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Question Booklet Series - A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA: DEPARTMENT OF SPACE wat GUN Hs, FTA ISRO SATELLITE CENTRE, BENGALURU fest Booklet "Wt Te" /Date of Wrten Test 13.11.2016 (Sunday) {fewer Trade ‘Technical Assistant (Mechanical) ‘wtiaret_/ Duration of Wien Test 12.20Hrs fo 02.00Hrs WaT STASI 7 No.of questions [60 oer sen gO YET A eet coe TART) ce No. of pages in the booklet (including cover page) erect gua, layer aA TL eH ala ret Teh wea eT The question pape isin the form of test booket, All candidates wil be assessed on klentical questions, 2 gama hearer Foca ee aw ae Fe PE (NL a) i Rod thointutos onthe OMR eho cary, Ue ony Bal ob Po (lack or Bo for wing shang bbe on OM Sheet and marking your answers, 8. get 3 fag, aol eat aA area wee ew aT OMA Ta ate feo ETT OMR Nie TORT TH aA Pe ‘wR rer pets a et ST TET ‘A separalo OMR answer shoct wh carbon Impression Is provided to all the candidates for answaring. On campletan ofthe test tear the OM Arsior sheet along the perforation mark at the top and handover the orginal OMR answer sheet to the Invlaor and retain this duplicate copy with you. 4. yak Rarer wo fg fase tke we oF ocx Lae ag Ee RIE a,b), fo) A a ae Rea RN HAR eres aati em Each objective question Is provided witha txt ander figures wherever appicabla with multipla answer choices (a), (b),(e) and (@)- Only one of them i correc. 6 whaghy ren beet a arr oin Ht waa Raga oe, waTA aA we Ste He TRA FAY se wEI SIT Ed ua Rrcag aee Sar MTT TACT ET ‘objective type questions cary equal masks of THREE for a correct answer, ZERO for no answor ard MINUS ONE for wrong answer. Multiple answers for @ question wil be regarded as a wrong ansiet 6 ye aR sk oud fatwa MB UC TD Ra fom, MA OMA Me ge, Rel or aes Rhee band Biter reret we, sek yfeot aT yao al Roar ce) Quoation booklets have boon marked wth AA B or ox D onthe righ hand top ccxnor, which fe mandatory to be wt cn the OME sheet in the box and bubble appropriating which the answor shoot vl rot bo evaluate, 7. ger ear ae A serene By ager we wo fee set rar ar wee BT oer he Ele ST Space avalablo in the booklat could bo used fr rough wrk, ¥requiod, No separate shat wil be provided, 6. TARA Me oe Geeta we A WEA, Ue aA TARA ate Ger ats Ren et Elan a ont a AEA reer et gL Before signing the atendance sheet, tho candidate should we the Booklet Code inthe aencence sheet, Carelates should sign againat THEIR nares ony, 9. ull B sia (2) whe Reedy Be wha whe Bex (2) HV OMR TRE AM Se (3) ACTA, PRE a any ae BI RP stoke a a tel gear ange ae @ aT ate At tho ond ofthe test (1) Written test Call Letters(s) with photograph pasted on It (2) Original OMR Answer Sheet and (@) Question Papor shall bo returned to the Invgllator and shall net be carried by the candidate under any cleeumstances. Page L of 14 Question Booklet Series - A Questions: 1. Sed oe Beg Fok eb aa a we Ms we oh ao B, at oRomt Iftwo force vectors Fy & F; with the angle between them @ acting on a body simultancously, then the resultant force is __. (a) [F? +82.2F,F,c0s(@)]* (b) (Fi? +F:?4+2FFacos(0)]* © [FP +F228Fsin(o)” @ +P 22R Pysin@]* 2. gee Retr feet? Syrah te Aga ys ner ‘The Centre of Gravity of an equilateral triangle of side x lies at a height. measured on a median from any side. @ ()« (o) (2x © a oF By w2eeeeeceeee fare ot Ret chee of asa opt at Aisa & ar at yo we 8 ar a dae & mem 8 qed o st FS wR wa & ev wabr fer ara BL The. theorem is used to calculate the moment of inertia of any section about the axis which is different from the axis passing through the centroid in the same plane. (@) wie sat a / Cross axis theorem (b) Bat sa fT / Equal axis theorem: (©) Sher set PEA / Perpendicular axis theorem (@) PATTER 144 PYEA / Parallel axis theorem 4, Ua We Fa BSI freer were ARM A, Gare L, I aT ASAE, TAA ae P & ail @ dea dad a ofa ator gre een ores ‘When a circular rod of uniform cross section A, Length L, and material young's modulus E, subjected to tensile force of P, then increase in the length of the rod is given by the equation (a) PAE () PL/AB (©) PL/AE (@) PLE 5. Tar opi aa a Sra-ucaer fig ar vial wat @ ------------ Page 2 of 14 Question Booklet Series - A ‘The point of contra-flexure in a bending moment diagram represents . ta) sifteperT see Sgt / Maximum bending moment (b) 2TH aq sir 7 Minimum bending moment (©) 2ERH SGBIT Fe / Minimum shear force (@ Se sep H deba oor Fae / Change of sign in the bending moment 6 fisdeataga fipfa aol, va ue oR-GR verve thr & sige ory fear ‘wrar 81 arte ---- -- are fen rat & ‘The total strain energy stored in the body when the load is gradually applied with in the clastic limit is given by the equation ---—--------- fa) oV/2E (b) P VRE. @o VRE (@ ot V2B Where, 6 = stress, V= Total volume & E=Young’s modulus i 12 5) 7. xO AM Ue TG, oR aise [ x io| Ria @ 31 -2 1205 Find the value of x ifthe given matrix }2 x | is singular 31 = 1 1 @ 4 )-4 OF @ 4 8. = ede a feta ac) Express radians in degrees, (a) -15 () 30 © 30 @ 15 9. °C, WRT a Tat we Find the value of combination "Cy @ 459 (b) 455 © 495 @) 485 10, Beat feraat a yore deez si +4) sik sit 7j+k ET UAE a Ws, Bawa BT Te cy Find the area of triangle whose two sides are represented by the vectors 3i+4) and SitT#Kis Page 3 of 14