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Manohar Eaga


 A Technology Analyst, post graduated from NIT, Warangal and having overall 5+ years of relevant
experience in Java, J2EE Technologies.
 Experience in working with multiple vendors and geographically distributed teams.
 Good interpersonal and communication skills with an ability to lead a team and keep them

Technical Stack

Languages: Java

Frameworks: Spring MVC, Spring boot, Hibernate with JPA Repository

Open Source Technologies: Apache Kafka, Spark Programming (Java Based)

Build Tools: Maven, Ant

Automation Workflow Management: Camunda

Scripting: Shell Script

Platform: Infosys Nia (An AI platform)

Databases: Postgres, Oracle

Methodologies: Agile

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Logic

IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ

CI/CD Tools: BitBucket, Bamboo

Ticketing Tools: Jira, ServiceNow, ITAM

Academic Qualification

• Masters in CSE from National Institute of Technology, Warangal.

• Bachelors in CSE from Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology (Affiliated to JNTUH),
• Intermediate from Govt. Junior College, Vemulawada.
• SSC from Govt. High School, Vemulawada.

Total Work Experience: 5 years 9 Months

Company: Infosys Technology Limited Period: October 2013 to Till Date


Project Title: Notification Trigger & Error Management (NTET)

Client: Australia’s Largest Telecommunications Company

Methodology: Agile

Duration: From May, 2018 to till date

Description: This project deals with important components of the company i.e., Notification Triggering
(NT) and Error Management (ET).
NT application deals with configure event of interest (EOIs) and would identify EOIs from streamed
events. Also identifies sequence of sending notification and prepare the notification pattern with the help
of Notification Template configuration and then send it to customer with the help of Notify application.

Whereas ET application deals with configure event of interest (EOIs) and would identify EOIs from
streamed events. It would auto resolve issues from multiple applications based on pre-defined steps
configured in system and would create tickets in different ITSM for manual resolution and consume
updates from ITSM and provide consolidate data in Nia tickets.

Role and Responsibilities:

 Attend Feature, IA and User Story walkthroughs with Product Owner, Bas and Solution
Engineers. Understand and get clarify functional and technical details of the same.
 As a lead Estimate Efforts for complete feature and get reviewed with Technical and
Project Manager on same.
 As a lead, I would create execution plan and assign user stories to team members, get
status from them on daily basis and also help whenever required.
 Attend Scrum calls update daily status and raise if any blockers
 Worked on assigned user stories, SIT, PROD support and bug fixing.
 Created custom adapters and deployed on Nia platform and run them.
 Actively participate in deployment activities and resolve any kind of issues during
 Deployed applications on Linux Machines and debug and monitor logs for any
deployment related issues.
 Acted as Linux Administrator to provide access on Linux box.
 I am administrator for TFS. As an administrator, I would grant or revoke access to/from
team member, would create folder structure and do branching and merging of code with
the help developers.
 I have created and maintained multiple branches for different environments.
 Participated and given demos internally, to higher management and client.

Tools and Technologies: Java, Spring boot, Hibernate with JPA, Postgres, Linux, Apache Kafka,
Spark Programming (Java), BMC remedy, SNOW, Infosys Nia v3.3, Apache Tomcat, Visual
Studio TFS, Eclipse IDE, TFS plug in for Eclipse, Maven build tool

Proof of Concept: PDF to Excel with WorkFusion OCR

Duration: From April, 2018 to April, 2018

Description: This proof of concept deals with reading Salary slip details from scanned PDFs and extract
details and push the details to excel file.

Role and Responsibilities:

 I am lone resource who worked on this proof of concept.

 I would daily connect with manager for understanding the requirement and debate on
understanding the functionality.
 Implement the functionality and give demo to Manager and modify the implementation
based on review comments.

Tools and Technologies: Workfusion RPA tool

Pilot Implementation: Job Failure Management with Infosys NIA – An AI platform

Duration: From August, 2017 to March, 2018

Client: One of the largest mutual company from United States

Role and Responsibilities:

 Get the requirements and do analysis on the requirements.

 Prepare design documents for the requirements.
 Created generic workflow with the help of Infosys Nia platform.
 Owned complete use case alone and developed.
 Align multiple solutions to single generic workflow.
 Attended multiple calls to understand the functionality.
 Discuss and debate on solution approach.
Tools and Technologies: Java, Postgres, Linux, BMC remedy, SNOW, Infosys Nia v2.4, Shell Script

Project Title: NIA – An AI based tool

Duration: From January, 2017 to August, 2017

Description: developing reusable scripts using scripting languages like shell script, vb script.

Role and Responsibilities:

 Get the requirements and do analysis on the requirements.

 Prepare design documents for the requirements.
 Development of reusable scripts for the requirements.
 Deploy the developed scripts in the Nia tool and then test them.

Tools and Technologies: Java, Postgres, Linux, BMC remedy, Infosys Nia v2.3, Shell Script

Project Title: RIOLTE - RIO Live Training Environment

Client: One of the leading providers of Direct Broadcast Satellite in USA, LA

Duration: From April, 2015 to December, 2016.

Description: RIOLTE consists of two applications. One web based application and other one is web
service based applications. These 2 applications provide hands on experience for call center trainees by
stimulating the live environment.
 TAB – Training Account Builder: Deals with creating the dummy accounts.
 DTV Web Services: Provides response for the web services. Acts as a service provider.
Role and Responsibilities:

 Development and Unit Testing using Eclipse IDE tool and Weblogic Server.
 Creation of Low level design documents which includes changes in class files and
database changes.
 Participated in low level design, code and UTP reviews.
 Handled multiple enhancements for every release.

Tools and Technologies: Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Oracle

Project Title: DWS – Dealer Web Site

Client: One of the leading providers of Direct Broadcast Satellite in USA, LA

Duration: From March, 2014 to March, 2015

Description: DWS application deals with creating and updating accounts for the users from the dealers.

Role and Responsibilities:

 It was my first assignment.

 Development and Unit Testing using IntelliJ IDE tool and Weblogic Server.
 Identified code quality related issues using Sonar tool and provided fixes for the same.
 Participated in code, UTP reviews.
 Coordinated with multiple team members from geographically distributed team for a
successful development, testing and deployment of a single project.

Tools and Technologies: Java, Html, Oracle