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Full name: Nguyen Hai Linh

Sex: Male
Nationality: Vietnam
Date of birth: 09/10/1978
Place of birth: Ha Noi City
Marital status: Married
Current address: 20 Be Van Dan, Tan Binh
quarter, Hai Duong City
Mobile: +84968874534


From 1997 to 2002: Thai Nguyen University of Technology

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Qualification: Mechanical Engineer


Sep/2002 – Mar/2006: Fabrication of Equipment Hai Duong Factory, Lilama 69-3

Joint Stock Company.
Position: Mechanical Engineer/Assistant Foreman.
Job description: Manage and design mechanical technology.

Apr/2006 – Sep/2012: Engineering Consultant and Technology Transfer Center,

Lilama 69-3 Joint Stock Company.
Position: Mechanical Engineer/Chief of Design Section.
Job description: - Manage, Calculating and Designing bag filter, fan, belt
conveyor, damper, bridge crane, air slide…
- Manage design equipments of three mill sections of Song Thao
cement plant from 2007 to 2009.
- Manage design equipments of Dai Viet, Dung Quat cement
plant from 2008 to 2010.
- Supervise erection Equipments of Dai Viet, Dung Quat cement
plant from 2010 to 2012.

Oct/2012 – Nov/2013: Lilama 69-3 Design Industrial & Systems Engineering

joint-stock company.
Position: Mechanical Engineer/Supervision/ Deputy Chief of Mechanical
Design Department.
Job description: - Designed Conveyor Systems for Eagle Cement plant under
contract with Polysius Vietnam Co., Ltd. in 2012.
- Design conveyor system transporting cement - Bim Son
Cement in 2013.
- Design belt conveyor and air slide systems for Q53 Polysius


project in 2013.
- Supervision of Petrol Nghe An cement factory plant in 2013.

Nov/2013 – Nov/2014: Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing Joint Stock Company.

Position: Mechanical Engineer/Foreman.
Job description: - Design mechanical technology.
- Foreman of Water Supply Le Hong Phong zone plant, Bac
Binh Thuan.

Dec/2014 – Feb/2017: Lilama Corporation.

Position: StStr/Mechanical Construction Manager.
Job description: - Managing, supervising, monitoring for manpower, Steel
structure, Mechanical installation for Zone 2, Nghi Son Refinery
and Petrolchemical Project belong Lilama Corporation’s

Mar/2017 – May/2019 (now): MIS Industrial Services Joint Stock Company.

Position: Deputy Manager of Sales Department.
Chief of Technical team.
Job description: - Managing the sale of rubber conveyor belts ((under Dunlop
distribution authorization.
- Designing the mechanical equipment for renovation and
replacement projects of cement plants


- Good at Microsoft Office.

- Fluently about using design software: AutoCAD.
- English: Translate documents fluently, Speaking and listening fairly.
- Personality: Easily Sociable, adaptable to new surroundings, careful and honest.

Traveling, meeting friends, playing football, reading books,
listen to music, and watching TV…


I commit that all the information provided on this CV are true.

I hereby guarantee that the information provided in this Curriculum Vitae is accurate. I
would be entirely liable before the law if my statements were intentionally made incorrect.

Hai Duong, May 2019

Nguyen Hai Linh