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English for Professional and Acad Purposes 3.

June 6, 2018 Why are you reading a
Wednesday particular text?
a. Are you trying to get an
I. OBJECTIVES overview of the text?
Explains the specific ideas contained in b. Are you looking for a particular
the various academic texts. CS_11/12A- point?
a. Topic: Reading Academic Texts - arguments
b. Materials: Slide Deck, laptop, projector, - theoretical perspective
white board
c. Reference: Critical Reading and Writing KEY PARTS IN A TEXT:
for SHS LM, CG pp. 1, a. introduction
b. section of an article
III. PROCEDURES c. table of contents
A. Preliminary Activities d. concluding part
 Prayer e. abstract
 Checking of attendance
 Review To identify how ideas are related to one
another, you should find out how the text is
B. Motivation structured. Some texts have predictable
1. Bring to class some pictures of some structures (e.g. lab reports) and the various
food items with their nutritional information parts should be easy to identify. With
from the dried goods section of the critical, persuasive texts, it can be more
grocery (e.g., a small can of sardines, a difficult to identify the writer’s chosen
can of fruit cocktail). structure. There are many possibilities - one
commonly used structure to compare and
2. Teach the students how to interpret the contrast; another is to put forward one
nutritional information on the labels of point of view, challenge and criticise it,
these food items. Show them samples like and then propose a new point of view.
the one below.

3. Call the attention of the students to the It is easy to identify a main idea that is
part which says “calories.” Occasionally, directly expressed in the text.
instead of “calories” the word “energy”
appears. Explain this distinction to the  Main ideas are often found at the
class. Explain to them the other entries beginning of paragraphs. The first
listed on the label. sentence often explains the subject being
discussed in the passage.
C. Presentation  Main ideas are also found in the
1. Activity concluding sentences of a paragraph. The
1. Guide the students main idea can be expressed as a
through a careful reading of the summation of the information in the
selection. paragraph as well as a link to the
information in the next paragraph.
2. Let them identify the
function of each paragraph (e.g.,
4. Application
Paragraph 1 introduces the topic
Pick out the main idea of the
by giving a definition of calorie).
"To many parents, the infant's
2. Analysis
crying may be mainly an irritation,
Ask the students why it is
especially if it continues for long periods.
important to understand calories
But crying serves important functions for
the child as well as for the parents. For the
child, crying helps improve lung capacity
and the respiratory system. Perhaps more
important, the cry serves as a signal of
distress. When babies cry, they indicate
that they are hungry or in pain, and this is
important information for parents."

The teacher will read the selection
“Understanding Calories” while the class
listens and takes note of important details.
Each student will explain the specific idea
contained in the text.

Ask the students to interview a
school athlete or a team coach about
calories intake. What is a healthy intake of