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Human Papillomavirus

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Human Papillomavirus


The HPV virus is the most common sexually transmitted virus and it is very different

from the other viruses. The HPV virus is found in the sexually active people and they tend to get

it all through lives. There are different types of HPV viruses and most significantly the ones that

can cause cancers and genital warts. The use of vaccinations can reduce these health problems

from occurring. There are more than 150 viruses linked with it and it can cause genital wart and

in worse cases the cancer. There are men and women who suffer from the cancer of throat and

mouth and some who suffer from the cancer of rectum that is mainly caused by HPV infection

(CDC, 2017).

The HPV is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact during intimacy. A patient can

suffer from HPV by having oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex with someone who is already

suffering with HPV and is very common as most of the women and men can get it at some point

in their lives as it can mainly spread through the vaginal sex. It can transfer from one partner to

another even when an infected person shows no symptoms of suffering from HPV. One can

develop the symptoms of HPV years before the infection and then may develop infection before

really knowing when the problem started (CDC, 2017).

In most of the cases the problem of HPV resolves on its own and does not cause any

major health problems to the patient suffering it but when it does not resolve on its own it can

end up into causing cancer cells and genital warts

Discuss women health issues related to HPV


The HPV cancer effect vulva, penis, anus, cervix or anus. It can cause cancer of the throat

including the base of the tonsils as well as the tongue. Even though the genital type of HPV can

transfer from the mother to the child during the birth process, the appearance of this problem in

the newborns is rare and the lack of appearance however does not rule out the occurrence of the

problem. The main problem is that the virus can remain hidden for years. There are women who

suffer from the genital infections and cervical problems that can cause the major issue of the

cervical cancer caused by HPV (CDC, 2017). The main reason behind this is the transmission of

the HPV infection through sexual transmissions. The condoms are unable to protect from the

transmission of this virus and if the woman has more than one partner, the transmission of HPV

virus is prevalent and the occurrence risk is high.

Treatment and prognosis of HPV

The prognosis of the HPV is done through the cervical testing in females and the mouth

testing that helps in identifying the occurrence of the HPV in the patients whereas in men the

testing is conducted through genital testing, saliva, anus and mouth testing. One of the most

prominent prevention methods is through the HPV vaccination that can treat the most common

HPV occurrences. There is no specific treatment for the disease (Krueger, 2010).

Patient teaching and education

It is important that patients must be taught the importance of indulging in sexual activity

with one partner in order to avoid the problem of HPV cancer or genital warts. On the other

hand, the men should be taught to focus on their healthcare and hygiene, as there are high

chances to transfer this virus from one partner to another. The social awareness and education is

an integral part that the healthcare community and the state must focus upon.


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