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Synodical Tome of 1341 "Trl pabewonthy ihe who sd har han aus a ath or ly the ecogston of ar own ii rgh which we ate peace ward (Godan toward our hoe By peace tn we dines nthe ese ad the farce ape, orn to tht ie saying of he Lod which 30 racine Inseam femme bene Lam lead ty in ear ad 00 wll ind et for yor wns” Hori perssde bin who has oad ito ake ed toil and ly on God, oil ev bythe ear fhe Ln coding the woof the whe Solomon sachs int prac ewes a moderation “ovenig wha son i, sping tral ound heather and ‘rosin devinons on bth ide man ese a een) ad wae tha royal a of maton which leds oward he evens al Gd wiht tor oie 2 Br the nook Batam erring fom Cals wih insane el since efor oto he eof pers pinion. Confer in is kook af ‘flr pio ataking the aching of he pi opposition mothe ape ‘owl pls, heal tad the anaceeabe natal piso, Unichs empl napabl ot resin th things of he Spi nee ie of = {sci hs man one dei approached nme fer monks ths who ne hoven these i, who ved fev eveything el and ated oly to Go He went on pre i 0 nya the eer edcsted monks, bathe Simple, Jobs earingn be dete, ie ae rover afer ving the, easel hem in writing an aboniabie dec which hecained was adhe ated them Frafs hae hn sain ecg fo ean tf he ol fas ht toe whe re puedo bert through Goss command tems rine die ana cing mt and ely within hem, be ase thom of asering hat was posite parte he ery |.When hey repli “Nin the ene hin seared an hing mcf th Spi” he pres yom em the che of ibe. Not only Shs brain she charh of Goan orig thse art Ou Modes ‘Shing pial hemos tonne among monks, Lard Gregory Palas, Te sgh tha hy shou be anon inn our ay nd nesta 1: When thy were summoned, Bras ee il. He Be and dd or sm mest withthe om He wal oe dba with be monks whom | he a acid them conor him in pid 0 what ea wit pi the, He pres ashe ese fri igh te emperor ec ha ce, erin rath be ar aa ohio ui an aro exam 5. Then when the col wa sted in the towne empleo th ‘Wish of Gol te Word in the pra af thelasrious and lewd enter frm Gah este fw fhe mont honorable acinar, ad the representatives fhe ae, Balam Rl wa sued den ‘0 speak and show if eh anything oy gaat the tanks who ed the le stillness Whie they were seal rset a tech inl a fer Ing Fergeoe ofthe sae br cally tying 0 onthe sue, prose ‘dogma queion and ples al up rtion f h toetal po lems He persed inhi and ined ht wou sy moti ioe eae sneer ad esl for hse qurstons. vn when be ad ben ed th ‘eet nc ad wie he i yl fo einen ow pra to apeakcocesng he imeiatin of the fe, nly, he writen asain ans tbe mons ‘6 Our Modeny ordered sac an ine canon tote aint et ingot he coun hgh ch it oben nd apse peiied noon for hos ie hi bra or anon le ie ay gm i 1 ees foros n consequence defend themace concerning hs mae, sau asuming the teaching abort ld forton ay essai or ‘hii aed ony 0 hap bythe rc en sn, For he sino con ofthe sith cen cou sy, fis ao igh for yan psn pl cot each, aming the ching ator, bt hem st othe eer sppine bythe Lon op ter tne who ba cine he ice fn Stacie dscouse,ade die aes rom them, Fria the chr God asmadedierene members accord tothe ingot the apo whch Gregory the Theskgnnepe clea easing the proper rns ters Let ts espc his odt, beh, ks keep this et one beeing, soe he tongues aoe the and, anther sme oer member Lt oe ech the oe ler th nner in abedinete leder with crflst the worker wih ‘eigeres It ws noe al eng, hemos ative mmr We sl ot al be pose, we sal at alle pophe, We hl tl erp” Anda ie se: "Why do you make youself sheperd, when ou ae aah? Wh doy cme Haga Spi Conte, = ar ae Artin of ath ea when ou area Why do youre general when ou tele tong the wes? Ar cewhere Wim exo Do ot eit i wd ‘dsorcomp ana por man wiheberch’ Jona sektobe wise han sews” aniaryne ound weakening the pst canon ke hime excited or fon day? A ain tenth anon fhe Coc of Chacon: "Eery ay especialy onthe Lars Day, thse wo pei the chsh ut sch al the clergy a he peop wih pina nous, tering re the Dine Seip ‘wrth ean expres the teh and mo earoing he Boudie es sto te ain of he pied fers Baia orn Feng ‘Scope shold be tie os hrm interphase nthe ie rinaorand aches fh cach ee down in thou wigs Let hem Fd ppv with erika compe hi discos, st seins hoop ck fil hy mayer whats proper ar eegh he aching ‘ofthe afremesoned ahr the eel wilco kon wh ho be sid dct and wt sh ec a adage nd wl eee Tes othe ber. They wl ot rai in cordon ogra, ay end ing meracon hey wil mcrae hemes aed ead © wk ow tie ‘nation in arf he peng panshnens* 7 Aer the ening of te same sed an vie canons see were wag tn the mi the er hich Balam carer had made ais tbe ‘monks And when th srs rex he dig ps nk Lad Gregory Pas was entre with aking the defen rgd oes Se they pci cost him. Asa rola bi spech he made nach desea trun ten mrad hw tion lpr the ame Baas ae ‘rien acronis (nbc hae bees sae be), stig cat Prepon append hs Ben soe) tthe dine word fe ter ad ‘he hil asp yee to dees reba {Then the dso ws made rng i he wring of Bras whic be misao“ the Mts rigs comeing he napoleon ofthe Lond ear Savior Js Chest and nce his renin cps and ape who were ound worthy real $ itie Comat 6 NPNF He 0 1 Queen Coma y IPN 3479. Syrna Ta os sigh besa in thw ext words “That which shone Tabor ws eh prac of Gothen or inet cl threes ight of Ged nor Zaye mores coe dvi tha hanger ight een inferior ‘a overhaul cy oral te concepts ad bet of hog rer tha hat igh beatae aso he ge hough the sro sphere and aaj be power fens perception. and shows ony percep ing eth wh ic rtril red supe itp in lace tine sls at Ar ein i ls peter and peste does 2 yield aon, eae 8.08 thea, ian has eure Theree ah a en by hoe wi aed depen of thie ince energised til aque hema were ep fed ar nere npr repre efor tht ey iho he ea, Soe they a oer en ned eget power. We ae ed pear from hind fight bes ofall eel, which re ina rly sei hat gh Therefore thw wh ny hbo ong {nda onppcihabe an he ke af ally in ero They hee terhng nore sedan prep ena, ad case fh ty ioe inpous an dey eschings the chach” Rasa wre thse word cle ero and opened to wht the its ie id abot tha vie igh sing that che were beeing apd peaking in conto wih dhe sso’ ching te monks cited he aages wc alow The dine John of ams sam “Today he bs of wnpproacable gtd the ini ot ening of dine ine sie onthe sponte on Moun Tale Now pps traci to aan cyan alba dine amis, ou oro the lor of diy Fr she Word Hea eh, al he es = ‘cine Word houghath pdr tom ion atice— hata marvel No frente ery pont ay, remind om thesaprenely Shine Godhead insect hyenas of Go the Word ‘To. Theangelscanmre tee on im wih benking, ete fre sof he aot i sing fr wth he ey his Kingdon, "Tht he aks he ders fhe pt awe of hs on sory anny and eect thon ion ini Sey haem tp feta eb he done glory whch seo al ting, which aloe eyed eet and orem pe 1 "The tray vie mater, Days, who pa of Gd ays thi He wb se yh perfect erin, ae Mou Tor bapa th aos erates Joh within athe previ otic fly, othr are » x Or fetish baling test hry ofthe Sone may rca it vie of hander,“ he ‘ining was he Words the Word wt wih Goda the Ward was Gos" a ike the mate of pe and ee ithe elation dine dy Fo when ecw sks al ay wih ses and Goda ed frm ote dct of he marl sty side cate he win cael wel ery ete King of Gad Tengo of tbe ees whisk th nlm of Gad thin Jens a Gd announced "In the presence ofthe pe he egress ried nd sins wi then of Sin. {5 Begun onthe Father wou ining hea ied eben al originate adc of Gas, a be lary of hs Gea Resor ako the lary of is "Bai pry, appearing iil bay calle ile for hose ou hy he ond fer othe who cnn ci what een anges ‘nar cntemplts Hee ange, howee, ot hig on wht he was ot, toring change it wat hws tt vein his wen ils what he tes opening ies nd aking shige sted 0 ind Th wai Pret ye wa tana fe thes er ough he ete ideal the sa bie ip shin appearing dle on what be ape ees Nn say be shone ke he iy aie edd sie bie than the san Yor ts pose o rpc te wre pli he rent) bat Tass he shone brightly aoe who saw were able oe "htNoone ass Gat ny ey a iby are hate anyone essen cs linc Spi Ths ithe charge of he ight hand fhe Mos igh hss whee hrs ot ce ar as ot eed ap see entered iow the heat of man Js son sh age come we wl aay wie he Lord ‘ering he ashing in tb to i ny Tai ihe apse ver ature thst ie which ha ovecome se wo But Persad good fr Be ereandshen hd st of gh, bro ight overshadowed them. The mystery ‘theh mshi fom he san the pecan eve The oe at ‘he Fer ss om hf the Spt and ry perpetual and erating is reviled "8. The prophet Anew of Crt ays The Sir ea i iiphe ap toe high mona, odo wh och what? T bow the the ary and eh of iso iy, which smells shan pig. {tar tn hn of ann Ho he Ton 9645-78 19. “This is wha we cere olay, he dition of oe ature the change to something beter, the enn ph siento wha Reon mate, By ‘whch weacie te conquest ofthe bre orto speak re peopetthe ele “steaton 1. "Ar tithe angel mare. Ae shi hearchngl ie lo. 2: 7At thi al he spank of th ceil ones fig he vl bang ke the cares ad mos inal wine fhe Wor ve fore 2 "Nethingof what pps in cecretion can cotin the exc fh wig Fore who beyond een ay etree sen. 4 manner eon ence he ame var een He Beane actin with in the Beh, ad ete ale sane at supine min, 2 "He dd norther become more raat or more sl than isl te fom tit wha he was efor appeared inh tho of i pen ‘showere perfected inated inthe more tine mya FrSpaing om ‘heh and the wed fr ai pou thre hey leaned aren om hie ‘om experi the ond ecg Seperation "or alheagh the god imparted in some dere tenet be comes tse nr ie the eet andin ce manner ts pou for he rtp And hss este of high odes which roel every ne and pours fot within mie anism This emote the Bed and ewe expen which te apostles anderen on the ‘moa, when he wnappeachae a ineles ight rangringo etk ‘hone sapere withthe exces oie upon ght are Inshe perc eno thirst hy allt epee a overconey , they close thee senses comply dawg bck elt eer and secon Tha hey creo be with God in tht vine ible ake be ih Dyeing ating ey wei eeepc aly ny icon Prehebe experince oknindshe opener, They erie Py ‘Seep io she wate wicks higher than al tra autor They went nie of ererything sec a how deen of mes that ah owing nergy theapperae ote Word ands cnenhadowingo be Spit andthe voice fh Father bgt am ohh eat of eld hey mie Se tuph the upemely petra ery whic oe eed aligrarnce od ton 35. Concerning hs die igh the reat Gregory the Thesigan s 1 cep fm Anko of Cite Home Tsoi a9