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Key Features

Energy Efficient
Ample Green Space
Vibrant Landscaping
Community Connections
Emergency Preparedness

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc. presents

River Road Affordable Housing

53 units for households at or below 50% and 30% of AMI

By providing high performance housing centered around vibrant landscaping and

open space, River Road Affordable Housing is a model for multifamily
Fostering Community development. RRAH provides opportunities for residents to learn and grow and
invites neighbors to connect.

The River Road Community

Affordable for Populations in need
Organization (RRCO) has shared
 Most units for families at or below
extensive input throughout this
process, which has informed our
50% AMI
process and design. o 1 bedroom (7): $533
o 2 bedroom (16): $633
We look forward to continued o 3 bedroom (24): $729
collaboration with the neighborhood  5 units for households at 30% AMI
through our four member o 1 bedroom (4): $293
Neighborhood Engagement Team. o 2 bedroom (1): $350
 5 units for clients of Womenspace
Innovative community building
Energy Efficient (above) is built to essential facility
standards and can be immediately
 Earth Advantage standards
occupied after an emergency. It
 High performance building envelope
includes a gathering space, a ‘flex
 Ductless mini-split heat pumps provide
space’, kitchen, computer area,
efficient heating & cooling
offices, and a large storage area for
 All buildings PV ready
emergency supplies. This building
Promotes Multimodal Transportation will serve residents and
 EWEB Electric Car Sharing Pilot Program neighborhood groups.
 PeaceHealth Rides Bikeshare Station
 Ample parking
Resident Services
Community Partners SVDP’s Resident Services Program supports residents in creating stability by
connecting them to the services, skills, and knowledge they need. SVDP’s multifaceted
approach addresses residents’ financial, transportation, wellness, and educational
Womenspace, Inc. needs. SVDP offers on-site resources and trainings and assists residents in accessing
external services.
Food for Lane County
RRAH will have an onsite Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) to support residents by
Trauma Healing Project informing them of resources, offering choices, and helping them obtain services.

PeaceHealth Rides Five units at RRAH will be reserved for clients of Womenspace, Inc, which empowers
survivors of domestic violence. Womenspace is an ideal partner as their programming
LTD is designed to specifically encourage resiliency in their clients.

Financial Overview
River Road Affordable Housing is well positioned to secure future funding. The project
meets all Oregon Housing and Community Services’ design and funding guidelines. All
City of Eugene funding has been secured.
Timeline Source Amount

March 29, 2019 LIHTC Equity (OHCS) $11,180,382

Apply for OHCS funding Gap (OHCS) $700,000
City of Eugene land $519,000
June 2019 City of Eugene HOME $725,000
Receive response from Deferred Developer Fee $150,000
OHCS City of Eugene SDC waiver $281,959
EWEB incentives $39,750
Spring 2020 Permanent loan with OAHTC (OHCS) $475,000
Begin construction TOTAL $14,071,091

Summer 2021
Construction complete Category Per Unit Cost Total Cost

Acquisition $9,830 $521,000

Construction $178,027 $9,435,456
Development $63,400 $3,360,210
Community Building $754,425
Total $251,257* $ 14,071,091

*Does not include cost of the Community Building.