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Our organisation

A One Bank culture

Standard Chartered – Here for good

At Group level we:
• set overall corporate strategy • ensure we are true to our values
• provide strong governance • continue our commitment to a sustainable business
• manage our financial performance • deliver to all our key stakeholders including
governments, regulators, shareholders and communities
• manage our capital
• build the corporate brand For further details see page 20

Consumer Banking Wholesale Banking

Our objective is to: Our objective is to:

• provide friendly, fast and accurate service • become the core bank to more of our clients,
• provide solutions to financial needs deepening and broadening relationships in our
key markets
• provide recognition and reward the overall banking
relationship • build scale in our major local markets and increase
cross-border opportunities across our network
• become the bank that customers recommend to their
friends, family and colleagues • maintain our strong balance sheet to support our
existing clients
For further details see page 26 For further details see page 32

Our markets
Operating in growth markets with a focus on Asia, • deep local knowledge
Africa and the Middle East, we have:
• a history of commitment
• strong local governance
• strong cross-border capabilities

For further details see page 18

12 Standard Chartered Annual Report 2010

Business review

Our approach
A strategy for sustainable performance

Our strategic intent Our brand promise

To be the world’s best international bank Here for good

A healthy global economy needs international banks to: Here for good represents our commitment to three
core pillars:
• facilitate trade across markets
• people – our long-standing relationships and focus on
• enable multinational clients to conduct complex
customers and clients
business transactions
• progress – the way we conduct ourselves
• service the needs of an increasingly international
consumer base • long run – our footprint and heritage

How we deliver: our strategic pillars

Clear geographic focus on Asia, Africa and the Distinctive culture and values
Middle East
Our unique culture and values are a source of significant
We have an unequivocal focus on these fast growing advantage. They reassure clients in a market where trust
economies in which we have, or can achieve, a clear and ethics have re-emerged as critical, underpinning our
competitive advantage supported by superior insight and One Bank approach, attracting talent to the Bank,
deep local relationships and strengthening our relationships with stakeholders,
such as regulators and governments

Scale positions in significant local markets

Conservative and disciplined on risk, capital and liquidity
We believe in combining global capabilities with local
scale. This is becoming an ever-stronger competitive We regard balance sheet quality as a cornerstone of our
imperative in our markets. We want to be considered business model and strategy and are prepared to
important to the banking system in our key geographies sacrifice income to achieve and protect this

One Bank with two strong businesses actively reinforcing Organic growth the primary driver for our strategy and
each other value creation

We operate as One Bank with two major businesses, We believe that organic growth drives the greatest value
Wholesale Banking and Consumer Banking, working creation for our shareholders. Where we cannot grow
effectively together organically, or cannot do so within a reasonable time
frame, we will explore acquisitions that reinforce our core
Client relationship, rather than a product driven approach

We focus our capabilities around client needs, rather

than seeking a rapid return on products or building
product silos

Supported by our ways of working

As One Bank, leveraging the synergies between our With an ongoing commitment to sustainable business
businesses and geographies practices, upholding high standards of corporate
governance, social responsibility, environmental
protection and employee diversity

For further details see page 42 Standard Chartered Annual Report 2010 13