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Original Copy for Recipient - Tax Invoice

Fixedline number 03346018895

Broadband ID 03395151597_dsl
Mr Avishek Agarwal Relationship number 7034037040
Bill number FT2019I000104083
Gardenia Homes Flat-6d 227/1a Ajc Bose Road L Bill date 09-May-2019
RSarani Circus Avenue Bill period 08-Apr-2019 to 07-May-2019
Kolkata 700020 Pay by date 28-May-2019
West Bengal Security deposit 0.00
Landmark : Na Alternate mobile no 9903545021

FT2019I000104083 7034037040
Ship To State Code : 19

Email ID: | To update your email ID, SMS UPDATEEMAILFL <your email ID> <STD code + Fixedline no.> to 121 from your
registered Airtel mobile or to 9650096500 from a registered non-Airtel mobile.


Previous balance 1,946.05 amount(`)
Payments - 1,947.00 Rentals 1,099.00
This month's charges + 2,945.81 One time charges 1,496.61
Amount due till Taxes 350.20
28-May-2019 = 2,944.86
Amount due after
28-May-2019 = 3,062.86
Total (`) 2,945.81

Total : Two Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Five Rupees and Eighty One
Paise Only

Bill Plan Details : Airtel-UL-Zoom 1299 475GB (40Mbps/1024Kbps) COMBO Plan

Rental: ` 1299
Tariff Details
Local STD Intra Circle STD Inter Circle ISD
Voice - Call Rates
(Rs/sec) (Rs/sec) (Rs/sec) (Rs/sec)
to airtel fixedline 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.75/60
to other fixedline 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.75/60 for country
to airtel mobile 0.6/60 0.75/60
specific rates
to other mobile 0.6/60 0.75/60
to fixedline CUG 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.75/60 visit
to WLL 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.75/60
For information on other plans, visit

For Bharti Airtel Limited

Varun Saini , General Manager

Fixedline number 03346018895 Bill number FT2019I000104083 Relationship number 7034037040

Amount due 2,944.86
For cheque/dd/pay order, payment should be in favour of "Airtel relationship number 7034037040"
This is an electronically generated statement and does not require any signature Signature & stamp

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Relationship No : 7034037040


Description From date To date Rental Net charges Total(`)
Plan Details
Scheme Charges @ ` 1299 08/04/2019 07/05/2019 1299.00 1099.00

Usage - (08-Apr-2019 to 07-May-2019)

Broadband-Usage Broadband ID : 03395151597_dsl

Check your Airtel Broadband data and usage on My Airtel App. Click

One Time Charges

Description Date Amount Total Total(`)
amazon prime (yearly membership) 19-Apr-19 846.61 846.61
netflix service 05-May-19 650.00 650.00

Tax Details
HSN Taxable Value Total Tax Total(`)
Rate Amount Rate Amount
9984 1099.00 9% 98.91 9% 98.91 197.82
9968 846.61 9% 76.19 9% 76.19 152.38

This month's charges 2945.81

Payments and refunds-details

Description Date Amount Total(`)
payment airtel money 26-Apr-2019 -1947.00 -1947.00

Payment Modes - Pay online using debit/credit card, netbanking on My Airtel App,, eWallets, UPI, visit an Airtel Store to pay using
cash/cheque/credit/debit cards or activate Auto pay options from bank account (NACH) or Credit card account (SI)
Contact Information - For Queries: Call 121 (toll free for Airtel), 033-44444121(for Non-Airtel number, call charges apply) | Complaints: Call
198 (toll free for Airtel), 033-44444198(for Non-Airtel number, call charges apply) | NDNC Registration: Call 1909 (Activation time: 7 days)
| Complaint/SR Status: Nodal Desk: 033-40016725;; address: Bharti Airtel Limited, Infinity
Building, 5th Floor, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata-700091, West Bengal | Appellate Desk: Mr. Priyawrat Chauhan, 033-40016676;; address: Bharti Airtel Limited, Infinity Building, 5th Floor, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata-700091, West
Corporate Coordinator Contact Information - For queries and complaints: Call 1800102002 | Email:
Charges - Itemized bill: Rs. 50/Bill | Duplicate Bill: Rs. 50/Bill (Last 2 months free) | Cheque / SI / ECS Decline: Rs. 200 | Late fee (Bill >Rs. 300):
Rs. 100 or 2% whichever is higher. As per the Government directive, effective 1-July-17, 18% GST is applicable on Late Fee Charges. No charge
is levied for any service without your explicit consent
Address change - Visit the nearest Airtel Store with new address proof. For store details, visit
Other Information - Tariff Plan: No increase in any line item (except ISD) for first 6months effective enrolment date. T&C apply | No fee is
charged for migrating to any plan | Disconnection: For permanent disconnection, security deposit will be refunded within 60days. Else, interest
will be paid @10%p.a. | Call pulses will be rounded off | Billing disagreements should be reported within 2months of bill receipt. Post this period
no claim shall be entertained.
Registered Office : Bharti crescent, 1, nelson mandela road, vasant kunj, phase ii, new delhi - 110 070, india
Corporate Identity Number : L74899DL1995PLC070609 Bharti Airtel Limited,Infinity Building,5th Floor,Salt Lake Electronics
Complex,Kolkata-700091,West Bengal.
Ship To State Code : 19 GST registration no : 19AAACB2894G1ZK under Category TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICE PAN : AAACB2894G
HSN : 9973 Leasing or rental services with or without operator , 9984 Telecommunications, broadcasting and information supply services ,
9983 Support services , 9987 Installation services of radio, television and communications equipment and apparatus , 9997 Other services

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