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Business administration consists of many processes. These processes are very

necessary in view of the fact that today running a business is a highly skilled activity.

It involves a number of factors and specified procedures. As such proper

administration and management is required to make a success of any business



A setting up of a new firm is proposed which will be dealing in imported furniture.

The firm will procure orders from not only retail sellers in the Sultanate, but also from

the ministries. The firm will import furniture from reputed manufacturers from all

over the world, keeping in mind the demand of the local market. It will also try to get

exclusive franchise rights for these furniture’s from the brand manufacturers.

The administrative structure for such a firm has to be vertical type of management. It

will be most effective in making a success of this firm. A vertical management has

top-down positions such as:

Top Level Management

Middle Level Management

First Line of Managers

Operational Level Employees

Top Level Management needs to involve itself in the main policymaking, strategic

planning while the middle level management will have to look after the

implementation of these plans and provide guidance, methodology to various

departments and the first line managers so that the activity of the workforce can be

directed properly to obtain the required results.


There are various management processes that are very importantly considered for the

proper functioning of the organization, some of which are:

Planning: As the top-level management will concern itself with the main

policymaking, strategic planning of action, direction of resource and control of them,

decision making about the present and future of the firm, planning becomes very

necessary. Without proper planning, the action may not bring out the required results.

Also in the absence of planning, the firm may lose sight of its objectives. Another

area is the management of resources; with proper planning these resources can be put

to correct use with maximum benefits.

Organizing: Just as proper planning is required, organizing is needed to put the plan

in action. Using the resource, manpower and materials will be orderly with proper

organization of work. The organizers will assign the right work to the right people.

With proper assignment of tasks to various department and positions, monitoring also

becomes less complicated.

Staffing: It is one thing to plan out a program and try to organize it, but without the

necessary support of the workforce, all this may come to nothing. In today’s highly

competitive world, it is very difficult to get the right persons to perform the duties

satisfactorily. It definitely is a drain on the resources. But with the right kind of

manpower, the firm can reap unlimited success. So staff selection becomes a highly

specified activity. To get highly experienced personnel in filling the right position

becomes very important, as failure of doing this would lead to some serious problems

in the company.

Leading: This is a highly skilled activity, which this firm will require in maximum.

As we are talking about a very competitive and active market, it will be necessary that

at all levels of management leadership is displayed positively. This will keep the

morale of the workforce and will build up their confidence. To provide inspiration

and motivation to the workforce, the managers will have to display great leadership


Controlling: As with any other resource, in the line of business administration also

controlling is very important. It will be required to keep an eye on the use of the

financial resources, workforce, material resources and also the activities of the

employees. Proper rules and regulations will have to be made out, so that over all

control can be exercised.


The important managerial roles that are required by the firm are:

Planners: The top-level management will be concerned with this. After careful

survey of the market and analysing the demand of the local market for imported

furniture’s, the planners will have to decided when and how to enter this market.

They will have to interact with the related ministries to obtain permission and license

to import such goods form various countries. Then they will have to look into the

financial resources that they have or require to enter this market confidently. They

will then need to make out a plan of action as to how big or small their company will

be initially and how it will operate. Then they will have to set a long-term goal fir the

future of the company. They will have to make policies of the firm and tough

decisions will have to be taken. For all these kind of tasks, the firm clearly requires

Board of Directors, Managing Directors, Managers and strong workforce and the will

lead the firm to a good way and there are more chances of getting bulk orders from

the ministries and from other sources.

Organizers: Once the planners have put in place polices, strategic planning and an

action plan, the organizers at the middle level management may takeover. Since these

managers understand the goals and policies of the firm completely, they will be able

to organize the plan of action suitably. They will further break down the plan into

small units and decide what has to be done and how to go about it. They will also

assign tasks to various departments down the line. Providing leadership and guidance

to all the departments concerned will also be their job. They can also decide upon a

timeframe within which a set target has to be reached. In this firm, it will be

necessary to realize that they are operating in a highly competitive market. So they

also need to market their goods aggressively.

Resource Allocator: The various resources of the firm will need to be made proper

use to get the maximum benefit. This resource may be in the form of human

workforce or finances. So we need to have financial controllers/directors in the firm

and human resource manager to appoint and direct the workforce.

Task Delegator: As managers, they will need to identify the abilities of the

workforce or personnel in their hands and assign suitable tasks to them. This is a

highly skilled job because the task delegator should not only realise the importance of

the task but also know the capability and experience of the persons carrying out the

said tasks.

Staffing Coordinator: Again, this is a very specific work. The staff selector should

be a highly skilled person in his line to identify the right person for the kind of work

his firm needs to be done. He will have to not only pick and choose persons; he may

also need to train them in their specific area. As a motivator and leader, he should

also have a system of rewarding the good performance of the employees.


In this method a new firm dealing in imported furniture will be setup. A report of all

the tasks to be performed by various personnel’s at different levels of management has

been made. The management processes that are required have been discussed and

finally the main managerial roles that are required by the firm have been discussed in



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