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San Fernando HS Brag Sheet

Use this document to help people write letters of recommendation for you. Be sure to​ provide as much detail.

I. Personal Information
Last Name: Renteria First Name: Aaleyah MI: M
Male/Female: F Ethnicity: Hispanic DOB (MM/DD/YY): 02/11/02

II. Contact Information

Street Address: 11666 Pearwood Ave
City: Sylmar, Ca
ZIP Code: 91342
Phone Number ( 818 ) 397-5005
Professional email address:

III. Family Information

Are you the first person in your family to go to college? No
If yes, please describe what prevented your family members from attending college. If no, please include who
in your family has attended college; which institution they attend; and any struggles or successes they had.
- My older brother attended CSUN but since they messed up his Financial Aid papers he couldn’t
attended to whole year. He later went to a community college
- My aunt went to CSUN all 4 years and got 2 of her first years paid for within her major. She graduated
her 4th year at CSUN
- My cousin is attending Cal Poly bear Long Beach and he is also working for his major nonstop,
meaning he is also doing summer programs and classes.

IV. Family Responsibilities

Activity Hours Description
performed each

5 - Swiping and mopping the house

- Washing dishes
- Putting away dishes
- Picking up other messes around
the kitchen and living room
- Disinfecting any eating areas

10-12 - take care of my baby brother

- Feed him
- Play with him
- Clean him
3 - most just talk with my mom
Assisting in family about the bills
business - Discussing anything new about

9 - cheer practice is 2 hours

Sports everyday (besides Monday’s)
- Exercises everyday

8-10 - I work at In-n-Out

- I work on Mondays and
Work Sundays only
- Hours vary depending on how
slow or fast pace it is

V. Personal Attributes
Attribute Poor Fair Good Excellent Outstanding



Desire to meet new people

Desire to try new things

Reading ability

Public speaking ability

Compassion for others


Emotional stability


What are your two strongest attributes? What makes them strengths?
Attribute #1: Communication
Please explain: Communicating with each and everyone of my peers. Constantly asking questions to
understand a task. If anything is wrong I can easily inform that person and willing to share knowledge for
improvements or suggestions.

Attribute #2: Work Ethics

Please explain: I am always putting in my best work in everything I do. I do not like to only out half of my work
in anything. When j want to finish something I put my work and knowledge into every detail. I lie to try and
stand out by not messing up multiple times.

What is an area you need to improve in? What will you do to improve in this area?
Area: Being Picky
Please explain: There has been times where I want to work with certain people of the same or higher range as
me. If I don’t like something I don’t feel as happy. I can improve this by taking a step back an appreciate the

VI. Courses Taken in High School

Strongest Subject: Honors English
Please explain: English has been the easiest for me because I had an interest in writing essays and it’s a
natural trait in my everyday life.

Most Difficult Subject: History

Please explain: I’m not to fond of History, learning about wars is always difficult for me to remember every
event, year it took place, and where it took place.

VI. Honors, AP, Career, College-Prep or College Courses Taken ​(if applicable)

Course Title Grade College/Univ. Sem. or Qtr. /


AP Computer Science 11th University Year


Honors Biology 9th College & Year


Honors English 9th, University (9th) semester

10th, (10&11) Year

Honors Humanities 9th College Semester

Honors Physics 10th University Year

Honors Chemistry 11th University Year

Honors US History 11th University Year

VII. Career and College Plans
Career Goal: Working with kids or children
Possible College/University: UCSB
Possible College/University: UCSD

VIII. Extracurricular Activities

Description of Activity Duration

Volunteer service hours total of

about 15-17

High school cheer 2 hours 5

days a

Allstar Cheer 6-7 hours a


IX. Awards/Certificates
Date Type of Award or Certificate Awarding Organization

8/19/1 Community service award Teacher, Counselor &

7 Administrator-In-Charge

Fall 1- Certificate of Achievement: 3.5 GPA Principal


Fall 2- Certificate of Achievement: 3.5 GPA Principal


Spring Certificate of Achievement: 3.5 GPA Principal


during Silver Honor Roll Counselor, Assistant

school Principal and Advisory
year Teacher

Fall Certificate of achievement: 4.00 GPA Principal

during Advisory Award: Best Portfolio Counselor, Assistant
school Principal and Advisory
year teacher

2018- Honor Roll: 3.51 GPA Magnet coordinator and

2019 Magnet Counselor

2018 Certificate: Cleanest Cheerleader Arleta High School and


June Certificate: participation & Value contribution Head Coach

4, to the team

X. Employment or Volunteer Hours

Dates Title of Position and Description of Duties Organization

Dec 2018 Volunteer Hours Manny Velazquez,

- Jan
- A painter Magnet
Feb - Painting school murals
12, Employment In-N-Out
2018 - Associate
- Cashier, pay window and hand out

XI. Next Steps

Answer the following in the space provided:
​Who inspires you? What attributes do they have they inspire you? What can you do to inspire others?
- The one person who truly inspires me is my mom. Her attributes that inspires me is her humor,
caring, considerate, influential, sympathetic, very understanding and unselfish.What i can do to inspire
others is learning to be more considerate and sympathetic.

What clubs or activities can you join to gain experience in your intended career field?
- Volunteering at a local hospital