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1. What attribute of an object describes the amount of space that it occupied.

a. Capacity b. Volume c. Mass
2 _____ is the amount of liquid or solid `a container can hold when it is full.
A. Meniscus b. Capacity c. Meter
3_____ is a measure of how heavy an object is, and can be measured directly with the scale or
directly with a balance.
a. Kilometer b. Centimeter c. Mass
4_____ is the amount of space that I occupied by an object.
A. Volume b. Scale c. Converter
5. What instrument is used to measure mass?
A. Graduated cylinder b. Weighing scale c. Metric symbols
6. What unit is used to measure mass?
A. Meter b. Liter c. Fahrenheit
7. Which objects bellow would you measure in grams?
A. A watermelon b. A liter of water c. Crayon
8. Which objects bellow would you measure in kilograms?
A. A baseball b. A Ping-Pong c. A watermelon
9. What products are normally brought by kilos?
A. A loaf of bread b. 1 bag potatoes c. An apple
10. What products are normally brought by grams?
A. An apple b. One-peso coin c. A loaf of bread
11. When weighing small object like a one peso coin, which unit would be the most accurate to use?
A. Milligrams b. Grams c. Kilogram
12. How many milligrams are grams?
A.100 b. 1000 c.10000
13. How many grams are in a kilogram?
A. 100 b. 1000 c.10000
14. How much will you pay for 750 grams 0f pork if a kilo cost P 180?
A. 110 b.120 c.135
15. A box contains 200 grams of sugar, 80 grams of powdered milk, and 100 grams of flour. The box
when empty, weighs 40 grams. What is the total mass of the box with all its contents?
a. 380 b. 410 c. 420
16. We’ve been working hard since this morning, and now it’s getting late. I think it’s____?
a. time for something new. b. time to call it a night. c. time to call it a day.
17.We must work fast. Tomorrow is our deadline_____?
a. time is running out. b. time is over. c. time’s up.
19. Our vacation has gone by so quickly____?
a. time is over. b. time flies when you’re having fun. c. time moves fast.
20.The basketball team coach realized that he needs to talk to the players on play’ so he calls for a
a. time –up b. Over-time. c. time-out
21. I arrived one hour before the scheduled meeting. I walk around_____?
a. as time goes by. b. killing time. c. making up for the lost time.

22. We use a ruler or a _____ to know how long an object is?

a. Tape measure b. ruler c. Yard sticks
23. The idea of measurement dates back to ancient civilization of _____Babylonia and china?
a. Japan b. Egypt c. Philippines
24. The ancient system of measure makes use of____?
a. Fingertip b. Thump c. Body parts
25. What do you called the basic units used by the early Greeks were the basic unit of liquid
a. Met rites b. Libra c. Quart
26. A_____ is a fixed, generally accepted and establishes reference for measuring physical
characteristics of object?
a. Body part b. Standard unit c. length
27. _____ is a process of comparing an attribute of an object to a standard unit?
a. Distance b. Measure c. Centimeters
28.In the metric System of Measurement, Millimeter, Meter, and kilo are the most commonly used
unit’s for__?
a. length b. mass c. kilogram
29.A____ wheel is used to measure distance to the nearest meter. It has a counter attached to the
wheel to count meters or it meters or it may have a device which clicks for every meter that it covers.
a. Mater sticks b. Trundle c. Ruler
30. A_____ Wheel is used to measure distance to the nearest meter. It has a counter attached to the
wheel to count meters or it may have a device which click for every meter that it cover?
a. Cars Odometer b. Vanier c. Micrometer
31.Ivan carries his schoolbag weighing 2 kg. How much mass in grams is he carrying?
a. 1,500g b. 1000g c. 2000g
32. A boy weighing 25kg sits on one end seesaw. How many grams should another boy weighing so
that he balance with the boy on the other end?
A. 250g b. 25,000 c. 2.5g
33. How much will pay for 750g of pork if a Kilo cost Php.180.00?
a. 160.00 b. 140.00 c. 135.00
34. A handkerchief measure 30cm long and 25cm wide. Remark wants to put lace around it. How
many centimeters of lace will he buy to decorate its side?
a. 55cm b. 80cm c. 750cm
35. An athlete starts a marathon at 11:50 hours and finishes at 13:15 hours. How long did it take an
athlete the race?
a. 2:45 hours b. 24 hours c. 12:05 hours
36. It takes 3 1\2 hours to travel from Davao to Manila by plane. If the plane leaves in Davao at 11:20
p.m. at what time will arrive in Manila?
a. 8:10 am b. 3;00 p.m. c. 2:50 p.m.
37.How many minutes have Elapsed between 1:30 pm and 5:55 pm?
a. 4:25hrs. b. 3:00 hrs. c. 5:50 hrs.
38. A ____is a set of points in the plane that are equidistant from a fix point called the center?
a. Squares b. Circle c. Triangle
39.The sum of the measure of the angles of triangle is______?
a. 9000 b. 18000 c.3600
40. A polyhedron with 8 faces is an?
a. hexahedron b. decahedron c. Octahedron
41.The____ is the middle value of a set of data when the values are arranged in ascending or
descending order.
a. Median b. Mode c. Range
42. An____ is a symbol or number at the upper right hand corner of a variable or a constant. It
indicates the number of times. the base is used as a factor.
a. Exponent b. Product c. Base
43. In 12 years, Kem will be 52. How old is he now?
a. 30 b. 54 c. 40
44. If Ramon can do twice as many push-ups as Nilo, who does 75, How many push-ups can he do?
a.160 b.150 c. 140
45. Find the Median of the set values 2,7,5,6,3,9,8,4.
a.2,7 b. 8,9 c. 5,6
46. A____ is a tally of the number of times a data value occurs.
a. Frequency table b. line c. plot
47.An___ is a Mathematical sentence indicating that two expression are equal or = ?
A. Equation b. Multiplications c. calculation
48.a___ is a portion of a line consisting of an end point and all points with are on one side of that
a. Ray b. line c. Parallel
49. A___ is a flat surface that extends endlessly in all direction?
a. point b. plane c. line
50. A____ is a set of infinitely many points arrange in a straight path which extends endlessly in
opposite direction?
a. plane b. point c. segment