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The organizations that are using information technology in their business

have mach opportunity to connects and communicate to their customers,
employees and partners in a better way. During sharing information to
customers, employees and partners that organization must check the way
that is secure or not If the way of sharing information is not secure than the
organization may face so many problems.
Many of the students have fun on snooping the others emails, and so many
hackers hacks the others accounts to steel there business information or to
damage or steel their business information. And some businessmen steel
their competitors business strategies such as marketing plan, pricing
strategy etc and employees leaks information to others for getting revenge
from their owners and one of another misuse of Information technology is
by terrorists .All of these misuses of information technology is due to non
availability of a proper monitoring and controlling system and
unauthorized access to the system.
Today technology is considered as a blood to any organization but security
problems also arise due to advancement in IT. The big issue of information
system is rising of ethical problems for the individuals and the society also.
Due to information technology it becomes possible the distribution of tasks
among the workers but it provide opportunities for those workers to misuse
their power, rights, money and obligation.
Ethical issues raise due to unavailability of proper guidelines for their uses.
The development of information technology produce benefits for many but
cost for many also. The using of IT in business is not bad but it must be
secure but managing such business needs mutual coordination and security
tools that can be used to secure their business information from harmful
elements such as
1. Hackers.
2. Bad employees.
3. Competitors.
4. Criminals.
We can controlled these security problems by implementing those
technologies or tools and steps that can secure our business from internal
and external factors such as from hackers, employees that have been fired,
competitors etc. in this scenario we can controlled these by
 Using only licensed software
 Using IT if it is necessary
 We can hire hackers for check and balance
 By centralizing the data
 By providing ethical guidelines to workers.
The ethical problem can be controlled by providing proper guidelines about
information technology’s use and misuses .but it is not enough because
most of the organizations that are using information systems monitors and
controlled their employees personally. Due to these acts by organizations
individuals feels unsecure during chatting or using internet in this scenario
individual privacy also violated .According to a research 62% employers
monitor their employees, 83% are monitoring through internet policy etc.
Another violation of privacy occurs in this scenario because in most of
organizations of developing countries such as Pakistan and India transfers
their information from one place to another place during outsourcing in
this way individual privacy also violated by these organizations.Computer
crimes also increasing rapidly. What is computer crime? Computer crime
means unauthorized use, access destruction of software and hardware
.Management of information system can be done in two levels
1. Macro level.
2. Micro level.
At macro level we can manage our data security by using an international
accepted framework where the chances of frauds, hacking etc are controlled
by the security experts.
But at the micro level we can control these issues by using security tools to
minimize the chances of frauds and losses.
We can provide key passwords to only those we can be trust upon them in
other case we can centralized our data ones this policy is implemented then
we must conduct check and balance and check its effectiveness in this way
we can handle these problems efficiently.