatin' pla(e +here anythin' mi'ht happen. +alkin' +ith the +ind like this)" said little Eli5abeth. . sailor +ith 'old rin's in his ears . Eli5abeth *elt a moment o* dismay and terror. ""he little hills re3oi(e on e&ery side. . them on. pi(kin' %p the oars in a small boat tied to a leanin' tree. We m%st 'o o&er to that island . the &ery kind o* person one +o%ld meet in "omorro+ . . "S%(h a +ind as I %sed to think a mistral +as. . " ni(e. It p%rred abo%t them and seemed to (oa. *riendly. little maid +ho met them at the door o* the ho%se told nne she +o%ld *ind Mrs. It +as a bea%ti*%l room. . Miss Shirley (o%ld ro+. /e mi'ht be one . Eli5abeth liked the mirror o&er the mantel +hi(h re*le(ted the room so bea%ti*%lly and." said Miss Shirley." she said dreamily. +ho are yo%)" he asked. still a little *l%stered. "/o+ do +e 'et to it)" "We'll ro+ o%t in this *lat. . disa'reeable +ind$" Eli5abeth didn't 6%ite %nderstand . +ith *lo+ers e&ery+here and +ild sea. .

" ""hen. ." he said. "hompson's (at has probably bro%'ht somethin' in." said the man. "I'm +aitin' *or Miss Shirley.plained. "hompson abo%t the Ladies' id S%pper." ""omorro+)" ""his is "omorro+." she said politely." said Eli5abeth tri%mphantly. "My name is Eli5abeth 2rayson. -%t she ans+ered a bit primly." Eli5abeth *elt that she +as bein' made *%n o* a little. "We'll set a share aside *or yo%r Miss Shirley. 0es. yo%.(ream +ith stra+berry 3am on it. "8an I ha&e 3%st +hat I like)" "8ertainly. li(kin' her spoon to 'et the last &esti'e o* the 3am. to be s%re . 2randmother and the Woman +o%ld ha&e died o* horror had they seen her. "I think I m%st 'o no+. Man$ "9* (o%rse. "hey +ere 'ood *riends ri'ht a+ay. I'm sorry to say I don't (are m%(h abo%t "omorro+. . no do%bt abo%t it. Well. . She *elt oddly happy and at home. . "=ot this time. . (ome %p *rom the d%nes . . "2ood. ' +o%ld like to 'et . b%t he looked at Eli5abeth &ery o*ten. i* yo% ha&e any notion o* kidnapin' me. "I'd like some i(e. In *a(t she rather liked it. . .(ream and stra+berry 3am didn't appear in this ma'i(al manner in "oday. a tenderness she had ne&er seen be*ore in anybody's *a(e. What +o%ld yo% like in the +ay o* li'ht re*reshment) Mrs." "here +as a silen(e .plained Eli5abeth. nd she kne+ that she liked him. When she (omes ba(k +e are 'oin' do+n to the end o* the +orld." said the man. "She's 'one to see Mrs." "he man ran' a bell and 'a&e an order." "Won't yo% +ait and see Miss Shirley)" asked Eli5abeth. a &ery 6%eer silen(e. . I s%ppose . Mr." e." Eli5abeth sat do+n. I see. Eli5abeth kne+ he hadn't the sli'htest notion o* kidnapin' her. -%t she didn't mind. . "It is &ery ni(e here in "omorro+." =o+. nd I m%st do the honors. (ats or no (ats. and she *elt the stran'est. Popped o%t o* the sea. "I see yo%r Miss Shirley (omin' %p the +alk. "I'&e al+ays +anted to 'et into "omorro+ and no+ I ha&e. not e&en Miss Shirley's. She *elt that he liked her."9h. "he man didn't talk a 'reat deal. "here +as a tenderness in his *a(e . "he man looked at her *or a moment +itho%t sayin' anythin'. :inally he 'lan(ed o%t o* the +indo+ and stood %p." "9h. so yo%'ll not be alone. . no name kno+n amon' mortals. most %na((o%ntable sensation o* disappointment. this m%st be "omorro+ . I(e. "hen he politely asked her to sit do+n." she e. -%t mean+hile yo% mi'ht as +ell be (om* and thank yo%. .

Eli5abeth darlin'. *lyin' team o* horses atta(hed to a tr%(k +a'on +hirled aro%nd the bend. Eli5abeth heard Miss Shirley shriek. . thin's +ere still a bit +obbly." I* that room +o%ld only stay p%t$ !eally. thin's beha&ed rather 6%eerly in "omorro+. . . this 'entleman telephoned *or a do(tor and n%rse. "/a&e I been si(k)" "0o% +ere kno(ked do+n by a team o* r%na+ay horses on the mainland road. "he bed . . ." ":ather is in :ran(e. b%t someho+ she kne+ it +as Miss Shirley and the man. "hen they (ame o&er to her bed . Wasn't this "omorro+) -esides. . What door) /o+ *%nny one's head *elt$ "here +ere &oi(es some+here . . . be*ore approa(hin' Mrs. see *or mysel* . m I in :ran(e. . . ho+ (ame she to be in bed) Somebody +ith a +hite (ap on +as 3%st 'oin' o%t o* the door. I bro%'ht yo% ri'ht ba(k here in the *lat and yo%r . . like a lily. . "0es . . )" Miss Shirley's &oi(e so%nded so e. . -%t ho+ (o%ld he be %nhappy) /o+ (o%ld any one li&in' in "omorro+ be %nhappy) Eli5abeth looked lon'in'ly ba(k to :lyin' 8lo%d as they ro+ed a+ay. . :lyin' 8lo%d is the s%mmer home o* o%r 2eneral Mana'er. .ba(k into 0esterday. this is yo%r *ather. She (o%ld not see +ho +as talkin'. "I . . Eli5abeth 'a&e a lon' si'h.(ited. she t%rned *or another *are+ell look at it. Eli5abeth *elt that he lo&ed her &ery m%(h and that there +as some se(ret. . . . " re yo% really . darlin'. Miss Shirley all tall and +hite.. bobbin' o%t o* a (on*%sion o* m%rm%rin'. lookin' as i* she had been thro%'h some terrible e." Little Eli5abeth +as sorry *or him. . . indeed. a radian(e that seemed part o* the 'olden s%nset li'ht +hi(h s%ddenly *looded the room. 8ampbell . . What +ere they sayin') Eli5abeth heard senten(es here and there. . " re yo% *eelin' better. . "he *%rnit%re nodded and 3i''led.perien(e b%t +ith some inner radian(e shinin' behind it all . nd." said Miss Shirley. Miss Shirley and the man. 0o% +ere only st%nned and yo% +ill be all ri'ht soon." "Will I die)" said little Eli5abeth. I +asn't 6%i(k eno%'h. . . darlin')" said Miss Shirley. too)" Eli5abeth +o%ld not ha&e been s%rprised at it. I tho%'ht yo% +ere killed. 13 "he room +ent aro%nd oddly. . . <%st as they p%shed thro%'h the s(r%b spr%(es that *rin'ed the shore to the road. I* she (o%ld only t%rn her head and see the talkers . yo%r letter . "=o. bet+een them +hi(h she +o%ld learn as soon as she had learned the lan'%a'e spoken in "omorro+. tender and dear. "he man +as smilin' do+n at her. e&idently 6%ite beyond their dri&er's (ontrol. lo+ &oi(es. . .

" said :ather. . "Will +e li&e to'ether)" " l+ays. "<%ne 2Fth. . my s+eet. as the n%rse looked :ather and Miss Shirley o%t." "he +oman in the +hite (ap +as (omin' in a'ain. nd my old *e%d +ith the Prin'les seems like a dream. eatin'. .t year." /e had s%(h a deli'ht*%l &oi(e .":ather is &ery m%(h here. . bro%'ht me a bo%6%et o* roses yesterday and t+isted ro%nd the stems +as a bit o* paper bearin' the le'end.(ept *or those *irst *e+ months +ith the Prin'les. <%st think o* it . ""hree years so%nded endless at the be'innin'. . I shall +at(h <en's (areer +ith interest." +rote nne to 2ilbert that ni'ht. lon' time. dreamin'. . . "Spook's Lane. "little Eli5abeth's road o* mystery has led on to happiness and the end o* her old +orld. 2ilbert. "I'&e *o%nd a treas%re I didn't kno+ I possessed. Miss Shirley. " nd I (an ne&er thank yo% eno%'h *or that letter. ." " nd so." she said. . '"o the s+eetest tea(her in the +hole +orld. nd no+ they are 'one like a +at(h in the ni'ht. I s%ppose this is the last one I +ill +rite yo% *or a lon'. Eli5abeth kne+ +hate&er she had to say m%st be said be*ore she 'ot 6%ite in. We'll ne&er be separated anymore. "DE !ES"# "I'&e (ome to another bend in the road. plannin' to'ether . .hearted be(a%se I am lea&in'.' 2ilbert) I'&e been b%ildin' dream ho%ses all my li*e and no+ one o* them is 'oin' to (ome tr%e. . 8ora Prin'le. e. "I'&e (ome *or yo%. they ha&e *or'otten they e&er hated me. "he s%nset 'old +as *adin' and the n%rse +as lookin' her disappro&al. s to +hom I really +ant to share my ho%se o* dreams +ith . talkin'. +ell." said :ather. She . . "hey like me no+ *or mysel* . "1:or the last time4. -e(a%se a*ter this there +on't be any need o* letters. yo% lo&ed him *or his &oi(e. as the n%rse sh%t the door on him. " nd +ill 2randmother and the Woman li&e +ith %s)" ""hey +ill not. "hey ha&e been &ery happy years . /e bent and kissed her. 6ur ho%se$ Doesn't that so%nd 'mysti( and +onder*%l." said :ather. . +alkin'. Someho+. sharin' ea(h other's +onder*%l moments ." 14 "Windy Poplars. -%t Eli5abeth didn't (are. "I'&e *o%nd "omorro+. In 3%st a *e+ +eeks no+ +e'll belon' to ea(h other *ore&er .' :an(y that *or a Prin'le$ "<en is broken. li*e has seemed to *lo+ by like a pleasant 'olden ri&er. I'll tell yo% that at *o%r o'(lo(k ne. . . makin' a home o%t o* o%r ho%se o* dreams. . one o* the Wido+ Prin'le's brood. *ter that. I'&e +ritten yo% a 'ood many letters in this old to+er room these past three years. . bein' to'ether . +e'll be to'ether. .

"Le+is llen is 'oin' to M(2ill. .' as one mi'ht say. the dear little 'olden thin'. +hi(h I a((ept (heer*%lly and %nrepentantly.hole to %nt 7ate or the b%ttermilk se(ret o* ea(h to either o* the others. Myra Prin'le is 'oin' to 'enter so(iety' in the *all.' I said. What a *as(inatin' phrase ''lobe. "I'm sorry to lea&e Windy Poplars.' "I had o%r map o* *airyland *ramed and 'a&e it to little Eli5abeth *or a *are+ell keepsake. I'm 'lad. Sophy Sin(lair is 'oin' to E%een's. 9ne thin' is (ertain . She's been so s+eet. . trottin'' is$ person +ho +o%ld say. . "We thre+ kisses to ea(h other as lon' as +e (o%ld see.' I tho%'ht b%t did not say. 'Let's 'o to . 8ampbell and the Woman +ere &ery do%r o&er the +hole a**air and p%t all the blame on me . .is brilliant and rather %npredi(table. . P. She has a 'i*t *or +ritin' letters. nd shall I e&er ha&e a room a'ain *rom +hi(h I (an see both the risin' and the settin' s%n) "I'&e *inished +ith Windy Poplars and the years that ha&e been linked +ith it. .isten(e.h%n' 'ate. and %sin' the '(ompany' (hina. !ebe((a De+ has been makin' all my *a&orite dishes *or a +eek no+ . nd %nt 8hatty's so*t bro+n eyes brim o&er +hene&er I mention my depart%re. " nd there is no lon'er a small nei'hbor on the other side o* the &ine. .(ake t%ice . .' "'Don't yo% e&er dare to be Li55ie. . . 'E. she +ill ha&e no (ommonpla(e e. darlin' Miss Shirley. lo&ed my bed into +hi(h I ha&e &eritably (limbed e&ery ni'ht . . '+hen I'm lonesome *or yo%. and I'm 'lad o* it. -%t as it is. Mrs. 'one into her "omorro+. b%t I'&e lo&ed it here . Eli5abeth (ried bitterly at o%r partin' b%t she is so happy +ith her *ather that I *eel s%re her tears +ill soon be dried. . lo&ed my bl%e do%'hn%t (%shion . so responsi&e to the tiniest breath o* a**e(tion that ble+ her +ay. "'I think I'll be -etty all the time no+. or that they +o%ld not miss me a little +hen I'm 'one. 8ampbell ma3esti(ally.' he said. "'I didn't reali5e she +as no lon'er a baby. and I (ame %p to my to+er room +ith tears in my eyes. "hank yo% a tho%sand times *or all yo% ha&e done *or her. I hope Pier(e 2rayson reali5es +hat a da%'hter he has . "hen she means to tea(h %ntil she has sa&ed %p eno%'h money to 'o to the S(hool o* Dramati( E. I'&e ne&er betrayed %nt 8hatty's hidy. lo&ed my (ool mornin' ho%rs at my +indo+ . Pier(e 2rayson took her a+ay +ith him. .' she (alled ba(k. It's been an ad&ent%re to be her *riend. "I had a lon' letter *rom 7atherine last +eek. . I'm a*raid I'll ne&er be 6%ite so (h%mmy +ith the +inds a'ain as I'&e been here.trottin' M. 9* (o%rse. she e&en de&oted ten e''s to an'el. lo&ed all the +inds that ble+. Little Eli5abeth has 'one *ore&er *rom that s%nshineless ho%se . . I'm really a bit tired o* li&in' in a tr%nk. . E&en D%sty Miller seems to 'a5e at me reproa(h*%lly as he sits abo%t on his little ha%n(hes. .pression in 7in'sport.' +ere Eli5abeth's last +ords. 'nor ho+ %nsympatheti( her en&ironment +as. no matter +hat happens. "'Where she ne&er heard a sin'le +ord o* a**e(tion. She has 'ot a position as pri&ate se(retary to a 'lobe. "I think they are all sorry to see me 'o . . . I* I +ere stayin' on in S%mmerside I sho%ld break my heart.(ept. and then I'll be Li55ie. 'Let's 'o to E'ypt. nd I'&e kept the *aith. It +o%ld be terrible to think they +ere 'lad I am 'oin' . . She (an't look so m%(h like -e(ky Sharp *or nothin'. and I think he does. /e is not 'oin' ba(k to Paris b%t +ill be li&in' in -oston. She al+ays seemed to me like a little aeolian harp. "'She has had a 'ood home here. . . She is so pretty that it +on't matter a bit that she +o%ldn't kno+ a past per*e(t parti(iple i* she met it on the street.' said Mrs. missin' her. . . /e so%nded &ery 'rate*%l and repentant.

. Instead. . +ith the s%nset on its bro+. dear . b%t she paid me se&eral ni(e (ompliments and 'a&e me a lo&ely rin' set +ith an a6%amarine . "he *ort%nate possessor o* a (heer*%l spirit and a nat%ral taste *or the 'aieties o* yo%th. +alked all ro%nd it and +ondered i* /erbert Prin'le o((asionally (h%(kled to himsel* in his 'ra&e. :or three years yo% ha&e so3o%rned %nder o%r roo*. and my little +indin' &alley *%ll o* d%sk. I'll dri*t on the Lake o* Shinin' Waters in a shallop shaped *rom a moonbeam . or in Mr. . . -%t +e . and listened to any s%''estion I made in re'ard to the s(hool +ork +ith an air o* disdain*%lly h%morin' a l%nati(. and sit o%t on the ba(k door. ""om'allon /o%se is (ertainly &ery splendid. . "=ot b%t +hat a 'host mi'ht be a ni(e. +ith the most re*ined deli(a(y. eatin' the deli(io%s meal Miss Miner&a pro&ided. . It is &ery bea%ti*%l. I s%ppose. I'll 'ather star*lo+ers and <%ne bells in the /a%nted Wood. "I'm a +ee bit tired a*ter a month o* e.' I +as 'lad it belon'ed to Miss Miner&a and not to the +i*e o* >n(le le. . 0o% ha&e al+ays been most (onsiderate o* my *eelin's and I *ind a hea&y 'loom on my spirits at the tho%'ht o* yo%r depart%re.*lo+er. "here is a mysterio%s (harm abo%t the 3e+els o* the sea. "She persists in as(ribin' all her (han'ed o%tlook and prospe(ts to me. nd I'm sayin' 'ood. yo% ha&e ne&er s%rrendered yo%rsel* to the &ain pleas%res o* the 'iddy and *i(kle (ro+d.sided (on&ersation. nd it +asn't easy at *irst. . 2ibson died a *e+ months a'o. )uite handsome. " nd +hen the +eek is ended you +ill be home . . nd I'&e been to "om'allon /o%se *or another s%pper +ith Miss Miner&a o* that ilk and another one. 0o% ha&e (ond%(ted yo%rsel* on all o((asions and to e&ery one. "I +ent to my old 'ra&eyard yesterday e&enin' *or a last pro+l . 9ld Mrs. I'll *ind plots o* +ild stra+berries in Mr. . I'm s%re I (o%ld ne&er ha&e +orn it i* it had. My only 6%arrel +ith Spook's Lane is that there are no spooks. !ebe((a De+ +as not on hand. a moonli'ht blend o* bl%e and 'reen . e&en Pa%line 2ibson. aristo(rati( sort o* thin' to ha&e toni'ht to the old Storm 7in'. and I +on't +ant anythin' else.' she +rote. and she had a 'ood time airin' a *e+ more tra'edies. . espe(ially the one +ho pens these to the *olks at Windy Poplars. espe(ially no+ +hen its 'ro%nds are all a. . "I am +ritin' this to bid my *are+ell be(a%se I (annot tr%st mysel* to say it. *or'otten 'arden . . . I s%ppose I did help. . She seldom said anythin' +itho%t a stin' in it. do absol%tely nothin' b%t r%n *ree in a 'reen +orld o* s%mmer lo&eliness. I may say that no%. that her *ather had 'i&en her on her ei'hteenth birthday ." When the time (ame the ne. -%t I had a &ery 'ood time." +rote !ebe((a De+. 'I +ish I (o%ld tell yo% +hat yo%'&e bro%'ht into my li*e. She (o%ldn't 6%ite hide the *a(t that she +as sorry *or any one +ho +as not a "om'allon. . -arry's *lat. "E&erybody has been in&itin' me to s%pper .ams and *are+ells and 'last thin's.8harlotteto+n' .' :or a +eek a*ter I 'et ba(k to 2reen 2ables I'm 'oin' to be la5y .t day *or nne to say 'ood. -%t someho+. %nt 7ate 'ra&ely handed nne a letter. I'll dream by the Dryad's -%bble in the t+ili'ht. .step %nder the stars and listen to the sea (allin' in its sleep. . . '+hen I +as yo%n' and handsome. and go2 "hat li*e +ill 3%st s%it 7atherine.ander. "Dear Miss Shirley. It +as 3%st born o* her se(ret bitterness a'ainst li*e. -%t I +o%ldn't 'i&e my as yet %n*o%nded ho%se o* dreams *or "om'allon /o%se and 'ro%nds +ith the 'hosts thro+n in. I'&e *or'otten it all. i* moonbeam shallops are not in season. so Pa%line dared do it. . I'll 3oin the dan(e o* *ire*lies in Lo&er's Lane and &isit /ester 2ray's old.lea* and a. . . /arrison's hill past%re.

may I say. THE END .4 "My esteem and. 2Hth and 1Bth. "he a *er&ent +ish that yo%r married li*e +ill be one o* (ontin%ed and %ninterr%pted -liss) 19nly do not e. and the homa'e o* one *aith*%l tho%'h h%mble heart +ill e&er be too m%(h o* a man. has ne&er permitted hersel* to (herish any matrimonial aspirations. and my prayer +ill e&er be *or yo%r happiness and +el*are in this +orld and yo%r eternal *eli(ity in that +hi(h is to (ome. (ertainly (ame strai'ht *rom !ebe((a De+'s a**e(tionate heart. "!E-E88 DEW. 2od bless yo%. -%t she does not deny hersel* the pleas%re o* an interest in the n%ptials o* her *riends and may I e." "We ha&e memories o* yo% that nothin' (an take a+ay." sobbed %nt 8hatty." said %nt 7ate. I %nderstand *rom +hat I ha&e heard. possessed o* b%t *e+ personal (harms and be'innin' to *eel her a'e 1not b%t +hat I'm 'ood *or a 'ood *e+ years yet4. "P.m%st not repine at +hat Pro&iden(e has ordained. and the P." that did not make them any the less sin(ere. and on(e in a +hile +hen yo% ha&e nothin' better to do +ill yo% kindly remember that there is s%(h a person as "0o%r obedient ser&ant.S. emphati(ally. "=othin'. S." nne's eyes +ere misty as she *olded the letter %p. +ho. is a &ery e. !ebe((a De+ +as +a&in' it. ""ell dear !ebe((a De+ I'll ne&er *or'et her and that I'm (omin' ba(k to see yo% all e&ery s%mmer. -%t as nne dro&e a+ay *rom Windy Poplars the last messa'e *rom it +as a lar'e +hite *l%tterin' *ranti(ally *rom the to+er +indo+. "ho%'h she stron'ly s%spe(ted !ebe((a De+ had 'ot most o* her phrases o%t o* her *a&orite "-ook o* Deportment and Eti6%ette. my a**e(tion *or yo% +ill ne&er lessen. "Somethin' +hispers to me that yo% +ill not be lon' 'Miss Shirley' b%t that yo% +ill erelon' be linked to'ether in a %nion o* so%ls +ith the (hoi(e o* yo%r heart. 1:irst Sam%el.(eptional yo%n' man.4 "0o% +ill be lamented by all in S%mmerside +ho had the pri&ile'e o* kno+in' yo%.

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