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Layers of the Atmosphere

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1. altitude 4. greenhouse

when the sun's heat is reflected back onto

Earth through Earth's atmosphere by carbon
dioxide, methane, water vapor, and other

height and/or distance above sea level. 5. Mesosphere a layer of Earth's atmosphere; extends from 50
km to 80 km; meteors generally burn up in this
2. atmosphere
6. ozone layer

Layer within the stratosphere with a high

concentration of ozone; absorbs most of the
A mixture of gases that surrounds a planet or
Sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation and protects
Earth from UV radiation.
3. Exosphere
7. Stratosphere

The outer layer of the Earth's atmosphere that a layer of atmosphere that extends from 12 km
extends outward into space from 155 km; to 50 km up; location of ozone layer; absorbs
contains very thin air that holds satellites in our 95% of Ultraviolet radiation; temperature
orbit. increases with altitude increase.
8. Thermosphere

a layer of the atmosphere, in which temperature increases as altitude increases (means it gets hotter and you go
higher). Also, contains radioactive ions that make the aurora borealis.
9. Troposphere

0-12 km above Earth's surface, site of weather, organisms, contains most atmospheric water vapor.