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iw a VANDETTE aw PENBERTHY LLP May 28, 2019 VIA HAND DELIVERY Peter A. Reese 49 Starin Avenue Buffalo, New York 14214 Re: Matter of Reese v. Dearmyer-Lee et al. Index No. 2019-00061 Dear Mr. Reese: Enclosed herewith please find a courtesy copy of Respondent's Brief, filed and served today in accordance with CPLR §2103. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me. Very truly yours, ce: Jeremy Toth, Fsq. (via electronic delivery’) Your Answer. ‘4227 Niagara Steet Buffalo + NY + 14201 716.808.8400 F 716.408.0308 w vandettepanborthy com Janes H Veet nore ace ie. Brittany Lee Penberthy bpenberthy@var ALSO ADMITTED IN CONNECTICUT To be Argued by: BRITTANYLEE PENBERTHY (Time Requested: 10 Minutes) New York Supreme Court Appellate Bivision—Fourth Bepartment Docket No.: CAE 19-. PETER A. REESE, Petitioner-Appellant, ~ against — ERIE COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS, JEREMY ZELLNER, as Commissioner of the ERIE COUNTY BOARDE OF ELECTIONS, RALPH MORR, as Commissioner of the ERIE COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS, and LYNN M. DEARMYER-LEE, Objector, Respondents-Respondents. BRIEF FOR RESPONDENT-RESPONDENT LYNN M. DEARMYER-LEE ‘VANDETTE PENBERTHY, LLP Brittanylee Penberthy, Esq. Attorneys for Respondent-Respondent Lynn M. Dearmyer-Lee 277 Niagara Street Buffalo, New York 14201 (716) 803-8400 Erie County Clerk's Index No. 2019-0071 TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF AUTHORITIES... APPELLEE’S SUMMARY OF THE ARGUMENT... ARGUMENT. POINT I: APPELLANT’S BURDEN IS NOT MET .. POINT II: FORM OF APPELLEE’S OBJECTIONS ARE PROPER... POINT III: APPELLANT’S ARGUMENT IS PURE CONJECTURE IS. NOT BASED IN FACT. POINT IV: OPEN MEETINGS LAW IS NOT RELEVANT. CONCLUSION.