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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Lipa City
North District
Lumbang Integrated National High School
Lumbang, Lipa City

Long Test #5 (4th Quarter)

Name___________________________ Grade & Sec: _______________________

A. Answer the following questions.

________________________________ 1. the last layer and the thinnest part.

________________________________ 2. Gas that compose the ozone.
________________________________ 3. It protects the earth from harmful rays of the sun

________________________________ 4. layer wherein temperature is extremely hot.

________________________________ 5.
________________________________ 6. What are the main greenhouse gases?
________________________________ 7

________________________________ 8. Is the envelope of air or the Sea of Air?

________________________________ 9. What is the layer of the earth that meteor burned?
________________________________10. What do you call the meteor that reaches the earth surface?
________________________________11. Is the first layer of the earth atmosphere.

________________________________13. What are the fossil fuels?

________________________________ 15. What is the acronym of CFC gas?

________________________________ 16. A phenomenon that intensify the atmospheric temperature and can destroy
the ozone layer.
________________________________19. Layers of the Earth Atmosphere

___________________________________________________________ 22.
___________________________________________________________23. What are the effects of continous
___________________________________________________________24. increase of greenhouse gases in
___________________________________________________________25. the Earth?

_______________________________26. Is a natural warming of the Earth attributable to the presence of atmospheric

__________________________________________________________28. Steps to reduce the greenhouse effect

______________________________32. What gas that made up the ozone?

______________________________33. What is the other name for Aurora Borealis?
______________________________34. What is the other name for Aurora Australis?
______________________________35. What is the layer of the atmosphere that weather phenomenon happen?
B. Below are ten questions to test you on how much you remember about the greenhouse effect and global warming.
Check YES if you agree and NO if you did not agree.

1. Is the Earth warmed by the Sun's heat?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆
2. Is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆
3. Does mankind cause global warming?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆
4. Are carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and ozone natural greenhouse gases?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆

5. Are chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) a group of man-made greenhouse gases?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆
6. Is the Earth cooled by the greenhouse effect?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆
7. Is the temperature in Britain going to be cooler with global warming?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆
8. Has the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere fallen since the Industrial Revolution?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆
9. Is saving energy a good way to help reduce global warming?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆
10. Is the sea level going to rise as a result of global warming?

Yes 􀂆 No 􀂆