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The Liability of the professional

The Responsibility of,


Contractor must carries out the works Floor tiles color variation to the floor from
the approval for the Architect and Client. Under the P.W.D 203a contract according to
22.1 about the design liability:

A. Contractor must ensure that such design is suitable, functional, safe, compatible
and integrates with the design and specifications of the Works and it shall be
undertaken, approved and endorsed by a competent and registered profession
B. the contractor, details have to approval by SO and commence without prior
written consent of the S.O
C. stand alone design, integration, execution of the works, materials and
workmanship for the works or part of the works are independent of fault suitable,
functional, safe and compatible with the requirements of the Government
D. The approval of the stand alone design by the S.O pursuant to sub-clause
I. There shall not absolve the contractor under from its responsible under sub
II. the contractor shall be liable and shall fully indemnify and keep the
government indemnified for any design defects, damage, inadequacies or
insufficiency of such design.


 To advise the client on the ‘floor tiles ’ matters and where

necessary to work with floor tile surveyors to reach the
appropriate agreements with adjoining owners.

 To inform the contractor of any significant developments or

variations as the building contract progresses, in order to alert
the contractor to any aspects of the project, which may be at
variance to the agreed scheme, and the agreed scope of work.
 To keep a watching brief over matters relating to costs and cost
variations and to keep the client informed as much as it is
reasonably possible du ring the course of the building contract.

 To inspect the building at the completion of the project and to

draw up schedules of outstanding works, incomplete items and
building defects; and to instruct the builders accordingly in order
that all building work is satisfactorily completed.

 To monitor any latent defects for a period after completion of

either three months, six months or one year period (depending on
the nature, scale and complexity of the contract).

 To pay attention to environmental and sustaina ble issues and

where possible to incorporate energy saving technologies into our
design specification.



 To always give clear instructions to the architects and not to give

instructions directly to builders the chain of command is as

Client instructs the architect

Architect instructs the contractor
Contractor carries out the work

 To settle all invoices, payment certificates and fee accounts

promptly and within the agreed time periods, and to have
prearranged the financial resources so that the monies are in
place to meet the contractual obligations.
 To agree the scope of work agreement.

Complete the variations work in accordance with the Contract
Perform the works and discharge its obligations contained in this
Contract by exercising projec t
According 10.1d) to according the work and discharge its obligations as
contained in this Contract by exer cising professional judgement and
practice, requisite skill, care, and diligence. In performing the works,
the contractor shall provide well -outlined procedures in the form agreed
by the government for reporting and co ordination purpose.
According 10.1g) provide and maintain throughout the contract period
such number, categories of qualif ied and competent personnel necessary
to perform the work.
According 10.1h) provide and maintain at its own cost and expense all
equipment and materials necessary for the proper and effective
performance of the works.
According 10.1j) make good any defect. Imperfection, shrinkage or any
other fault whatsoever which may appear during the Defects Liability
According 10.1k) carry out any other obligations and responsibility
under this contract.

SO issues instruction to SO may issues the instruction of

Variations Order
contractor, Contractor
carries out the work. Clause 24.2 a) the client wan to
modification of the substitution
of tiles work.

b)the alteration of the kind or

standard of any of the material
Complete Making Good
Defect and material by
contractor within 14 day
SO must approve the
Statutory Approvals and
Contract Administration

SO /Architects must provide Employer pays to

certificates approval:
contractor through
 Interim Certificates interim payment
 Pratical Completion
 Making good defects
 Final Completion