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1 05:55-06:02 He followed me Hasty Hong-joo
again. He followed Generalization assumed that
me again. If I let Jae-chan is
my guard down, a hitting on her
neighbor will turn
because he was
into a friend, then a
friend will become
following her
a boyfriend. when she was
transferring onto
another seat.

1 30:11-30:18 Because of the Hasty The aunt in this

accident you Generalization scene assumed
caused, someone from other
died. sources that it is
her niece’s fault
that the accident
occurred causing
both death of the
deceased man
and her mother.

1 36:21-36:22 I lost my Argumentum ad Hong-joo was

consciousness as Ignorantia claiming that she
soon as the was not the one
accident to drive the car
happened. but Yoo Bum did
Someone must’ve frame her to get
moved me to the away from
driver’s seat. He liability.
must’ve wiped his However, she
blood off the claimed a
airbag and left statement to be
mine on it, then false in absence
sat on the of any evidence
passenger’s seat. of supporting it.

2 26:03-26:10 If she doesn’t, that Argumentum Mr. Park did not

means she will put From Force state a concrete
me in jail. Don’t reason for his
worry. She will conclusion that
never make So his wife will sign
Yoon a daughter the form.
of a convict.

2 42:31-42:48 I wasn’t sure, but Appeal to Yoo-bum used

you are as I Emotions three reasons to
expected. I get it appeal with Jae-
that you have a chan regarding
grudge on me for his client’s case
something that where it is not
happened 13 years anywhere
ago but that connected to the
should’ve ended evidentiary
with me. Why are support of the
you being grumpy said case in order
to my client? to persuade the
latter to make it
3 26:24-26:51 Park So-Yoon: Hasty So-Yoon
Dad’s attorney Generalization generalized that
and that stupid all prosecutors
prosecutor already are stupid
ended the game. without having
any details to
Hong-joo: Why support her
are you calling statement.
him stupid?

Park So-Yoon: All

prosecutors are
stupid. A victim’s
statement is all
they need to let
the accused go.

3 33:14 You have to find Evidence burden of proof:

more evidence it is the duty of
and indict Park any party to
Junu present evidence
to establish his
claim or defense
by the amount of
required by law
3 33:18 Shall I say he beat Testimony of generally
her up in your witnesses confined to
dream? personal
knowledge and
therefore exludes

3 38:37 to be cross- Cross Adverse party

examined, so examination questions as to
summon them for matters stated in
the same day the direct
examination or

4 3:31 If the case is put Argumentum ad consists of

on trial, Mr. Park Baculum persuading other
will stop to accept a
supporting you position by using
financially right threat or pressure
away. so Yoon's instead of
career as a pianist presenting
and major evidence for
competitions will one's view
all be gone

4 4:02 Do you think Mr. Argumentum ad consists of

Park isn't even Baculum persuading other
ready for those? to accept a
I'm not sure, but position by using
he must have threat or pressure
hidden all his instead of
property under presenting
someone else's evidence for
name or siphoned one's view
off. He could have
prepared to not
give a penny to
you when

4 12:05 This is Opinion Statements about

unbelievable what the speaker
or writer happens
to believe
4 12:51 We all were born Explanation Attempt to show
on the same year why something
is the case

4 42:05 I'm giving him a False Dilemma Arises when the

choice to either premise of an
jump off a broken argument
car...or kill presents us with
himself in it. a choice between
two alternatives
and assumes that
they are
exhaustive when
in fact they are
not. Alternatives
are exhaustive
when they cover
all the
(meaning these
are the only
choices we have)
4 42:25 Prosecutor Jung Argumentum ad Emotional appeal
please forgive me. Misericordiam to the judge to be
If I ever hit my persuaded
wife again, I'll eat
my hat. Please
have mercy on

4 44:10 But if you feel Question Discussing an

like I’ve changed, Begging issue by means
doesn’t that mean Language of language that
you're the one assumes a
who's changed? position of the
very question at
issue, in such a
way as to direct
the listener to
that same
5 11:47 You want proof? I Evidence Burden of proof:
have solid it is the duty of
evidence any party to
present evidence
to establish his
claim or defense
by the amount of
required by law

5 23:12 According to that Logic Study of the

logic, everyone principles and
who hasn't made methods of good
any donations to reasoning
starving children
all over the world
also deserves

5 23:22 In this country, Argumentum ad Attempts to

respecting elders Antiquum persuade other of
is considered a a certain belief
virtue. We must by appealing to
treat our superiors their feelings of
with respect... reverence or
respect for some
tradition, instead
of giving rational
basis for such