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My dude... I was filming hoes like that... b4 NERDY-anti-social-media ...

back when you had to have

either game, guap, good looks, gNutts or all the above (b4 the age of pussified anonymous keyboard
courage convo's)... I was a Psych/Finance major who could read ANY woman... in 60 seconds or less
(the Black Ferris Bueller)... Any professional woman over 20 who's got to put it out there, like that... has
deep seated psychological issues... and most hustlers and pimps recognizes that... that bitch has been
phuq'ed and gobbled so many dicks when she was younger that, she came to the realization that... SHE
WANTED TO FINALLY BE IN CHARGE of her own sexuality

Motion to recall mandate and motion to reinstate appeal… Mary