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This is the abandoned house of my friend Aldo, he's the

man wearing glasses and a white t-shirt.

He told me to help him remodel his house because he
was going to rent it.
This house needs a lot of work because the windows are
broken, there are many unusable(aniusabol) doors, the
pipes(pais) are also clogged and the roof (ruf) is about to
In the room, the walls are stained and this needs a
change of color.
In the bedroom, the floor is cracked, and the electrical
system does not work.
The bathroom is flooded and the windows due to the
rains and the windows are broken.
And in the kitchen, the doors are bent and broken.
The first thing we would do is ask for a loan from a bank
because we need a lot of materials to improve the house.
It takes a lot of labor(leibor) for this house.
I will be in charge of painting the walls because I have
experience painting houses.
Also we need many windows, doors and improve the
pipes and the electrical system.
My friend Alex will help us improve the electrical system
of the house. He is the man wearing blue sweater. He is a
good electrician(electrichen).