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Preschool News

As the month of May comes to an end, so is another school year. This month was all
about Moms and Fairy Tales. The kids made their Moms and Grandmas homemade gift
and crafts to give them at our Muffins with Moms Party. The kids loved having their
moms, grandmas and aunts come in for a special breakfast date.

For the last few weeks of school the classroom centers were all set up with Fairy Tale
items. We built castles with golden cups, made Humpty Dumpty's wall, cut out bean
stalks, practiced making Princess and the Pea patterns and much, much more.

After about a month of watching our caterpillars grow, they finally emerged from their
chrysalises! What a wonderful learning experience for out kiddos. Letting them go is
always so bittersweet.

We also spent a good amount of time practicing for our end of the year program and
graduation. This year’s program was The Greatest Show. We had acrobats, ballerinas,
ring masters, the strongest man, a fire breathing man, clowns, and many more amazing
acts. We graduated 12 Preschoolers this year, one of our largest classes ever!
Congratulations to the future class of 2032!!

Rachel Johnson Firelands Preschool Program Director and Teacher