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First published in January 1996 by Express Publishing 3 Roman Bridge Close, Blacpil, Swansea $A3 SBE Tels 4441792404855 - Fas: +44.1792-404886 email: nguiriesexpresspublishingco.nk. INPERNET bap: expressplishng.coah, © Joany Dooley 1996 Design & Nustration © Express Publishing Scoond Impression 1988 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval syste, or tanemited in any {form or by any means elecronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise. without the prior permission of the copyright owner: ISBN 960-361 -023-2 ¢ Introductory Lesson 3 Hampton House Activities 4 = Introductory Lesson Before reading © 2 ashe coer tte bok andy wn yoathink he Deserb cebing ‘al 900 i apes in tee Dicsanoneinethee Hare pour ben tie a Q sork tine piaresi the took, Deseret poplin the pitas and yo gues what le the play lag sory. Say whats tapping ca pte @ vere are ten chapterin te sory. The ddd iets dupe nso pred wha happens in at chnjer- Then tel he story, you have ree cpr bychape, @ Whacking ofhetp de you Mand Chub? Make ais. ink isoffered bythe Helping The Helping Hand Club HI Pre-questions Listen tothe cassette and answer the questions. T What kind of people worked for the Helping Hand club 2 What som ol obs did they doz 3 What was the mew gis name? {Who was the manager? SGI Comprehension questions Rend the text, then answer the question. 11 Hom oca dil Willa work i he Helping Hand Club? 2 What jb dd shy ak Sally to do in the ub 5 Why was Bathy there? 4 Why wes Wiliam going to the Old People's Home? ov did Wiliam and Kathy get ene? EID Topics for Discussion Do you know of any ub ike the Helping Hand? How dk helying people make you fel? ‘Would youlike o lp inch ie hat? Does our society need cls ike tha? {DU Activities Chapter 1 A. Bilin the table aid report Bacto the class in fall sentences to say shat each person did 6g, Sally helped Mrs Smith by colleting hex shopping. [ames Person Job name Helped Bone Sally MrsSwith | eoleet sho Mrs Jones ea babysit Jo Joan, take to Foot Clini} Bilin the gaps. Say how you help your mother, father, {riend, teacher ee 66 Thelp my mother by doing the washing up 1 thap 2 they 3 thelp 4 theip Chapter 1 Vocabulary Fxercises Fl inthe missing words. 1 Fasten your ston before you drive the er Mrs Jones shed i £9 Boot this evening Becase she wants o go out {lpush thet... sound the sopermarket, i900 put the shopping in Dad wet 9 €0..¢ thi new desk fom the furniure “The teacher took .om ofehildren to the muscu Adviver B trac © group Pease he Hight Lean se. Aswichon —B waichout give out “The reads are shows on Satrdays bra people go shopping by ea. Aonsy B magic cae “These boxes are too big putin the ea e's put them inthe Atroley B collee machine: Cv “The dog as fying om the cape infront ofthe fe. comfortably alight outside The Lady in Room 16 EME Pre-questions (ibs) Mites the erste and ck (2) the corect bax. 1 The OX Peoples Home is |] round the exes 3B| nestto tie cab (G] outs the tow 2 Thelady in Room 16 Al tees toncly B| docan ke talking [lites wread 3 How olds Kathy? ‘Al seventeen B) nines | nineteen 4 Mis tity used vo work [Tia] se washing ji Hampion House doin: [|B] the wishing and ionin | the cooking 15 What docs Joan give Al ots everyone? B) envelopes E) presents