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Resources Needed –

Locations –
We have researched into multiple ideal locations that could possibly suit the story of our
short film. The locations that we have decided to pick are:

- Weston College Loxton Campus – This is the most important location for this project
while filming the short film. This is because it will show what the main character is
like during his education as he will be in his teenage stages. Furthermore, we could
use the TV Studio to shoot the scenes which will involve the main character talking
to his personal therapist as he has psychosis. Therefore, in the TV Studio we could
set out the room to be very dark which symbolises to the audience that the main
character feels lonely and that it is only them two who knows about the illness.

- Weston Town Centre - Another location that we are planning on using to film scenes
for the short film is Weston town centre. This location is perfect to use because it
has some key areas that can be powerful to in the story of the film. For example, we
could use the beach to film the main character on his own which will tell the
audience that he has no one to talk to other than his therapist. This we also
connected the audience on an emotional level making them feel sorry for the
character as normally you go on the beach will your family or friends, but in this
instant he is just on his own which will create that emotion. This location can also
consist of life in a town where it is busy and full of people. Also because it is in a
town we can include people having fun at the arcade while the main character is
feeling lonely on his own by himself or with his imaginary friend due to his mental

- Bristol Harbour – This specific location can be used to show the audience where the
main character living environment is like. For example, whether he lives in the
countryside or city. This location will inform the audience that he lives in the city. In
addition, this location can also show the audience on what the main character gets
up to in his everyday life.

- Luke’s House, Worle St George’s – This location will be used as the main character’s
house as he is a teenager living at home with his mother. Having this location will tell
the audience what his home life is like, for example whether he is living a rough life
at home (abusive) or a completely happy life at home. Furthermore, this location will
be very important for the ending scene of the short film where he will commit
suicide by hanging himself inside his own house. Therefore, this location will play a
massive part in this scene as his mother will be inside her own comforting house as
she will discover the devastating act that her precious son has committed.
Props –
Props are very important in our short film called ‘False Perception’. This is because they will
be used to inform the audience of how dark and intense this short film will be in order to
engage the audience as much as possible, this will prevent them from becoming very bored
while watching the short film. The main props that we will be using is some sort of weapon
such as a bat or metal pole, we have decided to include these props because this is what the
main character will be using to murder his victims under the influence of his imaginary
friend who is peer pressuring him to kill specific chosen people. Also another prop that we
will use is going to be a rope which will show the audience in what the main character is
thinking of doing (committing suicide).

Cast –
Throughout the whole idea of the story we will be using a total of 2 main characters who are
male and female. The male is called Max and the female is called Ella. Max has a mental
illness called ‘Psychosis’; this means that the female character is in fact not real as she is in
Max’s imagination. In addition, we will have two side characters who will be the therapist
that tries to help Max and his mental illness. Also, the second side character will be the
mother of Max as she witnesses the dark sad end of what happens to Max (hangs himself).

Crew –
 Jack – Camera Operator and Producer
 Luke – Director and Producer
 John – Editor and Producer
We have decided to communicate well and work efficiently together in terms of working a
lot all together towards our paper work and research stages throughout the whole of FMP.