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MILORD Original words by G. Moustaki Words by Bunny Lewis. Music by Marguerite Monnot Fox-trot tempo Comeon,get wise Mi-Lord her lipstell lies Mi-Lord, mad Mi-Lord lites not so bad Mi-Lora, ee ae tere ear te | erat The girl that you a dored has foundsomeoth-er guy. She just got bored Mi-Lord Thecharms of oth-er arms can mAkeyour heart for-get. Dost count the cost Mi-Lord rir ir # |F tr tt Now youre ig nored Mi-Lord Deep down in-side yourpride wont let you say“Good Let her get lost Mi-Lord Onemem.o - ry can be a lifetime of re- = #F ['F a pF cr Car F Bbmaj7 Bb Copyright: @ 1989 by Raitions Salabert S.A, All rights for the British Commonwealth of Nationa (ox Canada) and the Republle of Hire controled by Gatlin Muste Corp., 17 Savile Row, London, WAX TAB International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved bye" That South-ero Belle MiLord has gota heart of ice Lovecanbe hell Mi- Lord as cgret. So let her go MicLord comeonre-lax besmert 'Cos if you doxit you know shell Phe tlie rel rier] ee Pier # |F For pb c7 Cts ho cas FP wellas Par-a-dise. You metherat a Ball her lipswererub-y red, Fer on-ly breakyour heart. The sto-ry is the same when ev er younglovs grows, And 7 Tere ft Tt part tho! youlived fara You swore you'd nev-er found that lovecan besa 1 You're not the first Jaz-y South-ern drawl soon turn'd your no-ble ht noone is to blame it’s just the way it g t Ft FTF xb ete tlt Fe Biz tl = way How could you knowher heart Like oth-er heartswould stray ~ kind And still theworldgoesround But oneheartsleft be - hind ft Fh Come on, get Come on, g BOA alee tert ? [eae |? Db © Db 7 0%) Hip, Mi-Lord and Jet life rip Mi-Lord Be suretheres plent-y more of fir or eit iis lov-ing to be done Thertechickstomect Mi-Lord with lips as sweet Mi-Lord And hearts to #F ‘67 cr ¥ ca? F Bbmaj7 Be pe make and break be - fore the race is run, So hit the town Mi-Lord comeon and et ie ee eee cress bby cose i 1? RAR be my guest, WEll turn it up-side down and devil take the rest.Comeon,get rest. AAD Borer ripe Bb ¥ Gay cz ¥