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We are working together: a critical mass of humanity, and the world's

military powers, and the world's wealth in the Global Debt Facility.

We are taking back our world from the corrupt Banking Cartel. "We"
includes the world's military powers minus the "brass". I am allowed to
speak for the coalition that is taking back our world because I am the
lawyer who represents the world's wealth that was deposited in a trust at
the World Bank and International Monetary Fund at the end of WWII.

Who ruled Egypt before the Pharaohs, and was there a second sphinx? All
of humanity is going to be looking for the answers to these and other
questions after we wind down the Banking Cartel. We are winding down
the Banking Cartel first, because the Banking Cartel has tried to keep us
from finding out the answers to these and many other things.


Nestor B. Aguilar7 hours ago
lol... it is my feeling that you are a shill. Proof that the Global Debt Facility aka. Global Collateral
Account is true.

How do you explain the many attempts to steal the assets in the Global Debt Facility? Propositionov Datu Milven V. Orevillo Ambassador HRH Pistis Nazarene Cindy Kay Currier on YouTube Sorras TVM Eva Arsenia N. Pascua Treaty of Paris on YouTube first attack Bilateral Marcos half gold, diamonds, platinum TO AUTHENTICATE Anna von Reitz

2 ets 9.6.17 dunford, fulford overseer mandate trustee


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