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Michael Collins - The Family Silver

Lecturis 2019 ISBN 9789462263284 Acqn 29623
Hb 16x22cm 100pp 42col ills £21

In the United States the rise of Kodachrome slide film paralleled the post-war consumer boom,
exuding confidence with pictures of gleaming cars, epic road trips, and Hollywood glamour. In
Britain, by contrast, humbler scenes show a paler, more restrained palette of colours. There was
no British equivalent of the American Dream. The society cautiously emerging from post-war
austerity was socially conservative, fatalistic and self-depreciating. Selected from the slide
collection of Michael Collins, these 42 amateur family photographs, most of which date from the
late 1950s to the early 1970s, are markedly reticent. All of the families are white, and the majority
appear to be suburban middle class.