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Rethinking the classical mechanics (orbital mechanics), Part #7 of 10

(layouts of spaceship with respect to the Earth center)

First of all, let’s look at a small mass that has a shape of a rocket. This mass is suspended by a rope and rotates circularly around a central point in a horizontal or
vertical plane. The mass layouts with respect to the center of the rotation during the circular trajectory are the following:

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The researcher (author) offers to reason about possible layouts of a spaceship after point C, i.e. since it enters into its circular orbit. After I watched various videos
about International Space Station and learnt other stuff, I think that the first variant is real. Also, I understand that the orbital motions of masses are defined by
applying the centers of the orbiting masses. Anyway, I offer to reason about the following two variants. If the first is true, it looks like rotating a body (mass)
suspended by a string. In other words, it does not look like a free fall as it is declared. It is time to analyze this paper and compare it with the current paper.

C gravitational force is always pulling towards the Earth center


2 gravitational force is always pulling towards the Earth center

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