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Having to face an armed individual with bad intentions is every person’s worst nightmare. You can’t
stop crazy, you can only respond to it. The aggressor’s actions are not your fault; failure to plan and
failure to train, is. All persons can help prevent and prepare for potential active threat situations.
Preparation can lessen the risk of one of these incidents and, if one occurs, can mitigate or reduce the
number of potential victims. The Active Threat Citizen Defense workshop (A.T.C.D.) aims to enhance
preparedness for citizens to “rise to the occasion” instead of “settle to the level of their training”.

This teaching will show you how to:

 Recognize hostile situations and how the brain responds.
 Realize how items in your area can be utilized to defend yourself and save your life.
 Understand how the body reacts during stressful situations.
 Perform a “no-skills needed” maneuver to combat a gunman

Test your newly acquired survival skills during our hands-on, interactive, scenario-based training. In
a time where workplace violence is becoming more common, we can no longer stand by and hope this
never happens to us. Learning how to respond if confronted with an active threat is not paranoia, its
 Intro
 Planning & Preparedness
 Recognizing hostile situations
 Dealing with hostile individuals
 Active shooter profile
 Active shooter dynamics
 RUN, HIDE, FIGHT video and training
 Cover vs. Concealment
 The body’s reaction to stress and anxiety
 Improvised weapons
 Recognizing gunfire
 Developing a survivors mindset
 Self-aid for traumatic incidents
 Coordinated Actions To Stop the Shooter (CATTS)
 Weapon Seizure Drill
 Scenario Based Practical Exercise
 Review & Questions
FREE vbpd workshop scheduled for Saturday, June 1st, from 10Am-2:30pm.
Hosted by Coastal Community Church 2800 S. Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23462.
Open to everyone. Rsvp is required. Limited seating. To RSVP or if you have any questions, please contact
Master Police Officer David J. Nieves at

***Children who are able to comprehend and handle the subject matter are welcome to participate.
NO WEAPONS. All bags subject to inspection and wanding for weapons may occur at the door.
There will be a 30 minute break. Pack your lunch; Food trucks may be available. ***