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Connecting synchronisation cables Page 1

Connecting synchronisation cables

The synchronisation cables are connected between the System Module (Sync OUT, Sync IN) and an external BTS to synchronise the main clock or
other external time reference. The cables can also be used to synchronise test equipment. The synchronisation cables are optional.
The following synchronisation cables are available for Flexi EDGE BTS:
ESUA: Flexi BTS to UltraSite (12 m; 39.4 ft)
ESFA: Flexi BTS to Flexi BTS (12 m; 39.4 ft)
ESTA: Flexi EDGE BTS Sync Test cable
For more information on the ESTA cable, see Flexi EDGE BTS Sync Test cable (ESTA).
In pseudowire mode, you can also use an external 2 MHz signal as a synchronisation source. The cable is not included in the Flexi EDGE
BTS product delivery. The cable requires an MDR-26 male connector. The 2 MHz signal must be compliant with the ITU-T G.703

NOTICE: Risk of damage to equipment. Incorrect cables and seals may not provide secured environmental protection. Use only tested IP55 class cables with seals provided by Nokia Siemens Networks.

Store all unused seals for later use.

NOTICE: Risk of damage to equipment. Connector seals or boots must be installed at all times, whether the site is active or not.

NOTICE: Risk of damage to equipment. If water leaks into the module mechanics, the equipment may fail. To help prevent water leakage in outdoor installations, route cables through the lower cable
entries and slope them down from the connectors.

Figure 122: Connecting synchronisation cables


1. Remove connector seals from the synchronisation connectors in the System Module front panel.

2. If this is a stack, wall or pole installation, route the synchronisation cable through the cable entry.

3. Pull back the connector seal covering the synchronisation cable connector.

4. Connect the cable to the synchronisation connector.

5. Push the cable connector seal firmly in place.

6. Route and connect the other end of the synchronisation cable to the external BTS. 1/20/2015 2:33:28 PM

Connecting synchronisation cables Page 2

7. If you are using the 2 MHz synchronisation signal, select the '2 MHz Clock' from the available synchronisation sources in the Flexi EDGE BTS Manager.

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