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Autonomous Data
Warehouse Cloud

Lower Cost, Increase Reliability and
Performance to Extract More Value from
Your Data With Oracle Autonomous Data
Warehouse Cloud
Today’s leading-edge organizations differentiate the storage and compute resources needed to
themselves through analytics to further their support them are not able to keep pace with
competitive advantage by extracting value the explosive growth. In addition, the manual
from all their data sources. Other companies cumbersome task of patch, update, upgrade
are looking to become data-driven through poses risks to data due to human errors. To
the modernization of their data management reduce risks, costs, complexity, and time to
deployments. These strategies do include value, many organizations are taking their
challenges, such as the management of large data warehouses to the cloud. Whether hosted
growing volumes of data. Today’s digital world locally in a private cloud, outsourced to a public
is already creating data at an explosive rate, and cloud service, or a mixture of the two, the cloud
the next wave is on the horizon, driven by the offers simpler management, higher scalability
emergence of IoT data sources. The physical data and availability with ensured performance, and
warehouses of the past were great for collecting new ways to cut the costs associated with data
data from across the enterprise for analysis, but storage and processing.

Why are Customers Moving their Data Warehouse to the Cloud

Simplified Deployment Always-On Reliability Big Data Enablement

& Migration

Why are
Customers Moving
Reduce Cost
their Data Warehouse
Accelerate Analytics
and Risk to the Cloud & Data Insight

Data Warehouse In
The Cloud: Common
Customer Use Cases

The velocity and volume of incoming data is warehouses coupled with cloud computing
placing crushing demands on traditional data analytics, and big data cloud implementation.
marts, enterprise data warehouses, and analytic Oracle’s revolutionary Autonomous Data
systems. Can a traditional data warehouse Warehouse Cloud is the industry’s first
cloud solution help customers meet these solution for delivering business insights with
demands? Many customers are proving the unmatched reliability. This fully autonomous
value of data warehouses in the cloud through database cloud service is self-tuning and pre-
“sandbox” environments, line-of-business configured for automated patch and upgrades,
data marts, and database backups. More and avoids manual error-prone human
advanced monetization use cases include high- management processing
performance data management projects, data

Common Customer Use Cases Enabled by Complete

Oracle Cloud Platform

On-Premise Data High Peformance

Warehouse or Data Marts Analytics

Publish Big Data to the

Consolidation of Disparate Data Warehouse
Data Sources

3rd Party BI and

Analytics Apps
Integration of
New Data Sources

Move to the Cloud New Monetization


Introducing Oracle
Data Warehouse Simple,
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud uses
applied machine learning to self-tune and automatically Fast,
optimizes performance while the database is running.
It is built on the next generation Oracle Autonomous Elastic
Database technology using artificial intelligence
to deliver unprecedented reliability, performance
and highly elastic data management to enable data
warehouse deployment in seconds.

Why Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

• Fully autonomous database capable of self-patching, self-tuning,
upgrading itself while the system is running, eliminating manual
Easy human error prone processing.
• Optimized and pre-configured to allow for creation of data
warehouse cloud service in 15 seconds.
• Immediately run analytics on your data without the need for
investment in data center infrastructure or additional IT staffing

• Based on the next generation cloud database platform using

artificial intelligence including machine learning to deliver
High adaptive caching and indexing all powered by the Oracle Exadata
Performance engineered infrastructure.
• Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse processes data 8 - 14
times faster than AWS Redshift. In addition, Autonomous Data
Warehouse Cloud costs 5 to 8x less than AWS Redshift. Oracle1
performs in an hour what Redshift does in 10 hours.
• Machine learning automatically optimizes indexing and caching
helps to reduce CPU consumption to deliver more value to

Oracle customers have fine-grained control of pre-configured

High compute and storage resources allowing for independent scale-
Elasticity up and down to avoid overpaying for expensive, unused, fixed
blocks of cloud resources.

Built-in machine learning technology eliminates manual

Always-on configuration errors to ensure reliability. In addition, unlimited
concurrent access combined with advanced clustering technology
Reliability enable businesses to grow data stores without any downtime.

[1] Larry Ellison demonstrates how AWS is 5x to 13x more expensive video (17:25)

Key Features — An Affordable, Feature-Rich and Fully Managed
Service in the Cloud

High-performance queries Instant Elasticity –

and concurrent workloads Preconfigured compute
Optimized query and storage shapes can
performance with independently scale up
preconfigured resource and down, without any
profiles for different down time
types of users

Oracle SQL Built-in Web-based

DWCS is SWL tool
compatible with all Apache Zeppelin based
business analytics notebooks ready to run
tools that support from your browser
Oracle Database

Autonomous Database migration utility

The world’s first self- Dedicated cloud-ready
driving database cloud migration tools for easy
is designed to perform migration from Amazon
all routine database AWS Redshift, SQL Server
maintenance tasks and other databases
such as patch, update,
backup, without human
intervention, all while
the database is running

Cloud-based data loading Enterprise Grade Security

Fast, scalable data-loading Self-upgrades of security
from Oracle Object Store, patches. Data is encrypted
AWS S3, or on-premises by default in the cloud, as
well as in transit and at rest.

Oracle Provides True
Enterprise Data Warehouse
Solutions in the Cloud
A handful of vendors now offer data warehouse simplicity. The goal is to ensure that businesses
cloud services, but these solutions are archaic, get more value quickly from their data, and
complex to use, lack enterprise scale and manage their data more effectively.
flexibility in deployment choice. Only Oracle
offers the next generation Autonomous Data Oracle Cloud is open, allowing customers to
Warehouse. Based on applied machine learning, utilize the service in a true hybrid cloud model,
the next generation of the Oracle Database is as well as supporting the utilization of 3rd
completely autonomous, eliminating human party applications, tools or even open-sourced
error and delivering unprecedented performance, Hadoop solutions. Oracle’s data warehouse
high security and reliability in the cloud. Oracle cloud solution combines a fully integrated cloud,
Autonomous Data Warehouse is designed to the industry’s best database, a comprehensive
deliver industry-leading database technology cloud platform and the power of choice to
with unmatched flexibility, enterprise scale and provide a path to the cloud that’s right for you.

Customer Benefits

Complete Solution Easy Migration

for Analytics
A single platform that empowers your entire Oracle makes it easy to migrate your data
organization to ask any question of any data type. warehouse or data marts to Autonomous Data
With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Warehouse Cloud. Oracle SQL Developer easily
Service, you can load and analyze data in the cloud migrates data into the cloud in just a few clicks.
in a few clicks, allowing you to quickly extract data Cloud-ready migration workbench tools support
insights and make critical decisions in real time. all major database providers, including Redshift.

Reduce Cost & Risk Preserve Existing Investment

Customers moving from Amazon’s Redshift to On-premises Oracle data management

Oracle’s autonomous database can expect to cut workloads are 100% compatible with Oracle
their costs in half, while benefiting from a higher Cloud ensuring customers can leverage existing
database availability investments and skills. With AWS Redshift,
customers must completely rework their code
and realign their applications

Oracle is the market leader for data warehousing Oracle can deliver. With Oracle, customers
solutions*. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse have deployment choice, and can preserve
Cloud makes availablea highly scalable solution their existing investment while enabling new
to customers with the ease, simplicity, high- monetary opportunities for their most valuable
performance and security, value that only asset -their data.

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* Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics

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