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AGORA NINGUEM SEGURA. PAUL JENKINS ey NN mdse PAUL LEE ee RL Pee ered Aten pa 5 nytt tio ae ig = ° Se ee cS PAUL JENKINS ne from a story co-plotted with John Ney Rieber i ILLUSTRATED BY a PAUL LEE ) Restart Po GRANT GOLEA! ae ai 7 Seed oe OMICRAFT ee iH mh i a a falas S 5 \ a rer. a i ee aoe hare “4% rey A A Editor-in-Chief Paul Levitz Executive Vice President & Publisher Karen Berger Execotive Editor Axel Alonso Editor Richard Bruning VP-Crealive Director Ce ch ee eed Se Re de eee nd Pn een metre ot Cater at iene iad Cea eee eee eee de ee en en ee Cae s Copyright © 1997 DC Comics. All Rights Reserved. Vertigo and all characters featured in this publication, the distinctive likenesses thereof and all related indicia are trademarks of DC Comics, The stories, characters and incidents mentioned ene era teeter Lee eee eg rata Cen